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12 Best Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds 1.20

12 Best Minecraft Cherry Grove Seeds 1.20

The new Minecraft version 1.20 Trails & Tales brought many exciting new features and additions. One of its most exciting additions was the highly-anticipated new biome – Cherry Groves.

Featuring the mesmerizing new Cherry Trees, these lush biomes add beauty to the bland survival world like no other! The only downside here, however, is that it’s often difficult to find these new biomes due to the scarcity of their generation.

No need to worry on that front, though, and get ready for some sight-seeing as we bring you some of the best seeds in Minecraft 1.20 to witness the new Cherry Grove biomes!

Top 12 Cherry Grove Biome Seeds

The seeds listed here should work on both versions of the game; however, the location of key areas and structures can vary.

12. Massive Cherry Field

Plains Village hidden within Cherry Trees

Starting the list off strong, this seed delivers a mix of visual beauty and practical structures.

Right at spawn, you’’ be bombarded by hundreds of Cherry Trees stretching across all four directions. To be more precise, you spawn in a small Plains Village that generates inside a massive Cherry Grove biome. 

Located on top of a cliff, this area is the perfect spot to set up a base and prepare for what is to come. If you move over to the coordinates below, you’ll spot a Pillager Outpost that generates quite close to your spawn area. Although this structure contains valuable loot, it might be nice to gear up before taking these hostile mobs on.

Additionally, traveling straight from your starting point, you can find another Plains Village relatively close. This one, being a medium-sized Village, contains a handful of Villagers, including Farmers, and is another area that you can consider when setting up an initial base.

Besides that, you’ll have plenty of space to explore and build your structures since the nearby area is mostly mountains and plains. As an added bonus, several rare mobs, such as Bees and Horses, are roaming around these fields!

Spawn LocationPlains Village
First Plains Village + Cherry Grove-1, 120, -3
Pillager Outpost-342, 133, -7
Second Plains Village-1, 109, –335

11. Savanna Cherry Village

Cherry Trees on a hill with a Savanna Village in the background

It is an ideal seed if you want to get a small taste of what the new Cherry Grove biome features while having a good starting location. 

Your spawn area here will contain a couple of hills, trees, and plains spread across the horizon. You’ll find a Cherry Grove biome sitting atop a lonesome hill among this typical generation. This region contains a medium-sized example of the new biome and some adorable Bee mobs in a handful of the trees!

Once you’re done exploring the breathtaking cherry trees, you can go to the Savannah Village, which is generated right next to this biome. The Village generates, impartially, spread between three regions. One part rests on a hill, the other in a flat Savanna, while the last piece can be found on a small river splitting the land in half. 

This seed is especially unique since it not only contains the new Cherry Grove biome at spawn but also features one of the rarest, and arguably most beautiful variants of a Village – the Savanna. 

Spawn LocationMixed
Cherry Grove48, 110, -128
Savanna Village 128, 73, -156

10. Double Village Spawn

A Plains Village generated inside a Cherry Grove biome

If you’re looking for an ideal start to your new Survival world – try this one out.

The spawn conditions of this seed are quite favorable. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a peaceful Plains Village. Although this is relatively small, it contains an unusually large number of Villagers and features an Iron Golem!

Right next to your spawn village, you’ll find a Cherry Grove biome that stretches on a hill for several hundred blocks. This biome contains more than enough Cherry Trees to last you for all your building needs. 

Take a short walk from the spawn village towards the coordinates below, and you’ll find another Plains Village, which is larger in size. This second Village hosts a handful of Villagers, an Iron Golem, Turtles, and some Horses! 

Near this second Plains Village, you’ll also find a crater in the ground, which leads to a massive exposed cave. Although this area contains some valuable minerals you can harvest, it also features terrible mobs like the Enderman, so be wary when passing through.

Overall, the seed has some decent avenues to build an early base and get a headstart in your new Minecraft world!

Spawn LocationPlains Village
First Village-13, 102, -1
Cherry Grove-76, 103, -8 
Second Village80, 83, -186

9. Snowy Cherry Crater

Cherry Grove biome with snow-capped mountains in the background

Hands down one of the most beautiful seeds on this list, it’s a must-try if you want to explore some aesthetic scenery and enjoy a passive life.

You’ll start on a cliff with a massive Snow-capped mountain, built in the shape of a kingdom, right in front of you. This mountain has a hollow center that acts as a crater and hosts a breathtaking valley.

Here, at your spawn, you’ll find two distinct Cherry Grove biomes. The first one spawns right at your starting location and spreads across hundreds of blocks, wrapping around the Snow mountain. The second one is generated inside the valley at the center of the crater and acts as a perfect location to set up your new base. 

If you travel over to the other side of the mountain, exactly opposite your spawn location, you’ll find yet another Cherry Grove, which spreads across the horizon on the other side. All three of these biomes are quite decently sized.

Additionally, you’ll find several rare mobs, such as Bees and Goats, living peacefully around the region. An absence of hostile mobs and absolutely mesmerizing scenic locations make this seed perfect for explorers who wish to live a peaceful, relaxed Minecraft life. 

Spawn LocationCliffs
First Cherry Grove96, 131, 215
Second Cherry Grove84, 137, 418
Third Cherry Grove94, 138, 26

8. Triple Cherry Spawn

A handful of Cherry Trees on a hill

This Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales seed may look small from its size, but looks can be deceiving!

In this Minecraft world, you’ll find three Cherry Grove biomes of varying sizes. Two of these are located right next to your spawn, whereas the third one generates a small walk away from it. 

Two of these are quite decently-sized, with one being relatively small. Most of the area within this region is peaceful, with little to no aggressive mobs. One Grove does, however, lead into a cave with some Endermen, so you might want to avoid that.

You’ll find a handful of Horses, Sheep, and other interesting mobs you can domesticate when creating your base. There aren’t many structures nearby, so you’ll have plenty of room to be creative. 

The seed is mostly passive, which makes it perfect if you want to have some relaxed and laid-back gameplay with tons of creative building and a smaller emphasis on combat.

Spawn LocationPlains
First Cherry Grove-30, 138, 65
Second Cherry Grove141, 130, 33
Third Cherry Grove-283, 129, 310

7. Cherry Village Spawn

A mix between a Plains Village, Cherry Grove, and Snow-capped mountains

Combining visual beauty with a perfect start to a new survival world, this seed offers the best of both worlds!

You’ll spawn right at the center of a medium-sized Plains Village. The Village is located at the foot of a large snow-capped mountain, with parts of it being generated at the side of the mountain. 

Decorating the Village, a Cherry Grove biome wraps around the entire mountain and the village in an unusual crescent shape. You’ll find a decent number of the new Cherry Trees here, which should be more than enough to fulfill all your crafting and aesthetic needs. 

Additionally, another Plains Village hosting a few Farmers and an Iron Golem generates just a short walk away from this biome. This one impartially spawns on a cliff, with its other half dangling down to the bottom of the area. 

Lastly, you can find a second Cherry Grove biome nearby with generational patterns similar to the first one – surrounding another snow-capped mountain. 

Spawn LocationPlains Village
First Plains Village-17, 127, 14
First Cherry Grove55, 143, -104
Second Plains Village350, 120, -144
Second Cherry Grove352, 126, -375

6. Cherryville

Huge Cherry Grove biome next to an exposed Dripstone Cave

Get ready for an abundance of structures as you explore this seed. 

You’ll find 5 distinct Cherry Grove biomes spread across the horizon here from your spawn point. Adding on to these, you can also explore 2 Plains Villages that spawn in the area surrounding the Cherry Trees.

You’ll spawn deep in a Dripstone Cave. Make your way directly up from here, and as you surface, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some beautiful Cherry Trees. This first Cherry Grove biome is humongous and contains hundreds of newly added Cherry Trees. 

Once done exploring, you can move to any of the coordinates below to find two additional Cherry Grove biomes on either side of your spawn mountain. The one on your eastern side contains a small-sized biome with a Plains Village. 

The one on the western end contains another massive Cherry Grove biome, leading to a snow-capped mountain valley. Beyond this valley, you can find yet another Cherry Grove biome on top of a small hill, with a second Plains Village at the bottom of this area. 

This Plains Village is a coastal-styled one, and it also contains a Blacksmith Villager!

To top it off, you can explore one last Cherry Grove biome that spawns just a short walk from this Village. The coordinates for each of these structures and biomes are mentioned below!

Spawn LocationDripstone Cave
First Cherry Grove-62, 144, 104
Second Cherry Grove212, 137, 174
Third Cherry Grove190, 107, 362
First Plains Village441, 70, -330 
Fourth Cherry Grove476, 123, -129
Fifth Cherry Grove510, 130, -380
Second Plains Village686, 99, -468

5. Haunted Village

An Abandoned Plains Village with Cherry Trees in the background

Get ready for spooky adventures as you spawn into an Abandoned Village with this seed.

The starting area hosts a medium-sized Village with a couple of Farmers with a singular downside – they’re all Zombies! Besides hosting a beautiful fountain and terrifying mobs, this Village is surrounded by three distinct Cherry Grove biomes of varying sizes. 

The first one, spawning atop a hill north of the Village, hosts passive mobs and beautiful sights. It’s decently sized and an amazing vantage point for the area. The second and third Cherry Grove biomes are generated at the eastern and southern ends (from spawn), respectively. 

These are relatively small examples of the newly added biome but still exceptional. These also blend with certain parts of the Village, making it stand out. 

Lastly, a Ruined Portal is generated at the western end of the Village with some invaluable loot. Overall, the spawn area hosts an optimal mix of items to get you up and started for your new world! 

Spawn LocationAbandoned Village
First Cherry Grove-2, 121, 130
Second Cherry Grove-32, 84, 28
Third Cherry Grove44, 88, -49
Ruined Portal91, 66, 84
Abandoned VillageAt Spawn

4. Cherry Crater Valley

A Cherry Crater featuring a Village among Snow-capped mountains

Create the perfect secret lair hidden among some amazing Cherry Trees as you venture through this Cherry Grove seed. 

This one starts you off in a boring old Plains biome with nothing special in its vicinity – except for a humongous snow-capped mountain at the front. Looking closely, you can spot a small Cherry Grove biome hosting a handful of trees on one side of this mountain. 

This makes for quite an aesthetic scene, but it’s not what we’re highlighting here. At the top of this huge mountain, you’ll find a snow-capped Plains Village thriving at a high altitude. The Village itself is medium-sized and hosts a decent number of Villagers. 

Now, for the main attraction – right in front of this Village, there’s a breathtaking lush valley featuring hundreds of Cherry Trees. The valley generates a crater inside the snow-capped mountains, creating a mesmerizing scene in the evening. 

The Cherry Trees in this valley stretch across the horizon and are a habitat for several passive mobs. Try setting up a base at a hilltop in the Village so you can peer across the beauty of the Cherry Trees once you settle down!

Spawn LocationPlains
First Cherry Grove63, 117, 143 
Snow-Capped Plains Village95, 140, 30
Cherry Grove Valley161, 116, 36

3. Humongous Cherry Grove 

A Plains region featuring multiple Cherry Groves and a Plains Village

Next, we have a seed featuring the largest Cherry Grove biome we’ve come across yet. The generation area is quite underwhelming, with nothing but a bunch of trees around.

However, move past this and walk in the coordinates below to find the first Cherry Grove biome. This one only contains a handful of trees, so it isn’t exactly a ‘grove,’ but it leads the way to the rest of the region.

Parallel to this, you’ll find a large Plains Village featuring multiple Farmer Villagers and a Blacksmith Villager in the region’s center. This is especially useful for your early-game trading. 

The Village is surrounded by another Cherry Grove biome – this time, quite decently sized. It spreads across the boundary of the Village and acts as a beautiful addition to an otherwise bland area. 

If you move towards the entrance of the Village, you’ll also spot a Ruined Portal hidden next to some Stone blocks. This might be hard to find due to its positioning, so refer to the coordinates in the table below to find its exact location. 

Lastly, the star of this seed, if you take a short walk from the Village and follow the coordinates below, you’ll come across an absolutely humongous Cherry Grove biome. This is hands-down the largest Cherry biome we’ve seen in Minecraft 1.20. 

It contains hundreds of Cherry Trees, all spread across the horizon. The grove generates atop a small hill and features nothing but peace, as you’ll find no mobs or additional structures in the environment. This would be a perfect spot for setting up a breathtaking base!

Spawn LocationMixed
First Cherry Grove227, 97, 27
Plains Village172, 87, 103
Second Cherry Grove282, 114, 130
Ruined Portal170, 70, 55
Humongous Cherry Grove-140, 120, 334
Ruined Portal180, 76, -286

2. Scattered Cherry Village

A Snow-Plains hybrid biome with some Cherry Trees and a Village

This Scattered Cherry Village seed contains some marvelous scenes to witness at your spawn location!

Firstly, the seed doesn’t contain 1 but 3 distinct Cherry Groves! These are scattered across the entire region instead of centered around a specific location. This turns the entire area into a lush valley of beautiful Cherry Trees.

Within these scattered Cherry Groves, two Plains Villages are hidden among the trees. The first Village here is relatively small and completely abandoned. Located in a crater and surrounded by massive snow-capped mountains, it becomes. These mountains contain tons of the rare Goat mob – so that’s a sight!

The second Village, which is much larger, generates between a large Cherry Grove biome, which significantly increases its overall beauty. It also has a Blacksmith Villager to help you get off to a great start!

Lastly, you can also find a Ruined Portal featuring valuable loot, just a short walk from the second Village!

Spawn LocationMixed
First Cherry Grove41, 118, -35
Abandoned Village3, 110, 3
Second Cherry Grove16, 101, 82
Third Cherry Grove150, 100, 60
Plains Village68, 79, -155
Ruined Portal180, 76, -286

1. Scattered Cherry Village

A Cherry Grove biome with Snow-capped mountains in the background

Our best Cherry Grove seed for Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales contains some of the most insane generations we’ve ever witnessed!

To summarize, this seed contains close to 10 distinct Cherry Grove biomes, all within walking distance from one another! These biomes have varying sizes and are located right around your spawn location!

We’ve mentioned the coordinates for 6 of the best biomes found here, but you can discover even more if you keep exploring! You’ll find a mix of every size of the biome, which makes this seed perfect if you want to experience everything the new Cherry Groves offer. 

You can also find additional structures that generate near these biomes, including a Plains Village, a Ruined Portal, and a Pillager Outpost.

The Village was generated at the side of a Cherry Grove biome, on top of a snow-capped mountain. The Ruined Portal spawns in the center of a Plains field and contains some pretty decent loot! Lastly, the Pillager Outpost spawns atop a snow-capped mountain, resting at the side of yet another cherry tree!

Overall, this seed wins for the massive number of features it offers. If you want an ideal start to one of the most adventurous Minecraft journeys you’ll ever undertake – try this one out!

Spawn LocationMixed
First Cherry Grove18, 130, -21
Second Cherry Grove-291, 125, -77
Third Cherry Grove-612, 151, 170
Plains Village-469, 149, 256
Fourth Cherry Grove-478, 110, -300
Ruined Portal-251, 97, -413
Fifth Cherry Grove-210, 140, -310
Pillager Outpost-180, 150, 250
Sixth Cherry Grove104, 133, -277