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51 Best Cartoon and Disney Dogs Ranked

51 Best Cartoon and Disney Dogs Ranked

In the world of animation, cartoon dogs are just as popular and arguably more loved than many human characters.

This is especially true of Disney films, as Walt Disney himself sourced much of his inspiration from his beloved dogs.

Walt’s love for his dogs can be seen influencing not just Disney cartoons but also the whole of animation.

You should never need a reason to celebrate the most lovable of man’s best friend. We want to share the top 51 Disney and cartoon dogs who stayed nestled in our hearts long after the credits roll.

So, here are the top 51 Disney and cartoon dogs that certainly deserve your attention:

51. Napoleon and Lafayette (The Aristocats)

Napoleon and Lafayette (The Aristocats)

Really, it makes sense that in a film almost entirely about cats, the only 2 dogs in the film leave their mark. In the case of The Aristocats, these dogs are the comedic duo Napoleon and Lafayette. 

At first glance, Napoleon and Lafayette could not be more different. Napoleon is an intelligent Bloodhound, while Lafayette is a naive, dopey Basset Hound. 

However, both dogs share an incredible loyalty to each other, even though they continuously bicker. 

50. Percy (Pocahontas)

Percy (Pocahontas)

Percy from Pocahontas may not be the first Disney animated dog you would think of, but he plays an important part in Pocahontas that should not be overlooked. 

Initially, Percy is as stuffy and spoiled as his owner Governor Ratcliffe, though he receives little love from Ratcliffe himself. The more time Percy spends with Pocahontas, the closer he gets to switching sides until he eventually does. 

When Percy is with Pocahontas and her community, Percy is much kinder, offering comfort when Pocahontas needs it the most. 

49. Buster (Toy Story) 

Buster (Toy Story) 

Buster is a classic Disney Pixar easter egg. Keen-eyed fans will remember that Andy received Buster for Christmas within the last few frames of the first Toy Story film. 

By Toy Story 2, Buster is a fully grown dachshund, though he is still presumably a puppy, judging by his excitability and boundless energy. 

Somehow, Woody has managed to train Buster to be the perfect companion to both Andy’s toys and to Andy himself. 

48. Dougal (The Magic Roundabout) 

Dougal (The Magic Roundabout) 

Not many children nowadays will know what The Magic Roundabout is, but for those that do, Dougal is remembered with ample fondness. 

Dougal is an interesting character, more dynamic than some of the other cartoon dogs on this list. 

He is often portrayed as grumpy, with little tolerance for lateness or stupidity. This can be seen in his sarcastic tendencies, which can come across as rude. 

However, above all else, Dougal is loyal to his owner Florence. He isn’t rude to her like he is to others, only ever showing her love and affection. 

47. Nana (Peter Pan)

Nana (Peter Pan)

Nana is the perfect protective and loyal pet/ nursemaid responsible for caring for the 3 Darling children. 

As a Newfoundland dog, Nana is the perfect size to ward off intruders and look after Wendy, Michael, and John. Unfortunately, Nana’s size (and forgetful tendencies) make her very clumsy. 

This clumsiness makes Nana more endearing for most of the Darling family, except for George Darling, who usually ends up hurt or dirty because of Nana’s antics.

46. Mr Peanutbutter (Bojack Horseman)

Mr Peanutbutter (Bojack Horseman)

If BoJack Horseman was told from anyone else’s perspective, Mr Peanutbutter would be a great protagonist, full of love and life. But from the view of BoJack, Mr Peanutbutter is simply a ‘man-child.’ 

He is perceived as being quite stupid, though this is more because he is naive than unintelligent. 

Mr Peanutbutter is loved by his fans and is cheerful to a fault. He always wants everybody to be happy, often ignoring when people need to be sad or need a break from constant upbeat optimism. 

45. Ren Höken (The Ren and Stimpy Show) 

Ren Höken (The Ren and Stimpy Show) 

Ren Höken is one of the less aesthetic animated dogs on this list or in the whole cartoon world. He is a skinny, disproportionate Chihuahua whose one true goal is to be physically strong with undeniable muscles. 

Such a goal makes Ren extremely vain. He rarely thinks about others and is borderline abusive, lashing out at Stimpy whenever he loses his temper, which is far more often than it should be. 

True, this anger comes from a place of insecurity most of the time. But Ren is selfish and greedy, unable to control his emotions, whether good or bad. 

44. Rusty (Home on the Range) 

Rusty (Home on the Range) 

Rusty is one of the oldest cartoon dogs on this list, which is reflected in his personality. 

The old Basset Hound puts himself in charge of keeping watch of the town whenever Sheriff Sam Brown has to leave. This is a responsibility that Rusty refuses to take lightly. 

Rusty does not tolerate immaturity or disruption, even from his best friend Buck, who is the complete opposite of Rusty. 

43. Max (The Little Mermaid) 

Max (The Little Mermaid) 

Max is not as prominent as other Disney cartoon dogs in his film The Little Mermaid. But he is energetic enough and big enough to leave to be memorable. 

Max is Prince Eric’s loyal companion, accompanying him on his overseas journeys and rarely leaving his side when they are back on shore. He is very attuned to Eric’s likes and dislikes, reacting as Eric does in most situations. 

The bond between Max and Prince Eric is so strong that when their ship sets on fire and Max is stranded while everyone else escapes, Eric risks his life to go back and save his friend. 

42. Spike (Rugrats)

Spike (Rugrats)

Few other words summarize Spike better than loyal and kind. Spike is not the only dog that appears in the Rugrats franchise, but he is the one that sticks by the babies’ side no matter what. 

Spike belongs to Tommy Pickles, where his loyalties lie the most. That doesn’t mean he will just abandon the other babies if they need his help. 

Spike’s primary goal in life is to look after both Tommy and his friends. 

41. Einstein (Oliver and Company) 

Einstein (Oliver and Company) 

Being a Great Dane, Einstein is the largest member of Fagin’s dog gang in Oliver and Company. Though his size is the most intimidating thing about him. 

In reality, Einstein is a big goofball. 

He is not the most intelligent cartoon dog on this list. But his silly antics will certainly make you laugh, and his loving protectiveness will only make you love him more. 

40. Tito (Oliver and Company) 

Tito (Oliver and Company) 

As with many cartoon dogs featured in Disney’s Oliver and Company, Tito is true to his Chihuahua breed appearance and character. 

Tito is easily the smallest dog in Fagin’s gang of dogs but thinks he can take on anything and anyone. He is just as quick to anger as he is hyperactive. 

A lot of Tito’s wittiness comes in the form of shrewd comedy as he thinks of himself as a bit of a lady’s man. Though he has little success when flirting. 

39. Itchy Itchiford (All Dogs Go To Heaven) 

Itchy Itchiford (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Itchy Itchiford is one of the most loyal cartoon dogs in the Disney universe. He will even question his best friend Charlie’s loyalty if he thinks someone he cares about could be hurt. 

Though Itchy loves Charlie both as an idol and a best friend.

Compared to Charlie, Itchy is more reserved with his own insecurities, making him overly cautious at times. Still, his worries don’t stop Itchy from being a cheerful and often funny character.

38. Peg (Lady and The Tramp) 

Peg (Lady and The Tramp) 

Peg is one of the few homeless dogs to appear in Lady and the Tramp that is a girl. Perhaps this is why she sticks up for Lady when she finds herself locked up in the pound, doing what she can to comfort Lady in such a terrible situation.

Through talking with Peg, Lady learns more about Tramp’s flirtatious past. 

Peg even sings a whole song about Tramp’s previous romances, during which she also heavily hints at her own attraction to Tramp. 

37. Pal (Arthur) 

Pal (Arthur)

Unlike most of the characters in Arthur, Pal is not anthropomorphized. Still, Pal is full of plenty of character and can even talk to other non-anthropomorphic animals and babies. 

When Arthur first gets Pal when he is only a few weeks old, Pal is an excitable puppy who is terrible at following orders. 

Arthur spends weeks with Pal, house training him to the point where Pal develops a surprising amount of intelligence. The whole experience brings Pal closer to Arthur, creating an unbreakable bond.  

36. Rita (Oliver and Company) 

Rita (Oliver and Company) 

As Fagin’s only female in his collection of dogs, Rita takes on the role of a caring mother to Oliver. Her compassion extends to the rest of her friends, though her caring nature is not overbearing. 

Rita has a darker, much more brutal side that only appears when someone she loves is in danger. 

Because of her astounding intellect and moral code, Rita will not often need to bare her teeth and fight. But that doesn’t mean she will stand by and let her family get hurt. 

35. Toby (The Great Mouse Detective)

Toby (The Great Mouse Detective)

Admittedly, Toby isn’t the smartest of dogs despite being the infamous detective Sherlock Holmes’ pet dog. However, Toby is invaluable to helping the Great Mouse Detective of Baker Street Basil solve his most complex cases. 

Toby’s much larger size helps Basil get around and reach things that would otherwise be difficult for him. Being the kind-hearted dog he is, Toby is more than happy to oblige anything that Basil may need. 

34. Snowy (The Adventures of Tintin) 

Snowy (The Adventures of Tintin) 

Considering the first The Adventures of Tintin comic was published in 1929, it seems only fair that Tintin’s best friend/ companion Snowy has developed as much as the comic itself over time. 

Originally, Snowy was the pessimist to Tintin’s optimism, pointing out potential dangers that Tintin was too good-hearted to see. Then in more recent portrayals, Snowy relaxed some, becoming less cynical. 

Snowy’s consistent traits have always been his bravery and loyalty. 

He may be a reasonably small Wire Fox Terrier, but Snowy will fight against people and animals triple his size to keep his best friend safe.

33. Chief (The Fox and the Hound)

Chief (The Fox And The Hound)

Chief is very wary and dismissive of Copper when his owner introduces the new puppy to his hunting dog pack. 

Eventually, Chief does take a strong fatherly liking to Copper, helping his owner train the pup to become a fantastic hunting dog. 

Chief is a hunter by nature and does not tolerate Copper’s fox friend (Tod). He viciously hunts the fox as he was trained to, only coming around to liking the friendly fox towards the end of the film. 

32. Snowball (Rick and Morty)

Snowball (Rick and Morty)

Out of all of the cartoon dogs on this list, Snowball from Rick and Morty seems the most unassuming. That is until Rick makes Snowball self-aware.

Before Rick’s interference, Snowball (known as Snuffles at the time) was a dumb dog. But after Snowball becomes more competent, it is revealed that he remembers all the ‘bad’ things that Jerry did to him, such as making him pee outside. 

Snowball’s mission becomes one of revenge, taking as many humans as possible as his pets. Except for Morty, who was the only one to show him kindness.

31. Dodger (Oliver and Company) 

Dodger (Oliver and Company) 

If you have ever seen or read Oliver Twist, Dodger’s street-wise, witty personality will be very familiar to you. 

Like the original Artful Dodger, Dodger in Oliver and Company is the leader of Fagin’s gang. He is a confident leader and cares deeply about the rest of the gang, even if they are not all dogs themselves. 

Dodger uses his slick and cool character to get away with a whole array of clever (though often illegal) tricks, always with the intention to provide for his gang. 

30. Bolt (Bolt) 

Bolt (Bolt) 

Bolt is the titular cartoon dog from the 2008 Disney movie and the TV show within the film where Bolt has superpowers. 

When Bolt is taken away from his beloved owner, Penny, under the lie that Penny is in danger, Bolt learns that he doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero. He just needs to be himself. 

During his misguided adventure, Bolt discovered how much fun it can be to do things with friends instead of playing the hero all the time. 

29. Charlie B. Barkin (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

Charlie B. Barkin (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

All of Charlie B. Barkin’s initial personality traits would make him seem like a bad guy. He is sneaky, mischievous, and often dishonest. 

At the start of All Dogs Go To Heaven, Charlie doesn’t have a good reputation. He isn’t malicious, closer to a con man than a villain. 

One thing sets Charlie apart from the bad guys: his heart. 

Whether he wants to be or not, Charlie is compassionate. It isn’t until he spends time with Anne-Marie that Charlie’s heart of gold shines through. 

So much so that he is willing to sacrifice his own life to save his friend. 

28. Georgette (Oliver and Company) 

Georgette (Oliver and Company) 

Georgette is the complete opposite of Fagin’s rag-tag gang of dogs in Oliver and Company. 

She is the spoiled, vain poodle of Jenny Foxworth, who instantly hates Jenny’s new pet cat Oliver out of pure jealousy, even though she didn’t really care for Jenny before. 

If even the slightest thing doesn’t go her way, Georgette will get snappish and sassy. She does become less self-absorbed as the film progresses, though she maintains her attachment to her makeup and lavish lifestyle. 

27. Mr Peabody (Mr Peabody and Sherman) 

Mr Peabody (Mr Peabody and Sherman) 

Mr Peabody is canonically the smartest animal or person in the world… or at least in the world of Mr Peabody and Sherman. 

However, as phenomenally intelligent as he is, Mr Peabody is somewhat socially inept. This is something that Mr Peabody is self-aware of and tries to amend by acting overly cool or by over-analyzing social situations to find the best reaction. 

The only person that Mr Peabody can effectively communicate with is Sherman, who Mr Peabody protects tirelessly. 

26. Jock (Lady and The Tramp) 

Jock (Lady and The Tramp)

Jock sticks out amongst Lady and The Tramp’s cartoon dog cast with his thick Scottish accent. This accent and Jock’s passion to look out for his friends make Jock seem quite aggressive.

However, Jock cares deeply for his friends and offers what advice he can to help Lady out. He goes as far as to threaten to hurt Tramp (who is at least double Jock’s size) to keep Lady safe. 

Jock is well aware of how he can come across and often tells his friends how much he cares about them when his mannerisms indicate otherwise. 

25. Trusty (Lady and The Tramp) 

Trusty (Lady and The Tramp)

Trusty is the more absentminded of Lady’s neighbors and friends in Lady and the Tramp. Along with his best friend Jock, Trusty tries to guide Lady and comfort her when she is unsure or confused. 

True to his Southern upbringing, Trusty is a respectful gentleman, greeting Lady with a sweet ‘Miss Lady, Ma’am.’ Even when talking to dogs he doesn’t particularly like, Trusty remains kind and respectful. 

24. Astro (The Jetsons) 

Astro (The Jetsons) 

Astro did not originally belong to the Jetsons. He was the dog of a millionaire but actively hated the lavish, spoiled lifestyle as his owner preferred material things over love. 

When Astro meets the Jetsons, he abandons his previous owner and is welcomed to the Jetson family with open arms. 

With the Jetsons, Astro is always treated with love. He can be a little dramatic and cry out for attention when his family is busy, but Astro is living his best life with his new family. 

23. Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas) 

Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is full of spooky characters, from skellingtons to vampires. Yet there is nothing spooky about Jack Skellington’s ghost dog, Zero. 

He may be one of the smallest cartoon dogs on this list, but Zero’s ghoulish character design makes him even more endearing. 

Zero is always there for Jack, even when things get tough and Jack can no longer find happiness in Halloween town. He is willing to go to unknown places to help Jack feel better. 

22. Blue (Blue’s Clues) 

Blue (Blue's Clues) 

Though she only barks, Blue is very expressive and can efficiently communicate how she feels with her owners. This expression also helps the young audience members understand how Blue is feeling. 

Blue’s intelligence is seen in more than just her emotional capabilities. She also loves to read and draw. 

Blue’s exact age is unclear, but she usually loves to play and is full of energy, similar to a puppy. Sometimes, Blue gets upset though these instances are usually quickly resolved.

21. Perdita (101 Dalmatians)

Perdita (101 Dalmatians)

Compared to her mate Pongo, Perdita is elegant and proper – the complete opposite of Pongo. However, Perdita is not afraid to get her paws dirty when her puppies are in danger. 

Perdita is a stern mother to her puppies, though no less loving. She will discipline them when necessary, mostly out of a worry for their safety rather than to be abusive. 

Perdita is precisely the kind of mate that Pongo needs to tame his wilder wide. Though Perdita can certainly have plenty of fun, too. 

20. Spike (Tom and Jerry) 

Spike (Tom and Jerry)

Jerry may be Tom’s worst enemy, but Jerry’s agreeable friendship with Spike the Bulldog means that Spike is more than capable of antagonizing Tom too. As he often does!

Spike is noticeably taller and much stockier than Tom. This only makes him much more intimidating when he gets angry, though this only seems to be the case with Tom simply because he is a cat. 

With other characters, such as Jerry or his own son Tyke, Spike is loving and friendly. 

19. Dug (Up) 

Dug (Up) 

There is a range of dog breeds imagined all across the world of animation. But no cartoon dog better represents a cheerful golden retriever than Dug. 

Dug is always happy and eager to please, doing his best to make his owner happy. Though these are desirable traits in a dog, Dug is poorly treated by the other dogs that Charles Muntz owns for being too naive and weak. 

When Dug meets Carl and Russell, he quickly forges a lasting friendship with them and even turns on Charles to save his friends. 

18. Droopy (Cartoon Network)

Droopy (Cartoon Network)

The golden age of American cartoons was full of wacky and excitable characters. Droopy was the complete opposite of these characters, which is partly because he is so memorable. 

Droopy is lethargic at best and lazy at worst. 

The only thing that seems to break his slow-moving personality is anger. Even that is only usually caused by bad guys laughing at him and little else. 

17. Santa’s Little Helper (The Simpsons) 

Santa's Little Helper (The Simpsons) 

Santa’s Little Helper has been with The Simpsons family since the very start, quite literally. 

The first episode of The Simpsons to air (Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire) followed Homer Simpson on his mission to find the perfect Christmas gift for his family, which ended up being a race dog who was about to be put down. That dog was Santa’s Little Helper. 

Even though he can be destructive and a general nuisance, causing all heaps of trouble, Santa’s Little Helper has captured the hearts of The Simpsons and audiences alike. 

16. Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Only mature cartoon fans should know who Brian Griffin is. His smoking and drinking habits, paired with his drug addiction, mean that he is relatable for adults to watch but not appropriate for children. 

Brian is clearly far more intelligent than most of the Griffin family, which he is well aware of. Brian’s humor comes from how pretentious he can be and how the rest of the Griffin family makes fun of him. 

Still, despite Brian’s turbulent and often toxic relationship with his family, he does care for them. He will go through a lot of trouble just to help any of the Griffins out when they need him the most.  

15. Jake The Dog (Adventure Time)

Jake The Dog (Adventure Time)

No hero is complete without his sidekick. Though Jake the Dog is no sidekick. 

Jake is just as much a hero as his (adoptive) brother Finn the Human, continuously saving princesses, villages, and sometimes monsters, so long as the rescue aligns with his morals. 

Unlike Finn, Jake takes a far more laid-back approach to his hero duties, getting easily distracted and sometimes committing crimes himself because he doesn’t know it is bad (or so he claims). 

At the end of the day, Jake is a magic dog with super stretchy abilities, which helps him be a hero. Even if he has spent most of the day doing the wrong thing.

14. Gromit (Wallace and Gromit) 

Gromit (Wallace and Gromit)

It is not easy being the pet companion to a clueless nutty inventor. Though Gromit is arguably even more intelligent and resourceful than Wallace. He has to be to keep Wallace out of trouble! 

Wallace can often lose focus or not pick up on social cues, which is where Gromit steps in to stop Wallace from saying the wrong thing. 

However, Gromit doesn’t speak or make any noise. 

Instead, he shows his affection for Wallace through loyalty and actions, such as entertaining the wackiest of Wallace’s inventions. 

13. Max (How The Grinch Stole Christmas!)

Max (How The Grinch Stole Christmas!)

Max may not be the star of the show in Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! But he is undoubtedly a cartoon dog worth remembering. 

When the Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the rest of Whoville, Max unwillingly plays along. Not because he is cruel or mean like his owner but because he is worried about what the Grinch will do otherwise. 

For most of How The Grinch Stole Christmas! Max is scared to disobey his owner, following his demands out of fear instead of loyalty. In the end, when the Grinch learns to love, Max is happy to help put things right. 

12. Copper (The Fox And The Hound)

Copper (The Fox And The Hound)

Despite being a hunting dog, Copper defies all odds by befriending a fox (Tod) while he is still a puppy. The two forge a deep love for one another until they are forced to be separated by their respective owners. 

Still, Copper remains Tod’s good friend, always being there for the fox whenever he needs help. 

Usually, a dog is loyal to its owner, but Copper is loyal to Tod, saving his life and treating his natural enemy with kindness. 

11. Clifford (Clifford The Big Red Dog) 

Clifford (Clifford The Big Red Dog) 

Easily the biggest cartoon dog on this list, Clifford The Big Red Dog is massive. 

As his opening title song explains, Clifford is so big because Emily Elizabeth loved him so much as he was growing up that he just continued to grow. This is precisely why Clifford is so full of love: he literally is. 

However, being so big does come with some drawbacks. Clifford is generally gentle despite his size but is very clumsy, leading to some troublesome situations.

10. Slinky Dog (Toy Story)

Slinky Dog (Toy Story)

The toys in the Toy Story franchise tend to take on the personality of the persona/ animal/ character they are designed as. Slinky Dog is no different. 

Slinky is named for the coil of stretchy metal that holds the two halves of his body together. This stretchiness is perfect for the various missions and situations in which Woody and Andy’s other toys always find themselves. 

Compared to some of the other leading toys in Toy Story, Slinky is well-behaved and has more faith in his friends when other toys may think the worst of them. 

9. Odie (Garfield)

Odie (Garfield)

By all expectations, Odie should be Garfield’s natural enemy. That may be the case when Odie is first introduced into Garfield’s world. But the dynamic does not last very long as Odie is too pure-hearted and dim-witted to fight back against Garfield’s tricks. 

For the most part, Odie takes Garfield’s teasing and tricks on the chin. After all, he is much sweeter and kinder than Garfield. 

However, there are some quite satisfying instances where Odie gets his own back on Garfield, proving that he is not as stupid as Garfield thinks he is. 

8. Goofy (The Disney Universe)

Goofy (The Disney Universe)

Goofy is a true testament to his name. 

He’s clumsy, good-natured, and always up for a good time with his friends and son, Max. He is always there for his friends when they need him the most.

Compared to other animated dogs on this list (and in the general Disney Universe), Goofy looks the least like an actual dog.

Even Bill Farmer, who has been Goofy’s voice actor since 1987, told Yahoo that Goofy was not a dog at all. Though he does go on to say that ‘Goofy seems to be in the canine family,’ so he is still deserving of a spot on this list. 

7. Pongo (101 Dalmatians)

Pongo (101 Dalmations)

Above all else, Pongo is a playful pup, goofing around with his owner Roger whenever he can. But beneath that level of fun is an attentiveness. 

Pongo can sense that Roger is lonely, had enough of the bachelor life. This is precisely why Pongo makes it his job to help Roger find the perfect mate/ wife, falling in love himself along the way.

When he has puppies, Pongo is incredibly loving but no less playful. 

6. Courage (Courage The Cowardly Dog) 

Courage (Courage The Cowardly Dog) 

Courage the Cowardly Dog’s whole character is summed up in his name. He is anxious 24/7 and is scared of just about everything.

But Courage’s cowardness will never stop him from helping his friends or owners – even though one of his owners is often mean to Courage. 

Countless times, Courage has put his own life on the line to save those he cares about despite trembling every step of the way. He is undoubtedly one of the most courageous animated dogs on this list. 

5. Tramp (Lady And The Tramp) 

Tramp (Lady and The Tramp)

At the start of Lady and The Tramp, Tramp’s name could not ring more true. Especially so when compared to Lady. 

Tramp doesn’t have a home or a family. In his eyes, this allows Tramp to be free and have much more fun than a regular house dog. 

From his years on the street, Tramp has a lot of street smarts, able to squeeze his way out of the direst of situations without breaking a sweat. 

Once Tramp has found a home with Lady and her owners, Tramp gets used to the cushy life of a house pet. But he never loses his smarts. 

4. Lady (Lady and The Tramp) 

Lady (Lady and The Tramp)

Lady has lived the lavish life of a house dog, with the cushioned bed and all, like a true lady. However, she is not stuck up or snobby as you would expect her to be. 

In Lady and The Tramp, Lady is timider than extravagant, which is why she enjoys her house life. Though she does have courage which can be seen whenever her owners or friends are threatened. 

Compared to Tramp, Lady is very naive. She has a lot to learn about the ‘real world’, which she does start to learn through Tramp and their adventures together. 

3. Snoopy (Peanuts)

Snoopy (Peanuts)

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the original 1950’s Peanuts comics or the most recent animated adaptation (The Snoopy Show). Snoopy, the lovable, anthropomorphized beagle, is easily recognizable. 

Snoopy isn’t the only main character of the Peanuts franchise, but he is arguably the most memorable. After all, Snoopy’s imagination fuels most of his adventures with his best friend, Charlie Brown. 

There are a few occasions where Snoopy can be selfish, greedy for Charlie’s love and attention. But for the most part, Snoopy is full of love and only wants to do good for his friends.

2. Pluto (The Disney Universe) 

Pluto (The Disney Universe) 

True Disney fans will know that Pluto is one of the only cartoon characters in the world of Mickey Mouse that isn’t anthropomorphized. 

In fact, as far as Disney’s animated dogs go, Pluto is the most normal. He is stupidly kind, loyal, and the perfect animated imagining of man’s best friend.

Pluto has been the pet dog of Mickey Mouse since the 1950s and has yet to fail Mickey in his times of need. 

He is exceptionally well trained with the intelligence of a particularly clever house dog. Though he is still silly and naive enough to find himself in ridiculous situations that other anthropomorphized characters would likely have avoided. 

1. Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo)

Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo)

Scooby-Doo is more than a mascot for the teen crime-solving group Mystery Inc. More often referred to as simply Scooby, Scooby always plays a big part in catching the bad guys.

Like his closest human friend Shaggy, Scooby can be easily scared, which is ironic considering that his job is to defeat and capture an array of monsters. 

But no matter how scared Scooby may get, he is loyal to every member of the Mystery Inc. He can find courage when he has to, even if he does not feel very brave. 

There is yet to be a time when Scooby fails to help his friends save the day, proclaiming at the end of every solved mystery Scooby-Dooby-Doo!

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