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Czarlene Bauto

Czarlene is a Disney fan who passionately watches and rewatches several animated and original films and series.

She enjoys watching classic Disney films such as Peter Pan, Lion King, Mulan, Beauty & the Beast, and many more.

She is a persistent writer who is constantly seeking to improve her work.

Czarlene enjoys a good movie/book, hanging out with friends & family, and the much-needed ”me time” to energize.

Everyone knows the 7 dwarfs as the lovable characters with unique names and personalities in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The 1937 full-length animated feature film was one of Walt Disney’s greatest masterpieces. Princess Snow White lives with her horrible stepmother, the Evil Queen, who arranges her assassination. After the Huntsman told Snow White to …

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Encanto songs like We Don’t Talk About Bruno and The Family Madrigal captivated millions of people with their catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics. Therefore, Disney’s Encanto is popularly known for its phenomenal storytelling, stunning animation, and spectacular soundtrack. A movie soundtrack is one of the determining factors of its success. Encanto made sure to seal its victory …

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