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Alecto Carrow Character Analysis: Death Eater & Muggle Studies Teacher

Alecto Carrow Character Analysis: Death Eater & Muggle Studies Teacher

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Alecto Carrow is an infamous Death Eater who supported Lord Voldemort in both the First and Second Wizarding Wars. She was present when Severus Snape killed Professor Dumbledore at the top of the Astronomy Tower. The following year she was appointed Professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts, teaching the superiority of wizarding-kind, and also deputy headmistress in charge of punishment along with her brother Amycus Carrow.

About Alecto Carrow

Blood StatusPure Blood
OccupationDeath Eater Professor of Muggle Studies Deputy Headmistress
Zodiac SignAries (speculative)

Alecto is probably a pure-blood witch as a member of the Carrow family and was a member of Slytherin house when she attended Hogwarts. She must have been born sometime before or around 1960 to have been old enough to support Lord Voldemort during the first wizarding war. Her and her brother were among the Death Eaters who managed to avoid Azkaban after the disappearance of Lord Voldemort.

She probably returned to Lord Voldemort when he summoned his followers in the churchyard of Little Hangleton during the closing moments of the Triwizard Tournament when he restored his body. While Voldemort does not mention her, he also does not comment on her absence. She seems to have returned to his inner circle quite quickly.

Alecto was one of the Death Eaters who entered Hogwarts in June 1997 when Draco Malfoy managed to find a way in using the vanishing cabinet. She was among the group that confronted Professor Dumbledore on the roof of the Astronomy Tower and witnessed Severus Snape killing him. She successfully fled the grounds and was able to disapparate to escape.

The following year, when Death Eaters had infiltrated the Ministry of Magic and Snape was made headmaster at Hogwarts, Alecto was made a teacher at Hogwarts along with her brother Amycus.

Alecto Carrow at Hogwarts

Alecto taught Muggle Studies, which was made compulsory for all students. In her classes, she explained that muggles are little better than animals and that it is in their naturally vicious nature to persecute wizards. She explained how the natural order and wizarding dominance were in the process of being restored. When Neville Longbottom asked her how much Muggle blood she had, she gave him a nasty cut on his face.

Along with her brother Amycus, Alecto was appointed a deputy headmaster with responsibility for punishment. She often used the Crutiatus Curse and other forms of corporal punishment on students.

When they realized that they were having no effect on Neville Longbottom, they resolved to kill him. This is what forced him to go into hiding in the Room of Requirement, where he was soon joined by other students.

The Fall of the Carrows

When Lord Voldemort realized that Harry, Ron, and Hermione were hunting down his Horcruxes, he warned Alecto that they might try and infiltrate Ravenclaw Tower. Alecto ordered Professor Flitwick, the head of Ravenclaw, to let her into the tower to wait for him.

When she saw Harry arrive with Luna Lovegood, she touched her Dark Mark, letting Lord Voldemort know that he was there. This is what called him and his Death Eaters to Hogwarts for the final battle. Moments later she was stunned by Luna.

Not long after, Amycus convinced Professor McGonagall to let him enter the tower to assist his sister. When he found her stunned, he decided to blame the whole thing on students rather than face Lord Vodlemort.

McGonagall was appalled and accused him of cowardice, causing him to spit in her face. Harry Potter used the Cruciatus Curse on him in response and both Carrows were disabled and held prisoner in Ravenclaw Tower by a net conjured by Professor McGonagall.

The Carrows presumably spent the Battle of Hogwarts detained here and were then sent to Azkaban for their crimes.

Alecto Carrow Personality Type & Traits

Alecto Carrow comes across as a cold and callous individual who gets great pleasure from inflicting suffering on others. She is a bully who enjoys being part of a group that provides her a level or protection when she victimizes others.

Alecto Carrow Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We are never provided with details of Alecto’s birthdate. However, she was probably born in 1960 or earlier to have been old enough to support Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War, which happened between 1970 and 1981. We do not know her Zodiac sign, but her personality traits suggest that she may be an Aries.

People born under Aries tend to have a fiery temper. They also tend to act without considering the consequences.

Is Alecto Carrow Pure Blood?

While we are never told Alecto’s blood status, she was probably pure blood. She is a member of the Carrow family, one of the sacred twenty-eight families still considered pure blood in the 1930s. Neville Longbottom’s jibe about her blood status probably references the belief among many that there are no true pure blood wizards.

Are Alecto and Amycus Carrow Twins?

We are told that Alecto and Amycus are brother and sister, but not that they are twins. However, we know that twins run in the Carrow family. Flora and Hestia Carrow are twins that were part of the Slug Club in the 1990s. Amycus and Alecto probably attended Hogwarts at the same time as members of Slytherin House.

What did Alecto Carrow do to Neville Longbottom?

Alecto and Amycus Carrow were put in charge of punishment at Hogwarts when Professor Snape was headmaster. We are told that they punished students with the Critiatus Curse and beatings, and that they would also sometimes chain students up. Presumably they used all of these tactics on Neville Longbottom. We know that on at least one occasion Alecto’s punishment gave Neville a nasty slash scar on his face.

When the Carrows realized that their punishments were doing nothing to deter Neville’s resistance, they decided to kill him. This caused him to abandon Gryffindor Tower and seek refuge in the Room of Requirement. He was later joined there by other Hogwarts students in a similar position. Alecto and Amycus worked hard to catch these students, but were unsuccessful.

Why was Alecto Carrow at Hogwarts when Dumbledore died?

During his sixth year, Draco Malfoy was told by Lord Voldemort to find a way to let Death Eaters into Hogwarts school so that they could mount an attack and help Draco kill Dumbledore. Draco managed to do this by repairing the vanishing cabinet in the Room of Requirement that connected with a twin cabinet in Borgin and Burkes. Alecto and Amycus Carrow were among the Death Eaters assigned to infiltrate Hogwarts.

When Draco, after disarming Professor Dumbledore, hesitated to kill him, Snape stepped in and did it. This made him the chief Death Eater. Snape was able to order the Carrows and others to leave the school.

They did not know that this was part of a plan hatched by Dumbledore and Snape to confuse Voldemort’s understanding of the loyalty of Dumbledore’s wand, the Elder Wand of the Deathly Hallows, and therefore prevent him from using it. Dumbledore was already dying due to an injury to his hand caused when he destroyed the Marvalo’s ring Horcrux.

Lord Voldemort assumed that the loyalty of the wand transferred to Snape when he killed Dumbledore. He did not realize that it actually transferred to Draco Malfoy when he disarmed Dumbledore. Later, Harry Potter would disarm Malfoy, transferring the loyalty of the Elder Wand to him and enabling him to use it against Voldemort.