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Attack on Titan MBTI Character Types Guide: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Attack on Titan MBTI Character Types Guide: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs personality Type Indicator is a psychological system that helps a person better understand their personality.

The 16 MBTI personality types offer a wide range of strengths, weaknesses, and possible future professions that will suit each MBTI type. Applying the MBTI in real life is quite common, but so is in the fictional world when analyzing characters.

Eren Yeager from the anime series “Attack on Titan” is an ISFP. Mikasa Ackerman is an ISTJ, Armin Arlet an INFJ, and Levi Ackerman an ISTP. All the characters of AOT have different MBTI personalities and combined; they’ve had a tremendous impact on the storyline.

Attack on Titan has a complex line of characters and an even more complex storyline. It’s the type of anime where you find it hard to choose who the actual good guy is. Therefore, if you wish to better understand your favourite AOT character, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will share the MBTI personality types of some of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan. Furthermore, we will also share how it fits their personality and affects the overall storyline of AOT.

Attack on Titan MBTI Personality Type Chart

Below we’ve listed the MBTI types of the characters of the AOT series mentioned in the article. 

CharactersMBTI Personality Type
Eren YeagerISFP
Mikasa AckermanISTJ
Armin ArlertINFJ
Levi AckermanISTP
Erwin SmithENTJ
Hange ZoeENTP
Zeke YeagerINTP
Annie LeonhartISTP
Sasha BrausESFP
Historia ReissESFJ
Reiner BraunESFJ
Bertholdt HooverISFJ
Jean KirsteinESTJ
Floch ForsterESTJ
Gabi BraunESFP

Eren Yeager: ISFP (Passionate & Rebellious)

Eren ISFP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of the anime series Attack on Titan, perfectly depicts the MBTI personality type ISFP. As the Adventurer of the MBTI, Eren has always been open-minded and curious about trying new things. Moreover, Eren became much more introverted, independent, and unpredictable as he grew older.

Eren’s curiosity and flexible nature make him different from all the characters in the AOT universe. Eren dreamt of visiting the sea and seeing the outside world even as a child. Furthermore, his fiercely independent nature made him take on all the nations by himself in the latest AOT season.

Mikasa Ackerman: ISTJ (Quiet & Loyal)

Mikasa ISTJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Mikasa Ackerman, the most powerful female character of Attack on Titan, belongs to the ISTJ MBTI personality type. Logisticians like Mikasa are pretty reserved and have a strong sense of responsibility. As an ISTJ, she’s highly calm, allowing her to tackle dangerous situations effectively.

Mikasa fits the role of the logistician perfectly as she is exceptionally talented, like most ISTJs. Her honest and direct nature has played a significant role in Eren’s life and has also saved him multiple times.

What’s more, she’s incredibly responsible and strong-willed, which explains her unimaginable strength in the AOT universe.

Armin Arlert: INFJ (Smart & Selfless)

Armin INFJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Advocate and INFJ of the Attack on Titan series is none other than a strategist, Armin Arlert himself. Armin has always stuck to his moral code since the beginning, and it was visible by the end of the final season, part 2 of AOT. He possesses the high intellect to see through the true intentions of someone.

As an INFJ, Armin is always curious, which helped him explore the outside world as well. His strong intuition helped him see through Eren’s plan in the final season.

What’s more, his creative side plays a critical role in employing unique strategies that one can never imagine, especially in the case of taking down Bertholdt.

Levi Ackerman: ISTP (Blunt & Perfectionist)

Levi ISTP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Levi Ackerman is an excellent example of how an ISTP MBTI personality type is. The Virtuosos personality type tends to be spontaneous and creative, making Levi a complete natural in crisis. His relaxed and rational side allows him to make the best decisions in the given time, no matter the cost.

Levi chose to let Armin have the Titan spinal fluid, despite his closeness with Erwin, because he knew it was the better option.

Levi reacts extremely fast in situations that have helped save him and his comrades on multiple occasions. Unlike most characters in AOT, Levi truly wishes the best for all Eldians and is not driven by an alternative motive.

Erwin Smith: ENTJ (Smart & Charismatic)

Erwin ENTJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Erwin Smith is the typical and best representation of the MBTI type ENTJ, also known as the commander. He’s a natural-born leader who possesses immense charisma, enough even to have someone like Levi Ackerman follow him. Furthermore, Erwin’s strategic mind allowed him to make risky decisions in fighting against the titans.

As an ENTJ, Erwin is incredibly confident, making it easier for him to take risks and decisions as the commander of the survey corps. He is one of the most strong-willed people who know the right step in the long run.

What’s more, the commander of the survey corps fits the Commander MBTI personality all too well with his intuition and impressive leading capabilities.

Hange Zoe: ENTP (Eccentric & Energetic)

Hanje ENTP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Hange Zoe, the most eccentric character of Attack on Titan, is an ENTP, the Debater. Hanja is a free spirit who tends to make bold decisions, helping her experiment with titans. She is incredibly knowledgeable and played a huge role in gathering information about the powers of the Titan.

Furthermore, ENTPs like Hange are brainstormers and possess an innovative mind, allowing them to create new technology to fight against the Armored Titan.

She isn’t afraid to try out new and bold ideas and quickly settles in an unknown environment. However, the mad scientist tends to be insensitive most of the time, a common trait in Debaters.

Zeke Yeager: INTP (Ambitious & Enigmatic)

Zeke INTP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Zeke Yeager, the antagonist in Attack on Titan, is believed to be an INTP. As the Logician of the MBTI, Zeke is quite analytical, allowing him to grasp the patterns of people around him quickly. His curious nature and high intellect made him come up with a plan that would not only help Marleyans but will also free the Eldians from their misery.

Additionally, Zeke is the type of Logician who cannot be led by the ideologies of others. He’s witty and can make rational decisions that are better in the long run. However, being the perfectionist he is, he is often dissatisfied with his efforts ever since he was a child.

Annie Leonhart: ISTP (Intelligent & Witty)

Annie ISTP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Annie Leonhart is another ISTP on the list but far different from how Levi is. As an ISTP, Annie is the more quiet and reserved type but is capable of making friends despite the situation she is in. She is brilliant and spontaneous, allowing her to make quick decisions on the go.

In addition, Annie is a great fighter and entirely rational as well. Her flexible and practical mind allowed her to stay out of the hands of the survey corps by crystalizing her body.

What’s more, Annie is also quote insensitive, which is an essential trait as she had to take a lot of lives in Paradis.

Sasha Braus: ESFP (Friendly & Reckless)

Sasha ESFP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Sasha Braus, the potato girl, is a good representation of an ESFP, the Entertainer. As an ESFP, Sasha has been bold since day 1, eating a potato in her very first appearance. Furthermore, she is super charming, attracting all the people around her and even a Marleyan like Niccolo.

Additionally, Sasha’s upbeat and lively personality was the highlight of Attack on Titan, and her death broke the heart of many fans and characters in the anime as well.

She usually appeared to be unfocused, but her skills were phenomenal when on duty. Moreover, Sasha’s observant and practical nature made her one of the best soldiers in the survey corps.

Historia Reiss: ESFJ (Shy & Caring)

Historia ESFJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Historia Reiss is the most caring character in the Attack on Titan series and is an ESFJ, also known as the Consul. ESFJs like Historia are like saints, always caring for the people around them. Her sensitive and warm nature made everyone immediately like her, even a person like Ymir.

As the Consul, Historia’s strong sense of responsibility allowed her to take up the duties of the Queen of the walls immediately. Furthermore, she was willing to do whatever she could to help out her people.

What’s more, her extreme selfless and sensitive nature made Eren consider removing her memories to protect her from the terror he was about to spread.

Reiner Braun: ESFJ (Honest & Righteous)

Reiner Braun ESFJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Reiner Braun, the holder of the Armored Titan, is also an ESFJ but different compared to Historia. He is the type of guy that puts duty above everything else, even if it means doing something he disagrees with. What’s more, he’s also very loyal to Marley, a trait commonly seen in ESFJ.

Although Reiner is driven by his sense of duty, he’s empathetic and doesn’t take criticism too well. Eren knew that very well, so he manipulated Reiner before attacking LIberio.

Reiner’s selflessness puts him in a difficult position on multiple occasions in the anime.

Bertholdt Hoover: ISFJ (Kind & Selfless)

bertholdt ISFJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The original holder of Colossal titan in the AOT universe, Betholdt Hoover, is an ISFJ, also known as the Defender. Bertholdt’s personality as the Defender of the group that infiltrated the Paradis island is critical, and his supportive nature helped keep Reiner and Annie grounded and focused on their mission.

Belonging to the introverted line of the MBTI, Bertholdt has always been quiet and reserved. Although he doesn’t seem as analytical as the other characters in the series, Bertholdt is an expert in group settings.

Furthermore, as the Defender, he’s often overcommitted to his friends and country, forgetting about his own feelings and needs.

Jean Kirstein: ESTJ (Smart & Blunt)

Jean ESTJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Jean Kirstein is an excellent example of the personality type ESTJ, also known as the Executive. He has always been a straightforward person, displaying honesty in the very first scene of his appearance as well. The Executive has always had incredible leadership skills, which he effectively shows in the final season of AOT.

Initially, Jean was hesitant about joining the Survey Corps and stayed far away from leadership roles. However, as time progressed, everyone around him recognized his phenomenal leadership skills and ability to analyze the given situation effectively.

What’s more, Jean is one of the most loyal characters in the AOT universe, which he proved in the last season.

Yelena: INTJ (Arrogant & Loyal)

Yelena INTJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Yelena, one of the primary antagonists in the AOT universe, is an excellent representation of the MBTI personality type INTJ. As the Architect, Yelena is incredibly ambitious and goal-oriented. She was independent till she decided that Zeke’s motives were worth following, and since then, she has blindly followed the man.

INTJs like Yelena are highly sharp and cannot be fooled easily. If she notices someone’s fraudulent behavior, she can be highly ruthless and can even kill the person.

Furthermore, people like her are highly insensitive and too Arrogant for their own good, which brought her demise in the final season of AOT. 

Floch Forster: ESTJ (Witty & Charismatic)

Floch ESTJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Another ESTJ on the list is Floch Forster, but in a much different way than Jean Kirstein. Floch played a considerable role in the final season as the leader of the Yeagerists. His impressive leadership capabilities helped Eren in many ways, allowing him to activate the rumbling effectively.

As an ESTJ, Floch is incredibly witty and focused on the task at hand. Floch was the only one aware of Eren’s plans, and he dedicated everything to create the right circumstances to initiate the plan.

Furthermore, his loyalty played a significant role in the final season, as one mess up from him could’ve entirely ruined Eren’s dream.

Gabi Braun: ESFP (Brave & Brash)

Gabi ESFP-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Gabi Braun is the brave Eldian warrior, an ESFP, and the Entertainer of the MBTI. The young warrior candidate is bold and highly motivated, not afraid to take steps that even people with more experience than her would avoid. What’s more, she’s brilliant and creative, capable of coming up with original plans to tackle a situation.

Although Gabi is just a child and can be quite overly sensitive at times, her bold nature has helped her and those around her on many occasions.

She’s always determined to push her limits in the most creative way possible. However, she lacks foresightedness which gets her in significant trouble in the anime.

Falco Grice: ENFJ (Innocent & Kind)

Falco ENFJ-MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Falco Grice is another warrior candidate on the list, an ENFJ, better known as the Protagonist. He is not the typical representation of the Protagonist MBTI, as he isn’t war-driven and natural-born leader like most. However, Falco always pushes himself to do the right thing, even if it means putting his own life on the line.

Despite being so young, Falco is always reliable, especially when it comes to Gabi. His empathic nature makes him charming and puts him in a difficult spot.

ENFJs like Falco tend to trust people easily and can fail to see the true motive behind someone’s actions.

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