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Alicia Spinnet Character Analysis: Gryffindor Chaser

Alicia Spinnet Character Analysis: Gryffindor Chaser

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Alicia Spinnet is a witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the same year as Fred and George Weasley. She was in Gryffindor and played Chaser on the Quidditch team. She was a member of Dumbledore’s Army in her final year and returned to Hogwarts to fight in the final battle against Lord Voldemort.

About Alicia Spinnet

Blood StatusPure-blood of Half-blood
OccupationStudent Chaser DA Member
Zodiac SignLeo (speculative)

Alicia Spinnet at Hogwarts

Alicia Spinnet started attending Hogwarts in 1989, the same year as Fred and George Weasley. She was sorted into Gryffindor and quickly became friends with fellow Gryffindors Katie Bell and Angelina Johnson. The three girls soon joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team as Chasers.

In her second year, Alicia was only a reserve, but in her third year, she joined the main line-up. She was the go-to player for penalty shots.

In her fourth year, Alicia witnessed Draco Malfoy calling Hermione Granger a mudblood. Alicia was greatly offended by this and confronted Malfoy, saying “how dare you”. She was probably horrified when Slytherin’s monster started attacking muggle-born students at Hogwarts.

In the same year, she was shocked when a rogue Bludger went after Harry Potter in a Quidditch game against Slytherin. She encouraged captain Oliver Wood to call for an inquiry, but Harry insisted on continuing. They did go on to win the match.

But Alicia was not all serious. She got quite giggly about Gilderoy Lockhart when he arrived at the school, and before he exposed himself as incompetent. She also commented on Cedric Diggory’s good looks when he captained Hufflepuff against Gryffindor in a Quidditch game in her fifth year.

Quidditch was canceled in Alicia’s sixth year, but she returned to the team in her seventh year when it was captained by her friend Angelina Johnson.

Alicia Spinnet and Dumbledore’s Army

In her seventh year, Alicia also decided to join Dumbledore’s Army to learn defense against the dark arts from Harry Potter. She did this despite the group being banned by Professor Umbridge.

This suggests a certain contempt for authority, willingness to break the rules, and bravery and desire to be prepared for danger. She probably believed Harry that Lord Voldemort had returned, despite Ministry of Magic denials.

It is unknown what Alicia did after she graduated from Hogwarts in 1996, though her options would have been limited once the Death Eaters gained control of much of the British wizarding world in 1997. At this time, she took to carrying her Dumbledore’s Army coin to stay in contact with her friends from the DA.

When Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley turned up at Hogwarts in May 1998, Neville Longbottom used the coins to summon the old members of the DA to the school to join the coming battle. Alicia answered the call. She fought in the final battle and survived.

It is unknown what Alicia did after the end of the Second Wizarding War.

Alicia Spinnet Personality Type & Traits

Alicia seems to have had an easy-going and caring personality that allowed her to make friends quickly and easily with her fellow Gryffindors, and remain close with them for several years. She also clearly loved active sports and had a competitive edge.

Alicia was brave. She stood up for fellow students when they were bullied or when they were threatened. Alicia challenged school rules when she thought that they were wrong. She put her own life at risk to join the Battle of Hogwarts and defend her friends and save the wizarding world.

Alicia Spinnet Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Alicia must have been born in 1977/78, but we don’t know her birthdate. Her personality suggests that her zodiac sign could be Leo. People born under this sign are energetic and competitive. They tend to have a natural self-confidence that means they make friends easily. They are big-hearted and will always stand up for their friends and for what is right.