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30 Best Batman Cake Ideas and Designs

30 Best Batman Cake Ideas and Designs

Batman, the caped crusader, is a favorite superhero with both serious fans of the character’s darker side and young fans who love the perfect one-liners of LEGO Batman.

In addition to his distinctive bat mask and sweeping cake, he’s got lots of cool toys, like the Bat Mobile, that make excellent cake toppers and decorations.

Do you want to make a Batman cake as one of your next baking adventures? Get inspiration from 30 of the best Batman cakes listed below.

1. Layered Batman Cake

This layered Batman cake is a classic design but executed to perfection with fondant icing.

The lowest layer reproduced Batman’s classic comic utility belt in yellow against bat black icing. The next layer uses the grey of Batman’s suit in the comics with the yellow and black bat symbol on the side.

An edible Batman mask tops the cake, and a black cape hangs down the side.

2. Batman vs Spidey Cake

Stories that bring Batman and Spiderman together are some of the most popular among fans of DC comics. This cake brings them together too!

The cake has three layers, and each pays homage to the distinctive super suits of the two heroes, divided down the middle.

Batman’s cape and pointy bat ear are nice touches.

3. Batman Fondant Mask Cake

This cake stands out with a seemingly floating edible Batman mask in fondant icing sitting on top of the cake. A flowing sugary bat cape also hangs down the side.

The cake itself is in Batman grey from his original comic book costume, decorated with the yellow utility belt and the bat symbol.

4. Simple Bat Symbol Cake

Call Batman to participate in the party with this cake decorated with the bat symbol on top; yellow on black to mimic the calling light for the hero.

The cake has a black Batman icing base with a grey strip and then a yellow strip decorated to look a little like Batman’s utility belt.

5. Batman Face Cake

Source: @j_jbakers

This round cake looks like Batman’s head, in blocky LEGO style, with the nose peaking out over the top of the Batman utility belt.

The cake uses fondant icing, which will look good if you get the details right. The bat-calling symbol on top finishes the cake.

6. Batman Calling Cake

How do you let Batman know his help is needed to celebrate a special birthday?

Send out the Bat-signal, which appears as a shining light on top of this cake, along with the special number of the birthday boy or girl.

The cake has grey icing, with fondant icing in black and yellow showing the Gotham skyline.

7. LEGO Batman Portrait Cake

This cake uses fondant icing to reproduce a Lego Batman in a round style. The deep black of the icing makes it stand out.

The lower layer has a cake in Batman grey with the Batman symbol looking out from the chest.

The top layer reproduced Batman’s face with pointed ears springing up from the cake. A black bat cape hangs down the side of the cake.

8. Batman Figure Topper Cake

Source: @angelu_candy

This cake is topped by a fun edible Batman figure, which you can make yourself in fondant icing or buy online.

The cake is decorated with blue icing to look like the night sky. Black and yellow icing is layered on top to recreate the bat signal and the Gotham skyline.

9. Mini Batman and Masks Cake

Source: @narssiscake

This pastel cake is topped with a mini edible Batman figure and a few little black masks for other masked heroes.

The bottom layer is in pastel yellow with grey and black buildings representing the Gotham skyline. The top layer is Batman grey with a pastel yellow and black Bat symbol.

10. Batman Action Figure Cake

Source: @rawans_cake

An edible Batman action figure pops out the top of this cake like a sugary jack-in-the-box.

The cake is decorated in Batman grey with black and yellow icing creating the Gotham skyline and the bat signal.

Funnily, this cake recipient is Adam, like Adam West, the first actor to play Batman.

11. Baby Batman Cake

Are you making a Batman cake for a younger fan? This Baby Batman cake is simple but adorable.

The cake is a fun Batman yellow, with the bat symbol on the side. But the edible baby Batman figure on top will have everyone snapping shots for Instagram.

12. Girly Batman Cake

So, they love girly pink and Batman as well? Luckily, pink and black look great together as a color scheme.

This layered Batman cake replaces the areas that would usually be grey with a pink to create something fancy.

The bottom layer shows the Batman skyline, the next layer the bat symbol, and the cake is topped by a Batman mask surrounded by yellow stars.

13. Shadowing Batman Cake

This two-layered cake looks shadowy with a velvety grey icing layer topped by a Batman figure that looks just like the cape and mask, plus a few companion bats.

The sides of the cake are decorated to represent the Gothan skyline on the lower layer and Batman’s utility belt on the top layer.

14. Batman Grafitti Cake

Source: @cakesbykatya

This cake challenge is for those who like to paint and want to exercise their skills on the side of a cake.

The round cake is decorated with icing that looks like the bricks of a wall. This is then painted with grey, black, and yellow icing to reproduce a cool graffiti image from the comics.

15. Batman Silhouette Cake

This cake looks moody and cool with slick black icing and a white Batman silhouette on top.

The sides of the cake are also decorated with silhouettes, showing the Gotham skyline and the name and age of the birthday boy or girl.

16. Black and Gold Batman Cake

This sparkling Batman cake is perfect for a fancy party. The cake has black icing with spray-paint-style gold decoration bringing out the bat signal.

The cake is topped by a Batman mask, with a few scrapes to show the dangerous life of the hero. Some yummy cake balls decorated in the same black and gold theme are spotted around the cake.

17. Layered LEGO Bat Mobile Cake


This is a very striking layered Batman cake, with a cool Lego Bat Mobile sitting on top of the whole thing; it sits on top of a LEGO brick layer smaller than the car, making it look like it is floating.

The bottom layer is in Batman grey with black and yellow icing showing the bat signal and the name and age of the birthday boy or girl.

The middle layer has the faces of a few Batman characters in fondant icing. There is Batman, Robin, and Cat Woman visible in this photo.

18. Realistic Bat Mobile Cake

Source: @cakesbynona

This cake is designed to look like a realistic Bat Mobile, both in the shape of the cake and the detail of the icing.

It’s unclear whether this cake was made for a double birthday or someone who is turning 40 but doesn’t want to accept it!

19. Batmobile Topper Cake

This classic square cake is decorated with an edible Batmobile on top. It sits on a runway made in black and yellow icing, which ends with a bat symbol on the side of the cake.

The cake is decorated in grey with yummy icing balls, and other bat symbols are spotted on the sides.

20. Black and Yellow Batman Cake

Source: @jenhscakes

This cake stands out with its contrasting black and yellow icing.

The main cake is iced in bright yellow, with black details showing the bat signal and the Gotham skyline on the sides.

A yummy-looking black Batmobile sits on top for a few lucky eaters.

21. Black Batmobile Cake

Source: @cake.ari

This moody Batman Batmobile cake looks classy with black and gold icing. The black cake supports a realistic-looking edible Batmobile topper.

Gold paint icing reproduces a delicate bat signal, and gold lettering and candles finish the cake.

22. Batman Driver Cake

This bright yellow cake is topped with an edible Batmobile with a happy-looking Batman driver. This could be the perfect cake for someone getting a car for their birthday.

The lower layers are iced in yellow with black decorations showing the bat signal and the Gotham skyline.

23. LEGO Batman Topper Cake

Source: @mozzicakes

This square cake looks like a LEGO brick in black and yellow. It sits on top of an iced base with yummy edible LEGO bricks.

A happy and realistic-looking LEGO Batman figure sits on top of the cake, and he looks like he is enjoying the party. Or at least he will until someone eats him!

24. LEGO Batman and Friends Cake

This two-layered cake has a blue Gotham city base layer and a LEGO Batman head topper with pointy bat ears.

Edible representations of some other LEGO Batman figures stand around the cake, specifically LEGO Robin and LEGO Joker.

25. Multilayered LEGO Batman Cake

Source: @artweddingg

This cake looks impressive with three LEGO brick-shaped layers and an edible LEGO Batman on top of the whole thing.

The lowest layer is a blue LEGO brick with the Gotham skyline. The yellow block layer shows LEGO Batman flying into action.

The top white layer shows the bat symbol and the name Batman in comic book writing.

26. Batman and Superman Cake

Batman and Superman are closely linked in the DC comic universe and as members of the Justice League, so why not match them up on a cake?

The bottom layer is black and yellow and shows the bat symbol and Batman utility belt. The top yellow is the red, blue, and yellow of Superman’s costume.

Both layers have a flowing edible cake for the superhero, and the cake is topped by the number representing the age of the birthday boy or girl.

27. LEGO Batman and Superman Cake

The edible flying LEGO Batman on this cake will grab attention, and an edible LEGO Superman figure stands nearby.

The cake is decorated with LEGO-style icing, and a few other favorite LEGO characters appear, but you could swap these for things like the Batman and Superman symbols.

28. Towering LEGO Batman Cake

This is a towering cake in Batman grey with black and yellow icing showing the Gotham skyline and edible LEGO bricks.

A yummy LEGO Batman figure sits on top of the cake, while an edible LEGO Joker stands at the bottom, ready to make mischief.

29. Batman and Spiderman Figures Cake

Source: @arinascake

True Batman fans will know about his various encounters with Spiderman in the comics and will love a cake that brings the two heroes together.

The bottom layer of this cake is decorated in black and white and represents the Gotham (or New York) skyline.

The second layer is decorated in Sidpey red with black webs, and an edible Spidey hangs upside-down on the side of the cake.

A cute edible Batman figure tops off the whole thing.