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Alex from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events and FAQs

Alex from Stardew Valley: Schedule, Gifts, Heart Events and FAQs

One of the most intriguing characters in Stardew Valley is Alex, the town’s sporty resident with a heart as deep as the valley itself. Whether you’ve seen him tossing a gridball at the beach or enjoying an ice cream on a sunny day, there’s more to Alex than meets the eye.

This guide aims to delve deep into the world of Alex, providing insights into his personality, relationships, and how you, the player, can cultivate a lasting bond with him. From his favorite gifts to heartwarming events, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re eager to know more about the man behind the gridball, read on and discover the layers that make up Alex of Pelican Town.

Basic Information

Alex Stardew Valley

Wondering if Alex is someone you’d like to know better? Before you commit to befriending or dating him, here’s a few facts:

  • Birthday: Summer 13
  • Occupation: Ice Cream Scooper
  • Dream: To Become a Professional Gridball player
  • Residence: Lives with his grandparents, George and Evelyn, in the house right next to Pierre’s shop.
  • Relationship Status: Available for romance and marriage by the player, regardless of gender.
  • Background: Alex has a passion for sports and spends a lot of time working out. He’s been through some tough times in his past, which he occasionally opens up about as players get to know him better.

An Overview of Befriending, Dating or Marrying Alex

In Stardew Valley, players can befriend Alex up to 8 hearts. After reaching this level, there’s an option to date him, deepening the connection. Upon achieving a 10-heart relationship, players can choose to marry Alex, unlocking unique dynamics and interactions.

Befriending Alex

When you befriend Alex, you’ll get to know him a little better, and he’ll occasionally send gifts in the mail. It’s a simple dynamic, allowing you to appreciate his gestures of friendship without delving deeply into his personal life.

Dating Alex

Choosing to date Alex brings you closer to him, unlocking more intimate heart events and unique scenes. It provides an opportunity for players to explore a romantic facet of the relationship, paving the way for deeper connections.

Marrying Alex

Marrying Alex takes the relationship to its fullest potential. He moves in, and together, you can start a family. Living under the same roof means shared responsibilities on the farm. However, it’s a commitment – divorcing costs 50k, and the choice can bring about lingering resentment in the community.

Locating Alex

Arriving at Alex's House, 1 River Road
Outside Alex’s House

Whether you’re aiming for friendship, dating, or marriage with Alex in Stardew Valley, knowing his whereabouts is crucial. Engaging in regular chats and giving him favored gifts are the primary ways to increase your heart level with him, and both necessitate finding him in Pelican Town.

How to Get to Alex’s House

Alex is located at 1 River Road and lives with his grandparents George and Evelyn. For those new to the game, reaching his house is simple.

Step One:

Step One to Alex's House Stardew Valley

Starting from outside your house, head right until you exit your farm.

Step Two:

Step Two to Alex's House Stardew Valley

Continue right past the bus stop until you enter the town square.

Step Three:

Step Three to Alex's House Stardew Valley

Head down slightly, then turn right again. You’ll know you’re heading the right way when you walk past Harvey’s Clinic and Peirre’s Store.

Step Four:

Step Four to Alex's House Stardew Valley

Continue Right until you come to a blue house. This is where Alex lives.

Alex’s Schedule

In Stardew Valley, Alex is often spotted indoors lifting weights or outside practicing with his gridball. However, like all Pelican Town residents, his precise schedule varies seasonally, making it essential to track his movements throughout the year for timely interactions.


spring Stardew Valley
8:00 AM Leaves his room to go outside and stand beneath a nearby tree.
1:00 PMLeaves the tree to go back to his room to lift weights.
4:00 PMLeaves his room to go stand outside by the dog pen.
6:30 PMGoes back into his house and stands in the entryway.
8:00 PMGoes to his room and stands by his dresser.
10:00 PM Goes to bed.
Alex’s Spring Routine


Summer Stardew Valley
7:50 AM Leaves home to go to the beach.
12:00 PMLeaves beach to go work at ice cream stand.
5:00 PMHeads home to lift weights in his room.
7:00 PMStands in front entryway of house.
8:00 PMGoes to his room to stand by his dresser.
10:00 PM Goes to bed.
Alex’s Summer Routine


fall Stardew valley
8:00 AM Leaves his room to go outside and stand beneath nearby tree.
1:00 PMGoes to his room to lift weights.
4:00 PMLeaves his house to go stand by the dog pen.
6:30 PMGoes back into his house and stands in the entryway.
8:00 PMGoes to his room to stand by his dresser.
10:00 PM Goes to bed.
Alex’s Fall Routine


winter Stardew Valley
8:00 AM In his bedroom.
9:00 AMLeaves his house to go to the Spa.
3:00 PMLeaves the gym section of the Spa, heads home to his room.
6:00 PMLeaves his house to stand by the dog kennel.
7:30 PMGoes back inside his house and stands in the entryway.
9:00 PM Goes back to his bedroom and stands by his dresser.
10:00 PMGoes to bed.
Alex’s Winter Routine

Schedule Exceptions

Rainy Days: On rainy days across various seasons, Alex tends to stay sheltered indoors. He starts his day in the entryway of his home, and by afternoon, he’s in his room lifting weights. By evening, he might venture outside briefly near the dog pen, but as night approaches, he’s back indoors, mainly in the entryway and his room.

Clinic Visit (Summer, Tuesday the 16th): On this particular summer day, Alex has a notable change in his routine. After briefly standing beneath a tree in the morning, he heads to the clinic by 10:30 AM. He spends a few hours there, transitioning from the waiting room to the examination room, and by 4:00 PM, he’s on his way back home for the night.

Night Market (Winter, Wednesday the 17th): On the 17th of winter, Alex has an extended day out. Post morning, he spends his time at the Spa. However, the highlight is his evening at the Night Market. He remains there until midnight, enjoying the festivities before heading back home.

Visits to Haley and Emily (If a player has less than six hearts with Haley): On various Wednesdays, if the player hasn’t reached a 6-heart relationship with Haley, Alex visits Haley and Emily’s house. He starts his day under a tree, but by noon, he’s at their place. He spends a good portion of his afternoon there before returning to his routine by the dog pen and eventually retiring for the night in his home.

What to Gift Alex

Gifting Alex a Complete Breakfast Stardew Valley
Gifting Alex a Complete Breakfast

Overview of All Gifts

LoveComplete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner, All Universal Loves
LikeAll Eggs (except void eggs), All Universal Likes
NeutralChanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Winter Root and all Universal Neutrals.
DislikeSalmonberry, Wild Horseradish and All Universal Dislikes
HateHolly, Quartz and all Universal Hates
Overview of Alex’s Reaction to Gifts

Loved Gifts

In Stardew Valley, winning Alex’s heart is easier when you know his favorite items. Loved gifts for Alex include the Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner and all Universal Loved Gifts. Presenting him with these will boost your friendship by 80 points. You can give gifts twice a week and talk to him as much as you like. Remember to gift him on his birthday, as it significantly increases friendship points.

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How to Make a Complete Breakfast

Complete_Breakfast Stardew Valley

To prepare a Complete Breakfast in Stardew Valley, one of Alex’s most loved gifts, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  1. Fried Egg (1):
    • Acquire by cooking a raw egg on the stove.
    • Raw eggs can be obtained from chickens in a coop.
  2. Milk (1):
    • Harvested from cows in a barn using a milk pail.
  3. Hashbrowns (1):
    • Made by cooking with a potato and oil.
    • Potatoes can be grown during Spring from potato seeds, and oil can be purchased from Pierre’s or JojaMart.
  4. Pancakes (1):
    • Made by cooking with wheat flour and egg.
    • Wheat flour can be purchased from Pierre’s or JojaMart, while eggs are harvested from chickens.

To acquire the recipe for the Complete Breakfast:

  • Watch the “Queen of Sauce” television program on Spring 21 of the second year. This recipe will be crucial for impressing Alex with your culinary skills.

How to Make a Salmon Dinner

Salmon_Dinner Stardew Valley

To whip up a Salmon Dinner, another favorite dish of Alex’s in Stardew Valley, you’ll require the following ingredients:

  1. Salmon (1):
    • Caught from the river during Fall, especially in the early morning or late evening. You’ll need a fishing rod and some patience!
  2. Amaranth (1):
    • Grown from Amaranth seeds during the Fall season.
    • Seeds can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store.
  3. Kale (1):
    • Grown from Kale seeds during the Spring season.
    • Seeds are available at Pierre’s General Store.

To secure the recipe for the Salmon Dinner:

  • Strengthen your relationship with Gus. Once you reach 3 hearts with him, he will send you the Salmon Dinner recipe through the mail. Time to show off your culinary prowess to Alex!

Universal Loves

Magic_Rock_Candy Stardew valley

In Stardew Valley, Universal Loves are items that are adored by almost every villager in the game, making them ideal gifts when building relationships. These are treasures that, with a few specific exceptions, will always bring joy when presented. Fortunately, Alex likes all of them.

Item How to Obtain
Golden Pumpkin (+80 friendship points) Obtain it during the Spirit’s Eve festival by completing the maze.
Magic Rock Candy (+80 friendship points) Acquire it in the Desert Trader’s shop in exchange for 3 Prismatic Shards.
Pearl (+80 friendship points)You can find a Pearl at the Mermaid’s Show during the Winter Night Markets
Prismatic Shard (+80 friendship points)Mined from Omni Geodes, Iridium Nodes, or certain monsters like the Serpent in Skull Cavern.
Rabbit’s Foot (+80 friendship points)Harvested occasionally from rabbits raised in a coop, or sometimes found in Skull Cavern.
Table of Universal Loves

Good Gifts for Beginners

Gifting an egg to Alex Stardew Valley
Gifting an Egg to Alex

For newer players, winning over Alex can feel like a challenge. Many of Alex’s loved gifts require multiple ingredients, making them harder to acquire early in the game. However, there’s no need to fret! Opting for Alex’s “liked” gifts is an efficient and effective way to strengthen your bond with him.


egg Stardew valley
Standard Egg

In Stardew Valley, eggs are an easily accessible and effective gift for building a relationship with Alex. He appreciates both small and large eggs, making them a reliable choice for those looking to boost friendship points. Here’s a quick guide to obtaining eggs:

  1. Regular and Large Eggs:
    • Begin by raising chickens in a coop. As you care for them, they’ll lay eggs daily. The quality of the egg improves with the happiness and mood of the chicken, leading to the production of large eggs as they become more content.
  2. Duck Eggs:
    • With an upgrade to the Big Coop, you can raise ducks, which will lay duck eggs. Alex is also fond of these!

However, a word to the wise: avoid gifting Alex void eggs. He doesn’t favor these peculiar, dark eggs. Stick to the more conventional egg types, and your friendship with Alex will flourish in no time!

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Universal Likes

Apple Stardew Valley

For players seeking a straightforward method to boost their friendship with Alex, turning to universal likes is a savvy approach. While they might grant fewer friendship points (45 points) compared to loved gifts, they are generally easier to obtain and still significantly boost your relationship.

Artisan Goods (+45 friendship points)Alex dislikes Oil and hates Void Mayonnaise.
Cooking (+45 friendship points)Alex is neutral towards Fried Egg and Bread and hates Strange Buns and Seafoam Pudding.
Flowers (+45 friendship points)Alex hates Poppies.
Foraged Minerals (+45 friendship points)Alex hates quartz.
Fruit Tree Fruits (+45 friendship points)Alex likes all of these.
Gems (+45 friendship points)Alex likes all of these.
Vegetables (+45 friendship points)Alex is neutral towards Hops, Tea Leaves and wheat, and dislikes Unmilled Rice.
Table of Universal Likes

Gifts to Avoid

Salmonberry Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, not all gifts are received with equal enthusiasm. Presenting Alex with disliked items will result in a deduction of 20 friendship points, setting back your relationship progress. Moreover, if you offer him an item he truly detests, it will result in a heftier penalty of 40 friendship points.

ItemPoints Subtracted
Salmonberry -20 friendship points
Wild Horseradish– 20 friendship points
Holly– 40 friendship points
Quartz– 40 friendship points
Algae/Seaweed/Bait– 40 friendship points
Any Warp Totem – 40 friendship points
Table of Alex’s Disliked and Hated Items

Alex’s Heart Events

heart bar Stardew Valley
Heart Bar

Within the immersive realm of Stardew Valley, heart events act as significant milestones, revealing more about the residents of Pelican Town. For Alex, these heart events offer players a closer look at his life, aspirations, and past challenges. One can trigger them after earning a certain amount of hearts on Alex’s friendship bar and going into the right location at the right time.

Alex’s Two Heart Event

Two Heart Scene playing catch with Alex at the beach Stardew Valley
Two Heart Event: Playing Catch with Alex on the Beach

In Alex’s two-heart event, players get a chance to bond over a game of gridball. To trigger this event, venture to the beach on a sunny summer day when Alex is present. As the scene unfolds, Alex playfully tosses his gridball to you. Even though your catch might not be successful, Alex’s lighthearted response shows his easygoing nature.

He then opens up about his dreams, expressing his hopes of becoming Stardew Valley’s first professional gridball player. He seeks your opinion on his aspirations, giving players an opportunity to support or ponder over his dreams. This event offers a glimpse into Alex’s ambitions and desire for connection.

Alex’s Four Heart Event

Four Heart Scene, Alex and Rusty Stardew Valley
Four Heart Event: Alex and his Dog

In the poignant four-heart event with Alex, players discover deeper layers to his character, revealing a complex past. To experience this, enter town between 9am and 4pm where you’ll see Alex with his dog. As the scene unravels, he speaks about feeling misunderstood and shares the traumatic history involving his parents.

Alex reveals his father’s alcoholism and verbal abuse and the profound loss of his mother. Despite the weight of his confessions, Alex emphasizes his resilience and tries to lighten the atmosphere by showcasing Dusty’s antics for a barbecued steak. This event paints a profound picture of Alex’s journey, showcasing his strength and vulnerability.

Alex’s Five Heart Event

Five Heart Scene, Alex doubting his intelligence Stardew Valley
Five Heart Event: Alex in Front of his Bookcase

In Alex’s five-heart event, players witness a moment of introspection and self-awareness. Approaching Alex as he contemplatively gazes at his bookcase, he shares a vulnerable moment, expressing regret over not having read any of the books on his shelves. This event highlights his deep-seated fears about not achieving success due to a lack of knowledge.

Five Heart Event Dialogue Option

Best reply to the five heart question Stardew Valley
Dialogue Options for Five Heart Event

After Alex reveals his worries, players have three possible dialogue options. Choose carefully, as these effect your relationship with Alex.

  1. “That’s crazy. You’re a genius!” – This response has no effect on your friendship level with Alex.
  2. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses.” – Choosing this understanding response will boost your friendship with Alex by +50 points.
  3. “Worthless? Yeah, that about sums it up.” – This negative response will decrease your friendship level with Alex by -50 points.

Alex’s Six Heart Event

Six Heart scene, Alex Weightlifting Stardew Valley
Six Heart Event: Alex Weightlifting

To trigger Alex’s six-heart event, players should enter Alex’s house when he’s present. During this event, Alex reveals his uncertainties about pursuing a professional career in gridball. He also acknowledges and apologizes for his past arrogant and rude behavior.

As the player, you have the opportunity to offer encouragement. With your support, Alex is motivated and returns to his workout with newfound enthusiasm and determination. This event sheds light on Alex’s vulnerability and gratitude for your unwavering friendship.

Alex’s Eight Heart Event

Eight Heart Cut Scene, Alex and his music box Stardew Valley
Eight Heart Event: Alex Playing his music Box

To unlock Alex’s deeply emotional eight-heart event, players should head to the beach during a time when Alex is there. Upon arrival, players will find Alex, visibly upset and shedding tears. As you sit down beside him, Alex opens up, sharing that today marks the 12-year anniversary of his mother’s passing. He expresses profound regret, wishing he had the chance to thank her for the love and care she provided him during his childhood years.

To commemorate the moment, Alex shares a treasured possession: his mother’s music box. As its gentle melodies fill the air, a heartfelt vision appears, showcasing a joyful moment of his mother lovingly holding a baby, Alex. As the vision and music fade, Alex, having regained his composure, suggests returning to town.

Dating Alex

Giving Alex a Bouquet of Flowers

In Stardew Valley, when it comes to friendships with the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, eight hearts is the maximum friendship level you can achieve without taking the relationship into romantic territory. If you’re content with maintaining a platonic relationship with Alex, it’s essential to keep up with regular gift-giving and conversations. This consistent interaction helps to prevent the gradual decline of friendship points over time, ensuring your bond remains strong.

However, if you wish to take your relationship with Alex to the next level and pursue a romantic path, you’ll need to present him with a bouquet. A bouquet serves as a symbol of your romantic intentions in the game. To obtain a bouquet, you can purchase it for 200g from Pierre’s General Store.

Once you present Alex with the bouquet, he will recognize and reciprocate your feelings. Upon accepting your bouquet, you and Alex will officially become partners, paving the way for deeper romantic events and, eventually, the potential of marriage. Remember, initiating a romantic relationship also introduces new dynamics and responsibilities, so choose your path with Alex wisely!

Alex’s Ten Heart Event

Ten Heart Scene, dinner at the saloon with Alex Stardew Valley
Ten Heart Event: Dinner at the Saloon

Upon reaching ten hearts with Alex, players will receive a special letter from him, beckoning them to join him at the Saloon after dark. To trigger this heartfelt event, players must heed his request and enter the Saloon between the hours of 7 pm and 10 pm after getting the letter.

The Saloon takes on a romantic ambience as Alex has reserved a private room exclusively for your dinner date. To make the evening even more special, Gus showcases his musical talent by playing the violin, setting the mood for the intimate evening. Meanwhile, Emily ensures the dining experience is top-notch by bringing in delectable dishes for both of you.

  • For female players: Alex candidly admits that ever since your paths first crossed, he has harbored a crush on you. He reflects on his past fleeting infatuations, noting that while those feelings fizzled out quickly, his affection for you has only deepened over time.
  • For male players: Alex shares that he has felt a magnetic pull towards you since your initial meeting. Initially, he grappled with and denied these burgeoning feelings. However, upon introspection, he has chosen to embrace and act on his emotions, following his heart’s true desires.

This event marks a significant milestone in your romantic journey with Alex, solidifying the bond you share and paving the way for potential future commitments.

Proposing to Alex

Proposing to Alex Stardew Valley
Proposing with a Mermaid Pendant

If you’ve grown attached to Alex and want to take the next step, it’s fairly simple. To marry him, you must propose with a Mermaid Pendant, and he will happily agree and organise your wedding.

How to Get a Mermaid Pendant

Speaking to the Old Mariner Stardew Valley
Visiting the Old Mariner
  1. Rainy Weather: Firstly, it must be raining in-game. The Old Mariner who sells the pendant won’t appear unless it’s a rainy day.
  2. Fully Upgraded House: Before you can buy the Mermaid’s Pendant, you need to upgrade your farmhouse; this ensures you have the space to accommodate a spouse. You can do this by visiting Robin.
  3. Reach 10 Hearts with a Villager: In order to propose, you must have reached 10 hearts in a romantic relationship with one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes.
  4. Go to the Beach: On the day it’s raining, head to the beach on the eastern side of the map. Remember, the Mariner won’t show up on festival days, even if it’s raining.
  5. Find the Old Mariner: You will see a bridge on the far east side of the beach that is broken at first. You’ll need to fix this bridge by using 300 pieces of wood. Once repaired, you can cross the bridge to the tidal pools area. The Old Mariner will be standing there by the northern edge.
  6. Buy the Pendant: Approach the Old Mariner, and he will offer to sell you the Mermaid’s Pendant for 5,000 gold. If you meet all the requirements, you can buy it.
  7. Propose: Once you have the pendant, give it to the villager you’ve reached 10 hearts with to propose.

Married Life with Alex

After proposing, in just three days, the ceremony will commence, marking your union together. After the joyous occasion, Alex will move into the player’s farmhouse, signifying the start of your shared life on the farm. He’ll add his own room to the right of the bedroom and will set up a weightlifting space behind the farmhouse.

Marrying Alex Stardew valley
Marrying Alex

Benefits of Marrying Alex

Survival_Burger Stardew Valley
Survival Burger

Marrying Alex in “Stardew Valley” offers players a range of benefits that enhance gameplay. The two benefits are culinary gifts and physical labour.

  1. Homemade Dinners: On rainy nights, Alex showcases his culinary skills by offering you a variety of dishes. Players can expect delightful dinners like the Survival Burger, Dish O’ The Sea, Fried Eel, Crispy Bass, or Baked Fish.
  2. Breakfast Treats: On those cozy days when Alex stays indoors, he takes it upon himself to whip up a hearty breakfast. Players can enjoy mouthwatering options such as Omelet, Hashbrowns, or Pancakes.
  3. Warm Relations: Marriage to Alex also means becoming a part of his family. As a result, George and Evelyn, Alex’s grandparents, will treat you with extra warmth and kindness, acknowledging you as an integral member of their family.
  4. Watering Crops: Alex ensures that the crops remain hydrated, aiding in their growth.
  5. Feeding Animals: He ensures that the barn and coop animals are well-fed, fostering their health and happiness.
  6. Watering the Animal Bowl: Alex makes sure your pets aren’t thirsty by filling their water bowls.
  7. Repairing Fences: Broken fences can be a hassle, but with Alex around, he’ll often repair them, keeping your farm tidy and your animals contained.

Together, these benefits not only enhance gameplay but also deepen the immersion and connection players can feel towards Stardew Valley’s beloved characters.

Alex’s Fourteen Heart Event

14 heart cutscene Stardew valley
Alex Watching the Game

The fourteen heart cutscene with Alex is the final, intimate snapshot into his life and dreams. To trigger this event:

  • Players must have already married Alex and maxed out his heart bar.
  • The scene can only be activated in year 2 or later.
  • Players need to exit the Farmhouse between 6 am and 8:20 am on any day, except Sunday. Additionally, it’s essential to have at least 5,000g readily available.

Upon exiting the farmhouse, Alex will approach and request 5,000g for what he describes as a ‘secret project’. If the player agrees, Alex promises to reveal his project by Sunday.

The second part of this heartwarming event is set in the Saloon. Entering it, players will discover Alex, Kent, Shane, George, and Gus engrossed in a gridball game. Half of the backroom is adorned with gridball memorabilia, complete with a dedicated TV for the sport, while the other half remains a storage area with barrels.

As the player joins them, Alex shares his sentiments. He admits that, while he may not have achieved his dream of going pro in gridball, this room and these moments are his way of living that dream in some form. He quickly adds that he’s content with his current life with the farmer. Kent mentions that the game helps distract him from his troubles, a sentiment Shane echoes. Gus also chips in, noting that the game-watching brings good business to the Saloon.

Having Children with Alex

child in Stardew Valley
A Child in his Crib

Once you’ve sealed the deal with Alex and invested in two Farmhouse upgrades, the pitter-patter of little feet could be on the horizon. Each evening, there’s a 5% chance that, as you settle down, Alex might broach the topic of having or adopting a child.

For couples of opposite genders, nature takes its course, leading to biological children, while same-gender couples embark on the heartwarming journey of adoption. The gender of your first child is left to fate, but Stardew Valley ensures that your second child will be of the opposite gender.

Remember, children in Stardew Valley retain their toddler-like innocence forever, never growing past this stage. As a bonus, once these toddlers are up and about, they’ll occasionally join Alex during town events, offering delightful family moments.

Alex from Stardew Valley FAQs

Is Alex a Good Partner in Stardew Valley?

Alex is a fantastic partner choice in Stardew Valley for many players. His character development from an arrogant jock to a more nuanced, vulnerable individual offers a rewarding narrative experience. When married, he’s helpful on the farm and even cooks for you on rainy days.

How Old is Alex in Stardew Valley?

While there’s no official age given for Alex in Stardew Valley, he is generally perceived as a young adult. Based on his activities, interests, and character storyline, many players assume he’s in his late teens to early 20s.

Should I tell Alex I Heard him Talking?

Whether or not you tell Alex you heard him talking generally doesn’t impact your relationship with him. Most dialogue choices in Alex’s heart scenes don’t affect your friendship points, with the exception of the five-heart event. So, when Alex confesses to his dog, you can admit or deny to hearing him with no consequence.

Why does Alex want me to tell Haley he’s busy?

Alex’s request for you to relay a message to Haley that he’s busy hints that he’s moving away from any previous interest he might have had in Haley and is now focusing on his growing feelings for you. However, the game doesn’t require you to actually convey this message to Haley. It’s more of a narrative device to underscore Alex’s evolving feelings.

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