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Aragog Character Analysis: Acromantula Friend

Aragog Character Analysis: Acromantula Friend

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Aragog was an Acromantula bred by Hagrid when he was at Hogwarts. He went on to live in the Forbidden Forest and was a lifelong friend of the gamekeeper. He became the leader of an Acromantula colony in the forest.

About Aragog

Born1942 – 20 April 1997
Blood StatusAcromantula
Zodiac SignAries (speculative)

Aragog Biography

Aragog was an Acromantula brought to England from a distant land and given to the young half-giant Hagrid when he was studying at Hogwarts.

A lover of magical creatures, Hagrid hatched the egg in a cupboard in the school dungeon. He raised the young Acromantula, feeding it scraps.

In 1942, Tom Marvolo Riddle opened the Chamber of Secrets, releasing Slytherin’s monster, a Basilisk, to attack people in the school. Most of its victims were petrified, but one, Myrtle Warren, was killed.

The Chamber of Secrets

Riddle, who considered Hogwarts his home and did not want to be forced to return to his London orphanage, realized that he had made a mistake when he released the monster as the school could be closed. He returned the Basilisk to its chamber but also had to frame someone else for his crimes.

Riddle had observed Hagrid with Aragog and reported him to the Hogwarts principal Armando Dippet, claiming that Aragog must have been responsible for the attacks. When Riddle attempted to catch the creature, Hagrid helped Aragog to escape into the Forbidden Forest.

Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts for raising such a dangerous creature on school grounds, but Professor Albus Dumbledore organized for him to stay on as an apprentice gamekeeper. Aragog was allowed to stay in the Forbidden Forest.

Hagrid visited Aragog regularly and one day brought him a mate called Mosag. Together they gave birth to a large colony of Acromantula within the forest.

Aragog Attacks Harry Potter

Ron Weasley and Harry Potter Seeing Aragog

In 1993, the chamber of secrets was opened again thanks to the machinations of Lucius Malfoy and Tom Marvolo Riddle from beyond the grave. The school fell into a new panic, and the Ministry for Magic decided to arrest Hagrid due to his connection with the previous opening.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were with Hagrid when he was arrested, hiding under Harry’s invisibility cloak. Seemingly speaking to the Ministry officials, Hagrid was able to tell Harry and Ron that they should follow the spiders if they wanted to know what really happened the last time the Chamber was opened.

Eventually, the two boys took Hagrid’s advice and followed spiders that were fleeing the castle, due to the presence of the Basilisk, into the Forbidden Forest and to Aragog’s lair.

Aragog explained to the boys how Hagrid was framed, he could also tell them that the creature was born in the castle, ancient, and something that the Acromantula feared above all else.

Grateful for the information, Harry and Ron were eager to leave. But Aragog would not let them. He said that he showed mercy to Hagrid because of their history but that he could not always deny his children fresh meat.

Fortunately, Arthur Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia showed up just in time to save the boys, who went on to discover and vanquish the Basilisk.

Ron was so scarred by the experience that the following year when he faced a Boggart in Professor Lupin’s Defence Against the Dark Arts class, it took the form of Aragog.

Death of Aragog

Funeral of Aragog
Aragog’s Funeral

Hagrid was distraught in 1997 when Aragog contracted an unknown illness and became very sick. He eventually died on 20 April 1997.

Hagrid retrieved the body from the colony in order to bury his old friend. This was to prevent the rest of the colony from cannibalizing his corpse.

Hagrid would no longer be able to return to the colony without the protection of Aragog.

Under the influence of Felix Felicitas, Harry Potter attended the funeral ceremony with Professor Horace Slughorn. Harry, who wanted to get information out of Slughorn, convinced him to join him at the funeral so that he could secretly acquire the valuable Acromantula venom from the recently deceased corpse.

Hagrid mourned Aragog, and Slughorn spoke well at his funeral. The pair drank heavily to the departed friend. The emotion of the moment allowed Harry to convince Horace Slughorn to share the information that he wanted.

Aragog’s children were forced from the Forbidden Forest in May 1998 when Lord Voldemort assembled his troops there. They invaded Hogwarts school and attacked both sides indiscriminately. It is unknown if the colony survived the battle or what they may have done after.

Aragog Personality Type & Traits

Aragog had a strong friendship with Hagrid and was able to control his instincts to kill and feed in favor of his friends. He also had the leadership skills to prevent the rest of his colony from attacking Hagrid.

However, Aragog was not a benevolent being, and while he would always help Hagrid, his empathy did not extend to the rest of the human race.

He was prepared to let his children devour Harry and Ron, despite them being children and Hagrid’s friends.

Aragog Zodiac Sign & Birthday

While Aragog was hatched in 1942, we do not know the date. However, he seems to have been born shortly before the summer holidays, as this is when Tom Riddle learned that the school might close down. This, combined with Aragog’s personality, suggests that his zodiac sign could be Aries.

People born under Aries are natural leaders, and they also tend to be ruthless in their dealing with others. They put their own needs first and can lack empathy when other people get in their way.