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Mir Rafay

Mir Rafay - Minecraft Writer at Fantasy Topics


  • Bachelor's (Honors) in Management Science (Pending)


Currently a College student, Mir has been involved in video games, one way or another, his entire life. If you can think of a game, chances are, he's conquered it. However, one title holds a special place in his heart - Minecraft. Mir has been a dedicated Minecraft player for over a decade. Being a passionate writer, he combines these hobbies to write insightful posts for FantasyTopics.

In his free time, Mir loves to go for a swim, listen to music, and box!


With over 4,500 hours played, Mir's prowess in Minecraft knows no bounds. Whether he's raising an army of Iron Golems to guard his realm or dispatching the fearsome Ender Dragon with nothing more than a simple bow, he's accomplished it all - quite literally.

From the subtle nuances of redstone contraptions to the intricate art of potion brewing - Mir knows the game's mechanics inside out. This is well reflected in the fact that he's also unlocked every single in-game achievement!

Whether it's wanting to find the most efficient ways to mine for diamonds or automating resource collection using complex contraptions - Mir is your go-to guy for guidance.


Mir is currently pursuing a Bachelor's (Honors) in Management Science from his country's most prestigious business school.

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