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11 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

11 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

Parkour happens to be one of the original plug-ins Minecraft had, and over the years, its popularity has only soared.

It’s highly customizable and currently one of the most famously played game modes on many servers.

In simple terms, parkour features challenging obstacle courses in which you must jump from block to block without falling. The course is completed if you reach the final block without falling off.

Most servers’ parkour gameplay is timed, and deaths are counted. To make it more challenging, you can compare these on the leaderboard with other players on the server!

Each server features its customized parkour maps, and there’s a plethora of them available out there.

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of 11 of our current favorite parkour servers and their addresses that you can readily play!

Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

11. Minecraft Central

Server Address:

Minecraft Central Parkour Minecraft Server

Minecraft Central was first introduced back in 2013, which makes it one of the longest-running active servers of the game!

Safe to say, with this much experience, they’ve improved their server tenfold over time!

The server contains some challenging parkour courses during waiting lobbies. One such course can be found between the Creative and Skyblock sections.

It also has more than 1100+ active members for you to play with! Additionally, Minecraft Central hosts Skyblock, Survival, Factions, Prison, KitPVP, and several mini-games for you to try out.

10. Purple Ore

Server Address: /

Purple Ore has been around since 2014. Not only is it ideal for Parkour, but it also features tons of different game modes! It was also voted as the best Minecraft server to play in 2021.

With 650+ active players, there’s plenty of competition available for you to challenge. Along with custom parkour maps, Purple Ore also features different daily events and PVP game modes.

9. ItsJerryAndHarry

Server Address:

ItsJerryAndHarry Parkour Minecraft Server

Are you tired of getting distracted by other players jumping around while you’re trying to complete your own parkour course? Well don’t worry, the ItsJerryAndHarry server is here for you!

The server features a big catalog of parkour maps categorized by difficulty levels. However, this isn’t the main attraction here.

You can use the “Clock” item provided by the server to make all other players invisible!

This is a very useful feature to have when you’re trying to complete a parkour map and just keep getting distracted by the swarm of players competing with you.

Rest assured, you won’t be able to blame your falls on other players anymore!

8. LTT Network

Server Address:

The LinusTechTips Network suits well as a high-quality parkour server. If you’re a competitive player, you’re in for a surprise!

The server has brilliantly designed parkour courses that will have you falling all the time! It contains tons of levels for you to try out and conquer.

The server also features difficulty levels such as easy, medium, hard and expert to accomodate players of all skill levels.

If you’re looking for a challenge, be sure to give its expert level maps a try!

7. Mana Cube

Server Address:

Mana Cube is one of those Minecraft servers whose reputation precedes them.

One of the oldest Minecraft servers, it has 1000+ active players! Mana Cube has it all, whether it’s Parkour or any other game mode.

The best thing about Mana Cube’s Parkour is the difficulty levels set for their courses. You can select between easy, medium, hard, or extreme difficulties.

If you’re a new player in the mood to relax, go ahead and hop here and there on an easy course. Are you a Minecraft veteran feeling particularly daring? Try jumping on one of the extreme courses!

The possibility of being able to pick parkour maps with varying difficulties makes Mana Cube a server that has a little something for everyone.

6. Snapcraft

Snapcraft Parkour Minecraft Server

Server Address:

If you love Parkour and beautiful sights, Snapcraft is the server for you!

Snapcraft creates a unique combination between Parkour and beautiful terrain.

It has about 30 parkour levels which start you off in a snowy environment and then transition to the desert! As you progress in the levels, the terrain keeps changing.

Furthermore, you can warp back to any of the previous terrains you explored by finding villagers known as “Warp Unlockers.”

The server has a community of about 500+ active players, so you’ll have plenty of individuals to compete with!

 5. Vortex Network

Server Address:

Vortex Network Parkour Minecraft Server

Instead of relying on the vanilla version of the game, Vortex Network takes things one step further – a few million steps above, to be exact.

Vortex Network is a space-themed server with an incredible parkour mode. If you thought falling off a building in an obstacle course was brutal, imagine what it’d be like to fall off a planet!

Well, you can stop imagining because this server’s space theme will give you the closest possible experience!

The server hosts more than 2200+ active players or astronauts as the community prefers, and isn’t just limited to Parkour. You can also enjoy Prison, Pixelmon, Survival, and Skyblock with your friends here!

4. Mineverse

Server Address:

Mineverse Parkour Minecraft Server

The Mineverse server was established back in 2013, which makes it one of the most stable servers in the game.

It currently hosts more than 100+ active players and many game modes, Parkour, in particular, to enjoy.

What’s better than your average parkour course? A parkour course with fall damage! That’s right; the Mineverse server features parkour courses with fall damage enabled to make it that much more challenging.

This, combined with the beautiful space theme of the server, is something that makes it a must-try for all Minecraft Parkour fans!

 3. HappyHG

Server Address:

HappyHG Parkour Minecraft Server

The Happy Hunger Games is one of the oldest parkour servers still alive out there. It came out back in 2013 and still has an active community.

HappyHG is especially focused on Parkour courses. That’s apparent from the 250+ custom parkour maps they’ve put out for you to try!

Individuals that go the extra mile and complete these courses are showcased on an exclusive leaderboard. Talk about bragging rights!

2. JumpCraft Parkour

Server Address:

Featuring over 800+ maps, JumpCraft is one of the largest and best Minecraft Parkour servers out there.

Like Mana Cube, Jumpcraft also features several difficulties for its parkour courses, making it welcoming to players of all skill levels.

Depending upon your playstyle and preferences, you can choose between the lobby, challenges, or rank-ups Parkour. 

As a bonus, Jumpcraft also happens to be an extremely visually aesthetic server, making all your hard jumping work much more worth it!

1. Parkour Craft

Server Address:

Parkour Craft is a relatively small server, but don’t let that fool you! The server, staying true to its name, specializes in Parkour. If you’re a die-hard parkour fan, their exclusive maps are a must-try.

It has a massive catalog of 200+ obstacle courses for you to try out. Additionally, it’s constantly updated to include more and better content. 

Parkour Craft features timed levels and records your stats against its leaderboard so you can try to get a spot at the top! These are also showcased in the lobby.

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry! The server also has an “Easy Levels” section specifically for players new to the game mode.

Additionally, it includes a coin system from which you can earn server currency to buy cosmetics and pets.

If you’re a parkour fan, be sure to give Parkour Craft a try!

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