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47 Best Lord of the Rings Cake Ideas for Birthdays and Events

47 Best Lord of the Rings Cake Ideas for Birthdays and Events

The Lord of the Rings has been defining the fantasy genre since The Hobbit was first published in 1937.

There are 12 Tolkien books set in Middle Earth, six movies, and now a TV series made by Amazon Studios. It is fair to say that there are plenty of fans out there!

Who wouldn’t appreciate a spectacular Lord of the Rings cake on their birthday, for their wedding, or just for any occasion?

Find some baking inspiration with these 47 incredible cakes based on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

1. Bag End and Barad-dûr Tower Cake

This Lord of the Rings cake celebrates the ringbearers and their quest to take the one ring from the home of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in the Shire to the Barud-dur Tower at Mount Doom to destroy the ring in the fire where it was made.

The Baggins home with its distinctive round green door is featured on the bottom layer, while the black tower topped by Sauron’s eye forms the top layers.

Marzipan figures of Frodo and Gollum sit on either side of the cake.

2. Gandalf and Frodo Cake

Frodo’s adventure begins when Gandalf shows up on his doorstep asking if the ring that his uncle Bilbo left him is still safe.

The wizard is then forced to explain the nature of the ring to Frodo and ask him to take it to Rivendell.

This cake displays this important scene as edible Gandalf and Frodo figures sit in front of the door to Bag End with the one ring.

3. Bag End With Bilbo and Gandalf Cake

Cake of Bag End from the Shire with Gandalf and Bilbo
Credit: LoveiscakeUK

The Hobbit begins when Gandalf passes through the Shire and comes across Bilbo Baggins smoking in front of his home.

Gandalf knows that Bilbo is the son of Belladonna Took, whose family has an adventurous streak. The wizard decides that Bilbo needs an adventure.

Edible Gandalf and Bilbo figures sit in front of a delicious representation of Bag End. If you look closely, you can see Bilbo’s pipe in hand.

4. Legolas-Inspired Cake

This cake is a celebration of everyone’s favorite elf archer Legolas. Who doesn’t remember him sliding down the Oliphant’s trunk in the movie and his special friendship with Gimli the dwarf?

The bottom layer of the cake is a printed edible map of Middle Earth with a sugary ring of power placed delicately at the side.

The top two layers represent the green and leather clothing used by the elf, and the sugar ivy the affinity between elves and nature.

There is also a pastillage back rig filled with Legolas’ signature arrows.

5. Eye of Sauron Cake

One of the most powerful symbols that appears in the Lord of the Rings is the all-seeing eye of Sauron.

It is always looking out over Middle Earth, never sleeping and never blinking, always searching for his ring.

This cake dramatically recreates the eye that haunts the heroes on their quest to destroy the one ring.

6. Gollum’s Cave Cake

Gollum's cave cake design
Credit: plien

Gollum is one of the most popular characters in the Lord of the Rings.

We desperately root for Smeagol to redeem himself as he helps Frodo on his journey, but in the end, the ring’s influence over the creature is just too strong.

This cake recreates the scene where Smeagol happily catches a fish to eat. Moments later, Frodo tricks Smeagol so that Faramir can take him into custody.

This breaks the trust that has developed between Frodo and Smeagol and encourages his Gollum side to resurface.

7. Beautiful Lord of the Rings Cake

Incredible The Lord of the Rings Cake
Credit: Catcakes

This Lord of the Rings cake is beautiful in its simplicity but also in the detail of the design.

The main cake is decorated with an Elven-style silhouette. On the front side, you can see an image of Gandalf on the right and Gollum on the left.

The recipient’s name is also placed on the front in Elven script.

The top layer recreates the one ring itself, complete with the inscription written in the Black Speech: “One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

8. Bilbo’s Book Cake

This Lord of the Rings cake is perfect for writers!

It is a representation of the book that Bilbo Baggins wrote about his adventures with the ring that was later completed by his nephew Frodo.

This makes a great cake for a LOTR fan who also likes to write about their own adventures.

9. Gondor Style Cake Design

The men of Gondor live closest to Mordor and are the first line of defense against its threat.

The kingdom is symbolized by a white tree that sits in the Court of the Fountain in Mias Tirith. It is the motif of the Gondor flag.

This cake nods to the white tower of Gondor with its bottom white layer, and the white tree of Gondor is shown on the second layer.

The cake is topped by a representation of the one ring, including its description in the Black Speech.

10. Detailed Minas Tirith Cake Design Idea

Minas Tirith cake design idea
Credit: Cakes ROCK!!!

The Tower of Ecthelion, also known as the White Tower, is the symbol of Gondor, the last defense against Mordor.

This detailed layered cake represents that tower down to the brickwork.

It even shows the white tree that is represented on the flag of Gondor and the platform that Denethor II, the Stewart of Gondor, throws himself from.

11. Narsil and Gondor Cake

The action of the Lord of the Rings may never have happened if Aaragorn’s ancestor King Isildur had destroyed the ring when he cut it from Sauron’s hand.

But the desire for the power of the ring overcame him.

This cake is topped by Narsil, the sword of King Elendil that Isildur used to cut the ring from Sauron’s hand.

It sits in the middle of a golden ring representing the ring of power.

12. Tolkien Books Cake

Lord of the Rings books cake design
Credit: Pinterest

True fans of Tolkien and Middle Earth have read the books many times. This is their opportunity to eat them!

This layered cake dedicates a layer to each of the books in the main series, including The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King.

Add other favorites such as The Silmarillion.

13. Sauron Head Cake

The shapeshifting Sauron chooses to wear the armor of black iron with blades pointing out of his helmet to strike fear into the hearts of his foes and his followers.

This incredible coffee and walnut Sauron birthday cake with Ganache recreates his helm in satin ice-rolled fondant.

14. Smaug and Game of Thrones Cake

This cake mixes themes for those who are fans of both the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

The bottom layer of the cake features the coats of arms of the major houses in Game of Thrones on a fortified castle background.

The top three layers recreate a map of Middle Earth.

An edible dragon perches on the side of the cake. This could be Tolkien’s dragon Smaug or one of the Targaryen dragons created by George R. R. Martin.

15. Lord of the Rings Book and The One Ring Cake

Lord of the Rings Book and The One Ring Cake
Credit: Pinterest

Tolkien imagined Middle Earth as an incredibly green place, partially in response to the swift industrialization happening around him in the early 20th century.

This cake features a reproduction of the book The Lord of the Rings, which is not Tolkien’s book but rather the memoir written by Bilbo and later completed by Frodo Baggins.

The cake also features all of the rings of power.

The one ring sits on the top, but around the cake, we can also see the three rings for the Elven kings, the seven for the dwarf lords, and the nine for mortal men.

16. Lord of the Rings Cupcake Set

Lord of the Rings cupcakes
Credit: Sam Harrison

This set of cupcakes features several of the most iconic symbols from the Lord of the Ring.

There is the one ring itself, Sauron’s all-seeing eye, Gandalf’s hat and staff, the hairy feet of a hobbit, Anduril (the reforged sword of Aragorn), the bow and arrow of Legolas, the white tree of Gondor, and the door of Bag End.

There’s no limit to what you can do!

17. The Hobbit-Themed Cupcake Set

The Hobbit movies themed cupcake set
Credit: Skmaestas

Fans of The Hobbit will love this cupcake set that features some of the most important symbols from the book and movie.

There is, of course, the ring that Bilbo takes from Gollum.

There is also Thorin’s map, the door to Bag End, which Gandalf marks with a special symbol, Gandalf’s hat and staff, the axes of the dwarves, and much more!

18. The Hobbit and Orc Head Cake

The Hobbit, orc head, the ring, and sting cake
Credit: Libbys Cake Creations

The one ring is not the only thing that Bilbo Baggins encounters in the Misty Mountains.

He soon finds himself trying to save his friends from the orcs.

Fortunately, he has the dagger Sting in his hand, which is the size of a sword for the hobbit. It grows blue whenever orcs are near.

This cake recreates the Misty Mountain theme, topped by an orc head, the one ring, and a glowing Sting.

19. Morder, Gondor, and the Fellowship Cupcakes

The Hobbit cupcakes design ideas
Credit: sparks1992

These cute cupcakes feature some great symbols from the Lord of the Rings. Fans won’t know which to eat first!

Starting from the top, there is the leaf brooch that the elves gave to all the members of the Fellowship of the ring, Gandalf’s hat and staff, the one ring itself, a map of Middle Earth, the white tree of Gondor, the door to Bag End, and the all-seeing eye of Sauron.

20. Thorin’s Company Cupcakes

True fans can name all the members of the company of Thorin in the Hobbit! Test your friends with these Thorin company cupcakes.

There is Thorin, Bilbo, and Gandalf in the middle. But can they name the rest, and which is which?

Spoiler alert! The other twelve are Balin, Dwalin, Fíli, Kíli, Dori, Nori, Ori, Óin, Glóin, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur.

21. Best Cake in Gondor

Purple Gondor cake with the white tree
Credit: jenniwenni

This cake features the white tree of Gondor that is used to represent the empire of men.

The recipient’s favorite text surrounds it from the book.

This cake was made for a baby shower and references the return of the king, Aragorn, about the arrival of the new baby.

22. Cute Legolas Cake

Cute Legolas cake design
Credit: @cakeismyyoga

Legolas is a favorite LOTR character for many. Who doesn’t want to be able to pounce around like an elf?

This cake features a map of Middle Earth in the bottom layer, enclosed by the bricks of a stronghold.

The second layer shows Bag End, Bilbo, and Frodo’s home in the Shire.

A delicious edible Legolas figure sits on top of all this, with the ring of power at his feet. The little edible book is also a nice touch.

23. Rivendell Wedding Cake

Looking for a Lord of the Ring-themed wedding cake? Match your love with the romance of Aragorn and Arwen.

This layered cake represents Rivendell, the city of the Elves ruled by Elrond, where both Arwen and Aragorn dwelled for some time.

The blue waters that flow through the cake represent the river that Arwen crossed with Frodo to save him from the wraiths.

At the bottom of the cake, we see Bag End in the Shire, where the adventure begins.

At the top of the cake is the white tree of Minas Tirith, where the adventure ends for the couple.

24. Incredible Fellowship and Weapons Cake

One of the coolest things about the realm of Middle Earth is the weapons!

We love the details that the author gives about their origins, appearance, and what they can do!

This LOTR weapons cake took several days to make because all the details are hand-cut or sculpted.

The cake plate features a handpainted map of Middle Earth, and the cake is decorated with the silhouette of the fellowship as they journey through the land.

Frodo’s sword Sting, which he inherited from Bilbo, pierces the cake, as do Legolas’ arrows.

Underneath the cake is chocolate with fudge buttercream, vanilla buttercream, marshmallow fondant, Swiss fondant, and wafer paper gum paste.

25. Middle Earth and Anduril

Only Anduril, the sword of Aragorn that the elves of Rivendell made for him by reforging the pieces of the broken sword Narsil, can unite the men of Middle Earth to defeat Sauron and his hoards a second time.

This cake features a map of Middle Earth for its base layer. Its upper layer is gold to represent the ring and is decorated with a silhouette of the fellowship of the ring.

Aragorn’s sword Anduril rises from the top of the cake and is edible. The one ring on a chain, as Frodo wore it, hangs from the sword.

26. Aragorn, Arwen, and Bag End Cake

Aragorn wedding, Bag End and The One Ring cake
Credit: Mericakes

This is the perfect wedding cake for LOTR fans. It features Aragorn and Arwen as the couple on top, and each layer is dedicated to a different theme from the books.

The very bottom layer is the ring of power itself, including the inscription in the Black Speech.

The next layer is the Shire, featuring the door to Bag End.

The blue layer represents the entrance to Moria, which the fellowship passed through to reach Lothlorien.

The sword and horses of the next layer represent the Rohirrim, and the white tree of the final layer is the symbol of Gondor, the city of men.

27. Lorian and Legolas Cake

Lorian and Legolas cake
Credit: Ceca79

This stunning layered cake represents Lothlorien, the land of the Elves led by Galadriel and Celeborn.

The fellowship finds themselves there after passing through Moria.

The base layer shows the bark of a tree, and each layer peels away to show a city in the branches of the forest, Lothlorien.

An image of Legolas, an elf from Mirkwood who is part of the fellowship, appears on the side. The one ring tops the entire cake.

28. Bilbo’s Party Cake

Bilbo's Party and Smaug cake

At the start of The Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo throws a pretty spectacular birthday party for himself before leaving the Shire secretly.

He would probably have loved a cake like this!

The bottom layer features a map of the Shire. A layer tops it with the fence to Bag End, including the sign forbidding anyone to enter unless it is on party business.

The ring, hidden in Bag End, sits on top of this.

A glass containing a Hobbit’s favorite tipple sits on top of this to support yet another layer of cake representing the distinctive round door to Bilbo’s home.

A Hobbit man and woman ready for a party (in this case, a wedding) stand at the side of the cake.

29. Arwen and King Elessar Cake

Arwen and King Elessar wedding cake
Credit: Reddit

This makes a fantastic wedding cake for any LOTR fan as it is topped with Arwen and Aragorn, now King Elessar, as they finally marry after many challenges.

The bottom layer represents the Shire, with the door of Bag End, which is where the whole adventure starts.

The next layer represents the one ring, which must be destroyed for men to prosper and love to overcome.

The top two layers are for the couple. The lower of the two represents Aragorn’s new crown as the king of Gondor, while the top layer represents Awrne’s Evenstar necklace, which she chooses to give to her love when he departs with the fellowship.

30. Red Book of Westmarch & Narsil Cake

Narsil and Frodo's Book cake
Credit: @jay.oh.cakes

This cake represents the Red Book of Westmarch, the time in which Bilbo, Frodo, and later Sam wrote the stories of their adventures. On top of it sits the one ring.

But making this cake extra special is that it also has an edible Narsil sword.

This is the sword that Isildur used to cut the one ring from the hand of Sauron when it was broken.

It will be reforged for Aragorn unless someone eats its first.

31. Thorin Chocolate Cake

Thorin Oakenshield is one of the most compelling heroes to appear in The Hobbit, determined to reclaim the homeland of his forefathers from the dragon Smaug.

This cake is nice for its details. Thorin holds the Elven-made sword Orcrist, which he took from the trolls’ hoard.

32. Treebeard Cake

Who wouldn’t want to invite the Ents to their birthday party? Though bear in mind you’ll need a whole evening just to say hello!

This cake recreates the head of one of the powerful, benevolent, and timeless Ents.

This is certainly Treebeard, the Ent that helped Merry and Pippin to destroy Isengard, the home of Saruman.

33. Gimli Dwarf Cake

Who wouldn’t want Gimli as a best friend? He’s highly competitive and wants to prove himself, but his friendship is genuine.

This Gimly head cake will be an amazing surprise for someone on their special day.

The details of the helmet, axe, and beard make it stand out!

34. Smaug, Bilbo, and Bag End Cake

Smaug and Bag End cake

This cake is a celebration of The Hobbit journey, which is perfect for any celebration for a LOTR fan.

The lowest layer features the Shire, including the front door of Bag End, where it all began.

Gandalf is there, ready to send Bilbo on his adventure, and he is already wearing his traveling cloak.

The top layer represents the fortress of the dwarves in the Lonely Mountain, currently occupied by the dragon Smaug with his riches.

35. Sting and Middle Earth Map Cake

Do you know someone who loves Bilbo Baggins? This cake represents Bilbo’s journey!

The main cake is the book in which Bilbo records his adventures.

To the side of the cake, on top of a map of Middle Earth, there is an edible Sting, the sword that Bilbo takes from the Troll’s hoard, and an edible “one ring”.

36. Smaug and Barad-dûr Cake

Smaug and Baradur Cake
Credit: @lolocakencoo

Do you prefer villains to heroes? Celebrate the bad guys of the Lord of the Rings universe with this striking black cake.

The cake represents Barad-dur, the Dark Tower of Sauron, with his all-seeing eye looking out over Middle Earth.

The dragon Smaug climbs the side of the tower, and the ring of power sits at his tail.

37. The King of Goblin Town Cake

As Thorin and his company, including Bilbo, traverse the Misty Mountains, they soon find themselves in Goblin Town, where they confront the local king.

While the dwarves are captured, Bilbo is separated from the others and finds the one ring.

This helps him save the dwarves from the Great Goblin.

This amazing cake recreates the nefarious Great Goblin. It is sure to be memorable.

38. Sauron and His Precious Cake

Sauron and The One Ring cake
Credit: @aweku_cake

While we might think of the ring as belonging to Frodo, Bilbo, or even Gollum, it was forged by Sauron, and it was originally his precious.

This cake has a dark stone base representing the lands of Mordor, and the head of Sauron, with his distinctive helm, rises from the top.

His helmet is topped by the all-seeing eye of Sauron that is constantly seeking the ring, which encircles the cake in a striking gold band.

39. Fellowship of the Ring Cake

While the Lord of the Rings is an epic tale of good vs evil, it is also the story of friends willing to support one another and make sacrifices for one another.

This cake celebrates the fellowship, whose silhouette appears on the main cake layer.

The cake is topped with an edible one ring. Help the fellowship destroy it one bite at a time.

40. LOTR Themed Donuts

Want to do something different this birthday? Why not choose donuts over a cake or even cupcakes?

These donuts are decorated with different themes from the Lord of the Rings.

There is Sauron’s eye, Lembas bread, a Wraith’s head, and Smaug, among other cool edibles.

41. LOTR Big O Birthday Cake

Do you have someone with a big O birthday in mind? This cake uses the ring itself to replace the O in their age as a special treat.

The side of the cake has a detailed handmade design featuring the Misty Mountains and the fellowship as they try to cross the range.

42. Barud-dur Cake

Source: @cakeshtuff

This cake is an amazingly detailed representation of Barad-dur, Sauron’s dark tower in Mordor.

His all-seeing eye looks out from there over Middle Earth in search of his ring.

Help destroy Sauron and his forces by devouring his tower as a tasty treat.

43. Argonath Cake

Course: @o_omena

When the fellowship sails down the river Anduin and past Argonath, two giant statues of the old kings mark the very edge of Gondor.

These giant statues represent an important passing, so why not use them to celebrate someone’s passage of time with this detailed cake? Every part of which is edible!

44. Smaug Flies over Middle Earth Cake

Fans of The Hobbit will love this simple but stunning cake. The base of the cake is hand drawn with icing to represent Middle Earth.

A sweet Smaug flies over the map, with his great wings covering the area of the Lonely Mountain and Esgaroth.

45. Smaug and his Hoard Cake

This cake places a beautifully designed and edible Smaug on a towering golden cake, representing his great hoard hidden in the Lonely Mountain.

The cake shows Smaug’s armored scales, which he describes in the books: “My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!”

46. Lord of the Rings Manuscript Cake

This cake combines many cool LOTR themes, but the main cake represents the manuscript, written either by Tolkien or Bilbo, starting with one of their hand-drawn maps.

On top of the map is an edible one ring, Sting, the sword carried by Bilbo and Frodo, and a representation of Barad-dur, Sauron’s Black Tower, topped by his all-seeing eye.

47. Gandalf at Bag End Cake

Source: @bakeagogo

This cake places an edible Gandalf figure on top of a cake representing Bag End, Bilbo’s home in the Shire.

Gandalf arrives there and sets Bilbo on the journey for his first adventure.

This is the perfect cake for someone who would love for Gandalf to show up on their doorstep and change their lives.

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