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15 Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.20)

15 Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.20)

Minecraft worlds are the epitome of diversity and simplistic beauty. Something as simple as a block is used to make such complex creations. 

Complexity brings adventure, and there’s nothing as adventurous in Minecraft as exploring the various structures all over the world. 

To truly grasp the rush of adventure in scavenging structures, one needs to run through the gloomy hallways of a Woodland Mansion!

If you’re a sucker for exploring the depths of a Mansion, today we’ve got the perfect lineup for you! 

We’ll be covering the 15 best Mansion seeds in Minecraft (version 1.20) for you to enjoy!

Top 15 Minecraft Mansion Seeds

All of the seeds in the following list work on both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

The location of key areas and structures, however, can vary. If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

15. Plains With Mansion & Outpost

Plains Mansion Side View

First off on our list, this seed starts you off in a majority of Plains biome covered with snow.

There’s a ton of flat ground here which suits well for both early and late game building.

You’ll also have a generous number of trees available to you from the surroundings, so you won’t be running out of basic materials any time soon!

The real showstopper here, however, is the Woodland Mansion located near the spawn. This generates next to some Meadows, which makes it look very welcoming and beautiful!

Don’t be misguided though, this Mansion is as unforgiving as any other!

Along with the Mansion, you can also find a Pillager Outpost and Village within this seed.

Both of these structures are located nearby, and all 3 occur in a straight line from the spawn.

The Pillager Outpost is located on the outskirts of a massive snow-capped Mountain. It hosts a chest with some excellent loot for your new survival journey.

The Village generates in an impartial manner on a cliff. One half generates on an edge, while the other half is perched below on a flat Plains setting.

Spawn LocationSnow Mountains
Plains Village-247, 294
Pillager Outpost-394, 227
Woodland Mansion-298, 253

14. Oceanside Mansion

Woodland Mansion with a Mushroom Forest

As you venture through this one, get a blend of views and the revered Woodland Mansion.

There isn’t much other than Forests in the spawn here, but, to be fair, you’ll need to use these to prepare for the journey ahead. Going through these will help you get better gear and prepare for the mobs in the structure further on. 

After venturing a few hundred blocks towards the coordinates below, you’ll eventually find your Woodland Mansion next to a limitless ocean. 

There’s also a Mushroom Forest nearby, which will serve well to get a hold of some unique recipes early on!

Spawn LocationForest
Woodland Mansion-900, 80, 455

13. Mansion Village Spawn

Mansion with a mix of biomes

Next, we have a seed with a Mansion beside your spawn! 

Really though, the Woodland Mansion in this one generates so close that all you have to do is slightly turn to your left, and there it is! Even more unique is that this structure is situated on a small, dedicated island – away from the mainland.

This makes the structure look pretty eerie! You can also find a lovely old Village at the coordinates mentioned below.

We’d recommend visiting the Village first to set up and camp and get geared before venturing into the Mansion. 

Spawn LocationMixed
Woodland Mansion170, 100, 110
Village 93, 67, -151

12. Simple Mansion With Forest

Mansion within Birch Forest

Truth be told, this seed is as vanilla as a Minecraft experience gets.

No over-the-top biome shifts, overwhelming structures, or massive cliffs to overcome. You’ll start in a plain Taiga Forest and continue your journey for a few hundred blocks in the directions below.

On your way, you’ll be provided safe passage by the Taiga trees, as absolutely no enemy mobs appear here. You can also spot a couple of lakes and streams along the way! 

After making your way through the woods, you’ll finally come across the vast Woodland Mansion, towering through the Forest. Better come prepared for the fight this structure holds within!

Spawn LocationTaiga Forest
Woodland Mansion600, 90, -575

11. Woodland Mansion & Ruined Portal

Mansion within a Mushroom Forest

If you want some excellent gear and access to a Woodland Mansion close to your spawn – this one’s for you.

You won’t find much in terms of Villages or Outposts here, but you will find a Mansion a few hundred blocks away from spawn. Right next to this Mansion, however, there’s also a Ruined Portal, perfect for getting some valuable gear as you continue your journey.

A massive Mushroom Forest surrounds both structures, which is a fantastic opportunity to get early-game resources as you prepare for your new Minecraft world. 

Spawn LocationForests
Woodland Mansion225, 99, 164
Ruined Portal 250, 64, 295

10. Snow-Capped Mansion

Snowcapped Woodland Mansion with mountains around it

Snow biomes in Minecraft are both rare and exciting. Now pair that with a Woodland Mansion, and you get this Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed!

Generating within 100 blocks of your spawn location, this Mansion is located at the edge of a cliff, with a considerable drop to the bottom. There is no need to worry about falling; the fall leaves you swimming in a large, beautiful lake.

The Mansion is located right next to some beautiful, snow-capped hills. In fact, it generates so close to these mountains that some of the snow drops, covering the Mansion’s roof!

And there’s more! You can find a Village and a Ruined Portal conveniently near the Woodland Mansion.

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountains
Woodland Mansion210, 130, 18
Village280, 0, 120
Ruined Portal295, 5, 165

9. Extended Mansion

Extended Woodland Mansion among Birch Trees

Make a unique structure even more special as you enter your new Minecraft world. 

Although you’ll have to walk quite a distance to get to this one – it’s completely worth it. The Mansion spawning in this structure is extended at its base for about 20 feet! This can sometimes happen due to generational patterns, but seeing it occur in a structure is rare!

The Mansion itself won’t feature anything out of the ordinary inside, but the outer visuals are a sight to see. It also makes for a fantastic area to capture some screenshots.

The surrounding area is covered by hundreds of blocks of Mushroom Forests, which is an excellent way of obtaining rare resources – better start looting!

Spawn LocationMixed
Woodland Mansion-986, 94, 593

8. Mountainside Mansion

Woodland Mansion next to a Mountain

Get ready for some out-of-the-world aesthetics as you explore the Woodland Mansion in this seed.

Featuring peaceful beginnings, you’ll start in a mix of Plains and some forested areas. Your walk toward the fabled Mansion will be relatively short, and you’ll find only passive mobs in your path.

You’ll come across several lava falls, valleys, and small hills on your way. Once you’re done sightseeing, continue toward the coordinates below, and you’ll find the Mansion! This one is generated at the foot of a small mountain – giving it a welcoming look.

Be wary; even though the surrounding makes this structure inviting, it holds some terrible foes!

Spawn LocationPlains and Forests
Woodland Mansion-514, 109, -430

7. Lakeside Mansion

Woodland Mansion generating next to a Lake

This Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Mansion seed mixes beauty and danger!

The excitement begins much earlier than the Mansion itself as you adventure through a landscape filled with different biomes. You’ll find lakes, plains, forests, snowy cliffs, mountains, and everything in between!

If that wasn’t enough – the Mansion region itself is pretty exhilarating. This structure is on top of a lake, with its entrance featuring nothing but water! Right across from this is a small desert island, which gives the Mansion an incredibly eerie look – especially during night time. 

Spawn LocationMixed
Woodland Mansion580, 95, 605

6. Snow Mountain Mansion

Snow Mountain Mansion Entrance

This Minecraft 1.20 seed will have you going through a Woodland Mansion right at your spawn!

You’ll start off in a Village, running along the length of a snowy mountain. This is pretty large in size and connects to another mountain further yet.

At the far corner of the spawn Village, you can find a huge Woodland Mansion. Don’t worry about missing it, it’s very noticeable! 

There are several rooms within the Mansion hosting a good amount of valuable treasure, so you’ll have something to look forward to right at the start.

The Plains village, on the other hand, is medium-large in size. It has a generous amount of resident Villagers, which is always good for a great start in a survival world.

Finally, a Ruined Portal is also generated right next to this Woodland Mansion.

The chest here contains some valuable loot as well, so be sure to check it out before heading into the Mansion!

Spawn LocationPlains Village
Plains Village0, 109, 6
Ruined Portal13, 112, 62
Woodland Mansion97, 120, 57

5. Mansion Tower

Towering Mansion at the edge of a cliff

Get ready to experience another Mansion right at your spawn, but this time – the structure is probably the largest one you’ve witnessed!

The Woodland Mansion within this seed is spread over a cliff, which leads to quite an unusual generational pattern. The structure is laid over a dozen blocks, which makes it look massive. Additionally, it stretches upwards towards the cliff, further increasing its size.

Viewed from a distance, the structure looks more like a watchtower than a Mansion. Making the seed even more unique, you can find a whopping 6 Plains Villages lined up in the same location! The exact coordinates for these can be found below.

Talk about a seed packed with content!

Spawn LocationMountains
Woodland Mansion75, 145, -75
Multiple Plains Villages-1424, ?, 2896

4. Shipwreck Mansion

Mansion with a Shipwreck generating next to it

We’ve never seen two structures such as these overlapping, and we’re willing to bet you haven’t either!

With this one, you’ll find a rather peculiar mix – a Shipwreck and a Woodland Mansion, spawning between one another. Making it even better is that this blending of structures isn’t even far away from your starting location!

You can find both of these within 500 blocks of spawn. On your way, you can find a Ruined Portal – a fantastic way to load up on essential resources. The Shipwreck is situated on the eastern side of the Mansion, making it look as if the boat crashed into the structure!

The pathway to the structures is peaceful and enjoyable, giving excellent opportunities to collect resources on your way there. 

Spawn LocationPlains
Ruined Portal275, 90, 225
Woodland Mansion520, 90, 600

3. Ocean Mansion

Mansion in the middle of an Ocean biome

A must-try if you want a unique seed, this one offers a Woodland Mansion generating right in the middle of the ocean!

You’ll spawn in a Plains biome, just a few hundred blocks from the structure. This works well because you can immediately chop wood and create a Boat to quickly reach the Mansion.

Once you’ve got the necessary equipment (a Boat is heavily recommended), get ready to set sail to the coordinates below. A tiny ‘island’ consists of a few blocks right next to where the Woodland Mansion spawns, serving as a great area to dock your boat.

You might want to place some blocks leading up to the structure’s entrance so you can quickly move in and out of it while fighting the mobs within. 

Spawn LocationPlains
Woodland Mansion8, 90, 60

2. Village and Woodland Mansion Fusion

Woodland Mansion Top View

This seed genuinely deserves to be on this list; the diversity and peculiarity here truly are outstanding.

You spawn right on top of a Woodland Mansion that doesn’t just house Vindicators, Evokers, and Alloys – it also inhabits a whole village!

That’s right, on the base of the Mansion you’ll find a Village that is merged with the Mansion itself.

You can find buildings around the Mansion and inside it as well. It seems as if the Illagers and Villagers in this seed got along pretty well!

That’s not the only thing special about this Mansion seed as well, because if you dig beneath it you can also eventually come across an Ancient City. 

Spawn BiomeJungle + Birch Forest
Mansion + Village On Spawn

1. Rooftop Village Woodland Mansion

Village on top of a Woodland Mansion

Our best Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Mansion seed features an incredibly fascinating blend of structures.

One of the most unique generational patterns we’ve witnessed, this seed spawns you right next to a Mansion and a Village, blending them together!

That’s right, the Village in this world spawns right on top of the Woodland Mansion. This creates a unique placement pattern where the Mansion is buried under the Village! 

This blending of the structures is also highly convenient as it allows you to set up a base in the Village and access the Mansion whenever you want. And since the Village is on top of the Mansion, you’ll be safeguarded from the mobs as well.

We’d heavily recommend trying this one out – it feels unreal!

Spawn LocationMixed
Woodland Mansion-5, 120, 40
Village-5, 125, 40

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