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15 Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.19) 2022

15 Best Minecraft Mansion Seeds (1.19) 2022

Minecraft worlds are the epitome of diversity and simplistic beauty. Something as simple as a block is used to make such complex creations. 

Complexity brings adventure, and there’s nothing as adventurous in Minecraft as exploring the various structures all over the world. 

To truly grasp the rush of adventure in scavenging structures, one needs to run through the gloomy hallways of a Woodland Mansion!

If you’re a sucker for exploring the depths of a Mansion, today we’ve got the perfect lineup for you! 

We’ll be covering the 15 best Mansion seeds in Minecraft (version 1.19) for you to enjoy!

Top 15 Minecraft Mansion Seeds

All of the seeds in the following list should work on both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

The location of key areas and structures, however, can vary. If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

15. Plains With Mansion & Outpost 

Plains Mansion Side View

First off on our list, this seed starts you off in a majority of Plains biome covered with snow.

There’s a ton of flat ground here which suits well for both early and late game building.

You’ll also have a generous number of trees available to you from the surroundings, so you won’t be running out of basic materials any time soon!

The real showstopper here, however, is the Woodland Mansion located near the spawn. This generates next to some Meadows, which makes it look very welcoming and beautiful!

Don’t be misguided though, this Mansion is as unforgiving as any other!

Along with the Mansion, you can also find a Pillager Outpost and Village within this seed.

Both of these structures are located nearby, and all 3 occur in a straight line from the spawn.

The Pillager Outpost is located on the outskirts of a massive snow-capped Mountain. It hosts a chest with some excellent loot for your new survival journey.

The Village generates in an impartial manner on a cliff. One half generates on an edge, while the other half is perched below on a flat Plains setting.

Spawn LocationSnow Mountains
Plains Village-247, 294
Pillager Outpost-394, 227
Woodland Mansion-298, 253

14. Swamp Boundary Mansion 

Swamp Boundary Mansion

This Minecraft 1.19 seed drops you inside a large Mangrove swamp. 

Just a walking distance away is a Coastal Woodland Mansion that connects the Mangrove Swamp to a normal Swamp, which is inhabited by the wonderful new frog mob!

This Mansion also includes a minuscule Bamboo Jungle right next to it, along the coast, providing for a very diverse location. 

Spawn BiomeMangrove Swamp
MansionAt Swamp

13. Mansion and Village With Ancient City

Mansion and Village

Need a headstart on your Minecraft Adventure? This Minecraft 1.19 seed will provide for that.

You spawn in a Jungle Biome next to a river, and on its banks lies a Woodland Mansion which you can have a go at after looting the village situated right next to it!

This Village is especially good for you to make a base before heading out to the Mansion since you can trade and gear up for your next journey.

Collected a good amount of resources and looking for something more? This seed is packed with another surprise. 

Dig right below the Village, and you can also find yourself an Ancient City lying beneath it!

Be sure to fight the Warden here for some extra bragging rights!

Spawn BiomeJungle
MansionAt Spawn

12. Mansion With Windswept Mountain

Windswept Mountain Mansion

This is one of the most interesting Minecraft 1.19 Mansion seeds we’ve seen so far.

You spawn in a small area on a Windswept Mountain, surrounded by the surface of a medium-sized Lukewarm Ocean biome.

You’ll find plenty of trees and forests on both sides of this mountain. One of these forests, located right below the mountain, hosts a massive Woodland Mansion!

This Mansion also shares one of its corners win a cave, which is an excellent spot for further exploration once you’re done with the Mansion.

Lastly, the spawn area of this seed is Windswept, which means the terrain generation here is quite peculiar.

You’ll find chunks of blocks scattered around in areas where they shouldn’t be!

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountain
Woodland Mansion1797, 121, 502

11. Colossal Cliff Mansion

Cliff Mansion Inside View

Irregular spawns for structures can either ruin its organization or make it even more flamboyant, and this Mansion is the latter!

This seed spawns you right in front of a deformed cliff in a jungle. Why deformed? There’s a towering Mansion between and inside it.

The Mansion splits the cliff into two halves. One half floats above the Mansion with a waterfall running down to the other half beneath it, forming a wide open cliff next to the jungle. 

You can also find many beaches, swamps, bamboo jungles, and a Witch Hut ready for you to explore. Something that belongs in a fairy tale!

Spawn BiomeJungle Riverbank
MansionNext to Spawn
Witch Hut296, 77, 760

10. Mansion Between Windswept Bamboo and Desert Cliffs

Woodland Mansion Inside View

An extravagant and diverse seed that provides you with an unexplored Mansion with a stunning view.

The Mansion spawns right on the boundary between a special Bamboo Jungle and Desert Biomes as they consist of windswept terrain.

Infiltrating the Mansion and converting it into your base is truly an amazing idea, giving you stunning yet scary views of wind-eroded cliffs right out the entrance.

There’s also a Bamboo cliff nearby, containing a tiny floating jungle tree island.

This makes for a wonderful viewpoint for taking pictures and some deep reflection!

Spawn BiomeSparse Jungle
Mansion-616, 67, 1821
Floating Jungle Tree-662, 194, 1815

9. Skyscraper Desert Mansion

Skyscraper Mansion

This seed is pretty self-explanatory.

It contains a massive Mansion situated in a desert that towers over the Biome.

Standing tall at 100+ blocks, this Skyscraper of a Mansion is surrounded by, of course, tons of sand, coral reefs, villages, and even temples.

What would you do with the Mansion’s giant foundation? Let us know of your creativity in the comments!

Spawn BiomeMangroves
Skyscraper Mansion480, 109, 1662

8. Mansion Under Windswept Mountains

Wndswept Mountain Mansion Stairway

This stunning Minecraft 1.19 seed is worth checking out!

In one of the most beautiful geographical locations on this seed, you’ll be looking at towering wind-eroded mountains and forests.

What gives this terrain its true value, however, is the Woodland Mansion hiding between the tall eroded stone and dirt cliffs, giving it a truly prestigious view.

You can try to get into the Mansion by making a way up to the entrance awaiting you at a height with Vindicators and Evokers ready for any intruder daring to walk the halls.

Exploring this one might require a bit more firepower than usual, though!

Spawn BiomeSnow Hills
Mansion + Windswept Hills1896, 125, 500

7. Coastal Mansion and Multi-Feature Terrain

Coastal Mansion Front View

This seed is ideal for players who would love a headstart on their Minecraft Journey!

This seed contains a rare Mansion located on the coast of a Bamboo Jungle, with good fortune within.

Taking control of this Mansion would provide a lot of benefits for you as that’s not the only thing special about the terrain.

You can find an exposed cave system just opposite the Mansion itself.

Travel through the eroded cliffs, and you’ll also discover a Mangrove Area that offers a Jungle Temple and a Shipwreck as well.

Lucky thing is, there also lies a double library dungeon all set for you to make use of.

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest
Mansion -1082, 93, 416
Cave-1272, 57, 416
Mangroves-955, 78, 727
Double Dungeons542, -25, 1381

6. Snow Mountain Mansion

Snow Mountain Mansion Entrance

This Minecraft 1.19 seed will have you going through a Woodland Mansion right at your spawn!

You’ll start off in a Village, running along the length of a snowy mountain. This is pretty large in size and connects to another mountain further yet.

At the far corner of the spawn Village, you can find a huge Woodland Mansion. Don’t worry about missing it, it’s very noticeable! 

There are several rooms within the Mansion hosting a good amount of valuable treasure, so you’ll have something to look forward to right at the start.

The Plains village, on the other hand, is medium-large in size. It has a generous amount of resident Villagers, which is always good for a great start in a survival world.

Finally, a Ruined Portal is also generated right next to this Woodland Mansion.

The chest here contains some valuable loot as well, so be sure to check it out before heading into the Mansion!

Spawn LocationPlains Village
Plains Village0, 109, 6
Ruined Portal13, 112, 62
Woodland Mansion97, 120, 57

5. Jungle Mansion, Mineshaft & Ancient City Cave

Jungle Mansion First Floor

Spawning in a Jungle, you’ll get a good early advantage boost near you as you’ll find yourself in a Jungle Temple.

Once you’re all packed and ready, you can find a towering Woodland Mansion perched next to a riverbank, all available for you to raid!

Once you’re done with the Mansion, you can follow the river outside to eventually come across an enormous Lush Cave system!

This cave system is inclusive of an abandoned mineshaft, giving you a good material boost for your journey. 

Lastly, just a tiny distance ahead of this Minehsaft is the Deep Dark biome and – the entrance of an Ancient City!

Go ahead and try to take down the Warden there, that is if you’re courageous enough.

Spawn BiomeBirch Forest & Jungle
Jungle Temple69, 69, 206
Woodland Mansion-935, 140, 590
Cave Entrance-930, -4, 494

4. Birch Valley & Mansion

Birch Valley Mansion

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is absolutely stunning!

Once you click on ‘Create World’ and pass the loading screen, you’ll find yourself next to a river facing a divine view. A Birch Forest Valley between two snow-capped mountains.

As you make your way up the Valley, you’ll come across a Mansion perfectly spawned between the two cliffs as it was just meant to be there!

Surrounding the Woodland Mansion are many jungles, forests, valleys, structures, and mountains with vast and complex cave systems all set and ready for you to explore.

Spawn BiomeBirch Forest
Mansion319, 132, 507 
Meadow Village -416, 147, 1359

3. Coastal and Ocean Mansions

Ocean Mansion 2nd Floor

This mansion seed features a River Valley combined with a duo package of a Coastal and an Ocean Mansion.

The seed contains one of the most beautiful valleys in a Minecraft World – a river flowing between two snowy mountain ranges with its banks forested with Birch and Oak Trees.

Just over the cliffs, you’ll find the first Mansion on the coast, facing the ocean on one side and covered with thick jungle on the rest.

Travel a good distance of around 3000 blocks from this location, and you’ll come across the second Mansion half engulfed in the ocean. Yes, you read it right, half engulfed in the ocean.

A Mansion submerged in the ocean does make it a rare sight, but that’s not what makes it so special.

It’s the insanely deep Ocean Hole on its side that does; a mysterious structure that you probably wouldn’t come anywhere else.

If you love treasure hunting, there are many in the surrounding location, like one covered in Bedrock inside of the Ocean Hole and one inside of the Mansion itself!

Spawn BiomeBirch River Valley
Coastal Mansion-510, 134, 449
Ocean Mansion 3111, 124,1615
Treasure Chest in Ocean Hole3079, -65, 1608

2. Village and Woodland Mansion Fusion

Woodland Mansion Top View

This seed genuinely deserves to be on this list; the diversity and peculiarity here truly are outstanding.

You spawn right on top of a Woodland Mansion that doesn’t just house Vindicators, Evokers, and Alloys – it also inhabits a whole village!

That’s right, on the base of the Mansion you’ll find a Village that is merged with the Mansion itself.

You can find buildings around the Mansion and inside it as well. It seems as if the Illagers and Villagers in this seed got along pretty well!

That’s not the only thing special about this Mansion seed as well, because if you dig beneath it you can also eventually come across an Ancient City. 

Spawn BiomeJungle + Birch Forest
Mansion + Village On Spawn

1. Farlands Mansions and Structures

Farlands Mansion Close-up

This Farlands Mansion is our best mansion seed for Minecraft 1.19. 

The Farlands, existing far away in Minecraft Worlds truly was an out-of-this-world sight but after the 1.19 update, things have become more chaotic.

Player movement can become laggy and the terrain becomes severely disfigured!

Traveling millions of blocks from spawn, you’ll eventually find yourself amidst the towering, deformed walls of the Farlands.

What truly makes these Farlands so divine is the structures inside of them.

Sticking to Woodland Mansions, you can find one immersed in a Jungle between two towering walls that include massive eroded holes giving it a downright awe-striking look.

There’s also another Mansion located in these Farlands that’s right next to a floating Pillager Outpost.

Look below and you’ll also witness an Ancient City floating on a giant pool of Lava.

The Pillagers here truly are ill-fated as one wrong step leads straight to the lava!

Even if they do survive the fall, the only thing that awaits them is the Warden itself.

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest + Sparse Jungle
Farland Mansion 1-57425, 426, -3013810
Farland Mansion 2 + Ancient City + Outpost-3850963, 24, -2180575

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