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12 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds 1.19 (2022)

12 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds 1.19 (2022)

The very second you click on that ‘Create World’ button located on the World Menu of Minecraft, the game welcomes you to its diverse, beautiful, and limitless world.

To truly appreciate the vastness and beauty of Minecraft, you need to explore some of its Jungle biomes!

Are you someone who loves to reconnoiter Jungles and Forests? Painted lush green and brown with a diverse array of mobs – Jungle biomes truly are magnificent.

To help you pick out the best this biome has to offer – today, we’ll be covering 12 of the best Minecraft Jungle seeds (compatible with version 1.19) for you. 

Top 12 Minecraft Jungle Seeds

These seeds will work with both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game.

However, the exact location of structures can vary within the game edition. If you don’t know how to use seeds, check this post out!

12. Extreme Jungle With Temple Spawn

Large Jungle Biome in Minecraft 1.19

Typically, it takes a good amount of time to come across Temple structures since they’re a rare occurrence. Jungle Temples, on the other hand, are even more scarce!

Now, what if we told you there was a seed that spawns you right on top of a Jungle Temple?

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is definitely a blessing for players who wouldn’t want to waste much time exploring around. 

The second you click on the ‘Create World’ and go through the loading screen, you’ll find yourself standing on top of a Jungle Temple with a forested area surrounding you on all fours.

Once you’re done exploring the Jungle and its Temple for an origin, you can set out towards the right coordinates and even come across an Outpost Village right next to an eroded Badlands biome. 

Spawn BiomeSpruce Jungle
Jungle TempleOn Spawn Location
Outpost Village -1060, 86, 266

11. Bamboo-Badlands

Minecraft Jungle With Vines

Truly magical, this seed spawns you very close to a crater, where its towering walls are divided into two wooded halves. 

One half consists of a Badland biome blending in with a Bamboo Jungle. The other half is a Tree jungle that creates a truly sublime orange-green sensation. 

On the outside of the crater is the dusty and mountainous Badlands biome.

However, on the other side, a lush green Bamboo Jungle runs along a river and a small beach – giving this seed an even more distinguished look.

The inside of the crater is mostly a Bamboo Jungle full of Pandas and other mobs, which gives it a very refreshing and natural look. 

The Badland side, however, is pretty barren apart from a few mobs and distinguishable blocks here and there on the surface. 

Inside the crater, on the Badland section, there’s also a water-hole with a secret entrance to a massive and complex cave system all set and ready to explore!

Other than that, you can always opt to relax in the calming atmosphere of the Bamboo Jungle itself. 

Spawn BiomeDesert & Badlands
Secret Cave179, -8, -147

10. Jungle Mountain & Bamboo Valley 

Minecraft Jungle Biome With Mountains

This seed spawns you into a glorious mountain range with the Jungle biome left, right, and center.

The slopes of these cliffs are jam-packed with evergreen forests and deep caves bustling with mobs making a really divine ecosystem. 

Among these packed Jungles, you can find numerous Jungle Temples with valuable treasures within! 

Each of these is worth investigating if you want to obtain some high-level loot early on.

If you thought that the Bamboo Badlands seed was awesome, you’re in for a ride with this one. 

As you explore this Minecraft 1.19 seed further, you’ll find a valley filled to the brim with bamboo and trees, creating an elegant, lush green environment that looks like it came out of an award-winning movie.

Spawn Biome Forested Mountain Range
Bamboo Valley-34, 152, 545

9. Oak Bowl Jungle

Minecraft Jungle Valley

Just as the name suggests, this seed drops you into a world that harbors one of the best forests nearby – inside a ‘bowl’ formation.

Situated inside a circular range of snowy cliffs, this Dark Oak Forest is abundant in resources and is truly a sight to see.

Outside the Dark Oak Bowl are ice-capped mountains that add to the dramatic view; we wouldn’t hesitate to build a mansion on top of them or in the bowl itself!

That’s not all, as below the Dark Oak Forest lurks a large dripstone cave perfect for building your secret lair or just expediting in to find some good resources!

Spawn BiomeMountains
The Dark Oak Bowl102, 171, -145

8. Bamboo Jungle Survival Island

Minecraft Bamboo Jungle

This seed is for all the survivalists out there!

The spawn point is located on a miniature Bamboo Forest Jungle that Pandas and Parrots only inhabit, and soon – you!

A large sea surrounds the tiny Island, and no mainland can be seen in view.

Regardless, you won’t be alone as nearby your small Island abode is another minuscule Jungle Biome island.

You can offer this to a friend if you’re playing in Multiplayer or use it to expand your base otherwise.

Spawn BiomeBamboo Island

7. Sparse Jungle & Diverse Badlands 

Minecraft Sparse Jungles

This one will spawn you in a swamp where you’ll be greeted by many of the new Frog mobs!

As such, this seed is perfect if you want to experience this mob, along with a jungle biome, right away!

Next to this swamp looms a sparse Jungle which you can make use of to fulfill your crafting and building needs.

But the woods aren’t what this Jungle is only known for. While venturing into this, you’ll quickly find neighboring Badlands and Desert biomes!

These Badlands and the Desert have a lot of structures for you to explore, such as a Desert Village as well as a Desert Temple!

The treasure room within this Temple features chests containing valuable loot. Nearby, you can also find a Ruined Portal to help with your Nether exploring adventures.

Spawn BiomeSwamp
Village + Temple + Ruined Portal 379, 73, -454

6. Jungle With Multiple Biomes

Minecraft Jungle With Multiple Biomes

Everyone loves to find themselves in a Minecraft world with multiple biomes conjoining each other – all ready for exploration!

This next seed perfectly fits that description as it spawns you in a Jungle with many Biomes connected to its boundaries, all short distances away from the spawn point. 

You can find Badlands, Deserts, Savannah, and Mangrove biomes on one side of the Jungle with hills and a beautiful snow biome on the other.

If you find yourself in need of different types of woods, this Minecraft 1.19 seed contains all the types of forests in the game.  

You’ll also come across plenty of structures like Ice Caps and Villages and all forms of Oceans on each side of the Jungle.

Spawn BiomeSavannah
Acacia/Savannah Village-872, 63, -328

5. Jungle Mansion, Mineshaft & Ancient City Cave 

Minecraft Jungle Biome With Underground Cave

One of the best seeds for exploration, this one spawns you in a diverse Jungle.

You’ll get a massive early-game boost here as you’ll find a Jungle Temple within walking distance!

We’d suggest you get your tools and materials ready because your adventure in this Jungle has just begun.

This seed also has a towering Woodland Mansion perched next to a riverbank just waiting to be explored!

Beneath the riverbank, there’s a monstrously beautiful and large cave system filled with valuable resources to help you in your journey.

This Lush Cave can be accessed through an opening in the riverbank.

The vast cave allows you to explore with various structures, including an exposed abandoned mineshaft to help you efficiently collect resources and material. 

This Mineshaft will lead you to the entrance of an Ancient City where, if you’re daring enough, you can fight the Warden!

Spawn BiomeBirch Forest & Jungle
Jungle Temple69, 69, 206
Woodland Mansion-935, 140, 590

4. Triple Jungle Valley 

Minecraft Triple Jungle Valley

Brace yourself because you’re about to witness something breathtaking with this Minecraft 1.19 jungle seed.

You’ll be spawned into a valley between two massive mountain ranges that connect together in a semi-circular pattern.

This valley begins in a Jungle right next to a river located on the open end of the mountain ranges. 

This Jungle biome also features a Jungle Temple smack dab at its center, helping you get a hold of some great resources right at the start!

As you venture further into the valley and away from the Jungle and its Temple, the biome will start converting into an Oak and Birch Forest. 

Further yet, towards the ending section of the valley, you’ll find yourself in a Savannah biome with quite a few Acacia Trees littered all around. 

This section of the seed hosts vast flat ground – a perfect spot for you to set up your base as you make rounds exploring the treacherous Jungle within!

Spawn BiomeJungle
Jungle Temple -141, 93, -152

3. Ocean View Jungle Slopes

Minecraft Jungle Biome With Ocean View

A nice ocean view always makes the landscape look exponentially grand, and this seed definitely proves it.

A Jungle surrounding a small pool, running along the slopes of a sky-touching mountain range.

All of this is situated right next to an ocean, easily making this one of the most beautiful places to exist in a Minecraft World.

The spawn makes for a perfect place to set up camp as well, with the Jungle providing you with so many resources itself.

Underneath the cliffs also lies a massive exposed cave system perfect for you to explore and collect the minerals you need for your adventures. 

Spawn BiomeBadlands
Jungle Slopes-13911, 64, 6398

2. Birch Valley & Mansion

Minecraft Birch Valley

It would be an understatement to say that this Minecraft 1.19 seed is jaw-dropping.

You spawn right in front of an incredibly awe-striking view – a beautiful valley packed between two enormous snowy mountains.

After spawning, along the length of this valley, you’ll find a river. Another valley infested with a huge Birch Jungle will be on the other side of the river.

If that wasn’t enough, as you climb up the valley, you’ll find a perfectly situated Woodland Mansion between the two cliff ranges – spawned as if it was just meant to be there!

Surrounding the Mansion, you’ll find even more valleys, forests, jungles, and mountains with some monstrous cave systems. 

There’s also a Meadow Village present across the horizon here!

Spawn BiomeBirch Forest
Mansion319, 132, 507 
Meadow Village -416, 147, 1359

1. Coastal Jungle Mansion & River Valley

Minecraft Coastal Jungle

The best Minecraft 1.19 Jungle Seed is this Coastal Jungle Mansion combined with a River Valley. 

Like something out of a fantasy book, this seed is truly special and perfect to end our list.

Once you’ve spawned in this world, you’ll be embraced by a very magical view. 

A majestic valley with a river flowing through the snowy mountains and its banks forested with Birch and Oak.

Over the cliffs, you’ll find a Mansion on the coast, providing an exemplary view with a Jungle covering it like a mantel, all ready for you to raid and explore.

Travel some distance from this location, and you’ll witness one of the most peculiar yet mesmerizing Mansions ever. 

Being a structure submerged in the ocean makes it truly spectacular, but that’s not the strange part.

On one side of the Mansion lies a tremendously deep Ocean Hole just itching to be explored!

Who knows what lies inside – why not go and see for yourself? Let us know your findings in the comments below!

Spawn BiomeBirch River Valley
Coastal Mansion-510, 134, 449
Ocean Mansion 3111, 124,1615

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