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Mir Rafay

Rafay is THE video game guy. Pick a game. Any game. Chances are, he's probably finished it.

He's particularly fond of Minecraft, having been an active player for over 10 years! Unlocking every single achievement in the game was a walk in the park for Rafay.

Whether it's making an army of Iron Golems or killing the Ender Dragon with a simple bow, he's done it all! His Minecraft virtual self boasts a Captain Jack Sparrow skin with an Enchanted Netherite Sword, slaying all mobs who dare traverse his area!

If you're skillful and daring enough, challenge him to a 1v1 in Skywars - but don't say we didn't warn you!

When he isn't focused on playing games, Rafay writes about - you guessed it - video games!

For many Minecraft players, Survival mode provides the most authentic and exciting experience. The thrill of scavenging for resources, constructing shelters, defending against mobs, managing hunger, and navigating the expansive world adds a layer of complexity and challenge to the game. This experience can become even more engaging and memorable when played on Survival servers, …

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Parkour happens to be one of the original plug-ins Minecraft had, and over the years, its popularity has only soared. It’s highly customizable and currently one of the most famously played game modes on many servers. In simple terms, parkour features challenging obstacle courses in which you must jump from block to block without falling. …

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As a game, Minecraft has evolved to include much more than it did at its release. With the addition of mods and plugins, the world of Minecraft has almost endless possibilities. One of those possibilities is Factions. Factions allow players to form clans or guilds, band together to claim land, gather resources, and interact with …

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Even with the release of version 1.19, diamonds remain among the most sought-after resources in Minecraft. It is essential to have a good reserve of diamonds to ensure a smooth early game experience for yourself. First announced on 16th October 2021, version 1.19 of Minecraft was officially released on 7th June 2022 as a significant …

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