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Angelina Johnson Character Analysis: Quidditch Heartbreaker

Angelina Johnson Character Analysis: Quidditch Heartbreaker

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Angelina Johnson is a British Witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the same year as Fred and George Weasley. She was a member of Gryffindor House and played Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. In her final year she was made captain of the team.

She was a member of Dumbledore’s Army and returned to participate in the Battle of Hogwarts. While she was romantically connected to Fred Weasley while at school, she went on to marry George Weasley after the Second Wizarding War.

About Angelina Johnson

BornLate October 1977
Blood StatusUnknown
OccupationHogwarts Student
Gryffindor Quidditch Chaser
Gryffindor Quidditch Captain
Zodiac SignScorpio

Angelina Johnson Early Life

Angelina Johnson was born in late October 1977 and started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1989, the same year as Fred and George Weasley. She was also sorted into Gryffindor House.

She quickly became a popular student and became close friends with fellow Gryffindors in her year Alicia Spinnet, Katie Bell, Lee Jordan, and Fred and George Weasley. By her third year, she was selected to play Chaser, alongside Katie and Alicia, on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. She objected when their captain referred to the team as “men” or “lads”, considering almost half the team were girls.

In 1994, when Hogwarts was hosting the Triwizard Tournament, Angelina was one of the students to put her name in the cup, having turned the required 17 a week earlier. While not selected, she later attended the Yule Ball with Fred Weasley.

Angelina and George at the Yule Ball

Angelina Johnson Quidditch Captain

In 1995, her final year at Hogwarts, Angelina was made captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She was just as determined and hard-driving as Oliver Wood, her predecessor that she was known to criticize. For example, she was very angry when Harry was unable to attend Quidditch trials because he had earned a detention. But his position on the team was secure.

She selected Ron Weasley to join the team as Keeper, replacing Oliver Wood. While he had not been the absolute best on the day of tryouts, she hoped that talent ran in the family and he would be as good as his brothers.

Angelina tried to support Ron at practices. For example, she did not overreact when he hit Katie in the face with a ball. But the situation got out of control when Fred realized that he had given her a Blood Bliterpod by mistake as well. She also had problems with the spectating Slytherin team watching and taunting, among other things criticizing her braided hair.

When Harry earned himself another week of detentions with Professor Umbridge, Alicia exploded. The argument was so serious that Professor McGonagall had to take five points from Gryffindor for making such a scene in the great hall.

Despite Quidditch taking up a lot of her time, Angelina still decided to join Dumbledore’s Army, the group set up to learn defense against the dark arts from Harry while the subject was being overseen and diluted by Professor Umbridge. She did note that classes should be arranged not to interfere with Quidditch practice.

Umbridge introduced new rules against student groups in order to prevent the DA from meeting. Angelina almost cried when she realized that this included Quidditch teams as well, but managed to get the team approved by appealing to Professor McGonagall, who went directly to Professor Dumbledore.

Angelina playing Quidditch

Angelina Wins the Quidditch Cup

But this was just the start of Angelina’s problems. They had to train in the rain for their next match with Slytherin. She suggested that the team used an impervious charm to keep the rain off their faces, but this completely undermined visibility and training had to be stopped.

In the game against Slytherin, Angelina scored the team’s only goal, and Ron Weasley let in several Quidditch goals. The game was saved by Harry catching the snitch. But after the game, Draco Malfoy started insulting the Weasley family, goading both Harry and George Weasley to attack Draco. Madam Hooch separated the boys and sent them for discipline. As a result, Harry and George, plus Fred Weasley for good measure, were banned from playing Quidditch by Professor Umbridge.

Angelina had to cobble together a new team. She played Ginny Weasley as Seeker and added Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper to the team as Beaters to replace the Weasleys. She also forbade Ron from quitting the team, despite his poor performance.

Their next training session left Angelina in tears, and they lost the match against Hufflepuff by ten points. Nevertheless, Angelina persevered and again would not let Ron quit the team.

But in a dramatic turnaround in the final match against Ravenclaw, with Ron defending the goal successfully and Ginny Weasley catching the snitch at the perfect moment, based on points, Gryffindor won the cup during Angelina’s only year as captain.

Angelina Johnson Later Life

While Angelina was no longer attending Hogwarts when it fell into the hands of the Death Eaters, she responded to a call for DA members to return to the school when Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally turned up on their hunt for Horcruxes. She no doubt mourned the death of her school friend Fred Weasley.

Sometime after the end of the war, she developed a romantic relationship with George Weasley. The two married and had two children, named Fred and Roxanne.

Angelina spent some time away from her family in 2014 to care for her ailing father. This was shortly before the Quidditch World Cup of that year, which she attended in the Patagonian Desert with her husband and children. Commentator Rita Skeeter speculated that Angelina was not living at home because she had become restless in her marriage, but fellow commentator Ginny Weasley soon put her right.

Angelina Johnson Personality Type & Traits

Angelina Johnson comes across as a confident woman who follows her instincts and doesn’t care what other people think. While she cares passionately about many things, such as Quidditch, she doesn’t let the prejudices of others affect your self-esteem.

She believes in people, even when they aren’t at their best. For example, she believed that Ron Weasley could be an excellent Keeper if he developed his confidence, despite some appalling performances on the Quidditch pitch.

Her friendship with the Weasley twins suggests that she also had a fun-loving spirit and didn’t take life too seriously. While winning Quidditch matches and getting decent grades matter, they aren’t everything in life. This no doubt accounts for her genuine popularity.

Angelina Johnson Zodiac Sign & Birthday

Angelina must have been born in late October 1977, as she turned 17 about a week before the 31 October deadline for putting her name forward for the Triwizard Tournament. This means that her zodiac sign is Scorpio. People born under this sign tend to be highly intelligent and very driven. They are also very good at reading and influencing other people. We see this in the way that she motivated her Quidditch team.

Why was Angelina Johnson Recast?

Angelina Johnson Actresses

In the early Harry Potter films Angelina Johnson was played by actress Danielle Tabor, but in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire she was recast and played by Tiana Benjamin. While the studios never explained the change, fans suspect that the orginal actor looked too young to be the same age as Fred and George Weasley.

Angelina was a non-speaking role in the first films, and started to play a greater role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Despite Angelina playing a significant role in the book Harry Potter and teh Half Blood Prince, she does not appear in the film because the actress, Benjamin, was unable to appear due to her commitment appearing in popular British soap opera Eastenders.