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100 Best Minecraft 1.20 Building Ideas: Coolest Builds 2023

100 Best Minecraft 1.20 Building Ideas: Coolest Builds 2023

Structure building is single-handedly the most important aspect of Minecraft. The essence of the entire game is to give players the creative freedom to build both simple and complex structures – to their liking.

However, we know that coming up with new ideas every single time can be very arduous!

Taking that into account, we’re here to help make your life easier by offering a massive list of 100 building ideas for your Minecraft world. 

Best Minecraft Building Ideas

This list contains a mixture of basic as well as incredibly complex structures, so you’re free to have your pick depending on your overall playstyle!

100. Wooden Gazebo

Wooden Gazebo Front in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

We’ll start this off with a nice and cozy sitting area for you and all your friends! Although this build serves no specific purpose – it’s fantastic for sitting outside for a little break from the fast-paced Minecraft world.

The one we’ve showcased here features a completely wood-based structure, but you can change this around according to your liking. 

The main idea here is to create a roof, some aesthetic flooring, put up a light source (we recommend a Lantern), and set up some sitting space. 

You can also cover the top of the structure with vines or bushes to make it look even more beautiful. Lastly, sunsets look absolutely stunning while sitting in this structure – so be sure to build one if you’re up for some breathtaking views. 

99. Simple Farming

Simple Farming in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Building farms is an excellent idea – especially for your early-mid game. There are, however, tons of ways of making farms. The design and layout you opt for should ultimately be based on the terrain and your requirements.

As a general rule of thumb, you should make your farms as simple as possible in the early game. Put out a few crops on rectangular pieces of land, set up an irrigation system, and some storage to go along with that.

If you really want to go in-depth for this build idea – you can utilize advanced techniques such as automated farming and using Composters. However, that’s something recommended only for the late game!

98. Utilizing Strings

Utilizing String on a Sapling in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

A String is a very useful crafting item in Minecraft – but it has a few more uses than just that! You might not have known this, but Strings can be used to keep your plants in check.

If you place a piece of string on top of a plant – Bamboo for example – it’ll stop growing. Doing so ensures that the plant stays at that same height and size indefinitely. This trick can also be used to stop Saplings and Vines from growing all over the place.

You can get creative with this building idea by utilizing Strings in your gardens and meadows. Try creating some unique structures by adjusting the size of your plants here and there!

97. A Cabin in the Woods

Wooden Cabin Front in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Having a small cabin ready and set up for you while you’re exploring a Jungle or Forest biome is very handy! Now, this doesn’t have to be something too elegant – just a small hut that contains valuable resources you’ll need throughout your journey.

Since this is less of a luxury build – we’d recommend making it purely out of wood (as you’ll have lots of that at your disposal in the area). 

You can also consider setting up a small bedroom for yourself to pass the time whenever required. This also works well as a spawn point in case you end up dying.

Other than that, feel free to add anything you might require in your adventures ahead!

96. Greenhouse

Greenhouse Sideview in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Enhance your planting experience with your very own Greenhouse! Now, we’ll give a heads-up that making this structure provides no advantage over planting crops out in the open. 

There are, however, two reasons to build this. Firstly, it looks much more sophisticated than growing crops, plants, and trees out in the open.

Secondly, you can make multiple Greenhouses and categorize each one for specific plants – making everything more convenient. 

The build itself can be completed by combining wooden blocks with some glass panes. Again, the glass here isn’t necessary but it gives a more natural feel to the building so we’d definitely recommend it. 

95. Utilize Multiple Blocks

Using Multiple Blocks in a House in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

This is an idea that you can use for any of your builds. Whenever you’re creating a structure, the general rule of thumb is to not overuse a single block. This is almost always true – unless you’re trying to save up on resources. 

Utilizing multiple blocks within the same structures helps create a more unique outlook. Additionally, it’ll help you diversify your resource usage rather than over-relying on a single one. 

For example, you can use Wood to create some Planks and then utilize both of these blocks to create a structure rather than exclusively using either of them!

94. Cliffside Base

Cliffside Wooden Base in Minecraft
Source: Build Therapy

This build idea will have you waking up each day with a clear view of the entire horizon! Although this one is a bit tricky to correctly set up – it’s definitely worth it.

The idea is to set up a house/base area at a cliffside. You can take things up a notch by creating your structure such that it’s dangling at the side of a cliff!

No specific blocks are required to make this one, however, we’d recommend matching the structure with the environment to get a natural feel from it. 

For example, using Wood would be a great idea if there are more dirt blocks nearby. In contrast, Marble would be more suitable if you were to make the base on Stony Mountains.

93. Windmill

Windmill Front in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

A windmill can be an excellent addition to your farm areas as it provides more legitimacy to your entire farming setup. Although you can’t make its blades move, it still looks fantastic!

The structure can be utilized to store all your farming equipment and harvests. Additionally, you can set up a small area at its side to make a garden or even grow some more crops!

The windmill doesn’t necessarily have to be too large – even a small one will do. Try mixing things up to see what works best for you. 

92. Canopies

Canopy on Table in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

For this build idea, you’ll have to utilize a couple of Strings and Carpeting. You can create canopies instead of actual roofs for your smaller-sized structures.

This works very effectively because the canopies created are much smaller than full-sized blocks – eliminating unnecessary wastage of your space. It also gives a less bulky feel to your structures.

To use this idea, you’ll first have to place strings on the blocks where you wish to create the canopy. Once that’s done, you can place objects on top of the string to make it stay in place. 

Carpeting works best for this, but you can always experiment around to find the best fit!

91. Weapon Room

Weapon Room in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

It’s always a good idea to have a separate room containing all your weapons. This provides convenience, but also ensures that you don’t accidentally blow up your entire house from some dormant TNT!

Since you’ll rarely ever need a huge stack of weapons in the first place, we recommend making this room relatively smaller. This will help you utilize the extra space elsewhere.

Traditionally, the weapon room is made out of stone-based blocks and boasts at least one fireplace. Feel free to add in a few chests, hang your armor, and set up a Blacksmith area here!

90. Horse-Drawn Carriages

Horse-Drawn Carriage in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

A much more aesthetically pleasing (and economical) option for a stable is a carriage! 

Although they can’t be moved, you can attach your Horse mobs to these carriages to keep the animals in place. 

As compared to a stable, you’ll need much less room as well as resources to build these. Carriages also look more pleasing than an entire structure!

Additionally, you can create multiple horse-drawn carriages relatively quickly, so this idea is quite easy to set up – even in the early game.

89. Futuristic Nether Portal

Futuristic Nether Portal in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Our first idea featuring the Nether, you can use this design to spice up the bland old design of the Nether Portal. 

The one we’ve featured here is built on top of the Obsidian blocks of an average portal and features an oval shape. 

As you can see, by adding just a few extra layers of Stone and Stairs, you can really bring the Nether Portal to life! 

Don’t forget to place 3 light beacons at the far left, right, and top of the structure to make it look even better.

88. Making Stair Roofs

Stair Roofs Example in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

Roofs are an important part of any building you create. The topmost layer is – after all – the most visible one from afar. 

Instead of using up tons of space from the structure, only use the topmost layer, and work your way down by placing Stairs instead of blocks.

This will give you both – good symmetry, and efficient use of your resources. You’ll also save up tons of space that would’ve otherwise been used up by chunky blocks. 

87. Underground Bunker

Underground Bunker in Minecraft
Source: Spudetti

Tired of the boring old overworld? Well, we’ve got you covered. This next build idea will have you all set up and running underground! 

This one might be a bit tricky to make, so you should probably steer clear of it if you’re just starting out. As the design shows, you’ll need to clear a circular region in the ground to serve as the entrance of your hidden lair. 

One advantage to making this is that you’ll essentially have endless possibilities of expansion. Every time you need more space – you can always just dig deeper into the earth. 

However, it can become erroneous to clear out all that space. As such, we’d recommend choosing a location that already has a good amount of hollow area in the ground. 

Additionally, consider adding a few bushes around the surface of the bunker to make it look eerier!

86. Utilize Dorma Windows

Dorma Windows Example in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

If you’re unaware of Dorma windows – they’re a small, minimalistic design of windows. You can refer to the image above to get a better understanding of what they look like.

Dorma windows can be a blessing for your buildings. The regular, 4×4 rectangular pattern of windowing can become overused very quickly and this is a perfect solution for that scenario.

Consider using this build idea to add more depth (while using lesser resources) and give a neater overall look to your structure. 

85. Make Wells

Small Well in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Wells can make a great addition to your base if used properly. They take up a negligible amount of space and tie in very nicely to areas containing farms.

Not only that, wells can be used as a quick source of water when required. As such, you should scatter multiple variants of these structures around your base. 

The one we’ve showcased here is the most basic version of a well so feel free to get creative with your designs!

84. Use Fence Gates for Building

White Fence Gates in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

You’d normally only be fencing areas when you want mobs to stay in or out of that region. It might seem like fences don’t serve any special purpose than that – but that’s not true!

Fence Gates in particular can be used in tons of ways to add some nice quality-of-life features to your buildings. For one, Fence Gates can be used on bridges to add separations.

You can also use them to create aesthetic-looking balconies and borders for your structures. The best thing about this is that, unlike normal Fences, you can open and close up Fence Gates which is great for accessibility! 

83. Blacksmith Room

Blacksmith Room With Resources in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Similar to the Weapon Room, this build idea is a must-have in all bases. This would basically be a small-sized room dedicated to crafting and repairing activities.

You can set up a few Cauldrons, Anvils, and Chests here to make the best use out of the room. We’d recommend adding small pools of both Lava and Water.

Not only do these look amazing in the Blacksmith room, they’re also very useful for when you need to fill up Buckets. Lastly, you can also add in a Blacksmith Villager to liven the room up! (and introduce trade possibilities).

82. BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

With this build idea, you’ll be smoking some rare steaks in no time! Here’s a full-fledged and completely functional bbq grill design that’s perfect for an outdoor setting.

Here, you’ll start off by placing campfires to generate a smoke effect. Then, place Looms (or any other blocks of your choice similar to a bbq grill) on top. From here on out, feel free to use any design you like to make the grill.

We recommend using a combination of bricks and item frames to set the structure up as this idea looks the best in that mix.

81. Nether Shrine

Wooden Nether Shrine in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Another variant of a Nether Portal – this build idea works best in forested terrain.

By combining Stone, Stairs, Obsidian Blocks, and Wood – you can really liven up the average Obsidian-based Nether Portal.

Although, you should note that this structure only adds visual improvements to the Portal – its functioning remains the same. 

80. Multiple Window Sizes

Wooden House With Multiple Window Sizes in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

When creating a structure, it’s always useful to utilize windows of varying sizes. Using the same 2×2 or 4×4 pattern of window panes can become very redundant. 

Selecting multiple patterns and sizes of windows not only livens your place up – it actually improves visibility by offering more vantage points. 

The image showcased above is a perfect example of how this concept can be utilized!

79. Forest Farmhouse

Farmhouse in a Forest in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

A farmhouse in a forest, away from your main survival base can be just the thing you need in your survival world!

This can be used as a vacation resort as well as a farming area. In our experience, farmhouses look best when made from Wood – so that’s what we’d recommend.

You can also combine this one with the Windmill, Well, and Greenhouse ideas on this list to make a perfect abode for yourself!

78. Combine Different Floorings

Multiple Flooring Options in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

One of the most important aspects of your structures would be the base and flooring you decide to opt for. This is, after all, one of the most visible parts of your building.

It’s always better to use multiple blocks and patterns for your flooring. Using the same one can create an undesired look of redundancy and really eat away at the beauty of your structures.

As such, we recommend utilizing multiple blocks and designs for all of your flooring plans!

77. Mountainside Base

Mountainside Base in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This next build idea showcasing a base made at the side of an entire mountain has to be one of the coolest we’ve seen in a while.

Note that this base is made at the surface of a mountain rather than the top. You can make this one by clearing out appropriate space at the side of your chosen mountain.

You can also select an already hollow region for this purpose. After you’ve dug out enough of an area, use multiple window panes to make your base completely see-through.

Doing so adds visibility and looks fantastic as well. That’s it for the basic idea behind this one – be sure to get creative and let us know in the comments about your take on the structure!

76. Small Garden Pond

Small Garden Pond in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

An excellent addition to your garden – this small pond will fit right in with a flower patch. Its small size makes it great for filling out compact areas.

The design showcased here also has a small wooden bench in front of the pond to make it seem more natural.

Due to its small size, we recommend scattering multiple variants and sizes of these around your base.

75. Stronghold Portal

Wooden Stronghold Portal in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Yet another Nether Portal design, this one works perfectly for a medieval theme base. 

The design idea includes two towers erected at the sides of the portal with its entrance perched at the center.

You can also add a Lantern, Glowstone, or Beacon at the top of the structure to make the Nether entrance look even more uninviting. 

This design is made out of wood, but the structure looks stylish in any block variant so experiment around to find out the best fit for yourself!

74. House Decor

Various House Decoration Options in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

It’s always a good idea to decorate the outside of your house while you’re building it. Not doing so gives off a very stale and robotic look.

For decor, consider adding plants, flowers, window panes, and multiple variants of different blocks at the very least (as showcased in the image). 

You can really go in-depth with the decor owing to the plethora of items available for use in Minecraft. Some of the best structures out there combine hundreds of designs and patterns to really nail the best look. 

73. Mega Treehouse

Treehouse On a Huge Tree in Minecraft
Source: GlitchNOut

A treehouse is essential to every pleasant Minecraft experience. The huge vantage point and breathtaking views provided by this structure are unparalleled.

They can, however, be tricky to make and this build idea in particular is quite difficult. As such, we don’t recommend taking a shot at this one till the late part of your game. 

The structure itself will take a good amount of time and effort on your end to build – but it’s completely worth it.

Instead of collecting the resources to make the perfect tree for the structure – we recommend finding a suitable one in the wild and then shaping that as required. You can also opt for multiple designs or layouts for your treehouse. 

The one we’ve showcased here involves making flooring at the very top of the structure and then setting up an elevator system for accessibility. 

72. Utility Blocks for Aesthetic

Loom Block in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

This might be shocking, but utility blocks can be used for more than just utility! These blocks have unique appearances which help them stand out.

If you utilize them correctly, blocks such as the Loom, Fletching Table, Anvils and the like can make for some great additions throughout your base.

One such scenario is the BBQ Grill idea on this list where you can use Looms to substitute for grills. Be sure to try experiments like this to make the best use of the available job site/utility blocks.

71. Water Elevator

Water Trap Door Elevator in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Wooden water elevators are perfect if you want to effortlessly move up and down areas with great heights.

Of course, these don’t have to be wooden – you can use any material you like. This build idea provides great convenience and is pretty economical to make. 

All you have to do is set up the length of the elevator, place a couple of trap doors at the top, and fill the structure with water.

Now, you can float up and down the elevator through the trap doors whenever you want!

70. Use Carpets

Red Carpet in a Room in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

Carpeting is an integral part of making good builds. They come in tons of colors and can easily be switched with one another.

The alternative to this is switching up your flooring each time you want a change which can be very cumbersome. 

You can also make various designs and patterns by combining different Carpets with one another. Try out a few different options to get the best out of your building experience!

69. Glowing Crops

Crops With Lantern Suspended On Top in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This build idea can be used to improve the lighting and visibility of your farm crops – especially during the night. 

It also gives an eerie feeling to the area during nighttime so that’s an added bonus!

The basic idea here is to make a square-shaped formation with your crops and leave a single, water-filled tile in the center. 

Then, suspend a light source using a chain in the middle of this formation – above the watered tile (we recommend using a Lantern for this purpose).

You’ll need to have a wall to suspend the light source from. As an easy and convenient fix – consider using multiple stacks of Fences.

68. Flower Stations

Flower Station in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

Liven your place up with some flower stations! These are very easy to make and add an extremely beautiful vibe to your base. 

We recommend making these with Wood since that really complements the entire structure. You can start off with a rectangular base and set up a small roof.

Then, utilize fences at the sides and flower vines at the top of the structure to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

Finally, add in a few flower pots at the front and back of the structure to make your very own flower station! 

67. Wooden Bridge

Wooden Bridge in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This convenient build idea can be used to “bridge” the gap between several areas (sorry for the pun!).

Due to its loose resource requirements – you can use this same format of 5 wooden pillars with adjacent wood blocks to create bridges all around the world. 

Additionally, to make this even more economical, you can also exclusively use Wooden Planks to create this. However, this comes at the cost of ruining its beauty. 

The design also showcases some Trapdoors, Flowers, and Wooden Slabs – but these are purely for aesthetics and can be left out if required. 

66. Awnings and Balconies

Wooden House With Balcony in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

Instead of making your structures flat, it’s always a good idea to extend a bit at each window and add a small balcony. These are great as they allow you to step out and get a greater view of your surroundings as compared to that of a singular window.

On that front, you can also create small awnings on each side of your house. These can be utilized to place items such as light sources, plants, flower pots, and the like.

Both of these are fairly economical additions to your structures that go a long way in adding detail and depth to the building.

65. Suspended House

House Suspended By Cliff in Minecraft
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Imagine living in a house suspended at the edge of an entire cliff. Well, you can stop imagining because this next build idea is exactly that!

This one includes a mid-sized house with a chimney – suspended at the side of a mountain (note that this doesn’t necessarily have to be done on a cliff).

Due to the complex nature of the structure, we’d recommend building this in your mid-late game.

Aside from having an excellent experience and fantastic views, you’ll have amazing strategic positioning with this structure. 

You will, however, need to install an elevator for ease of access. Consider adding in a Water Elevator option showcased in this list previously!

64. Automated Chicken Coops

Automated Chicken Coops in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

This build idea for Minecraft 1.20 makes cattle farming a walk in the park!  You can use this to essentially get automated chicken coops! 

The type of building you make for this doesn’t matter, but we’d recommend something relatively compact. Once you’ve made the structure, add in a few Hoppers and a Barrel.

Doing so will result in the automatic collection (in the Barrel) of any Eggs produced inside the structure!

63. Utilize Corals

Red Coral Flooring in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

Corals make for some great decorations inside the house – but they’re seldom used.

Trust us on this one, you can even substitute some of your carpet or flooring tiles with patches of Corals and they’ll fit right in!

To make effective use of this build idea, lay down patches of dirt on your floor. Then, plant the corals on top and surround them with wooden blocks. 

Doing so brings out their natural color and ensures that they fit right in!  

62. Intricate Water Fountain

Intricate Water Fountain in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Fountains are always a pleasure to look at – especially when placed in lawns and gardens. 

This building design offers a very unique take on a relatively small fountain structure. You’ll mainly be using Stone/Iron and any light sources – although we’d recommend Glowstones or Lanterns.

You can make the base of the structure however you want, but the most important detail lies at the top. Here, you’ll have to place Stairs parallel to one another so that the water gets disbursed in all four directions. 

61. Aesthetic Wooden Bridge

Small Wooden Bridge With Lantern in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

Here’s another bridge design idea for you to experiment with. 

This is less resource-intensive than the one we’ve showcased before as it takes a more minimalistic approach to the scenario.

You’ll only be using Wood based items such as Planks, Fences, and Trapdoors to create this one – which makes it great for the early game.

Aside from the convenience of helping you cross waterbodies (or mountainous areas) with ease, this bridge idea is also pretty good-looking!

Feel free to add a couple of torches at each end to make it look even better.

60. Mine Entrances

Desert Mine Entrance in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Before you start digging into the earth for those precious Diamonds – consider building a small structure showcasing your mine!

The design you build is entirely up to you, but be sure to include a few light sources in the structure. 

The most important thing to build here is a Mine Cart along with some Tracks that’ll help you go directly inside the mine in no time! 

Combined together, you’ll have a small structure giving your mine visibility and a travel cart system that allows you to go in and out of the area efficiently. 

59. Use Fencing and Hedges

House With Hedges and Fences in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

Fencing around your house is essential to keep unwanted guests off the lawn!

Exclusively using fences, however, can make the surrounding area look a bit ugly. To effectively fence the area while keeping your aesthetic sense high – consider using hedges as an alternative.

hedges can work wonders around the house as they’ll keep mobs out while giving off a beautiful and natural look to the area. 

You can also combine this with small meadows and the Flower Stations showcased on this list to further intensify their beauty. 

58. Stable

Wooden Stable in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Sooner or later, you’ll get a Horse, Mule or Donkey. It’s just the way the game works! These mobs make travelling much easier – so it only makes sense to host them.

Once you tame a few of these creatures, you’ll need a place to keep them in-check. 

Although you can use the Horse-Drawn Carriages we’ve mentioned before, you’ll need to create a dedicated area for them if you plan on keeping a big population.

In that case, this Stable build idea is fantastic since it’s both – big enough to house multiple animals, and economical since it’s made entirely from Wood.

Feel free to put your own twist to the shown design!

57. Library 

Bookshelves in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

Showcase all your wisdom by creating a dedicated library area inside your house! 

Although this can be an excellent addition to your home – we recommend making it only if you can spare some extra resources – since this is a purely decorative build.

You can couple multiple Bookshelves together to create larger sections of the block. These are best paired with Oak Planks as they blend right in with the color.

Lastly, consider adding in a couple of Enchantment Tables to this room since they fit in perfectly well and liven the entire place up!

56. Modern Descending Fountain

Descending Marble Fountain in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This idea works well in compact areas and thus, is recommended is available space is a constraint. 

The design includes a small, square-shaped fountain with multiple descending layers. Water travels from the top layer and continues to flow to the bottom. 

This looks nice both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to go for the latter option, be sure to add in a few Sea Lanterns or Beacons inside the structure to increase visibility!

55. Simple Lamp Posts

Lamp Post With Lantern in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

Give your base a cozy and heartwarming feel with these lamp post designs!

These are some of the easiest and most economical things to make on this list. Instead of cluttering your base with torches and Glowstones, you can use these as light sources!

Start off by making a wooden base and placing a cobblestone fence/block on it. Then, add a Wooden fence on top, pair it with a slab and attach a Lantern to it.

If you’re being more conservative and don’t have access to Lanterns, you can also substitute it with a simple torch. 

54. Jungle Mine

Jungle Mine Entrance in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Here we have another variant of the Mine Entrance, but this time you’ll be giving a more natural look to the environment. 

The design includes using a combination of Trees, hedges, Plants, and Vines to give off a truly natural look to the surroundings. 

If you have access to it, you can also throw in a couple of Berry Vines at the entrance to act as small light sources. 

The mine cart and tracks on the other hand will remain the same as in the previous design.

53. Meadows and Flowers

Flowers in a Field in Minecraft
Source: Smallish Beans

An absolutely essential addition to your main house are flower gardens and meadows.

These are extremely easy to make and go a long way in the overall beauty of your abode. We recommend setting at least two meadows or flower garden areas around your house – preferably at the front. 

You can mix up several types of plants and add in flower pots to diversify the overall look.

52. Mid-Sized Pond

Medium-Sized Pond in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Here’s another pond variant building idea but this one is larger than the design we showcased earlier.

Additionally, it contains more plants, trees, and fruits at the sides to give off a more realistic look. 

The basic idea remains the same – you’ll be digging a few blocks in the required area and filling it with water. 

You can also try placing some vines and surrounding the pond with some hedges to intensify its beauty. 

51. Using Textured Walls

A Textured Wall in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

An awesome idea to incorporate in all your structures is to use textured walls. 

What this means is to combine different blocks of the same color when creating a wall instead of using a singular block.

This allows you to diversify your resources – ensuring that you don’t overrely on a single one. 

Additionally, walls with textured patterns look much nicer in general as compared to ones using a specific block exclusively. 

50. Crop Fountain

Fountain With Multiple Crops in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

An extremely useful and surprisingly good-looking structure to create – this one will serve the function of a fountain, as well as a farm!

The design here shows a small-sized area for crops with the fountain acting as the method of irrigation – but this can be extended as you wish!

We recommend creating the fountain using Stone or Wood as it gives the best look when made with these.

Other than that – the concept remains the same. You’ll be making an average fountain and leaving space in between blocks for water to flow. In the rest of the area, you can place whatever crops you want and they’ll keep growing!

49. Automatic Lamp 

Lamp With Daylight Sensor in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

You can use this method to set up several lamps across your base that turn on automatically as soon as nighttime approaches!

To create this one, you’ll need to set up a lamp post using Fences, Blocks, and Slabs. The design for this is irrelevant and you may use a layout of your choice.

The important part is to set up a Redstone Lamp by suspending it to your created lamp post. Then, place a Daylight Sensor on top of the Redstone Lamp and activate it.

Now, every time the sun sets, the Redstone Lamp will automatically turn on due to the Daylight Sensor placed on top of it.

Not only is this extremely convenient, but it also looks really cool once the sun goes down and all of the lamps magically light up!

48. Entrance Gates

Entrance Gates With a Flag in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This build idea is perfect for medieval-themed bases and towns but will be seldom used if you have an average house.

You can follow the design to create some impressive-looking entrances and gates to your area. 

The one showcased here includes two well-lit towers with the entrance to your area perched between them. One of the towers also hosts a flag – which you can set up according to your liking.

If you get creative enough with this structure, you can also program the gate to open and close whenever you want!

47. Customized Waterfalls

Custom Waterfall in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

It might sound a bit far-fetched, but you can create your very own custom waterfall!

It’s actually a very straightforward procedure – you just have to use a Bucket of Water on an area at a good height from the ground (mountains are perfect for this).

This will cause the water to trickle down all the way to the bottom – creating a waterfall!

The real challenge here is to get complex with this build idea and make patterns and designs within the waterfall. This can be done by altering the flow of the water – so try it out and come up with the most unique-looking waterfalls out there!

46. Cherry Blossom Tree

Pink Cherry Blossom Tree in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Take things up a notch in the visual beauty department with this next build idea.

You can use this to create your very own Japanese cherry blossom tree! The base of the tree is pretty straightforward – you just have to utilize a few blocks of Wood.

For the top of the tree, we recommend using a combination of dyed glass, Pink Wool, and even Pink Carpet in some of the areas.

Combining these together provides a textured look to the tree rather than a bland and redundant one. 

45. Use Multiple Colors

Town Buildings With Different Color Combinations in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

Although this isn’t always the case – using multiple colors in your structures and builds is generally a good idea. 

Using the same color throughout can give a very robotic feel to your abode. Mixing up different colors, on the other hand, gives a very lively touch to the area.

As such, always try to use blocks and items of different colors while creating structures. 

The buildings featured in the image above work perfectly to show how different color combinations can go a long way in beautifying your place. 

44. Portal Island

Nether Portal Between Trees in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This Minecraft 1.20 build idea works wonders in helping you de-clutter your base.

Nether Portals are quite big in size and creating one in your base may not always be desirable. 

This design will have you create a small, dedicated island for your portal! The one showcased here hosts a small portal hidden between two palm trees.

However, you can choose to create a larger variant of the portal and place it directly between the trees so they look like a natural entrance to the treacherous realm!

43. Three-Tier Fountain

Three-Tier Fountain in Minecraft
Source: Gorillo

Next up, we have the most exquisite fountain variant on this list. Structurally, this is a very complex build so we’d only recommend it to experienced builders.

You can follow the design for guidance, but you’ll mainly be using Stone, Stairs, Trapdoors, and Fences to set this up.

The fountain consists of three tiers of items with a single Fence perched at the very top. Water trickles down from top to bottom, and the structure itself looks fantastic – especially when paired with a few Lanterns. 

42. Wooden Entrance Gates

Wooden Entrance Gates in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This is another variant of the entrance gates showcased before, but this time it’s in a wooden option. 

The build idea itself is similar to the previous one – you have two towers joined at the center by an entrance gate.

In this one, however, the towers are much more refined and have a neater look. Although, this one doesn’t contain flags hosted from either tower.

These issues though are very subjective and the structure itself has great room for flexibility. As such, you can always add or remove any elements of the design that you don’t like!

41. Build Roads & Trails

Trail in a Field in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

A simple yet very efficient build idea is to create roads or trails throughout your base and other important areas. 

This is extremely easy to do – all it requires is the swing of a shovel. 

Roads can be utilized to make clear paths from one sight to another. Not only does this look super neat, but it also eliminates the need of having to remember the path from one location to another. 

40. Use a Variety of Blocks

Different Set of Decorations in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

A huge factor in a structure’s overall visual beauty is the decorative blocks used with it.

Generally, you should try to diversify your use of non-utility blocks as much as possible. These blocks include Stacks of Hay, Pumpkins, Jack O’ Lanterns, Melons, and the like.

Although these blocks don’t serve any specific function, they can be game changers when used in the right location. For example, Hay Stacks fit right in when placed inside or near farms. 

39. Ancient Jungle Portal

Ancient Jungle Portal in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This Nether Portal build idea is perfect for individuals that have a set up in a Forest or Jungle biome. 

With this design, you’ll first have to find an area with a small, hollow space – similar to a mountain crater. You can also create this yourself for more precision.

Then, you can create a Nether Portal and blend it into the sides of this crater to make it seem as if the purple aura of the portal was always present there!

Lastly, try adding in some Berry Vines and trees to make the place look like an ancient jungle fortress!

38. Swing Set

Wooden Swing Set in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

Add a little joy to your Minecraft world by using this swing set build idea!

This is relatively easy to make as the design is made completely out of Wood! You’ll only have to use up a few Slabs, Stairs, Fences, and Planks to create the set. 

This looks particularly well near ponds and inside garden areas. 

37. Dock House

Dock House On a Lake in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

It’s always a good idea to scatter small abodes for yourself all over the Minecraft world so you can diversify your living options.

In this regard, a small dock house situated near or even on a water body can be a mesmerizing experience!

We recommend going forward with this build idea by using Wood exclusively as that really brings out the life in this one. 

Be sure to light up the area with a couple of Torches and Lanterns for more visibility and a clear look during nighttime. 

36. Watchtower

Desert Watchtower in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

It goes without saying that vantage points are essential for large bases, towns/cities, and individual homes.

A watchtower is essential if you want to be aware of everything that’s happening around your base at a specific time. 

We recommend making this structure the largest building in your area so you can have a clear view of everything that’s going on in the surroundings.

There’s plenty of flexibility allowed in the creation of this structure so feel free to try out different designs, patterns, and blocks to make it!

35. Treasure Room

Treasure Room in a Basement in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Listen, you’re going to have to protect all your treasures from the dangers lurking around the corner sooner or later. This can be in the form of mobs, players – or both!

To ensure that all your precious materials remain safe – consider setting up a treasure room. You can conceal this by using pressure plates as well.

The treasure room will generally contain all your valuable materials like crafting resources, minerals, and rare items. Of course, the way you utilize this and the layout you end up going with is entirely on you!

34. Building Fronts

Building Front With Banners in Minecraft
Source: BlueNerd Minecraft

The idea for building fronts is to add a bit of life and color to your structures. These can be used with all buildings regardless of what they represent.

Building fronts are relatively easy to make as all you need to do is combine a couple of Fences with Wood Planks and then attach different Banners to them.

The Banners used here are completely subjective. You can opt for multiple solid colors or even create your own custom banner designs for each front!

33. Ruined Portal Shrine

Ruined Portal Shrine in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Another fantastic-looking Nether Portal idea – this one works best in Desert, Savannah, and Jungle biomes. 

The idea features an exposed Nether Portal surrounded by a ‘ruined’ stone design which makes the portal look very ancient. 

Additionally, a combination of Vines, Grass, and light sources scattered around the portal further enhance its eerie outlook.

Another advantage of using this build idea is its relatively loose resource requirements. 

You won’t really need anything except for the contents of the Nether Portal itself and some Stone to achieve this look. 

32. Nature Arch Gate

Nature Arch Gate in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

Although this can be used in other scenarios, we’d recommend utilizing it as an entrance to your farms as it feels the most natural there.

This is a relatively straightforward build to achieve – you’ll need to get your hands on a couple of Wood, Fences, Leaves, and Slabs.

Once you’ve created the general structure, remember to place some Slabs at the top to create a flat surface. Then, put down some Carpet (preferably green) to cover the Slabs and produce the final version of this structure!

31. Flower Garden

Poppy Garden in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Although we’ve already showcased multiple ponds and lawn areas on this list – a flower garden deserves its own spot. 

These are small field, or even patches, containing multiple flowers, plants, and grass patches scattered around the area.

Flower gardens are extremely simple to make but play a huge role in the overall outlook of your base. 

We recommend setting up multiple flower gardens around your house and using different varieties of flowers inside them to use this idea to its fill effect.

You can also combine this with the Flower Stations and Horse-Drawn Carriages on this list as they complement one another quite well.

30. Massive Gateway

Desert Gateway Entrance in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Make a grand entrance (sorry for the pun!) with this next build idea. 

You can use this as the entrance to your base, town, or city – although it works best in a medieval-based setting.

The idea showcases two massive towers (which can be made from a material of your choice) hosting Trap Doors, Fences, and a small balcony at the top.

The entrance is placed at the center of these towers and a small pathway connects both of them – allowing you to travel from one to the other with ease. 

Although this particular design doesn’t showcase it – we recommend adding chains to make a small gate at the center of the two towers.

29. Anor Londo

Anor Londo From Dark Souls in Minecraft
Source: Grian

This is going to be a no-brainer for all the Dark Souls fans out there. Our next build idea showcases the Anor Londo city in all its glory!

This is an extremely complex build and probably one of the hardest ones on this list – so beware. 

The design itself looks extremely good and hosts a full-fledged replica of the Anor Londo castle in the Dark Souls video game series. 

The color combination shown here works very well with the overall outlook of the castle – but you can always choose to switch things up!

28. Fishing Dock

Wooden Fishing Dock in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Fishing is a part of Minecraft that’s often overlooked – and that’s fine because it’s really not an integral part of the game.

However, it’s still there and sometimes – you might feel like wanting to catch a fish or two. That’s where the fishing dock build comes in.

Other than catching fish, this abode also works well as a nice spot to relax and spend some quality time in nature. 

The build is made completely out of wood and we wouldn’t recommend switching that up since it looks the best in that setting. 

27. Decorative Wagon

Wagon With Haybales in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

This is a small build idea that you can set up across your fields, gardens, and farms to give them a more natural look.

The design showcases a wooden wagon carrying hay bales and some flowers. You can use Wood Planks, Slabs, and Fences to create the object. 

The wagon looks best when made out of wood so we’d recommend leaving the material as is. Also, be sure to set up a few light sources on the wagon so it can be seen during nighttime.

26. Maze

Maze With Hedges in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Although the one featured here is relatively small – it’s easy to get the basic idea. 

Mazes can be extremely fun to explore. They can also be used to play pranks on unwary strangers that are misfortune enough to get trapped inside one. 

The basic idea is to set up tons of hedges, fake traps, and any mobs such as Spiders that you might want to add in to create the perfect maze!

You can also throw in a few Spider Webs and Jack O’ Lanterns to spook the place up.

 Although it doesn’t have much utility – a maze can be a great source of entertainment in your Minecraft world!

25. Ornate Garden

Ornate Garden in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

This idea combines several of the things we’ve previously showcased into a singular build.

For this ornate garden, you’ll be utilizing multiple small ponds, meadows, hedges, and flower stations!

The design showcased here contains most of these – feel free to add any absent ones yourself!

This one will require a relatively larger part of your base to construct but the beauty it provides is totally worth it. 

24. Disney Castle

Disney Castle in Minecraft
Source: Grian

Another addition to our castle builds – this one gives off a very colorful and fantasy vibe. 

Granted you’ll require a good amount of resources and time to construct this one – the end result is definitely worth it. 

The basic idea here is to first create a surrounding wall for your castle based on the amount of area you want to take up. Then, work your way inside by making the actual structure itself.

This is a complicated build – so be sure to follow the design and make adjustments where required. Above all – don’t try to rush through it!

23. Underwater Base

Underwater Base in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

You heard us – a base completely submerged underwater. 

Although accessibility is an issue and it’s really not the most convenient setting around – the uniqueness of this building idea is unseen. 

To set this up correctly, you’ll have to make use of Trap Doors and tons of buckets to keep the water out (only while you’re building.).

The structure you design is entirely up to you so go for the layout you like the best. An important thing, however, is to use tons of light sources and windows to increase visibility.

In fact, we’d recommend setting up a few light sources in the water around you – just so you can have a better view of everything in your surroundings at nighttime.

22. Trapdoor Pond

Pond With Trapdoors in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

Here’s another pond variant that takes a slight deviation from the normal design we’ve showcased before.

With this one, after setting up the initial pond and surrounding decor, you’ll create a small bridge using Slabs and Trap Doors. 

The unique thing about this is that the layout showcased here allows you to increase and decrease the water levels of the pond – which is a very useful addition to have in the base variant. 

21. Breaking Bad RV

RV From Breaking Bad in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

This one’s going to be a treat for all the Breaking Bad lovers out there. Here we have a fantastic replica of the RV used in the Breaking Bad tv-series.

Not only does this build look amazing and have a good backstory – it’s actually useful as the inside is set up with multiple brewing stands.

You can set this build idea up as an alchemy lab or a potion brewing room while also taking advantage of its genuinely nice look!

20. Majestic Palace

Desert Palace in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Take a step away from castles and medieval themes and set foot into this magical palace!

The build consists of three floors and utilizes unique items like Red Sandstone blocks. A few trees growing on top of the palace and multiple banners displayed at the front add to the overall beauty of the structure. 

We recommend creating a pond at either side of the palace as this complements the entire look very well. 

Additionally, be sure to scatter multiple light sources around the premises to increase visibility.

19. Ice Kingdom

Ice Kingdom in Minecraft
Source: Grian

If you decide to take up the challenge of building this one – it’ll certainly be one of the most outrageous builds you ever do. 

Here we have a humongous ice kingdom that spans across the length of an entire mountain range!

The basic idea here is to create a mountain structure out of ice and make it habitable. 

As such, you’ll be designing different rooms and areas along with making the ice mountain. Good luck with this one!

18. Aquarium

Aquarium in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

A fantastic decoration to fit inside your house – an aquarium can really live your place up!

This is relatively straightforward to make – you’ll need some Buckets of Water, a partitioned area, and a few glass panes to separate blocks of the aquarium.

Once you’ve set the structure up, add some water, throw in a couple of fish and watch them float about!

You can also add a Sea Lantern inside the aquarium to produce a natural glow from inside the structure.

17. Statue of Uncertainty

Statue of Uncertainty in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

You might be wondering what exactly this structure is. Don’t worry – so are we.

Although we can’t really explain what this is, it’s a statue decoration that, as eerie as it is, looks wonderful. 

You can utilize this to be used as a fountain or place it at the center of your house as an art piece. Regardless of how you use it, the structure remains shrouded in mystery.

You can create this one by using a combination of Glass Blocks, Marbles, Signs, Switches, and pieces of Deepslate.

16. Forest Bridge

Wooden Forest Bridge in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Here’s a biome-specific bridge option that you can utilize in Jungle and Forested areas. 

This bridge utilizes Oak Wood, Wood Planks, hedges, Vines, and Trapdoors. 

The choice of materials used to create this one blends into the Forest/Jungle environment which makes this the perfect bridge option for these specific terrains.

The idea, however, remains the same as any other bridge. Create symmetrical pillars using Wood and connect them together with Fences. In the end, use a couple of  Wooden Planks for your flooring.

15. Villager Marketplace

Villager Marketplace in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

A villager marketplace is an essential feature you need to have in all mid/large-sized bases. 

By villager marketplace, we mean a dedicated area that contains different types of villagers (such as the Blacksmith, Fletcher, and the like). 

Not only is this a cute addition to the overall area, but it’s also extremely useful since you’ll have access to all villager types in a single location – allowing you to make trades with ease. 

14. Cursed Temple

Cursed Stone Temple in Minecraft
Source: Wifies

This one has some very eerie Temple Run vibes associated with it.

The building idea here includes a full-fledged temple with multiple floors and a creepy-looking entrance at the front. A majority of the temple will be made from Stone.

You can use this structure any way you like, but we’ve found that it’s best utilized as a mine entrance.

You can set up a cart and track system at the front of the temple which runs all the way to the bottom. This results in excellent accessibility to the structure and some insane cart rides throughout the area!

13. Automated Sugarcane Farm

Automated Sugarcane Farm in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Tired of planting and harvesting each time you want to get your hands on some crops? Here’s a neat fix!

This design features a fully automated, self-sustaining Sugarcane farm. The layout of the crop isn’t that important as long as you make sure to place a Hopper at the bottommost layer.

In this particular design, you’ll have to place the Hopper in a Minecart and make sure it moves back and forth in the area. 

Finally, a Chest or Barrel placed at the front will be used as a collection tray for your Sugarcane!

12. Flower Lamp Post

Wooden Flower Lamp Post in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

Bring your base to the life with this unique and frankly adorable-looking lamp post.

The build idea here is extremely simple as you only need a couple of Wooden Planks, Fences, Slabs, and a Lantern to successfully make this.

More importantly, be sure to add an extension of a few blocks in front of the lamp post so you can place a couple of flowers here.

11. Desert Bridge

Desert Bridge in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Here we have another bridge variant – this time for the often neglected Desert biome. 

This idea uses a mixture of Sand, Sandstones, Trap Doors, and Lanterns to create a wonderful-looking bridge. 

You can also throw in a couple of Cactuses here and there to get an even better desert vibe from the area.

We only recommend creating this one in a desert biome since it feels largely out of place in any other setting.

10. Wooden Boat

Wooden Boat in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Get ready to explore the seven seas with our next build idea.

Although this is for purely aesthetic purposes – consider making a boat or even a yacht if you have the extra resources lying around.

We’ve showcased a simple design to get you up and ready. Note that the boat itself will remain idle and cannot move.

The structure will mostly be made out of Wood and besides visual beauty – it can also be used as a storage unit for any resources that you don’t readily need. 

9. Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle in Minecraft
Source: fWhip

Here’s the first proper medieval castle we’ve showcased on this list. 

Not only does this build look absolutely mesmerizing, but you can also combine it with many of the structures we’ve mentioned here which were specifically suited for medieval-based designs.

The idea showcases multiple Banners, striking red rooftops, and a grand entrance at the front.

Since this structure is mostly made from Stone and Cobblestone, you can actually create it in your early-mid game phase. 

8. Prison

Prison (Topview) in Minecraft
Source: Wifies

This might not be the friendliest structure around – but it can actually be very useful.

Besides enjoying the feel of being a warden supervising all your prisoners – you can use this structure to lock up and contain any hostile mobs you want.

This can further be used for mob farming or even creating a hostile mob zoo!

The build idea utilizes Iron, Stone, and Chains to set up an initial structure and rooms for the prison. 

We also recommend setting up a couple of towers on either end of the prison to serve as suitable vantage points. 

7. Dungeon Room

Dungeon Room in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

The dungeon room is a hybrid between the blacksmith and weapon room. 

The design we’ve shown here, in particular, is the spitting image of this statement. It contains multiple Anvils, armor sets, and weapons/tools showcased on the walls.

Additionally, you can also set up Barrels and Chests to create some storage space for yourself.

It’ll also serve you well to set up at least one Blacksmith Villager in this room so you can trade some items whenever required. 

6. Fire Pit

Wooden Fire Pit in Minecraft
Source: IAmPixel

A minimalistic yet gorgeous-looking design – this fire pit makes for a perfect addition to your sitting area outside. 

This is extremely simple to build as it only requires a couple of pieces of Wood, Planks, Stone, and Fences to create.

The cauldron showcased in the design here is optional and purely for decorative purposes – you can choose to leave this out if you prefer. 

We recommend making small wood-based seats (or logs) close to this structure to complete the entire look of the fire pit!

5. Vault

Vault in a Mountain in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Hide all your precious materials and valuable resources with this vault design!

This build idea can serve as a perfect entrance for your treasure room. The one we’ve featured is built onto the side of a mountain but in terms of flexibility – the sky’s the limit!

You can create this anywhere and also choose between multiple designs. The main idea is to set up a large entrance with a lock system so no one can get in or out!

4. Private Islands

Private Mini-Islands Used For Farming in Minecraft
Source: disruptive builds

Once you’re done with setting up your main base, it’s a nice idea to diversify your living areas – and that’s where this next build idea comes in.

Although the ones we’ve showcased might look like farms – they’re actually mini-islands being utilized for farming!

The point here is, you can create your own artificial islands to make setups of your choice wherever you want.

In contrast, you can also go out and inhabit a ready-made island in the Minecraft world – but this comes at the cost of accessibility and travel. 

In any case, private islands can be extremely fun, and we’d definitely recommend them to anyone who’s reached the mid-game phase. 

3. Samurai Pixel Art

Double Samurai Pixel Art in Minecraft
Source: Wifies

Now, granted that this can be extremely resource-intensive, pixel art is one of the best ways of decorating your home base. 

The possibilities here are essentially endless! You can create whatever you want, wherever you want.

Here, we’ve showcased a Japanese-themed samurai statue as a reference. 

Although this can be extremely complicated to make – the atmosphere generated by this pixel art is entirely worth it.

Additionally, the main idea here is to decorate your base with pixel art. As such, use this one as a reference, get creative with your builds, and make whatever your heart desires!

2. Japanese Castle

Japanese-Themed Castle in Minecraft
Source: Cortezerino

This might sound a bit ambitious – but the number two spot on our list goes to this Japanese Castle featuring multiple buildings – each with its own unique design and characteristics.

There’s no need to mention that this build idea is extremely challenging and shouldn’t be given a thought to till the super late game.

To make this feat easier to achieve, you can try substituting some of the rarer resources used in these structures with Wood. 

Don’t forget, each building is required to have a Beacon or some other light source suspended at its top!

 1. Nether Sword Portal

Nether Portal in a Sword Design in Minecraft
Source: Goldrobin

Topping our list for the best Minecraft 1.20 build design is this insane-looking Nether Portal variant. 

This idea really pushes the boundaries as to what a structure in Minecraft can achieve. 

The sword, partially infused into the ground, feels like something completely out of this world!

The build itself is a very complex one, so you’ll need to invest a ton of resources and time into this one.

Safe to say, however, that the end product fully delivers. The purple glow alone that is emitted from the sword once the portal is set up is completely worth it!

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