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Zoe Roche

Picture of Zoe Roche


  • BA at University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Law at University of Auckland (expected in 2025)


Meet Zoe, a wordsmith with a flair for the digital realm. Armed with an English degree and a rich tapestry of writing experiences, she crafts narratives both in literary and virtual landscapes.


Zoe’s multifaceted journey in both the writing and gaming worlds stands as a testament to her passion and dedication.

In the realm of writing, Zoe has exhibited a noteworthy versatility. Specializing in content writing, she has become an invaluable contributor to New Zealand’s leading K-Beauty brand, where her riveting blog posts and reviews uplift the brand’s public perception. Her creative pursuits have led her to author captivating podcast scripts, weaving tales that hold listeners in rapt attention. Furthermore, Zoe has lent her expertise in business writing to budding start-up ventures, drafting impactful website content and formal memos.

However, beyond the pen and paper, Zoe’s fervor is equally evident in the pixelated universe of Stardew Valley. With an impressive tenure spanning half a decade and an investment of over 1,000 gameplay hours, Zoe’s farm is a manifestation of her meticulous planning and devotion. Her comprehensive gameplay approach has seen her unlock every heart scene and complete every quest, from locating the Mayor’s elusive shorts to conquering Qi’s mystifying challenges. Earning accolades such as the “Master Angler” and “Mystery Of The Stardrops” achievements, Zoe has firmly established herself as a seasoned aficionado of Stardew Valley.


Zoe holds a Bachelor of Arts from New Zealand’s premier institution, the University of Auckland. During her academic journey, she delved deep into the realms of English and Philosophy, majoring in both and refining her analytical and literary skills.

Beyond the conventional classroom, Zoe has exhibited a commitment to continuous learning. She has broadened her expertise by participating in a variety of masterclasses and online courses, notably in the realm of content writing. Her proactive pursuit of knowledge is a testament to her dedication to the craft and her passion for staying updated in the ever-evolving field of writing.

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