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12 Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (1.19) 2022

12 Best Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds (1.19) 2022

Minecraft Worlds are full of diversity. Composed of many spectacular biomes and stunning structures, these worlds truly bring creativity to the next level. 

There are many different biomes laid out for you to explore in each world. Your typical Minecraft journey, however, isn’t complete if you can’t find the uncanny yet engrossing Mushroom Islands biome.

Mushroom Islands are generally known to be very safe as Hostile Mobs do not spawn in the Biome; the only thing welcoming you are Mooshrooms (Mushroom Cows) and some Bats. Seems like a perfect place to set camp!

Today, we’ll be covering some of the best Mushroom Island Seeds!

Top 12 Minecraft Mushroom Island Seeds

All of the seeds in this list should work with both versions of the game; however, the location of key areas and structures can vary. If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

12. Beach Jungles and Mushroom Islands

Mushroom Island (Far View)

We’ll be starting off our list with a simple yet satisfactory seed.

You’ll spawn on a Jungle Island after inputting this seed. This Jungle Island includes small sub-islands surrounding the main island.

Beyond the shore, you can also find good-sized and peaceful Mushroom Islands that you should be able to make good use of!

Spawn BiomeJungle Island
Mushroom Island275, 69, 341

11. Tiny Mushroom Island Trail

Tiny Mushroom Island Trail

This seed spawns you on the shore of a Coastal Forest.

Behind you is a huge forested mainland with numerous amount of hills and also flat areas compatible with building purposes.

But if you look towards the vast Ocean around, you can see a very, very tiny Mushroom Island, just a couple blocks in the surface area with just one Giant Red Mushroom on it. 

There is another minuscule Island near the first one, and if you follow this trail-like pattern, you’ll eventually arrive at a way bigger and square-shaped Mushroom Island, filled with a few caves all set for you to explore. 

It somewhat seems like a giant block in a world of blocks!

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest Coast
Main Island1195, 76, 142

10. Multi Monument Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island With Multiple Trees

This is a seed that will be welcomed by all the deep-sea adventurers out there.

You spawn directly into a small pool of water on Flatlands next to an Ocean. If you walk towards the mainlands, there will be a very unique cave entrance waiting for you. There’s a deep crater with a small entrance to a complex cave system which you can run through for some resources.

A Mushroom Island is sitting a few hundreds of blocks offshore from the spawn point. It spans a good area but that’s not what makes it special. 

The number of Ocean Monuments that surround the Mushroom Island, however, does.

There are a handful of Ocean Monuments to be explored along the coast of the Island. We’ve chosen the best ones to help you out!

Spawn BiomeCoastline Flatlands + Sparse Jungle
Mushroom Island-305, 72, -149
Ocean Monument 1152, ~, -216
Ocean Monument 2-328, ~, -776
Ocean Monument 3-872, ~, -232
Ocean Monument 4-312, ~, 334

9. Double Mushroom Islands at Spawn

Mushroom Island (Top View)

This is a seed that spawns you in a region with Islands of varying sizes.

You’ll initially find yourself on a Forested Island with a Ravine a couple of blocks away, in front of you, which can be used to fulfill your inventory and resource desires. 

Neighboring this Forested Island are 3 more Islands, one similar to the one you just spawned in. This one, however, also includes a Village and some flatland you can make use of to build.

The other two are miniature Mushroom Islands, only inhabited by those red, peculiar cows and bats. Island Survival and Mushroom Biome enthusiasts will definitely love this special serving of Islands.

The Ocean surrounding these Islands also contains a good handful of Ocean Monuments laid out for players to dive deep and explore.

Go beyond these small islands towards the mainlands and you can find tons of Outposts and Strongholds as well, the nearest one being right under another village. Good Luck exploring them all!

Spawn BiomeForested Island
Village-408, ~, 216
Mushroom Island 1377, 70, 68
Mushroom Island 2505, 71, 65
Nearest Ocean Monument-344, ~, -408
Nearest Outpost-776, ~, 872
Nearest Stronghold (Under a village)162, ~, 818

8. Mega Mushroom Island

Mega Mushroom Island

For this Minecraft 1.19 seed, you’ll have to travel a good distance to find the Island but it is totally worth it.

Even the spawn point is superb as you’re surrounded by vast forests of all kinds in each direction, so you would not have a lack of wood anytime soon.

From the spawn point, you have to travel straight in the direction of the Jungle, and eventually, a snowy forest biome will emerge!

Straight through this biome as well, towards the edge, the start of a Frozen Ocean will surface and. You’ll be pleased to know that this ocean further shares its boundaries with a colossal Mushroom Island.

This Island spreads over a thousand blocks from one end to the other. It is filled with flat lands perfect for building purposes and even has craters to explore. There’s also a giant water-filled crater forming a beautiful lake. 

Spawn BiomeBirch Forest
Mega Mushroom Island2158, 76, -847

7. Shipwreck + Village and Massive Mushroom Island

Crater in Mushroom Island

Just like the previous seed, this one also includes a stupendous Mushroom Island and some other features.

On spawn, players find themselves right next to an Ocean and a big mountain with a long waterfall running down from its side. Very near the spawn, you can also locate a Shipwreck with some decent loot for starters.

There is also a Village with good resources including foods and emeralds for trade-in chests, which is a good head start for your Minecraft World.

You can find the Mushroom Island after traveling a few hundred blocks. The Island is immensely huge, spanning over a thousand blocks including many caves to be explored.

Since hostile mobs do not spawn on Mushroom Islands these caves can be explored for resources with complete ease.

Unless you’re scared of those cute Mooshrooms of course!= This Mushroom Island is full of them, ready to be sheared for Mushrooms and some tasty Mushroom Stew.

Spawn BiomeOak Forest next to an Ocean
Village-360, ~, 808
Shipwreck-312, ~, 264
Mushroom Island418,  71, -413

6. Trail of Mushroom Islands

Trail of Mushrooms on Mushroom Island

This seed spawns you right on a Jungle Island which neighbors a trail of Mushroom Islands.

A small distance away from the Spawn Point, you can easily locate a Jungle Temple all ready for you to go Indiana Jones on.

But it isn’t the Island itself that makes this seed special. Swim towards the neighboring Mushroom Island and you’ll find yourself in a long trail of more Mushroom Islands of all sizes.

The second Mushroom Island you find just includes just six giant Mushrooms; three red ones and three brown ones, while the sixth one is a very large one with a few caves located inside it.

Spawn BiomeJungle Island
Jungle Temple-978, ~, -233
Mushroom Island645, 71, -210

5. All Tree Forests, Lush Cave, and Ice Caps Mushroom Islands

Mooshrooms on Mushroom Island

Now this seed will try to drown you at spawn, which is interesting to say the least.

Yes, you read it right. Bypass the loading screen and you will find themselves drowning on the upper edge of a waterfall that leads down a hole on this Island.

Follow the waterfall down and you’ll eventually enter a Lush Cave where you can mine some ores for yourself, collect some Spore Blossoms or cut down Azalea Trees.

On the surface of the seed, however, you’re surrounded by all types of forests with their good diversity of wood, all around 500 blocks of your spawn point. 

Traveling offshore will lead you to find a huge Mushroom Island that is connected to another big Mushroom Island through a frozen ocean inclusive of Ice Caps!

Spawn BiomeOak and Birch Forest on Multi-Forested Island
Mushroom Island 1598, 70, -538
Mushroom Island 21597, 71, 179

4. Stronghold Outpost Village and Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island (Surface View)

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is truly very resourceful.

Players are spawned onto a Flatland Island. If you follow the mainland, you’ll come across a Village that has a Pillager Outpost right next to it; a perfect threat to the villagers.

And underneath this village, you can also come across a stronghold that you can access once you’re prepared for it!

We’d recommend building yourself a base there; you wouldn’t have to travel thousands of blocks to find yourself an End Portal.

Returning to the spawn point, on the shore. If you go offshore and through the Ocean, you’ll also come across one of the Mushroom Islands you were looking for. 

This Mushroom Island, located right next to a frozen part of the Ocean with Ice Caps, isn’t wide but it’s extremely long, with its shape representing more or less the shape of Japan!

Go further along the Ocean and you’ll come across the second Mushroom Island, which is both wide and extremely huge.

Both these islands make this seed ideal for players that enjoy spending time in Mushroom Islands.

Spawn BiomeFlatland Shore
Village-888, ~, 232
Pillager Outpost-984, ~, 104
First Mushroom Island -753, 76, -800
Second Mushroom Island -2475, 78, -1350

3. Double Giant Mushroom Islands

Giant Mushroom Island

This seed is immensely divergent.

Players using this seed will spawn in a Sparse Bamboo Jungle next to a small, sandy lake. There are Flatlands, an Ocean, and a beautifully structured hill.

Climbing the hill will allow you to gaze upon a vast Desert and Badlands Biome mixture, where you can find numerous structures. West of the Deserted biome you can also see a Savannah.

Traveling in the direction of the Savannah will lead you to a Pillager Outpost standing tall near a Village right on the coast.

A few hundred blocks from the direction of the Coastal Village straight towards the Ocean sits a gigantic Mushroom Island.

This Mushroom Island has a very unique and irregular shape, formed like a box. On two of the edges of this box, there’s a small Island terrain and a spit (long narrow end of the Island).

Going through the spit end of the Mushroom Island will lead you straight towards the smaller spit of the other giant-sized Island, which too, has a deformed land shape.

Both these Mushroom Islands are majestic and are perfect for exploration if you’re looking for decent sized islands.

Spawn BiomeSparse Jungle + Sandy Lake
Pillager Outpost456, ~, 200
Coastal Village800, ~, 70
Mushroom Island 11360, 72, 218
Mushroom Island 22681, 71, -318

2. Broken Off Mushroom Islands and Ice Caps

Variety of Trees on Mushroom Island

This is a really fascinating seed regarding its geography. 

You spawn on a Flatland Island perfect to set your abode. These Flatlands are a couple of hundred blocks away from a snowy, hilly biome next to a Frozen Ocean inclusive of Ice Caps.

Follow this Ocean of Ice and you’ll eventually see the Mushroom Island – or what’s left of it. 

The main Island floats adrift next to the Frozen Ocean with smaller Islands broken off and engulfed in the Ice of the Ocean, giving it a truly spectacular and unique look.

This enables the seed to feature multiple, small-sized islands. If you’re ever bored from staying on the same place, you can always keep exploring different islands around you.

You can also find numerous structures around the spawn point to help you in your adventure, including an Ocean Monument and a few Shipwrecks.

Spawn BiomeFlatland Island
Mushroom Island325, 71, -30
Shipwreck 1232, ~, 328
Shipwreck 2424, ~, 408
Ocean Monument136, ~, 504

1. Coral Reefs under Mushroom Islands

Coral Reefs Under Mushroom Island

Our best Minecraft 1.19 Mushroom Island seed is this one featuring Coral Reefs under Mushroom Islands. 

Once you spawn, you can find a few structures before coming across the islands which will give you a resource boost and help you in your new World.

Once you’re done collecting resources, the Mushroom Island you want to visit is a few hundred blocks away.

Now Mushroom Islands alone are beautiful themselves but this one will blow your mind.

Situated underneath this Mushroom Island is a glowing, awe-striking, Coral Reef that provides a stunning view, especially at night. 

If one wants a peaceful space without the threat of hostile mobs and a beautiful view, this seed definitely brings both to the table.

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest
Mushroom Island225, 72, -400
Village680, ~, -1016
Jungle Temple1032, ~, -712
Ocean Monument 200, ~, 168

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