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55 Best Minecraft House Ideas and Designs 1.20 (2023)

55 Best Minecraft House Ideas and Designs 1.20 (2023)

Minecraft has endless possibilities in its structural department. You can combine hundreds of different blocks, elements, and items to create the perfect house for yourself!

The limitless combinations provided to you by the game also mean that, naturally, you’d have to get creative to find unique builds. 

Having to come up with new ideas by yourself every time, however, can be hard.

There’s no need to worry, though; we’ve got you covered! Today, we’ll be compiling 55 of the best house designs and ideas for Minecraft 1.20!

We will keep this article regularly updated!

Best Minecraft House Designs & Ideas (October 2022)

For this list, we’ll be offering simple and economical, as well as complex and luxurious house design ideas.

You can go ahead and pick any of the ones you find useful according to your current situation in the game!

55. Mangrove Sanctuary

Mangrove Sanctuary in Minecraft
(Source: TheMythicalSausage)

Get off to a great start with this small yet exceptionally cozy Mangrove house. 

The build combines several different blocks, such as Oak, Dark Oak, Sculk, Cobblestones, and Birch, to provide a pretty unique outlook!

You can place this in any biome to produce a swamp-based look in the environment. The house is primarily made from Wood, making this a viable early-game build.

Consider throwing in a few Frog mobs here and there to make the place look even more lively!

54. Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This one’s perfect if you’re looking for a castle theme design. 

The one we’ve showcased here is built completely on water, but you can also position this on any type of terrain you like.

From the front, this house idea has an exceptional look. By combining plain Stone and Cobblestones, you can create your very own stronghold! 

This design leaves plenty of room for storage and further building inside. You’ll also have access to four towers on all ends of this castle, giving you a perfect view of your surroundings.

Additionally, there’s also a small courtyard and garden at the center, giving a welcoming touch to the area. 

53. Simple Wooden Shack

Simple Wooden Shack in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

There’s nothing too special about this one other than the fact that it’s the easiest and most simple layout you can have for your house. 

All you’ll need to make this one are a few blocks of Oak combined with a door, window, and torch.

With this house, you’ll basically have a small view, lighting, and a roof over your head. 

It’s not too glamorous, but it is extremely economical and gets the job done as your starter house in a survival world. 

52. Open Cobblestone House

Open Cobblestone House in Minecraft
(Source: MinecraftHUB)

This house design is fairly simple to create and has a lot of utilities to offer. 

The skin and bones of the house would be made from Cobblestones and some Wood (Oak in this case). 

The entrance features double doors with a stairway option at the side as well. 

The peculiar thing about this design is that it contains a Nether Portal embedded within the structure!

You can find this perched right next to the entrance of the house, sort of acting like a garage – but for the Nether.

You’ll also have ample space to put your items within the house – making this one a fantastic and economical option for starters. 

51. Riverside House

Riverside House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This riverside house, as expected, is built on top of a river! It looks more like a bridge than it does a house, but it’s definitely the latter.

This one is more of a mid-game structure since you’ll need a good amount of resources to cover everything. The house can primarily be built by combining different Wood types with standard and Mossy cobblestones. 

The top area (bridge side) can be used to place chests, whereas the inside can contain the crux of your house. 

You’ll also have access to a beautiful view of the river on opposite ends of the house, depending upon where you build this, so that’s an added bonus!

50. Island Resort

Island Resort in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Here you’ll actually have access to 2 separate structures. One would be your main house, whereas the other would consist of a small storage area for all your wares.

We recommend you position this structure on a beach or waterbody since that’s where you’ll get the best out of its unique design. 

The structure itself is made out of Wood, making this one an ideal option in the early game. 

The house has many open viewpoints at its front and sides, giving off a tropical-island feel from the surroundings. We recommend placing a tree right next to this to make the natural vibe even better.

You can also make a small dock area at the front of the house if you end up creating this on a waterbody. 

In the design, there’s also a small Cobblestone building at the side of the house, which is perfect for stashing any items you don’t actively need.

49. Wooden Stronghold

Wooden Stronghold in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

This wooden stronghold is brilliant for asserting dominance over anyone who dares to walk into your territory.

Made entirely from Oak and Dark Oak blocks, this house design contains multiple banners at its sides, which can be used to showcase your area.

You can also make multiple windows at the houses’ extremes to get clear views of your surroundings.

If you want this house to look even more aggressive, we recommend hoisting up a flag right at its center!

48. Medieval Wood-House

Medieval Wood-House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This one is another medieval-themed option on our list, but this time, it’s primarily made from Wood.

The unique thing about this house idea is that it contains a Horse stable connected to one of its sides. You can choose to keep this or replace it with any compartment of your choice.

Another peculiar thing about this structure is that it has fronts on all 4 sides. This means that from whichever direction you view the house, it’ll seem like the house’s front!

With respect to the interior, you can fit in 5 rooms with a generous amount of space (including the upper floor). 

Consider setting up a few Jack-O-Lanterns on the roof to get an extra creepy vibe at nightfall!

47. Early Farmhouse

Early Farmhouse in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

A perfect build for living a peaceful life, this farmhouse combines elements of Wood and Stone to make for a fantastic house design.

You can make this super early on because of the relatively easy resource requirements. Consider fencing off some of the front areas to give a more genuine look to the structure.

At the sides, you can till plots of land to grow your own crops. You can also place some Glowstone or make Torches to have a light source in the fields at night. 

The design itself consists of a Cobblestone-Wood house consisting of two floors. This one is a mid-sized house, so you should have plenty of space to set everything up.

Just remember to make arrangements such as fences to keep hungry mobs off of your precious fields!

46. Wooden Abode

Wooden Abode in Minecraft
(Source: MinecraftHUB)

Become one with nature with this mid-sized wooden base design!

To make this base, you’ll only need Wood. In fact, you can make this entire house by chopping down a mere 10-15 trees!

For the base itself, you’ll have a dedicated area to keep any animals such as Horses, Cows, and Sheep. 

At the front, you can make multiple fields to grow crops. We also recommend making a Fish pond at one of the sides as it feels like a refreshing touch to the area.

The house itself is a single-story structure, but it’s made on an incline which allows you to have room at the base of the structure. 

This empty space is fantastic for setting up a small lawn or garden – whichever you prefer!

45. Modern Marble House

Modern Marble House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This house design is a bit compact but contains a good amount of features inside.

Made primarily from Granite and Marble – the house consists of two floors containing multiple rooms. Overall, you should be able to set up storage, a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom.

To improve the layout, we’d recommend setting up a small terrace or balcony, at the very least.

Due to the stringent resource requirements, this one might not be a possibility till you are in the mid-game. However, you should definitely try it out once you can afford to.

Lastly, consider adding a few hanging lights at the front and entrance of the house as a slight finishing touch to your new modern home!

44. Nature Shrine

Nature Shrine in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

Fantastic for a peaceful break away from the unforgiving survival world – this house design combines natural beauty with artistic creation.

We recommend selecting a Meadows biome to create this one. You’ll mostly need plain and Dark Oak blocks to create this.

The structure itself is a small-sized wooden house with a windowed front (and side). You can place multiple flowers, plants, and trees to make this look even more natural!

Consider making a small pond at the front and adding in a few Glowstones across the region to get a bit of nightlight once it gets late. 

Overall, if you’re tired of massive mansions and just want to kick back in beautiful scenery – this one’s perfect for you.

43. Hybrid Mansion

Hybrid Mansion in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Next up is our first large-sized house design on this list.

This mansion consists of a mixture between Marble, Wood, and Stone. As such, you won’t be able to create this in your early game. 

The structure itself is a 4-story house, with the top floor acting as a dedicated storage unit. 

You can set up each floor with multiple rooms according to your liking, but we’d recommend having a grand library on the third floor since it looks exceptionally well!

You will, however, need to set up a number of lighting sources (which can get tricky because of its large size) to make the best out of this mansion.

There’s more than enough room inside to fit anything you want inside the structure, so there’s really no way of going wrong with this one!

42. Cave House

Cave House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

A truly peculiar design, this one will have you living at the side of a hollow cave!

The convenient thing about this design is that you don’t necessarily have to build anything. 

Just find a suitable hollow cave (we recommend something close or next to a waterbody) and begin shaping it to become your new home!

The main objective here would be to brighten the insides of the cave with a couple of light sources. You won’t need to do this for the entrance since there will be plenty of sunlight coming in from there. 

Once you’ve done that, begin placing in chests and beds, making a kitchen and a living room for yourself – and that’s about it! 

The end product looks fantastic and hardly requires any resources on your end – making this house idea ideal for your early game.

41. Wooden Penthouse

Wooden Penthouse in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

Here’s a luxurious yet surprisingly easy-to-make house design.

With this one, you’ll mainly need Oak Wood, Cobblestones, and a few Wooden Fences. 

This penthouse has a total of 10 different entrances, 5 on the front with the other 5 on the back. Additionally, each of these entrances hosts double doors!

There’s a clear skylight running through the center of the structure, which is optimal for getting in some natural light. 

There’s enough room here to create anything you want, so experiment around with the type of rooms you want to create – we’d recommend a swimming pool!

40. Maze House

Maze House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This maze house is wonderful for playing pranks on unwary players and mobs. The one we’ve showcased here is small-sized, but the sky’s the limit! 

The design consists of a small wooden house at the center, surrounded by lush green hedges acting as a maze. 

We’d recommend taking this up a notch by surrounding the entire house with multiple hedges – all except one leading to dead ends. You can even add a couple of traps to make this more dangerous!

The attractiveness of this idea doesn’t stem from the house itself but, instead, the maze feature it offers. As such, you should get as creative as possible with this portion of the design.

You can also create a couple of dummy, small-sized houses to confuse anyone courageous enough to enter this labyrinth!

39. Modern Double-Story House

Modern Double-Story House in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

This one is a double-story modern-themed house ideal for your mid-game. 

It’s mainly made from Refined Quartz and Marble, which makes it difficult to create in the early game. The basic design contains two garages at the front with a staircase entrance to the house.

You can alter the garage sides to make whatever you want. If you’re looking for suggestions, a Nether Portal looks incredible here. 

With respect to the interiors, you can easily fit in 5-6 separate rooms within this structure, so feel free to let your creative side flow when designing the insides. 

Lastly, we’d recommend setting up two balconies with glass panes at either end to make the house look even better!

38. UFO Farmhouse

UFO Farmhouse in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Next up on our list is a very strange yet interesting house design idea. 

At the crux, it’s a farmhouse surrounded by fields in a circular pattern. This shape, however, looks eerily familiar to the design UFOs leave!

The house itself is a wooden, double-story structure with glass panes on all fours to have a clear view of the fields at all times.

You’ll also have ample space to store your cattle near the edge of the fields if you follow a similar pattern to the one displayed in the picture above.

And, of course, you can always add in a couple of scarecrows and alien statues to make this place look stranger at night! Using shaders with this one makes it look even better!

37. Small Japanese House

Small Japanese House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This one is a compact Japanese-themed house design that combines several different block types to create a beautiful look.

The structure mainly mixes Spruce Wood with Quartz and open windows at its sides. If you create this one well, it almost looks like a dojo during the evenings!

The one we’ve showcased here is a single-story house, but you can create multiple sections for this design if you desire. Be sure to add a lantern on each side of the house to have enough light at night. 

Lastly, you can pair this house up with a couple of bonsai trees and plants to fit the Japanese theme even better!

36. Grand Library

Grand Library in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This Grand Library design is another hybrid mansion combining Wood and Refined Quartz to make a unique-looking three-story structure. 

At the entrance of this house design, you’ll find a small pond area. You can also revamp this to include a checkered marble path or even carpeted flooring!

There are about 15 windows on each side of this mansion, providing excellent natural light and viewpoints. We recommend putting up a light source at each of these windows to get amazing lighting at night as well.

Talking about the interior, you should easily be able to fit 10-15 mid-sized rooms within this enormous structure. 

The best thing about this house design is that it can actually be built in the early game considering its lenient resource requirements.

35. Stripped Oak House

Stripped Oak House in Minecraft
(Source: MinecraftHUB)

A perfect build for mountainous terrain, this house idea features a multi-sided wooden structure that’s extremely easy to create.

You’ll exclusively be using Wood to piece this together, which makes it pretty economical. 

The house itself is small-sized and can only host key items, but that’s more than enough for you early on.

You can make window panes on all sides to get a clear view of anything sneaking up on you.

Additionally, consider placing Lanterns or Torches on its Wood blocks to increase visibility. 

Due to its compact nature and accessibility, this would make for a perfect pit-stop house to store important items while exploring!

34. Castle of Secrets

Castle of Secrets in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This is the first underground house design we’re showcasing here, but it’s definitely an eye-opener. 

At the front, you’ll have a medium-sized castle showcasing all your glory with a flag hoisted high up in the sky. Here, you’ll have access to three interconnected towers.

The center of this castle features a small hill (you can make your own or use a naturally generated one) which is hollow and leads directly down to the actual house setup.

This design is especially cool because it allows you to experiment around with the type of area you want to build. 

We recommend that you make this one in a region already containing a hollow cave, as mining out the entire area yourself can be time-consuming.

Since this house idea only requires Stone, you can make this one fairly quickly.

33. Mountain House

Mountain House in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

Ever thought of living inside a mountain? Because we sure didn’t!

This next design really is a rare sight to see, as it’ll have you living inside an entire mountain! 

This isn’t that difficult to create, but we wouldn’t recommend setting this up for your starter house because of the difficulty associated with living in it.

Your first objective with this house design should be to create as many window panes as possible to act as skylights. 

This will allow you to have tons of natural light inside the mountain. In the case of the interiors – the decision is entirely up to you!

The advantage of this mountain house is that you can clear up a new patch of Stone every time you want to expand your house – making this idea quite versatile in its offerings.

32. Hybrid Dock House

Hybrid Dock House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Here’s another small-sized house design that’s perfect for waterbodies. 

The structure can be made from a combination of Wood, Stone, and Quartz – making it more of a mid-game build.

The entrance of the house extends straight into the waterbody, acting as a sort of docking location. This is ideal if you’re looking to create a small house close to a swamp or lake.

This design has two stories which should be more than enough to temporarily store any wares you find during your explorations.

We’d recommend adding a tall, visible flag at the top of the house to act as a rendezvous point if you ever get lost!

31. Modern House With Swimming Pool

Modern House With Swimming Pool in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

Next up on our list is another modern house that contains an entire swimming pool in its basement!

The design showcases a medium-sized house with a front as well as a side entrance. It’s a single-story with an exposed basement. 

The real showstopper here, however, is the beautiful swimming pool in the basement. Of course, this can be replaced with anything you prefer – maybe even a dungeon!

You’ll have plenty of building space with this one, and it can easily fit 4 decent rooms inside. 

The only downside with this one is that it’s almost entirely made up of Refined Quartz, which makes this more of a mid/late-game build.

30. Modern Mansion

Modern Mansion in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

Here’s our first modern-themed mansion! The structure is a triple-story house with two balconies connected to its front and back. 

You can add banners to the front of the house as shown in the image or add window panes to get more visibility – we prefer the latter.

Additionally, you can also add a third balcony on the first floor if you want to have a view of that area. This one has a single entrance at its front, but you can always make more if you feel like it.

You’ll have more than enough space to set everything up due to the massive size of the structure. 

The house, however, is entirely made from Refined Quartz combined with some Wood Fences, making this a late-game build.

29. Open View House

Open View House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Say goodbye to any privacy you might’ve wanted with this house design.

The structure is small-sized, with the possibility of extending it up to a medium-sized cottage.

The house contains massive windows on all fours, which makes it completely see-through. This gives excellent visibility at the cost of eliminating all privacy!

As a starter house, however, that trade-off is worth it. Additionally, you’ll have some free space at the top of the house after setting everything up due to its design.

This can be utilized by creating a small farm on the top or a balcony – we’d recommend the latter.

28. Underwater House

Underwater House in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

This has to be one of the most unique house designs we’ve ever seen!

With this one, you’ll have a house completely underwater! A glass window will act as the front of this design – giving you a clear view of the ocean. 

In fact, you can extend this glass-based body to all four sides of the house if you feel like it. 

The entrance to this structure is made at the top with the help of a trap door, allowing easy access. Consider scattering light sources across the water body you make this in to get clear visibility during the night.

Although this one isn’t hard to make since it doesn’t have any stringent resource requirements, we wouldn’t recommend this as a starter house design.

27. Circular Basement House

Circular Basement House in Minecraft
(Source: MinecraftHUB)

Another peculiar house design, to say the least, this one is based completely underground.

The design has multiple window panes in a circular pattern acting as a skylight. 

Additionally, the house is completely crafted from Wood, making this optimal for a starter house.

You can add a few bushes and trees at the surface to give this a more natural look. Furthermore, you could hide it under some brush to make it a secret lair for yourself!

The house design also includes a Nether Portal inside, which you can choose to create or drop according to your preference.

Since this is a basement house, you’ll be able to expand the area whenever you want, making this a pretty versatile build.

26. Wizard’s House

Wizard’s House in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

Give your abode a spooky touch with this wizard design. 

This house is medium-sized and has two floors in this design, although you could extend it to add another floor if required.

It’s made completely out of Wood, so you can easily source all resources required to build this.

We’d recommend hanging at least one lantern at the front of the house since this really livens the structure up.

Additionally, you can consider adding a Beacon item at the top of the structure to further increase its mysteriousness – especially during the night! 

Doing so can also help you locate the house if you get lost around the map.

25. Psyduck House

Psyduck House in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

This one is for all of our Pokemon fans here. This interesting house design showcases the Psyduck Pokemon in all its glory!

The mouth of the creature serves as the entrance of the house while two combinations of four glass panes act as its eyes – also providing you with visibility.

The structure itself is medium in size and is mostly made from dyed Wool and Wood. 

Although it doesn’t have much to offer in terms of utility, it’s still incredible to look at and would make a brilliant addition to your Minecraft world. 

24. Tavern

Tavern in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

We apologize for the simple name, but it’s perfectly fitting for this house design which will have you living in a tavern-theme building made completely out of Wood!

This structure is made out of an incredible four floors, making it one of the biggest house design ideas on this list!

With that much space, you can practically put in anything you want without ever running out of space. We recommend building a brick chimney to liven up the place.

Additionally, you can make use of the incredible height of this structure by adding a rooftop – allowing you to peer out to watch beautiful starry nights of the Minecraft world.

23. A Fisherman’s Dream

A Fisherman’s Dream in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Here’s a house design idea for all of our Minecraft fishing fanatics. 

This Wooden house is set up next to any water body, no matter how small or large. The design contains a dock area for your boat, a small house connected to the sea, and a dedicated fishing area.

You can also make a small balcony on top of the house if you ever feel like reeling in a couple of fish from your house!

The dock area is pretty well-lit, with multiple Lanterns. You can also use Glowstones or simple Torches instead of these to make the structure less resource-intensive. 

22. Overgrown Cottage

Overgrown Cottage in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

A heartwarming house design – this one really will have you saying home sweet home.

This combines pure Wood blocks with Oak and some shrubs to create an incredibly welcoming countryside home.

The structure is medium-sized and can easily be made in the early game. Additionally, you can create fields of crops around the house to grow your own kitchen garden – these actually fit in with the house very well.

We also recommend adding a small chimney to liven the place up. 

21. Simple Treehouse

Simple Treehouse in Minecraft
(Source: Mr Mirror)

A unique and incredibly easy house design to implement – this treehouse base will have you up and running in no time.

All you need is a decent-sized tree, blocks of Wood, and some fences. 

You can choose your own design or follow the one we’ve showcased here, which will have you make a small staircase leading up to the tree.

Then, you can add in a few blocks of Wood and fence around it to make your very own tree house!

Consider placing a few lanterns or torches and some decorations to make the place look more lively!

20. Mountainside Mansion

Mountainside Mansion in Minecraft
(Source: disruptive builds)

Imagine having a mansion suspended at the side of an enormous mountain. Well, that’s exactly what this house design offers.

Since this is mostly made out of Wood, you only have to find a suitable mountain to make the build on. This makes the design quite easy to make use of.

Consider adding a small ladder or even making your own elevator at the bottom to make the house more accessible. 

You can also throw in a couple of window panes at the front to get a gorgeous view of your surroundings from high up. 

Lastly, you’re technically at the side of a mountain, so you’ll have as much area as you want for future expansions – making this design pretty flexible.

19. Traditional House

Traditional House in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

Here’s a massive 3-floor (excluding attic) traditional house design that’s fairly easy and simple to make.

The house combines pieces of Stone, Wood, and a few Fences to deliver a simple yet stylish look. 

You can fit everything you’ll ever need in here, so this is more of a settling-in house rather than a pit stop while you’re exploring. 

We recommend combining multiple glass panes at the front and sides of the house to allow some natural light in. Other than that, the interior layout is all on you!

18. Traditional Farmhouse

Traditional Farmhouse in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

Another quick and easy build to make, this farmhouse hosts an entire floor dedicated to raising your farm animals.

The structure itself has two floors in total, with the upper level set out for you. 

This one isn’t too peculiar, just a simple structure made completely out of Wood – which makes this excellent for a starter house. 

You can also till a few plots of land at the front and sides to start farming!

17. Wooden Shack

Wooden Shack in Minecraft
(Source: RefrigeratorHeavy668)

Similar to the cottage, this is another beautiful design addition to our list that you can easily incorporate into any Minecraft world.

It’s extremely easy to make and primarily requires Wood – making this optimal for a starter house. 

We recommend constructing this one close to a water body since the blue shade on the house goes very well with the water. 

Additionally, you can consider adding a few lanterns or Jack O’ Lanterns around the front of the house to spice things up!

16. Bakers House

Bakers House in Minecraft
(Source: Pootis835)

This next one is a simple but sweet little home that oddly resembles a bakery. It’s a single-story house completely made out of Wood.  

The design includes a chimney, a balcony, and a small clearing beneath the building. This would be a perfect place to set up your very own kitchen garden!

You can also grow a couple of flowers around the house to make it even more beautiful. Better yet, try to construct it in a Meadows biome if that’s a possibility. 

15. Twin House

Twin House in Minecraft
(Source: Greg Builds)

Next up is this twin house idea which is perfect if you’re looking to share a home with a friend. 

The design includes a single entrance that branches off to opposite ends of the house, both containing separate and identical rooms.

The house itself only has one floor but extends generously to the back, which will allow you to have more than enough space to settle everything in. 

This one is made from a combination of Refined Quartz, Wood, and Stone, so it might not be the best option for the early game.

We also recommend adding additional window panes to the structure to improve the lighting quality inside!

14. Small Stone House

Small Stone House in Minecraft
(Source: BlueNerd Minecraft)

Here we have a mid-sized house design primarily made out of Stone with a touch of Wood. 

It’s a 2-floor house that has a dedicated kitchen area and chimney at the top. This would make for a perfect starter house because of its utility and easy creation process.

The structure itself is big enough to fit 4 decent-sized rooms, which should be more than enough to cover all your initial items.

Additionally, the style of the structure goes very well with any terrain. Although, we’d recommend creating this in a Plains biome and putting down some plants at the entrance to make it seem more natural.

13. Classic Cabin

Classic Cabin in Minecraft
(Source: LadyBugTheOctoling)

The textbook definition of a cabin, this one is perfect if you’re looking to create a vacation home away from your main area of stay.

It’s 100% made out of Oak which makes this one of the easiest structures to make on this list. Additionally, you can tweak the materials and their positioning according to your liking.

The structure has 2-floors and an attic to help you store all your items without cluttering up your interior. 

We recommend adding additional windows to this design and maybe even setting up a Fish pond and a cattle area to liven the place up!

12. Campside Abode

Campside Abode in Minecraft
(Source: Gorillo)

Possibly the smallest house idea we have on this list, this camp-side house is extremely useful in survival situations.

This one is more of a temporary housing unit for when you’re exploring treacherous biomes like the Jungle or Swamp. 

It also happens to be the least resource-intensive option here, as it only requires a couple of blocks of Wood to craft.

The main purpose of this is to provide you with a safe haven to gear up before heading out. In the design, you have access to a Furnace, Crafting Table, and other important utility blocks.

You can tinker around with the items to place within this according to your requirements, but we wouldn’t recommend using up too many resources on crafting this one. It is, after all, just a temporary resting place!

11. Medium Brickhouse

Medium Brickhouse in Minecraft
(Source: Woody4859)

A relatively easy-to-make and stunning house design – this mid-sized brick house will have you in awe during the evenings.

You’ll have access to 2-floors with 4 decent-sized rooms spread across opposite ends of the house. Since this is primarily made from Wood and Brick, it’d make for an ideal starter home.

The design also includes a good amount of window panes which will allow natural light in and increase your visibility. 

You can always place a few hanging lights on the front to make this house look even more special. 

Additionally, a small garden at the side and a couple of crops at the front can be an excellent idea for both utility and beauty.

10. Victorian House

Victorian House in Minecraft
(Source: BlueNerd Minecraft)

This idea perfectly mimics the classic tower structure of houses of the Victorian era – and it looks pretty cool!

This is a bit of a late-game build since it requires resources such as Marble, Refined Quartz, and Andesite to fully build. 

The house is pretty large in size and boasts a total of the 3-floors worth of room – enough to carry all your items and then some!

To get the best out of this house design, consider hanging 2-3 lanterns on each side of the house. 

We also recommend clearing a small plot of land next to the house and setting up a flower garden here to really enhance the overall beauty of the structure!

9. See-Through Mansion

See-Through Mansion in Minecraft
(Source: ItsMarloe)

Here’s a new take on the average mansion design by making a see-through front!

This design showcases a 4-floor modern mansion with most of its front and back covered with glass panes – making it almost entirely see-through.

This provides you with excellent visibility and fantastic vantage points at the cost of your privacy. 

In terms of materials, the mansion is mostly built out of Wood and Refined Quartz – making this a viable design for your mid-game.

This design, however, lacks light sources for the mansion. As such, we’d recommend setting up a few Lanterns, Torches, and Glowstones around the area.

8. Pirate House

Pirate House in Minecraft
(Source: DiddiHD)

Peer out to the Seven Seas with this pirate house design.

This design is completely made on water which is perfect if you’re situated near a water body. A small dock area at the front acts as a pathway toward your house.

If preferred, you can also build a Wooden path over the water leading directly to your house. The structure is entirely made out of Wood which makes it very economical. 

Regardless, we wouldn’t recommend using this one as a starter base since being situated on top of a water body hinders overall accessibility.

7. Small Modern House

Small Modern House in Minecraft
(Source: SnooBooks748)

Most of the modern houses we’ve shown in the list have been massive in size, so here’s a more economical option.

This design includes a 2-story modern house built from a mixture of Wood and Marble. 

Even though these aren’t the easiest resources to come across, the relatively small size makes this a viable option for a starter house!

You’ll also find a small swimming pool included in the idea at the front of the house. This can be replaced with a lush green lawn, flower garden, or any other items you prefer!

The lighting in this design is pretty well-done, which is excellent for visibility – especially during the night.

Although, you can consider adding a few more skylights to get some more natural light into the structure.

6. Red Brick Cottage

Red Brick Cottage in Minecraft
(Source: BigTonyMC)

Give your world a once-upon-a-time feeling with this red brick cottage that seems like it came straight out of a storybook!

This house design includes 3 separate sections, each of which can fit 2 rooms at least. 

You’ll also have access to a small tower which, coincidentally, makes this house look a little like a Witch Hut structure!

The structure itself is more of a mid-game build idea since it’ll require you to collect a reasonable amount of Brick and Stone to fully construct. 

We’d also recommend creating a chimney at the top and setting up a small kitchen garden near the side to make the house look even better!

5. Wooden Survival House

Wooden Survival House in Minecraft
(Source: Heyimrobby)

Made entirely out of Wood, this house idea is perfect for survival enthusiasts who need a readily accessible house while remaining economical.

This one will be perfect as a starter house as it’s fairly simple to create, and you can even substitute some of its crafting requirements with one another. 

The design includes tons of window panes for increased visibility and a large entrance at the front. 

The house is a 2-floor building, allowing you to fit in 5 rooms with ease. 

The only element this design lacks are dedicated farming/garden areas, so feel free to add them in if required!

4. Ultimate Japanese Mansion

Ultimate Japanese Mansion in Minecraft
(Source: SheepGG)

Coming up is one of the most unique house designs you’ll find in Minecraft.

A towering, 6-floored Japanese house with incredible visuals and complexity. This one is only recommended for late-game veterans due to its stringent resource requirements and difficult architecture.

Nevertheless, if you end up following this design correctly, you’ll be left with one of the most beautiful houses you can possibly make in Minecraft. 

The design includes tons of lights and space for visibility, so you won’t really have to edit much in that regard.

You can always add your own decorations and expansions to make the design feel more like your own. 

3. King’s Castle

King’s Castle in Minecraft
(Source: thegiukiller2)

This house design is perfect for claiming your territory across the Minecraft world. 

The idea with this one is that you’ll be living in a full-fledged castle with a bridge leading towards two enormous towers as the entrance. 

This will then lead to your house area, which extends upwards by a whopping 4 floors! 

The best thing about this build is that, unlike ones similar to it, this castle is made from a combination of Wood and Stone. 

This feature will allow you to build the structure in your mid or even early-game!

If you want, you can hoist up a flag from the center of the castle to raise the aesthetics of your already mind-blowing castle!

2. Modern Penthouse

Modern Penthouse in Minecraft
(Source: CrafTonishing)

This modern penthouse design idea will have you shaken with the luxury it offers. 

Combining blocks like Marble, Refined Quartz, Andesite, Diorite, Wood, and an assortment of Stone types – it’s no wonder that this structure is exclusively for the late-game.

This design includes a swimming pool, lawn, garden, and multiple flower patches on the outside alone!

In the case of the interior, you’ll have access to 2-floors, but don’t be fooled by that. Each of these floors is massive and can fit anything you throw in them!

This house idea is already very well-designed, but you can always mix things up a bit by changing the material used in the structure or making additions such as a greenhouse or more skylights!

1. Mega Mansion

Mega Mansion in Minecraft
(Source: Cubeflash)

Topping our list for the best house design ideas of Minecraft 1.20 is this lavish modern mega mansion that is absolutely stunning.

It contains 4 different sections, each consisting of separate unique rooms. We really don’t have to mention that this one is solely for veteran builders.

The mansion’s design contains multiple swimming pools, clear glass windows, multiple entrances, skylights, and much more!

This structure is mainly made from Wood, Diorite, Refined Quartz, and Marble. Of course, if it feels too modern, you can consider adding in a bit more Oak to get the job done.

The only thing lacking in this build is a dedicated garden which isn’t too big of an issue since you can always set one up for yourself.

The mansion is enormous, and it would be near impossible to ever run out of space with this one.

We recommend hanging a few Lanterns all over the structure to increase its visibility and lighting during the night. Other than that, this house is absolutely perfect!

If you think we missed any house design or idea or have suggestions regarding the utilization of the ones mentioned on this list, feel free to comment down below!

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