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10 Best Greenhouse Crops for Profits in Stardew Valley

10 Best Greenhouse Crops for Profits in Stardew Valley

You finally did it! You finished the pantry bundles in the Community Center and the adorable Junimos fixed the Greenhouse on your farm.

Now that you have the Greenhouse for growing any crops you desire, you might be unsure of the best way to utilize this space. Some crops are much better than others in the Greenhouse so a bad decision can cost you a lot of gold!

The best crops in Stardew Valley to grow in the Greenhouse are:

  1. Blueberries – Upto 62 gold per day
  2. Cranberries – Upto 80 gold per day
  3. Hops – Upto 280 gold per day
  4. Tomatoes – Very important ingredient (great buffs)
  5. Eggplant – Important ingredient (great buffs)
  6. Cactus fruit – Upto 80 gold per day
  7. Hot peppers – Important ingredient (great buffs)
  8. Fruit trees – 84 more fruits from a tree in any year. 
  9. Strawberries – Upto 110 gold per day
  10. Ancient fruit – Upto 402 gold per day

Focusing on this list of crops will have some of the highest profits and a constant supply of ingredients for some of the best food buffs in the game. Learn more about each crop and how you can earn that much gold / buffs below!

The Best Crops to Grow in Your Greenhouse for Profits

Empty Greenhouse in Stardew Valley
Empty Greenhouse in Stardew Valley – The Possibilities are Endless!

Some of these crops should be grown for pure profit or be made into recipes for skill buffs.

One thing that all of these crops have in common is that they can be harvested multiple times; meaning, they will continue to produce for as long as you keep them alive. This keeps costs low for recipes and profits high for sold items!

The best Greenhouse crops for profit were determined by calculating the gold earned per day, not the price per unit. Even though some crops have a higher price, the profit can be much lower when the time spent is taken into account.

Also, don’t give any of these crops a monopoly! Divide the Greenhouse up and grow a variety of these best choices! 

1. Blueberries

Blueberry Harvest Stardew Valley

If you want a crop that has multiple yields and multiple harvests, blueberries are a great choice. 

While they are not as profitable per berry as other fruits, each crop will produce three or more blueberries every four days! This makes them a great choice for artisan goods, particularly in the Preserves Jars. 

When made into Jelly, blueberries can earn 62 gold per day when paired with the Artisan profession! 

If you chose other professions or are just not quite there yet, the gold per day is still very good. For a regular quality blueberry with no professions, the gold per day is a respectable 40g.

2. Cranberries

Cranberry Harvest Stardew Valley

Cranberries are another fruit that has multiple harvests and multiple yields. This means that it is also very profitable when paired with Preserve Jars and the Artisan profession. 

Every five days, cranberry crops will produce at least two cranberries. When you put those cranberries into the Preserves Jar, regular quality cranberry jelly makes 50 gold per day. If you are in the Artisan profession, this jumps up to 80g!

However, cranberries are good for more than just profit. They are also an ingredient in a few different recipes that have great buffs!

These recipes and their respective buffs are cranberry sauce (+2 Mining), stuffing (+2 Defense), and Super Meal (+40 Max Energy, +1 Speed).

If you find that you are having a hard time surviving Skull Cavern or the Volcano, then the +2 Defense from Stuffing can be a game-changer!

3. Hops

Hops Harvest Stardew Valley

Most crops produce either Wine or Juice when put into a Keg, but hops are one of the few exceptions. When hops are put into a Keg, the final product will be a Pale Ale.

Even though using fruit to make Wine can fetch a great price, the biggest benefit to using them with Hops instead is that it only takes two days to be made. Wine takes seven days in the Keg, meaning you can make two or three rounds of Pale Ale in the same amount of time!

Due to this speedy production, Hops can make up to 280 gold per day! 

4. Tomatoes

Recipe for Eggplant Parmesan in Stardew Valley
Recipe for Eggplant Parmesan in Stardew Valley

Even though Demetrius insists that tomatoes are a fruit, Stardew Valley considers this crop to be a vegetable. This means it can be made into pickles with a Preserves Jar or juice with a Keg. 

Tomato Harvest Stardew Valley

However, this is not the best way to use tomatoes. This crop is best harvested and stored in your kitchen, to be made into recipes!

Here are some tomato recipes with great buffs:

  • Fish Stew (Fishing +3)
  • Shrimp Cocktail (Fishing +1, Luck +1)
  • Squid Ink Ravioli (Mining +1, Immune to debuffs)
  • Eggplant Parm (Mining +1, Defense +3)

As you can see, the tomato is a very important ingredient. It can help immensely in both fishing and mining, especially for trickier fish like the Legendary Fish!

5. Eggplant

Eggplant Harvest Stardew Valley

Another vegetable that you should include in your Greenhouse for the recipes is the mighty Eggplant. 

The price per day for eggplant pickles or eggplant juice is not high enough to justify creating Artisan goods, but two recipes can be incredibly useful. 

The two recipes you may want a steady supply of eggplant for are Eggplant Parm (Mining +1, Defense +3) and Survival Burgers (Foraging +3). 

Eggplant Parm needs both tomato and eggplant, so be sure to include both of these vegetables if you do choose to include eggplant. 

If salmonberry or blackberry season is coming up, then the buff from a Survival Burger can ensure you get higher quality berries, in addition to more frequent drops of wild seeds and tree seeds.  

6. Cactus Fruit

Cactus Fruit Harvest Stardew Valley

The fruit produced from cactus is unique, as it is the only crop in the game that can only be grown indoors. 

This makes it a good choice for the Greenhouse since outdoors is not an option. If you are wanting several Cactus crops, then this is the best route to take. 

However, if you are only wanting a few of these crops, there is also the option of using Garden Pots inside of your house or in a shed to save some Greenhouse space! 

They make a good Jelly choice, making somewhere between 50-80 gold per day depending on your profession!

7. Hot Peppers

Recipe for Pepper Poppers in Stardew Valley
Recipe for Pepper Poppers in Stardew Valley

One of Mayor Lewis’s most loved gifts, you will also love having hot peppers in your Greenhouse.

Hot Pepper Harvest Stardew Valley

They are not the best choice for Artisan goods, since other crops will make more gold per day. However, some of the best recipes in the game use hot peppers!

If the fortune teller is calling for angry spirits, whipping up some Spicy Eel (Luck +1, Speed +1) can help turn the day around. Abigail also loves this meal, so this is a great item to build up your friendship hearts.

A recipe that is incredible for farming is Pepper Poppers (+1 Speed, +2 Farming). After eating a plate, you can move around much faster and will have happier animals, and harvest better crops! 

As a bonus, Shane loves Pepper Poppers! So, gifting him this is a surefire way to make him less hostile toward you without enabling his alcoholism with Beer!

8. Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees Harvest Stardew Valley

One of the most surprising things new players learn is that fruit trees can grow in the Greenhouse! 

Not only will the fruit tree grow, but it will produce fruit for the entire year instead of just a single season. 

This makes putting all of your fruit trees in the Greenhouse a no-brainer since you can get 84 more fruits from a tree in any year. 

Outdoor fruit trees can also be struck by lightning and only produce coal for days afterward. However, this is not the case for any that are in the Greenhouse. 

9. Strawberries

Strawberry Harvest Stardew Valley

The only place you can buy Strawberry seeds is at the Stardew Valley Egg Festival at Pierre’s Stall. Be sure to stock up at this annual event!

Strawberries are one of the most profitable fruits in the game, behind Ancient Fruit and Starfruit. Once grown, the crops will continue to produce new strawberries every 4 days!

The best way to sell strawberries is as Jelly, so put these into a Preserves Jar. 

When you sell strawberry jelly, you can earn between 69-110 gold per day, with the higher end being for those with the Artisan profession. 

10. Ancient Fruit

Ancient Fruit Harvest Stardew Valley

If you only choose one crop for the Greenhouse, choose Ancient Fruit.

They take a long time to initially grow at 28 days, but then the crop will produce every seven days after. The weekly Ancient Fruit is well worth the wait!

This is the second-highest value crop in the game (not including Rare Seeds), so the gold per day earned when turning it into Wine or Jelly is awesome.

The decision between Jelly or Wine is a matter of player preference, many will do a combination of both.

If you choose to make Ancient Fruit Jelly, then you will earn 402 gold per day with the Artisan profession, or 240 gold per day without it. 

For Ancient Fruit Wine, the base is 176 gold per day and the Artisan earns 274 gold per day!

Most players will devote at least half of their Greenhouse to Ancient Fruit since it is such a profitable choice and can be harvested indefinitely.

Avoid These Crops in the Greenhouse

Giant crops are only outside in Stardew Valley
Giant crops are only outside in Stardew Valley

The following crops are all able to be grown in the Greenhouse, but they are better suited to be grown outdoors on your farm or on Ginger Island.

Rare Seeds & Starfruit

Even though these are the highest-priced crops in the game, they are not the best choices for the Greenhouse. 

Neither of these has multiple yields or harvests, so they are going to need replanting every single cycle. 

Additionally, Rare Seeds can only be planted in Fall and take 24 days to grow into Sweet Gem Berries. This will take up a lot of room in the Greenhouse for a long time! 

It’s best to just plant Rare Seeds outside during the Fall or on Ginger Island in any season and sell the Sweet Gem Berries outright.

The same can be said for Starfruit! They take 13 days to grow and make all of the highest-valued Jelly and Wine but need to be replanted each time. 

The Greenhouse space is better given to Ancient Fruit, while Starfruit can be planted in the Summer season in mass or at any time on Ginger Island!

Flowers From Any Season

If you are wanting to make specialty honey with flowers, then make sure to plant those seeds outside and place the Bee Houses nearby. 

Honey cannot be made inside the Greenhouse, so flowers can cost you money if you plant them anywhere besides in the outside ground!

Melons, Pumpkins, & Cauliflower

All three of these crops are very profitable and are a great addition to your farm — but they all share a very special trait that makes them much better outside.

If you plant cauliflower, melon, or pumpkin in a 3×3 or larger grid outside, then you have a chance of having it grow into a giant crop!

This has a small chance of occurring as long as the crops are outside, have been watered, are of the same type, and were fully grown.

Giant crops will not die at the end of the season, so you can leave them on your farm as a reminder of your incredible farming skills. 

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