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Bane Character Analysis: Brutal Centaur

Bane Character Analysis: Brutal Centaur

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Bane was one of the centaurs living in the Forbidden Forest. He is a proud centaur and played an important role in upholding the traditions of the colony.

Like many centaurs, he was generally suspicious of wizards and wanted to limit interaction with them.

About Bane

Blood StatusCentaur
Zodiac SignAries (speculative)

Bane Biography

It is unknown how long Bane was a member of the Centaur colony that lived in the Forbidden Forest.

Harry Potter first met the Centaur in 1992 when he was in detention searching for an injured unicorn with a group of students led by Hagrid.

Bane showed up after the Centaur Firenze stopped to help Harry after the creature that was attacking the unicorn was about to attack Harry.

Firenze let Harry ride on his back to take him to safety. When Bane saw this, he was appalled that Firenze let a human ride him like a horse.

Bane reminded Firenze that centaurs are concerned with the greater fortune of the universe and not the petty struggles of humans and wizards.

Harry encountered Bane again in 1995 when Hagrid took him and Hermione to meet Grawp, Hagrid’s brother.

The Centaurs were unhappy with Grawp’s presence and warned Hagrid that he could no longer walk the Forbidden Forest with the same freedom. Something to which Hagrid took offense.

Near the end of the school year in June 1996, Hermione tricked Professor Umbridge into following her and Harry into the Forbidden Forest.

She was hoping to encounter the Acromantula Colony in the hope that they would deal with the tyrannical professor, but they met the centaurs first.

Bane was not impressed by Hermione “using” the Centaurs to deal with human problems.

Nevertheless, when Professor Umbridge started insulting them by calling them filthy half-breeds under the wizarding law of magical creatures, he shot an arrow just above her head and then dragged her off.

Despite his earlier objections that human problems did not concern him, Bane did join the Battle of Hogwarts with fellow Centaurs Ronan and Magorian to defend the school.

After the Battle of Hogwarts, a good portion of the Forbidden Forest was considered to belong to the Centaurs.

Bane reminded Harry Potter of this when he was there in 2020 looking for his son.

He also warned Harry that he had seen a black cloud of foreboding over his son Albus and that it could endanger everyone.

Bane Personality Type & Traits

Bane comes across as a strong and forceful character.

He is very proud and resents how wizards treat his kind like “magical creatures”.

But he was less rigid in his ways than some other Centaurs and did occasionally help wizards who entered the Forbidden Forest, especially Harry Potter.

Bane Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We know nothing about Bane’s birthdate, but his personality suggests that his zodiac sign could be Taurus.

This is one of the fixed signs, with very fixed ideas and opinions.

They also tend to be domineering and argumentative when confronted with things they don’t want to hear. But they will always help someone who is genuinely in need.