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Age of Mythology Retold Announced: Everything We Know So Far

Age of Mythology Retold Announced: Everything We Know So Far

Titled “Age of Mythology Retold – Announce Trailer”, the Age of Empires YouTube channel released the trailer that gained a quarter of a million views in less than 3 days.

Not bad for a game that is almost 20 years old. Needless to say, the fans had been waiting.

Age of Mythology is a spin-off of the wildly popular Age of Empire series. The twist, however, is that the AoM series takes it to the next level with Gods instead of historical civilizations.

The God powers, heroes, myth units, and favor gathering make the game extremely fun.

Microsoft has a history of announcing/releasing the Age of Empire and Mythology series around the September and October months.

The original Age of Mythology came out on 30th October 2002 with the Titans expansion coming out on 30th September 2003.

As the 20th anniversary approached, there was a lot of hype for a Definitive Edition of Age of Mythology and Microsoft did not disappoint.

Age of Mythology Retold Release Date Speculation

Age of Mythology Retold - The Swords Of Fallen Soldiers In The Trailer
The Swords Of Fallen Soldiers In The Trailer

“We’re working hard to bring you the glory of the original game with updated graphics, features and more. Stay tuned for more news.” mentioned Michael Mann, Studio Head at World’s Edge.

An official release date has not yet been announced, but mid to late 2023 seems a likely release window.

Keeping with tradition, a release in September or October of 2023 is speculated by fans.

“Gods will return. Heroes will rise. Legends will battle. Age of Mythology Retold is in production!”

Michael Mann, the head of the studio designing the game

He further went on to say “We know that the Age of Mythology community has been hopefully waiting for a Definitive Edition, and we’ll be delivering.”

AOM Retold Trailer

The trailer starts in Greece with Hades being the first god that is represented. The second scene is the almighty Zeus statue with “Gods will return” carved into it.

We then move into Norse lands with Thor’s hammer in the ground with “Heroes will rise” carved into it. Lastly, we move to Egypt with an Isis statue and Anubis followed by “Legends will battle”.

The comments on the new “Age of Mythology – Announce Trailer” do a perfect job of capturing the sheer excitement of AoM fans for finally getting something they have waited years and years for.

The top comment says “The final Age gets the treatment it deserves. The saga will soon be complete. Thank you!”

The caption of the video says “Gods will return. Heroes will rise. Legends will battle.”

Most of the fans are eager for the new game for its nostalgic factor. Most of us grew up playing the game and it finally getting revamped is enough to get a lot of people hooked on it once again!

We can expect to see a gameplay trailer fairly soon as well.

What We Can Assume Based On The Trailer

Age of Mythology Retold Trailer - The Greek Architecture At The Start
Greek Style Architecture At The Start Of The Trailer

With the actual facts out of the way, let’s make some assumptions and grasp at straws.

A lot of people were quick to point out that there were no Atlantean or Chinese civilizations in the trailer.

It would be pretty extreme for the developers to remove the civilizations entirely but we can see some serious changes made to both as players do complain that they are “imbalanced”.

The project is likely still in its infancy, with no gameplay or improvements announced. It could take some time till we get our hands on the game.

The silver lining, however, is the fact that this would give the studio plenty of time to fix any bugs and improve the campaign and AI, and strengthen and perfect the online experience of the game, which in turn will help solidify the AoM community.

Lastly, the name itself. Age of Mythology “Retold”, not Definitive Edition implies big changes.

It’s safe to assume that there will be changes in everything, from the basic mechanics of the game to new units/myth units.

What Will Age of Mythology Retold Be About?

We asked the top 1v1 players currently playing Age of Mythology Titans what they think the new game will be about.

The consensus seems to be that there will be a new campaign with new heroes and units.

Age of Mythology Retold - Thor's Hammer In A Rock With "Heroes Will Rise" Carved Into It
Thor’s Hammer In A Rock With “Heroes Will Rise” Carved Into It

A lot of people are hoping to see a new civilization along with new maps and new mechanics. Better pathing, some changes to walls, fixing of bugs and minor issues seem to be a very common desire for the players.

What Platforms Will Age of Mythology Retold Be On?

Age of Mythology will, of course, uphold the tradition of primarily being a PC game. We can expect to see it released on Steam, just like Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.

Since Microsoft owns Xbox, we will also be seeing the game released on Game Pass as well, for Xbox.

The question, however, remains, will the game for PC also be on Game Pass? Details are not available as of yet but it could go either way.

Another question fans are wondering is whether the game will be cross-platform.

How Can Players Looking To Get Back Into The Game Play?

While the players eagerly await the new Age of Mythology, the trailer has done a great job of evoking the nostalgic factor and compelling old AoM players to return to the game.

Unfortunately, ESO in-game is no longer available for Age of Mythology or the Titans expansion.

That should not be an issue though. The AoM/AoT community always finds a way.

The God/Titan Kronos In Age of Mythology Titans Loading Page - Age of Mythology Retold
The God/Titan Kronos In Age of Mythology Titans Loading Page

Voobly is a great place for the Titan’s expansion with a decent amount of players and regular competitions and show matches. Voobly is also the place where most of the high-level players play.

Secondly, there is Steam. If one wants to play the Age of Mythology Extended Edition, Steam is the only way. However, there are bugs and glitches, and the Chinese civilization is universally considered to be extremely imbalanced.

Lastly, there is Gameranger. The issue with it is the fact there are no ways to prevent cheats and there is no rating system. Gameranger is the place where most of the newer AoM fans started their journey.

Voobly Balance Patches

All things considered, Voobly seems to be the best option, hands down. It has a team working non-stop, fixing bugs and problems.

They have released several balance patches in the past addressing the complaints of the players. They also reset their rating ladder every now and then to encourage competition.

A lot of players from Steam have also returned to Voobly for exactly this. While the balance patch is not universally loved, it has made the game a lot fairer and even. For example, everyone believed that Oranos was the strongest with his never-ending shockwave in the Archaic Age.

The Voobly balance patch team fixed it by reducing the shockwave time from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.

There are a lot more instances of minor changes like this ultimately working towards a more balanced and competitive game.

Age of Mythology Showmatch

There are rumors regarding a showmatch being hosted on the 30th of October. As many of the old-school AoM players may remember, TheMista and The Magic are considered two of the top Age of Mythology players of all time.

They are expected to duke it out on the 30th of October, the 20th anniversary of the original Age of Mythology. The venue? According to the fans’ speculation, it will be the Heidelberg Castle in Germany where the current Age of Empires tournament is taking place right now.