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Andromeda Tonks Character Analysis

Andromeda Tonks Character Analysis

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Andromeda was a pure-blood witch born into the noble family of Black alongside sisters Bellatrix and Narcissa. She was disowned when she chose to marry the Muggle-born wizard Ted Tonk. Together they have a daughter, Nymphadora Tonks.

About Andromeda Tonks

Blood StatusPure Blood
OccupationStudent DA Member
Zodiac SignAquarius (speculative)

Andromeda Tonks Biography

Andromeda was born in the 1950s into the noble and pure-blood Black wizarding family. Her parents were Cygnus and Druella Black, and her sisters Bellatrix and Narcissa. Andromeda was the middle child.

Andromeda started at Hogwarts in the 1960s and was sorted into Slytherin. Nevertheless, she never seems to have bought into ideas of blood supremacy and wizarding superiority.

Andromeda went on to marry the Muggle-born wizard Ted Tonks. The two must have had a strong connection as she did this in defiance of her family. She was labeled a blood traitor for her actions and blasted off the family tree that hung in 12 Grimmauld Place.

Andromeda was my favourite cousin. No, Andromeda’s not on here either, look. Andromeda’s sisters are still here because they made lovely, respectable pure-blood marriages, but Andromeda married a Muggle-born, Ted Tonks, so —

Sirius Black, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Neither of Andromeda’s sisters spoke to her again after her perceived betrayal. The only friend she still had in the Black family was Sirius, and he did not have the opportunity to meet her married family before he was sent to Azkaban.

In 1973, Andromeda and Ted had a daughter that they named Nymphadora. Her daughter never liked the name and preferred to be called Tonks. However, her parents and husband called her Dora.

Nymphadora went to Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff and later went on to train as an Auror and join the Order of the Phoenix. Andromeda always worried about her daughter’s safety. She also did not approve when Nymphadora decided to marry Remus Lupin. This was probably due to the danger and stigma associated with his werewolf status.

Andromeda and the Wizarding War

Andromeda and Ted Tonks do not seem to have been members of the Order of the Phoenix. Perhaps Andromeda could not face being in open conflict with her sisters. Nevertheless, when the Order moved Harry Potter in the summer of 1997, they allowed their home to be used as a drop-off point for Harry.

When Harry first arrived at the house, he pulled his wand on Andromeda, thinking in his panic that she was Bellatrix. She was offended but forgot this when she heard that the Order had been ambushed. She only wanted news of her daughter’s safety.

When the Ministry fell under Death Eater control, both Andromeda and her husband were tortured for information regarding the whereabouts of Harry Potter and the Order. While they were shaken by the experience, they were not seriously injured.

Not long after this, Nymphadora discovered that she was pregnant and went to stay with her parents. But as the Ministry started to persecute Muggle-born witches and wizards, Ted Tonks went on the run, hoping that his wife’s pure-blood status would protect her and his daughter. Sadly, Ted died while on the run.

When the Battle of Hogwarts broke out, Nymphadora went to the school to fight alongside her husband, leaving her baby son Teddy with her mother. Both Nymphadora and Lupin were killed, leaving Andromeda to raise Teddy alone.

Andromeda Tonks Personality Type & Traits

While Andromeda did not believe in pure-blood supremacy, she clearly had a lot of pride. She kept a very clean house and was greatly offended when she was disrespected by Harry in her own home.

Andromeda’s objections to her daughter marrying Remus Lupin were probably about the stigma that she would face as the wife of a werewolf, rather than strong prejudice against “half-breeds”.

While she was cast out by her family, she probably still felt very attached to them. This may be why she did not choose to play an active role in the wizarding war. She did not want to pit herself against her sisters.

Andromeda Tonks Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Andromeda was born sometime between 1951 and 1955, but we do not know her birth date. Her personality suggests that her zodiac sign could be Aquarius. People born under this sign think for themselves and would not follow a family credo they do not believe in.

However, people born under Aquarius also have a healthy ego and can have a tendency to look down on other people.