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The Resurrection of Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia – How Is He Still Alive?

The Resurrection of Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia – How Is He Still Alive?

Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist has captivated the hearts of My Hero Academia fans with his impressive feats and unwavering dedication to justice. 

However, he faced difficult moments throughout his journey, including a point where many thought he had met his demise.

In his ultimate battle against the infamous All for One, Best Jeanist suffered severe injuries that left him seemingly lifeless and incapacitated. 

The news of his retirement soon followed, leaving fans mourning the loss of one of their favorite characters.

To the surprise of many, Best Jeanist made a mysterious return in season 5, as Hawks delivered his corpse as proof of allegiance to the villains. 

This left the community confused and raised many questions about the fate of the beloved hero.

However, in season 6, Best Jeanist made a triumphant entrance and put all doubts to rest when he appeared alive and well, assisting the heroes in the battle against the villainous Shigaraki Tomura.

This turn of events has left fans wondering – how is Best Jeanist still alive? Didn’t Hawks kill him?

Despite how it might have appeared, Hawks didn’t kill Blue Jeanist – He was merely playing dead. The Incident was all a grand scheme to prove Hawks’ allegiance to the villains.

Best Jeanist was induced into a death-like state using a nomu-inspired serum developed by the Central Hospital, which convincingly made it seem as though he had been killed.

This ploy was enough to convince Dabi and even Dr. Garaki that Hawks actually murdered Best Jeanist. 

What Happened To Best Jeanist?

Best Jeanist Corpse In a Bag
Best Jeanist Corpse In a Bag

Hawks had one sole mission – infiltrating the Paranormal Liberation Army as a double agent for the government.

To prove his loyalty to the villains, he was ordered by Dabi to kill Best Jeanist and present his body as evidence. Hawks couldn’t bring himself to harm a fellow hero, so he came up with a plan.

He and Best Jeanist faked the hero’s death using a nomu-inspired serum developed by the Central Hospital.

The serum was so convincing that Dabi and even Dr. Garaki believed Best Jeanist was dead. The plan was extremely risky, as anything could have happened to Jeanist’s body after the handoff.

But Hawks anticipated that the villains would keep the body as evidence, which turned out to be true.

Dabi took Best Jeanist’s body to one of the League’s facilities, but later on, Hawks retrieved and revived it to a safe location.

He remained in hiding to avoid blowing Hawks’ cover as a double agent – This allowed Jeanist to recover just in time to join the Paranormal Liberation War. 

Ultimately, Hawks’ plan was successful, and Best Jeanist didn’t die – We finally see him make a grand entrance, alive and well, to aid the heroes in the battle against the villainous Shigaraki Tomura.

How Did Hawks Retrieve Best Jeanist?

The details weren’t thoroughly discussed in either the manga or the anime. All we know is that the villains preserved Jeanist’s Body in one of their facilities, just as Hawks anticipated. This made it possible for Hawks to rescue him at the most opportune moment. 

What Episode Does Best Jeanist Return? 

Best Jeanist Triumphant Return

Best Jeanist made his triumphant return to the anime in episode 125 and chapter 292 of the manga, titled “Threads of Hope”.


The Fiber Master arrived just in time to turn the tide of the battle, as the number one hero Endeavour was shattered and broken by the revelations of his son, Dabi.

Best Jeanist made a grand entrance, jumping off an aircraft with support item spools that contained carbon fiber wire, strong enough to hold suspension bridges.

With the skill of a master tailor, Jeanist single-handedly restrained six top members of the notorious Paranormal Liberation Front. Including the infamous Shigaraki Tomura, Mr. Compress, Dabi, Spinner, Skeptic, and Gigantomachia.

Despite his deteriorating health, Best Jeanist poured his heart and soul into the battle, knowing that the fate of the world hung in the balance.

But just when victory seemed within reach, Shigaraki regained consciousness and ordered Gigantomachia to go berserk, throwing the battlefield into chaos.

With unshakable resolve, Best Jeanist refused to back down. He continued to restrain the villains with his threads of hope, even as his health continued to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, the battle took an unexpected turn when the Near High-End Nomus received orders to assist Machia.

In an instant, the mission shifted from stopping Machia to supporting Jeanist from the Near High-End Nomus, allowing him to focus more on restraining the enraged monster.

Unfortunately, not a single hero was available to support the fiber master.

Endeavor was still in shock from his son’s revelation, Deku suffered from multiple broken limbs that rendered him unable to move, and the rest of the heroes available in the scene were either out of commission or had their hands full.

Deku struggled to muster the strength to assist the fiber master despite his broken body. However, he was powerless and could only watch as the Near High-End Nomus began their assault on Best Jeanist.

Just when things seemed most dire, U.A.’s Big Three, Lemillion, made a miraculous return with his quirk intact to save the day. The timing of his arrival could not have been more perfect.

Lemillion’s last-minute comeback and Best Jeanist’s command of the situation gave the heroes a momentary sigh of relief and motivated them to keep fighting.

Unfortunately, despite the hero’s best efforts, they suffered a devastating defeat with heavy casualties.

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