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15 Best Minecraft Island Seeds 1.20

15 Best Minecraft Island Seeds 1.20

Each new Minecraft world provides you with a newer set of limitless possibilities and structures to encounter. 

Although this is great for a new gameplay journey each time you set out for one, it also means that coming across specific regions and structures can be very tricky. 

One of the best sights a Minecraft player can see within their world is an isolated island, just waiting to be claimed and explored. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

Today we’ll be covering some of the most amazing Minecraft Island seeds you can readily play in the latest (1.20) version of the game. 

Some seeds may work with both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game; however, the location of key areas and structures can vary.

So, get ready to utilize limited resources to survive and thrive in these island worlds!

15. Destroyed Savannah Island (Java Edition)

Savannah Island
Spawn Biome:Savannah Island
First Ocean Monument:212, 59, 184
Second Ocean Monument:-330, 54, -271
Third Ocean Monument:-334, 58, 114

We’ll start this list off with one of the most unique and mysterious Islands we’ve discovered so far. The Island itself is a Windswept Savannah, but it’s much more than that!

Somehow, the game messes up some of the generations of terrain in this seed when it creates the world. This causes the Island to generate in an impartial way. You can find huge chunks of blocks and material floating high up in the sky!

Massive arches can be seen on the Island with plenty of irregular patterns all over. It can give a very spooky vibe at night time!

The Island itself is small-sized, which makes exploration easier. It also has a deep and exposed underground cave system which makes for a great place to expedite in. 

Lastly, you can find three separate Ocean Monument structures scattered across different parts of the Island.

14. Shipwrecked Village Island (Java & Bedrock)

Taiga Island (Topview)
Spawn Biome:Mixed Island

This seed features another amazing Island filled with content to see. It features a mix of beach and forest areas with a large number of trees growing at the center of the Island.

The Island is pretty small sized, which makes it very easy to find all the structures and explorable areas contained within it.

The Forest also allows you to collect tons of early game resources, allowing you to have a great start. This is complemented by the Village you’ll find thriving on the far end of the Island. You can quickly set up base here among the Villagers and trade with them to eventually gear up.

Opposite this Village, you’ll also find a Shipwreck structure perched on the beach. Both of these structures are extremely close to one another. 

We’d like to believe that this Shipwreck belongs to the Villagers who were once sailors and had to set up camp on this Island after crashing. Let us know your theories in the comments below!

Owing to the small size of the Island, you won’t need to depend upon any coordinates to find these, as they’ll both always be just a few blocks away!

13. Huge Forested Island (Bedrock Edition)

Island With Taiga Forest
Spawn Biome:Forested Island
Birch Forest:Map Center
Taiga Forest:Entire South Side
Regular Forest:Entire West Side
Dark Forest:Entire East Side

A lumberjack’s paradise – this next seed spawns you on a large Island filled to the brim with trees. It contains a mix of several different forest biomes containing a lot of trees – some even mixing one tree type with another!

The large size of the Island also means that you’ll have a ton of building space and more than ample space to set everything up. Plus, you’ll have access to a ton of different wood types, allowing you to decorate your abode quite beautifully!

For specifics, the entire west side of the Island is covered by a regular Forest. The south, on the other hand, features a Taiga Forest. 

On the east side, you’ll find a Dark Forest mixed with some Mushroom Trees. Finally, a Birch Forest can also be found located in the exact center of the Island. That’s four forests present on the same Island!

12. Peaceful Meadow Island (Java & Bedrock)

Island With Meadow Biome
Spawn Biome:Plains & Beach

This next seed features a calm Island filled with peace and tranquility. Absent all hostile mobs, over-the-top features, and underground cave systems – this Island makes for the perfect place to enjoy the true beauty of Minecraft.

After loading this seed in, you’ll find yourself exploring a small-sized Island that is, on one of its halves, a beach, and on the other, a beautiful plains and meadows area. Beautiful flowers and lush trees cover the Plains half of the beach, making this the perfect spot to set up your minimalistic house for this world. 

The evenings on this Island host an absolutely mesmerizing scene with rays of the Golden Sun illuminating all corners of your map. You’ll quickly realize that this area has a very welcoming and warm feeling associated with it.

This one is undoubtedly perfect for all the fans looking for a breathtaking escape into nature!

11. Dark Forest With A Dark Secret (Bedrock Edition)

Island With Ruined Portal
Spawn Biome:Dark Forest Island
Ocean Monument:297, 37, 197
Underwater Ruined Portal:315, 27, 221

Forgive us for the edgy name – but it holds true! This seed spawns you on an island overtaken by a massive Dark Forest biome. In fact, about 80% of the land on this Island is completely covered by the Dark Forest trees! Safe to say, you won’t be running out of wood-based materials any time soon with this one.

Venturing into this Forest during nighttime is extremely fun as not knowing what you’re exploring gives off a genuinely scary look.

Apart from the Forest, you can find an Ocean Monument within the seed as well. If you look closely enough, you’ll also come across an underwater Ruined Portal!

Finding normal Ruined Portals is pretty rare, let alone one that is completely submerged in the water. The chest next to this portal will also give you a head start in your new life on this Island!

10. Colossus Island (Java Edition)

Mixed Island (Frontview)
Spawn Biome:Plains Island
Exposed Cave:At Spawn

Have you ever seen a massive mountain Island shooting straight out of an Ocean biome in the middle of nowhere? Well, you’re about to.

You’ll be spawned in front of a massive inverted “U” shaped Island erupted from the Ocean surface. The Island itself is small-sized with lots of trees at its top.

There are several different varieties of trees present at the top of this mountainous Island, including Oak, Taiga, and Mushroom trees! 

There’s also a small flat patch of blocks right next to the Island, which makes for the perfect spot to build up a small resort before heading on to exploring the rest of this area.

The real showstopper here, however, is the huge opening at the front of the Island leading to an exposed cave.

You can go ahead and explore this after setting up camp outside!

9. Villager Island (Java Edition)

Island With A Village
Spawn Biome:Island Beach
Plains Village:47, 60, 74

A perfect seed to experience a self-sustaining villager life in Minecraft – this one spawns you on the beachside of a medium-sized Island.

The Island is separated into three portions – sand, stone, and grass. There’s a good amount of trees present on the grass side, and the overall abundance of resources is balanced out pretty well.

The main attraction for this Island, however, is the Plains Village situated close to spawn. This Village generates on the Ocean surface, with only three of its buildings on the mainland. It hosts a good population of Villagers and houses, which means more loot for you to plunder!

The Village also has 2 Churches – which is a bit unusual. Nevertheless, the Island provides a great opportunity to find a village right at spawn to get you up and going. 

Once you have everything you need, you can venture into the small Forest on the far end of the Island to find some treasures!

8. Miniature Birch Island (Java & Bedrock)

Island With Birch Forest
Spawn Biome:Birch Island
Ocean Monument:-175, 47, 200

This happens to be one of the smallest Islands we’ve seen so far. You’ll be spawned right next to a small Island that is tiny enough to even be considered a clearing! It contains several Birch Trees, which you can cut to get started with your early game tools.

The ground here is mostly flat, so it works in your favor for building structures. There aren’t any massive caves or unique structures littered on the Island land. There is, however, an Ocean Monument very close by, which you can raid once you’re in the position to do so.

This seed might sound a little dull, but the real challenge here is to survive. Considering the minimal amount of resources you’re provided with – surviving and thriving here would actually be much more difficult than on a medium-large sized Island.

If you’re up for a hard game on a survival Island with constricted access to resources – try this one out.

7. Double Jungle Islands (Bedrock Edition)

Double Jungles On Island (Topview)
Spawn Biome:Jungle Island
Desert Temple:147, 70, 28

This Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed will spawn you at the heart of a Jungle Island. Quite an ordinary seed, right? What if we told you that there’s another Island right next to you, separated only by 4-5 blocks of water!

That’s right, this seed features two Islands generated practically next to each other. Both of these are Jungle Islands filled with lush trees and mobs that come with them. The Island situated on the east is quite peculiar in particular as it’s actually a Bamboo-Jungle! 

What makes this most special, however, is the Desert Temple that is generated right at the edge of the Jungle boundary. The chests contained within this Desert Temple have pretty generous loot, considering how easy it is to locate it.

This can help you get off to an excellent start in your new Island life!

6. Allay Island (Java & Bedrock)

Island With Outpost & Allay Cage
Spawn Biome:Plains Island
Pillager Outpost:75, 84, 35
Allay Cage:72, 85, 32

The Allay Island seed will spawn you on a small-sized Plains Island with a hill right in front of you. This one is a bit challenging, though – so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Island has very limited resources to set you up. You’ll find a few trees scattered here and there, but that’s about it for a start.  There’s a little ravine nearby that leads to an underground cave with some Lava and Water flowing out of it. You can mine here to find some resources for better tools.

The main point of this Island, however, is perched up on top of the hill that we mentioned at the start. This small hill contains a Pillager Outpost on top of it.

The Outpost also hosts an Allay Cage next to it. This means that if you manage to overthrow the Pillagers, you can save the new Allay mob right at spawn!

5. Island Resort (Java & Bedrock)

Island With Waterhole Center
Spawn Biome:Birch Island
Exposed Cave:Map Center

This is another beautiful seed that spawns you on an Island in the middle of a Lukewarm Ocean biome. You’ll find yourself on a majority Plains medium-sized Island filled with greenery all around.

The Island has a good number of trees, with most of them being Birch. There aren’t any special structures for you to explore in this one, but this next part certainly makes up for that.

Right at the center of the Island is an exposed cave filled with water which sort of acts like an amazing diving spot, making this area a perfect resort for multiplayer fun!

If you ever get bored with your peaceful life on this Island, you can always go further into this cave to explore the depths of what this area really has in store!

4. Destroyed Village Island (Java & Bedrock)

Windswept Island
Spawn Biome:Windswept Island
Plains Village:At Spawn Location
Ocean Monument:67, 51, -175

Here’s another interesting but rather mysterious Minecraft 1.20 seed for you. You’ll notice the irregularities in this one as soon as you spawn. The seed itself features a medium-sized Windswept Island that has a huge number of chunks completely missing!

What’s even more interesting is that this Island is home to a Plains Village, which is also very flunky in its generation.

The Village is scattered all over the place, with some of its buildings generating on one end and the others in a completely different area. Some of the inhabitants here include Farmer Villagers, which will surely help you in early game trading.

The paths made within this Village reach all the way to the top of a hill on the Island! If reading about it sounds confusing, imagine what it would be like to actually see it!

The seed also features an Ocean Monument that generates slightly northward from the Island, which is always good for some extra exploration possibilities!

3. Lush Cave Island (Java & Bedrock)

Island With Exposed Cave
Spawn Biome:Birch Forest
Lush Cave:-47, -24, 30

This Minecraft 1.20 seed looks very ordinary when you spawn, but wait it out! You’ll start on an Island in the middle of the Ocean with nothing except another tiny Island in the distance. 

The main Island (your spawn) features a Birch Forest, a side filled with stony rocks/gravel, and another end with a beach. You’ll also find a couple of Turtle mobs roaming around here and there. 

The actual attraction to this Island seed is a massive exposed cave located close to its center. This is in the form of a hole in the ground which essentially leads to pitch-black darkness.

Once you venture in, however, you’ll find that this exposed opening is actually an entrance to an enormous Lush Cave biome! This cave is filled with tons of precious resources and minerals that’ll help you get off to an amazing start for your new Island life.

2. Hybrid Island (Java & Bedrock)

Stony Rocks & Savannah Island
Spawn Biome:Mixed Island
Pillager Outpost:290, 73,140
Savannah Village:328, 67, 184

A truly exceptional seed – the Hybrid Island is. It spawns you in the middle of a medium-sized Island with a ton of features to explore!

The Island is a hybrid between gravel, sand, and savannah. The gravel and sand portions are relatively boring, with not much to uncover. The savannah side, however, is a whole other story.

While exploring the savannah side of the Island, you’ll quickly come across a Pillager Outpost, situated right next to a Savannah Village! It seems that these Pillagers have overtaken the Village and are ruling over the innocent residents. 

This Minecraft 1.20 Island seed is completely packed with action as you’ll have to overthrow this Outpost before moving on to anything else since it’s located right at the center of the Island!

You’ll also have the feeling of an emerging hero once you free the poor villagers from the Pillagers – so that’s an added bonus!

Once you’ve avenged these Villagers, you can move on to creating your base here and trading with your newfound friends for your new Island life!

1. Mansion Island (Java & Bedrock)

Island With Woodland Mansion
Spawn Biome:Forest
First Shipwreck:122, 50, 57
Ocean Monument:50, 56, -212
Woodland Mansion:75, 67, 40
Second Shipwreck:177, 65, -340

This Mansion Island seed is our best Minecraft 1.20 Island seed and probably the most packed Island seed out there. You’ll find a ton of things to explore all near the spawn area.

Once you load in, you’ll be placed in a normal forest with a bunch of trees here and there. This works well for you to stack up on some wood. 

The signature item on the agenda here, however, is not this Forest. Once you reach the far end of the Island, you’ll come across a massive Woodland Mansion just sitting there! It’s incredibly rare to find a Mansion on an Island of this size, so consider yourself lucky! 

The Mansion generates at the edge of the Island, with a majority floating on top of the Ocean surface. It contains multiple rooms with treasure chests for you to loot. Once you’re done with the Mansion, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s also a small Shipwreck near this Mansion containing additional treasure!

But that’s not all, slightly further ahead, you’ll also find an Ocean Monument! To top it all off, you’ll find another Shipwreck near the spawn area. This Shipwreck is located right next to a few flat blocks of grass, which makes it look like the ship is actually anchored down rather than being broken.