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15 Best Minecraft Mountain Seeds (1.19) 2022

15 Best Minecraft Mountain Seeds (1.19) 2022

Minecraft is particularly famous for the environmental diversity it offers to its players. The game contains tons of biomes, landscapes, and stunning scenic views to check out.

One of the most important features in the average Minecraft world is a mountain. They have a unique set of characteristics and feature some of the most important elements in the game.

This statement remains true regardless of whether we’re talking about mobs, resources, or general vantage points.

Now, get your trekking boots ready because today we’ll be covering some of the best mountain-related seeds available in version 1.19 of Minecraft.

This list will contain seeds featuring elements such as structures, beautiful sights, and other specialties!

Top 15 Minecraft Mountain Seeds

We’ve mentioned the game edition required for each seed in front of it.

Some seeds may work with both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game; however, the location of key areas and structures can vary.

If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

15. Snowy Range At Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Snow Peak Mountain At Spawn

We’ll start this list off strong with an enormous mountain range right at your spawn location!

What makes this one stand out are the stunning snow-covered peaks that stretch hundreds of blocks in all directions.

With this seed, you’ll have multiple mountains extending across all four directions, interconnected with one another.

That’s right! Each mountain found here overlaps with other mountains, creating a never-ending high ground for you. 

Right at spawn, you’ll be greeted by two enormous snow-capped mountains running parallel to one another with a small creek in between.

This area acts as a beautiful, deep valley filled with a lush Taiga Forest biome.

Overall, a great starting point for some early resources and mountain climbing!

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountain Range
Taiga Valley315, 247, 933

14. Stony Mountains With Village (Java & Bedrock)

Stony Mountains With Snow

Here’s another brilliant Minecraft 1.19 seed offering stunning mountains at your spawn location.

The spawn area features a circular and stony mountain range that spans hundreds of blocks. At the center of this mountain range, you’ll find a small, Lukewarm Ocean biome.

Making this scene even more picturesque, a Plains Village generates right at the foot of this mountain – sandwiched between the mountain and an Ocean biome. 

This area makes for a perfect location to set up camp since you’ll have a plethora of resources available to you from around.

You can also easily access the Village, the waterbody close to it, and the mountains situated right across.

This mountain seed is further improved by the fact that just a few blocks away, over the first hill in the mountain range, lies a massive forest with all the wood you’ll ever need!

If you move further away from the spawn point towards the coordinates mentioned in the table below, you’ll come across another Plains Village!

This one spawns on top of an Ocean surface, which is always a fantastic sight to see!

Spawn LocationStony Mountains
First Plains Village103, 67, -54
Massive Forest361, 155, 433
Lukewarm Ocean 137, 63, -72
Second Plains Village-236, 70, 127

13. Mountain With Desert Temple (Bedrock Edition)

Desert Temple With Mountain

Have you ever wanted to find a Desert Temple combined with mountains right at your spawn location? Well, that’s a pretty specific request, but we have you covered!

This seed spawns you in front of a tall Desert Temple, standing upright at the foot of a mountain. 

This is a very unusual place for the structure since it extends several blocks above the land rather than being perched close to the surface – as it usually would.

This Temple contains several chests filled with loot which is excellent for a start. Behind this, you’ll find several mountains containing mobs and lush green trees. 

These further extend to their far ends and eventually connect into different biomes, including a mid-sized Mangrove Swamp and a Desert. 

Right near this mountain, you can also find a Desert Village that generates partially on land with its other half placed on an Ocean surface.

There’s also a Ruined Portal perched near one of the houses in this Village.

Lastly, a cave leading into a hollow area of the spawn mountain hosts 2 different Mob Spawners in the same location. This element makes the seed perfect for some early-game mob farming. 

Spawn LocationDesert
Desert Temple68, 122, -345
Desert Village & Ruined Portal-263, 77, -308
Mob Spawners300, -8, 26

12. Windswept Woodland Mansion Mountain (Bedrock Edition)

Windswept Snow and Stony Mountainside

Windswept terrain is always phenomenal to look at as it’s something that’s imperfect yet looks absolutely mesmerizing.

And that’s precisely what this seed covers. At spawn, you’ll come across a stunning view of a huge mountain right in front of you. 

The peculiar thing about this mountain is that its generating patterns are all botched up due to it being windswept.

You’ll find multiple chunks of blocks spawned in areas where they shouldn’t be – sometimes even floating high up in the sky!

This results in a disfigured but very cool mountain biome to explore right as you begin. Making this seed even better is the fact that a Woodland Mansion spawns at the center of this Windswept mountain.

This entire area also hosts multiple waterfalls and hills to discover!

Spawn LocationWindswept Mountain
Woodland Mansion1896, 125, 500

11. Frozen Ocean Mountains (Java & Bedrock)

Snow Mountain (Sideview)

Although this Minecraft 1.19 seed does not have much to offer in terms of structures, it makes up for it in its scenery department.

You’ll be spawned in a pretty normal-looking area featuring a couple of trees, some flat land, and a mountain at your side.

This scene, however, changes as you start to move towards the mountain at your side. This little hill/mountain hybrid is hiding one of the best views behind it! 

As soon as you go across it, you’ll find frozen oceans as far as you can see, covered at their edges by substantial snowy mountains.

Each of these mountains further contains multiple small-sized frozen oceans that you can check out. The star of the show here, however, is a small crater formed at the end of this frozen ocean.

This area contains a relatively small, circular mountain with a hollow center. This center is a mix between ice and water, acting as a perfect diving spot! 

It also looks gorgeous from afar, so if you’re looking to make a peaceful and stunning abode, this mountain seed is your best bet!

Spawn LocationMixed

10. Cliffside Mountains (Java & Bedrock)

Stony Mountain With Waterfall

This is the first Minecraft seed on this list featuring cliffside mountains!

Your spawn location puts you out in a flat area hosting a lush green valley filled with multiple Taiga and Birch trees.

Moving a few blocks away from here will lead you to the edge of a cliff, and that’s where the uniqueness of this seed comes in.

This cliff will drop you a long way down – straight into an Ocean. If you view this area from afar – you’ll realize just how big it is.

This section of the map contains a cliff area spanning several hundred blocks in the east as well as west, with a dead-end cliff edge connecting it all together.

On top of this cliff, you’ll find numerous mountains erected from the ground. Some of these are even max-height mountains – going up to the highest point allowed in the game for world creation!

You’ll find a lot of diversity in the mountains in this area. There are snow and ice-capped stony peaks and jagged mountains (among others) here.

Additionally, there are several lavafalls as well as waterfalls emerging out of each of these mountains.

The entire area is littered with valleys containing different trees. This acts as a perfect way of obtaining a bunch of crafting resources right at the start of your game.

Overall, a brilliant mountain seed containing beautiful scenes and unique areas for building.

Spawn LocationMixed

9. Badlands Mountains With Woodland Mansion (Java & Bedrock)

Large Badlands Mountains

Here’s a seed that combines multiple structures with massive mountains.

This seed starts you off in a flat area of a Badlands biome. After spawning, you’ll quickly notice the towering Badlands mountains spread all over this part of the map. 

All of these mountains are pretty large in size, with some of them even extending up to the maximum height! 

Once you’re done exploring each of these, which is going to take a reasonable amount of time, you can head on over to the eastern side of your spawn area. Here, you’ll come across a Mangrove Swamp.

This Swamp, which is located directly in front of one of the Badlands Mountains, contains a Woodland Mansion at its edge! 

Furthermore, this Woodland Mansion connects to one end with a Lukewarm Lake. This lake contains a Plains Village at its other end, separating the Mansion and Village from one another.

This seed is perfect for a brilliant experience as you’ll find huge mountains and explorable structures right near your spawn! 

We recommend that you first explore the mountains, set up camp in the Village, and then raid the Woodland Mansion – in that order.

If you have a better strategy, feel free to let us know in the comments!

Spawn LocationBadlands
Woodland Mansion670, 63, -817
Plains Village899, 63, -942

8. Windswept Mountains Spawn (Bedrock Edition)

Stony Cliffside Mountains

This next Minecraft 1.19 seed has some very peculiar generation patterns.

At world creation, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the weirdest and most crazy-looking mountain terrain you’ll find in a Minecraft world.

The area features a massive snow biome combined with frozen oceans and ice spikes.

In this region, you’ll find numerous snow-capped mountains scattered all over the area. These include small, medium, as well as large-sized mountains.

This seed has a mix between hills and mountains, which gives a ‘semi-mountain range’ look to the overall world. Right over one of these mountains, you can also find a Plains Village!

In terms of structures, there’s also a Pillager Outpost located a few blocks away from this Village. 

In fact, both of these structures are so close to each other that the Outpost seems to naturally be a part of the Plains Village.

Lastly, there’s also an underwater Igloo situated close to the frozen lake next to the Pillager Outpost mentioned above!

Spawn LocationSnowy Windswept Mountains
Plains Village230, 60, 309
Pillager Outpost224, 60, 314
Underwater Igloo242, 54, 298

7. Enormous Badlands Mountains (Java & Bedrock)

Alternate Badlands Mountains

It’s rare to find a Badlands biome in the first place, but this one takes things to the next level!

In this seed, you’ll spawn inside a Badlands biome that, on one side, contains multiple large-sized mountains and, on the other, a plethora of trees.

The spawn area acts as a center point between three different biome types. 

Each of these features its own set of rewards and unique characteristics. Since we’re only talking about mountains here, however, we’ll be focussing more on the Badlands part.

This area contains a multitude of mountains, filled with multiple tree valleys, including Taiga, Oak, and Birch trees. This is excellent for collecting early game loot.

This seed does, however, lack in terms of structures since you won’t find many buildings near your spawn location.

Although, this is offset by the fact that the mountains in this region feature tons of mobs and unique resources.

Additionally, there’s also a lot of flat ground present for you right at the spawn location. This makes the seed perfect if you’re looking for a Minecraft world that gives you ample building space early on. 

Spawn LocationBadlands Mountains

6. Alternate Badlands and Stony Mountains (Java & Bedrock)

Max-Height Stony Mountains

This Minecraft 1.19 mountain seed blew us away.

Not only does it contain Badlands mountains, which happen to be one of the rarest variants, but it also features several Stony Peaks mountains!

Furthermore, most of these are max-height mountains, making this seed even more enjoyable. At spawn, you’ll find yourself sandwiched in a valley located between max-height Stony Peaks and Badlands mountains.

Both of these are colossal in size and stretch across the region with this valley running between them.

The valley contains tons of trees that you can chop down for some extra wood. This also acts as a sort of separation between the two mountains.

On each of these mountains, you’ll find multiple mobs, exposed caves, and valuable loot. There are also some ice-covered portions available on each of these peaks, which is always cool to see!

Lastly, you can find a Pillager Outpost relatively close to your spawn location. This is positioned on top of one of the Stony Peaks mountains. You can find its exact coordinates below!

Spawn LocationBadlands and Stony Peak Mountains
Pillager Outpost807, 253, -2149

5. Snowy Mountains With Plains Village (Bedrock Edition)

Snow and Ice Capped Mountains

With this seed, you’ll start in a flat Plains area situated at the foot of a snowy mountain range.

This spawn is quite perfect because right in front of you will be the massive mountain range you’re looking for. Additionally, there’s also a Plains Village right behind! 

The mountain range is fully covered with snow and extends in a circular shape around the region till it eventually connects to itself. This forms a sort of loop, which makes this area very easy to explore. 

Aside from providing an exceptionally picturesque view, this mountain range contains several different types of wood, including Oak, Taiga, and Dark Oak. 

You can also find numerous exposed caves on the mountain containing valuable items. Lastly, a Ruined Portal can be located right next to the Plains Village at spawn. 

Spawn LocationPlains
Plains Village & Ruined PortalAt Spawn

4. A Crater Full of Colors

Crater in Mountain Center

This is one of the most wholesome seeds we’ve come across. 

Your starting location is a crater, which technically makes the surrounding area mountains. The entire crater is shaped in a circular pattern with a lush green forest situated at its center.

This crater is filled to the brim with Bamboos and, naturally, Panda mobs! It also contains multiple types of trees – which gives you a great start with tons of wood on your hands. 

Once you’re done canvassing the area, you’ll be pleased to know that this mountain seed contains a massive Lush Cave directly underneath this colorful mountain crater. 

Aside from these things, the seed itself is also outstanding. Evenings look exceptionally magical in this crater area, owing to the diversity of elements packed within the remote location.

Be sure to check this one out if you’re looking for a picturesque and diverse mountain seed!

Spawn LocationMixed (Mostly Jungle)
Lush Cave SystemUnderneath Spawn

3. Stony Peak Mountains With Ancient City (Bedrock Edition)

Stony Peak Mountains With Ice

This Minecraft 1.19 seed spawns you off in a Jungle biome surrounded by an assortment of Stony Peak mountains. 

Although these mountains aren’t the largest ones in size or diameter as compared to some of the other seeds on this list, they’re still exceptional for the items they offer.

Firstly, there’s an Ancient City located right underneath your spawn area. You can access this by digging straight down once you’ve positioned yourself in the coordinates we’ve given below. 

If you build a Nether Portal close to your spawn location, you’ll come to a cave portion of the Nether containing two Blaze spawners! This is an infrequent occurrence and right at your spawn area!

Additionally, you can also find a Pillager Outpost close to one of the mountains in this seed. Most of these structures, however, are challenging to explore in the early game.

As such, you should first venture across the mountains located in this seed to find valuable loot and gear up. Once you’ve done that, feel free to explore each of these structures at will!

Spawn LocationJungle
Ancient City93, -44, 23
Double Blaze Spawner0, 77, -16
Pillager Outpost85, 138, -677

2. Massive Mountain Range At Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Ice Capped Mountains

Here we have another seed containing huge mountains right where you start.

You’ll be spawned on a snow-covered mountain with another one running parallel to the mountain you start on. 

Both of these extend sideways and then connect into other mountains – forming a sort of never-ending mountain range.

In fact, this mountain range just might actually be never-ending since it spans several hundred blocks on either front!

Running between the length of these two snow-covered mountain ranges is a deep, lush valley containing as many trees as you’ll ever need! 

All three of these run alongside one another, never falling short!

Considering the location and its features, this mountain seed is the perfect place for you to build out your heart’s desire. 

You’ll have an immense amount of resources available to you – especially wood. All of this can be utilized to create the perfect buildings for yourself!

Secondly, a Pillager Outpost situated on one of these mountains also makes this seed more interesting as it gives you the constant feeling of being watched. You’ll never really be safe out there in your explorations!

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountain

1. Huge Mountains With a Dark Secret (Bedrock Edition)

Huge Snowy Mountains

Our best Minecraft 1.19 mountains seed is this one featuring colossal mountains with tons of structures and other elements to explore near spawn.

Once you spawn in, you’ll quickly notice the numerous mountains spread across the horizon. 

This area contains multiple mountain ranges spread out all across the map. Each of them features unique things to explore, the best of which we’ll mention here!

Firstly, most of these mountains contain the rare Goat mob, so that’s always a great start! 

The mountain range in the center here has a massive hole at its front, which leads directly to the new Deep Dark biome!

This essentially serves as an exposed entrance to the new biome. This Deep Dark also contains double Geodes! 

If you venture deep enough into this cave to find these Geodes, you’ll come across an abandoned Mineshaft that generates on the surface of this Deep Dark biome.

The other end of this mountain contains another opening, this time leading to a hillside Plains Village perched on a mountain.

A few hundred blocks away from spawn, there’s a circular ice-capped mountain crater – which looks eerily similar to an ice kingdom.

This crater is hollow at the center and hosts a lush green forest which is excellent for collecting wood early game.

To make things even better, you’ll find another Plains Village with a Ruined Portal located right next to this mountain!

Furthermore, this seed also contains a mountain range that hosts multiple (4) Ancient Cities combined with one another in the same area! 

Spawn LocationPlains Valley
Double Geodes & Abandoned Mineshaft-700, 101, -207
First Plains Village & Plains Valley193, 138, 147
Ice-Capped Crater & Second Plains Village-276, 120, 306
4 Ancient Cities (Center Point)-154, -38, 76

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