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Best Dragon Ball Anime Watch Order: Series, OVAs, and Movies (Recommended List)

Best Dragon Ball Anime Watch Order: Series, OVAs, and Movies (Recommended List)

“Kamehameha Wave!” the iconic line would be enough to stir nostalgia in any anime fan. Dragon Ball is an epic action and fantasy anime, one of the originals to put the shonen genre out there.

It was one of the first few anime releases to have animated epic fight scenes and villains that just push viewers to the edge. 

Dragon Ball is a household name, and the anime’s drawing style is one of the simpler designs to recreate as a child.  

People grew up with this franchise, with some of them not even born when the anime was initially released.

What’s more amazing is that the franchise still continues up to this day. It just keeps coming and coming, like an endless loop of epic ideas and storytelling. 

There’s not much to elaborate on why the Dragon Ball franchise is worth watching. The storytelling, characters, and, most of all, the fight scenes make it worth spending time on.

Dragon Ball Watch Order By Chronological Order Of Events

The best way to watch the franchise is to watch by chronological order of events. 

Dragon Ball is a very long series with fillers, alternate timelines, and time skips—confusing viewers with the sequence of events. 

Following the chronological order makes it easier to follow the story’s main plot and be introduced to the world of Dragon Ball and the cast.

Watch OrderTitle
1Dragon Ball (1986)
2Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)
3Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle (1987)
4Mystical Adventure (1988)
5Dragon Ball Z 1989 (Episodes 1- 86)
6Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of Goku (1990)
7Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 87-123)
8Dragon Ball Z Special 2: The History of Trunks (1993)
9Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 124-194)
10Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993)
11Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 194-288)
12Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)
13Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 288-291)
14Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009-2015)
15Dragon Ball GT (1996-2003)
16Dragon Ball Super 2015 (Episodes 1-3)
17Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)
18Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 4-18)
19Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)
20Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 19-131)
21Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly (2018)
22Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022)

Complete Summary of the Dragon Ball Series

Total # of Dragon Ball SeriesDragon Ball (1986-1989), Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996), Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997), Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009-2015), Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018)
Total # of OVA3
Total # of Specials5
Total # of Spin-offs3
Total # of Movies21

Dragon Ball was created by author Akira Toriyama in the year 1984, when he took inspiration from an old Chinese folktale, “Journey to the West.”. 

Toriyama illustrated all 519 chapters of the manga. It was then serialized and published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995. The two anime series, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, which were jointly broadcasted in Japan from 1986 to 1996, were created from Toriyama’s manga. 

The studio has also created 21 animated feature films, three television specials, and the anime sequel series Dragon Ball GT (1996–1997) and Dragon Ball Super (2015–2018). 

In Japan, Dragon Ball Z was recut and shown from 2009 to 2015 under the name Dragon Ball Kai. This version more closely adheres to the plot of the manga with fewer fillers.

The manga is published in more than 40 countries. Moreover, the anime is aired in more than 80 countries. Hence, making Dragon Ball one of the most popular manga and anime series of all time. 

In addition, the 42 collected tankobon volumes have sold more than 300 million copies worldwide and over 160 million copies in Japan.

Where to Watch Dragon Ball (November 2022)

USHulu, Disney+, Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Funimation
CanadaFunimation, Crunchyroll

Dragon Ball is mostly available to watch on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Most of the Dragon Ball franchise are made available on the platforms above. However, some seasons, OVA, or movies might not have been uploaded, so watching on different streaming sites is your best option. 

There is also the issue of the franchise not being available to watch in your country. If so, then a VPN is recommended to be able to gain access to it. 

Dragon Ball Complete Anime Synopsis

Dragon Ball (1986-1989)

# of Episodes153
Original ReleaseFebruary 26, 1986 – April 12, 1989
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
Manga Canon Episodes1-28, 34-41, 43, 46-78, 84-126, 133-148
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:29, 42, 44
Filler Episodes30-33, 45, 79-83, 127-132, 149-153
Anime Canon EpisodesNone
Special Episodes (OVA)2
MoviesCurse of the Blood Rubies (1986), Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle (1987), Mystical Adventure (1988)

Son Goku, a child with a monkey tail, goes on a quest in search of the Dragon Balls. It was said that these magical balls have the power to grant the bearer any wish they desire.

1. Dragon Ball (Episodes 1-153)

dragonball 1986

The season starts off with Goku, or Son Goku, an eccentric little boy with a monkey tail who was found living alone in the woods by Bulma.

Bulma was on a self-appointed mission to find the “Dragon Balls”, a magical orange sphere that has the power to summon the mighty dragon Shenron. It was said that when collected all seven of the orbs, Shenron would grant the individual one wish. 

Bulma was on a quest to find the perfect boyfriend, so to get that, she resorted to collecting the Dragon Balls. 

Goku just so happens to be in possession of one of the spheres, but much to Bulma’s dismay, the little boy refuses to give it to her. 

When all else fails, she strikes a deal with him. Bulma offered to take Goku with her on her adventures, but only if he allowed her to borrow the Dragon Ball’s power. 

On the duo’s journey, they met Muten-Roshi, a perverted old martial artist, and his pupil Kuririn. 

From here on out, Goku’s life will take a turn for the best as he learns to socialize and meet people that will motivate him to become a better person. 

2. Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)

Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)
Original ReleaseDecember 20, 1986
Runtime50 minutes
IMDb Rating6.7/10

King Gurumes is the reigning monarch of the kingdom of Gurumes, a land blessed with Blood Rubies, also known as “Rich Stones.” This valuable red gem is not what it seems; despite its regal appearance and high value, it hides a sinister trait. 

Consumed by greed, King Gurumes desires to obtain more Blood Rubies to satiate his own personal desires. Because of this, he exploits the lands of his kingdom and destroys the livelihood and homes of his people.

Soon after, he turned into a monster, and his greed increased tenfold under the influence of the rubies. 

To further things up, he desires to obtain the Dragon Balls. Goku and the others must liberate the people of Gurumes of their king and stop him from collecting all seven of the orange spheres.

3. Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle (1987)

Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle (1987)
Original ReleaseJuly 18, 1987
Runtime43 minutes
IMDb Rating6.6/10

Goku and Krillin aim to become a disciple of Master Roshi. The old man accepts, but on the condition that the duo saves the Sleeping Princess that Count Lucifer kidnaped. They must head to the Devil’s Castle and rescue her.

4. Mystical Adventure (1988)

Mystical Adventure (1988)
Original ReleaseJuly 9, 1988
Runtime48 minutes
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Emperor Chiaotzu is a small earthling with a porcelain doll/child-like appearance with pure white skin and big red dots on his cheeks. 

His wife Ran Ran was missing. He was told by an old master named Shen that if he could collect all seven of the dragon balls, his desire to see find his wife will be fulfilled. 

On the other side, Goku and Krillin joined the Martial Arts Tournament, which was hosted and facilitated by the Emperor. 

Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996)

# of Episodes291
Original ReleaseApril 26, 1989 – January 31, 1996
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
Manga Canon Episodes1-8, 19, 21-38, 45-99, 101, 103-107, 118-123, 126-169, 172-173, 175-194, 200-201, 205-228, 230-250, 252-273, 275-286, 289-291
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:11, 17-18, 20, 44, 204, 229, 251, 287
Filler Episodes9-10, 12-16, 39-43, 100, 102, 108-117, 124-125, 170-171, 174, 195-199, 202-203, 274, 288
Anime Canon EpisodesNone
Special Episodes (OVA)3
MoviesDragon Ball Z: The Movie – Dead Zone (1989), Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest (1990), Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might (1990), Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug (1991), Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge (1991), Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler (1992), Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 (1992), Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (1993), Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993), Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming (1994), Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly (1994), Dragon Ball Z: Revival Fusion (1995), Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)

Note: There are 12 movies released under Dragon Ball Z. However, they are not canon. The only movies included in the watch order are Bojack Unbound and Wrath of the Dragon, as they are related to the plot of the series. If you want to watch the rest of the movies separately, you can do so after watching the whole series.

5. Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 1-86)

Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 1- 86)
Original ReleaseApril 26, 1989 – April 10, 1991
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.8/10

Five years have passed since Goku won the martial arts tournament. He is now living a peaceful and normal life with his wife, Chi-Chi, and his son Gohan, which he named after his foster grandfather.

However, peace on earth would be threatened when an enemy that calls himself Raditz comes unannounced, and he is unsurprisingly after Goku. 

His visit reveals much about Goku’s past and who he was before he was the Son Goku that everyone came to learn and love.

Raditz proclaimed himself as the long-lost brother of Goku. He claimed that they came from a powerful race called the “Saiyans” that occupied the planet Vegeta. But, at present is now extinct. 

Goku’s real name is “Kakarot”, and he was initially sent to planet Earth when he was an infant. 

Due to the violent nature of the Saiyan’s warrior instincts, Goku should wreak havoc and conquer Earth. It all changed because of a head injury that caused him amnesia. 

His character and savage nature became that of a kind and caring boy after he was raised by grandpa Gohan. 

Raditz failed to convince Goku to become his ally and told him that a violent and earth-shattering war would soon come their way.

6. Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Bardock, The Father of Goku (1990)

Dragon Ball Z Special 1 Bardock, The Father of Goku (1990)
Original ReleaseOctober 17, 1990
Runtime47 minutes
IMDb Rating7.8/10

The special features Goku’s father, a Saiyan of low rank. He was tasked, alongside his crew of Saiyan compatriots, to annihilate the inhabitants of the planet Kanassa.

During a fight with a Kanassa warrior, he was given the “gift” of seeing the future. 

He then started to see visions of his planet utterly destroyed. Moreover, his race was killed and put into extinction by the hands of a powerful creature called Frieza, the “Emperor of the Universe”. 

Determined to stop that future from ever happening, he attempts to fight Frieza, even if he has to do it alone.

7. Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 87-123)

Original ReleaseApril 17, 1991 – May 6, 1992
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.8/10

Goku and Frieza’s fight becomes more and more destructive the longer they exchange blows. 

Freiza, without even using 100% of his powers, outmatches Goku in every way. Goku gives it his all, but alas, his efforts are all wasted when Frieza counters every single one with ease.

Goku’s battle seems to be leading into a route towards defeat, but with the help of his friends and unexpected allies, victory is within an arm’s reach.

8. Dragon Ball Z Special 2: The History of Trunks (1993)

Dragon Ball Z Special 2 The History of Trunks (1993)
Original ReleaseFebruary 24, 1993
Runtime48 minutes 
IMDb Rating7.8/10

In an alternate timeline, 13 years have long since passed since the Androids took over planet earth. 

After the defeat of Cold King and Frieza, Goku dies of natural causes from heart disease. Because of this, the power of the Dragon Balls is useless in reviving him. 

Next came the deaths of Goku’s friends at the hands of Android 17 and 18. Without the main powerhouse guardians, the earth was quickly taken over.

The world is delved into a grim situation. Mankind is on its last days, with the Androids go on a killing spree. One individual is still fighting back and became humanity’s hope, Goku’s son Son Gohan.

Gohan survived the brutal battle with the Androids. Unable to fight the killing machines alone, he needs an ally to aid him. 

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, and he is determined to help Gohan in his quest to defeat the Androids and starts to train under his supervision. 

9. Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 124-194)

Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 124-194)
Original ReleaseMay 13, 1992 – July 21, 1993
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.8/10

Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan continue their training and are improving immensely. 

Gohan learns some techniques of his own, and his progress with fighting is going steady.

On the other hand, Vegeta is in a state of pushing himself to his limits. He continues to undergo hardcore physical routines in his training in an attempt to become a Super Saiyan. In doing so, he is endangering his life. 

Fast forward to three years into the future, Androids 19 and 20 come to attack Amenbo Island—just like what future Trunks said would happen.

Thanks to Future Trunks’s intervention, Goku was given a cure for the heart virus. Now, Goku and the others are ready to fight and prevent a more terrible fate from ensuing.

10. Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993)

Dragon Ball Z Bojack Unbound (1993)
Original ReleaseJuly 10, 1993
Runtime1 hr. 22minutes
IMDb Rating7.1/10

Mr. Money is hosting another Martial Arts Tournament. People all over the world are invited, be they a spectator or a participant. 

Gohan and the others obviously won’t pass on such an opportunity to test their skills. Following his father’s footsteps, Gohan quickly advanced to the finals.

But, unbeknownst to the group, a powerful criminal named Bojack escaped the confines of his prison. He is the leader of the Galaxy Soldiers. Somehow, he was able to join the tournament. What was initially a friendly competition turned into a battle royale of survival.

11. Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 195-288)

Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 194-288)
Original ReleaseJuly 28, 1993 – January 10, 1996
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.8/10

In the spirit world, Goku participated in the Otherworld Tournament, proving himself to be a martial arts expert despite being a soul. 

Meanwhile, in the world of the living, Goten, Goku’s youngest son, and Trunks participated in the Junior Martial Arts tournament. The two quickly made it into the finals and faced off each other as opponents. 

In the succeeding episodes, fights to save the world will break out, lives lost will come back, and a lot of unexpected things will be featured.

12. Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)

Dragon Ball Z Wrath of the Dragon (1995)
Original ReleaseJuly 15, 1995
Runtime1 hr. 10 minutes
IMDb Rating7.5/10

Gohan and Videl were on a rescue mission to stop an elderly man named Hoi from ending his life. 

Hoi reveals that in his hands is a music box that contains good and evil. Two individuals are sealed inside, one being the hero Tapion and the other an evil monster named Hirudegarn. 

An evil presence is coming to wreak mass destruction on earth, and only the legendary hero can save them.

The box was sealed tightly shut, and no amount of strain, strength, or grit could open it. Exhausted and running out of options, Gohan and the others decided to use the power of the Dragon Balls to summon the dragon Shenron to open the box.

With that, Tapion was released. However, he was furious because the beast Hirudegarn was freed alongside him. 

Tapion and his brother Minotia, using two ocarinas and a magical sword, were able to defeat Hirudegarn. But the chances of the beast reviving are high. 

The war council had decided to seal the two halves of the monster between the two Konat brothers in a music box. They then sent the two boxes to the opposite ends of the universe. 

The world was void of the Hirudagarn monster, but that would only last until 10,000 years later.

13. Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 289-291)

Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 288-291)
Original ReleaseJanuary 17, 1996
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.8/10

10 years have passed, and ever since Goku’s return to the world of the living, back on planet earth, a lot seemed to change. 

Gohan is now a scholar and dedicated much of his life to studying the elements and nature of Ki. Meanwhile, his younger brother Goten and his best friend Trunks are now in their adolescent years. 

Trunks now has a younger sister, a baby named Bulla. Life seems to be peaceful and fine with the Z Warriors and their families. 

Goten, alongside Vegeta and Trunks, participated in that year’s World Martial Arts tournament. Pan, Gohan’s daughter will also be competing. 

Dragon Ball Z Kai (2009-2015)

# of Episodes167
Original ReleaseApr 5, 2009 – June 28, 2015
RuntimeApproximately 23 minutes per episode
Manga Canon Episodes1-6, 9, 12-18, 20-21, 24, 28-30, 35, 39-40, 48-49, 52, 54, 56, 62, 66, 75, 79-80, 99, 108-109, 116, 124, 161
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes7-8, 10-11, 19, 22-23, 25-27, 31-34, 36-38, 41-47, 50-51, 53, 55, 57-61, 63-65, 67-74, 76-78, 81-98, 100, 102-107, 110-115, 117-123, 125-138, 140-160, 162-164, 166-167
Filler Episodes101, 165
Anime Canon EpisodesNone
Special Episodes (OVA)None

Dragon Ball Z Kai is a reanimated version of Dragon Ball Z. Kai follows the main storyline of the Z series, focuses more on the main plot, and omits the filler episodes featured in the previous series. 

Kai has updated high-definition visuals, audio, and special effects in addition to a voice track that was redone with most of the original cast. 

Since the final episode of Dragon Ball Z in 1996, the majority of the series’ designs and animation cells had been abandoned. Therefore new frames were created by digitally tracing over still frames from the old footage and filling them with softer hues.

14. Dragon Ball Z Kai (Episodes 1-167)

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Dragon Ball Z Kai follows the same plot as Dragon Ball Z. However, it is more uncensored and dedicatedly follows the manga.

Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997)

# of Episodes64
Original ReleaseFebruary 7, 1996 – November 19, 1997
RuntimeApproximately 24 minutes per episode
Manga Canon EpisodesNone
Mixed Canon/Filler EpisodesNone
Filler Episodes1-64
Anime Canon EpisodesNone
Special Episodes (OVA)1

Of all the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball GT is the only one that is non-canon. Meaning it does not adapt the manga. However, Toriyama approved the sequel and was even involved with some of the designs. 

15. Dragon Ball GT (Episodes 1-64)

Dragon Ball GT

Emperor Pilaf, after years of scouring the universe to obtain a more powerful version of the Earth Dragon Balls, his efforts and patience finally rewarded him with the Black Dragon Balls. 

Pilaf wishes to use the Black Dragon Balls’ power to grant him the power to take over the world. But before he could even utter his ultimate desire, Goku came into the scene. In his panic, he wishes for Goku to turn back into a child. 

After granting the wish, just like the Earth Dragon Balls, the Black Dragon Balls once again scattered all across the universe. All of Pilaf’s efforts were for naught.

However, unlike Earth Dragon Balls, Black Dragon Balls will cause a great explosion when all seven are not collected in a year. 

So, with the help of his granddaughter Pan and Trunks (now a young adult), Goku embarks on a journey to find all seven of the Black Dragon Balls. And stop the explosion that will destroy the world. 

Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018)

# of Episodes131
RuntimeApproximately 23 minutes per episode
Manga Canon Episodes3, 5-14, 18-21, 23-41, 47-49, 51, 53-67, 77, 82-88, 92-93, 96-131
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes1-2, 89
Filler Episodes4, 15, 42-46, 68-70, 73-76
Anime Canon Episodes16-17, 22, 50, 52, 71-72, 78-81, 90-91, 94-95
Special Episodes (OVA)None
MoviesDragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018)

Seven years have passed after the events of Dragon Ball Z, and humans on Earth are safe from any threats that may be present in the galaxy. 

However, this peace is only fleeting as Beerus, the cruel God of Destruction, rises into the deepest parts of the universe.

Beerus and his angelic companion, Whis, begin their intergalactic exploration in quest of this enigmatic deity. Beerus was disturbed by a prophecy that he would be vanquished by a “Super Saiyan God.” 

They soon arrive on Earth, where they run across Son Goku, one of the strongest fighters in the world, and his allies, the Z Warriors.

16. Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 1-3)

Dragon Ball Super 2015 (Episodes 1-3)
Original ReleaseJuly 5, 2015 – July 19, 2015
RuntimeApproximately 23 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.3/10

The first three episodes feature Goku and the other Z Warriors living their lives peacefully. 

They live normal lives, with Goku tending to his field of radishes. On the other side, Vegeta and his family go on a family vacation. 

17. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)

Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods (2013)
Original ReleaseMarch 30, 2013
RuntimeApproximately 1 hr. 45 mins.
IMDb Rating7.1/10

Beerus, the God of Destruction, was awoken by Whis, his attendant and martial arts teacher, from a long sleep. Beerus takes on the appearance of a hairless purple-skinned creature with long pointed ears, similar to that of a Sphynx cat.

Beerus missed most of what had happened in the universe during his slumber. He learned later on that Frieza was killed by a Saiyan named Son Goku. He then remembers a prophecy that he would be defeated by the hands of a Super Saiyan God. 

Not at all afraid of his supposed demise, he tracks down Goku, who resides on King Kai’s planet. He then challenges him to a duel. 

Goku, who is just happy to be throwing punches and kicks, happily agrees. Beerus proved himself to be a difficult opponent to beat, and the fights escalated into a more serious matter. 

Goku had no idea about the Super Saiyan God the cat creature was talking about. He then uses the power of the Dragon Balls to reveal how to obtain that Saiyan form. 

Shenron says that six pure-hearted Saiyan powers are needed to reach that level of Saiyan form. Luckily for the group, Gohan’s unborn child with Videl completed the process. 

Now in his Super Saiyan God form, Goku challenges Beerus again, and this time he plans to win.

18. Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 4-18)

Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 4-18)
Original ReleaseAugust 2 – November 8, 2015
RuntimeApproximately 23 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.3/10

Bulma was hosting her birthday party, but then things started to become messy with the presence of a deity that could literally destroy Earth. 

An uninvited guest, Beerus, arrives and wants to fight Goku. Goku and the rest of the Z Warriors are now involved in a messy situation. But unlike his title of God of Destruction, Beerus proves himself to be a rather calm character. 

Beerus is the least of their worries, as some of the surviving members of Frieza’s army plan to resurrect their leader.

19. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (2015)

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F (2015-2018)
Original ReleaseApril 18, 2015
Runtime1 hr. 33 minutes
IMDb Rating7.2/10

The Pilaf Gang gathers and deploys the mystical Dragon Balls to summon the eternal dragon Shenron in order to revive Frieza. 

The alien, Sorbet, commander of the remaining members of Frieza’s army, goes to Earth. However, Frieza was murdered when Future Trunks dismembered him with his sword.

He is reborn in fragments that Sorbet’s minions are able to put back together using their sophisticated technology. Once recovered and in charge of his army once more, Frieza abuses some of his henchmen and plans to get revenge on the Super Saiyans. 

Frieza delays the invasion after discovering that Goku has become significantly stronger over time.

Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi, a member of the Galactic Patrol rushes to earth to tell Bulma of the threat that is coming their way. With the absence of the two strongest Saiyan, the rest of the Z Warriors must take over and stall the enemy before they completely destroy the world.

Goku and Vegeta are staying on Beerus’s planet to train under Whis. The Z Warriors must step up in their absence and hope that Goku and Vegeta return faster.

20. Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 19-131)

Dragon Ball Super (Episodes 19-131)
Original ReleaseNovember 15, 2015 – March 25, 2018
RuntimeApproximately 23 minutes per episode
IMDb Rating8.3/10

Goku and Vegeta, who are still undergoing their training under Whis, are working hard to improve their techniques and become stronger. 

In the succeeding episodes, Goku and the other Z Warriors will be pushed to their limits as they battle their enemies and protect those they care for.

21. Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly (2018)

Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly (2018)
Original ReleaseDecember 14, 2018
Runtime1 hr. 40 minutes
IMDb Rating7.8/10

In the year 732, King Cold passed on his reign to his son Frieza, a ruler more cold-hearted and violent than his father. 

King Vegeta found a commoner baby named Broly in a nursery meant only for the elites of the kingdom. The king discovered that Broly surpassed his son Prince Vegeta in power. 

King Vegeta aspires for his son to be one who liberates the Saiyans from King Freiza’s reign. But this baby’s presence will threaten that dream. 

So he sent the baby away into the planetoid Vampa and hoped that the infant would die. Paragus, the infant’s father, would not stand it and tried to rescue him. 

Five years passed, and Bardock, Goku’s father, had bad suspicions about Frieza’s intention of calling the Saiyans to Planet Vegeta. He then figured out that the Frost Demon plans to annihilate all the Saiyans.

Bardock quickly sent his son away to planet Earth before Frieza exacted murder on the whole Saiyan race. There were other survivors aside from Goku. Vegeta, Broly, Paragus, Raditz, and Nappa are the few who survived. 

Broly, from his father’s desire to exact revenge for what Vegetas’s father did to them, engaged in a fight with Prince Vegeta, who seems to have difficulties keeping up with defending himself from the violent assault. 

22. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022)

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero (2022)
Original ReleaseJune 11, 2022
Runtime1 hr. 40 minutes
IMDb Rating7.2/10

Red Pharmaceuticals CEO Magenta wants to resurrect the Red Ribbon Army. The Red Ribbon Army was under the command of his father, Commander Red, but was finally wiped out by Goku. 

Magenta is looking to hire Dr. Hedo, the last living descendant of Dr. Gero. He is a superhero-obsessed mad scientist who just served a grave robbing sentence and is being assisted by Staff Officer Carmine. 

After Magenta persuades him that Capsule Corp and the Z-Fighters are wicked organizations, Hedo decides to accept the offer despite his initial hesitation.

Infiltrating a Red Ribbon gathering as a Red Ribbon soldier, Piccolo learns that Hedo grudgingly exploited his grandfather’s plans on Cell. The scientist wanted to develop an enhanced version known as Cell Max. 

He also learns that Hedo created Gamma 2 and Gamma 1 as superheroes to cope with the Z-Fighters. Piccolo persuades Dende to enhance the Dragon Balls, so he may make a wish to employ his full capacity while informing Bulma of the situation and asking her to contact Goku and Vegeta.