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20 Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds (1.19) 2022

20 Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds (1.19) 2022

Minecraft is a video game that indulges you in a world of creativity and no limits. Using something as simple as blocks to produce countless structures, this game is truly unique.

The Pocket Edition of the game was released on August 16th, 2011, and ever since has allowed players to have infinite worlds with infinite possibilities, all available on their mobile phones and other similar devices.

With the Pocket Edition of Minecraft, one can access the diversity of the game anytime, anywhere.

Build, create and explore while you are on a train ride home, having a rest under the shade of a tree, or when you’re taking a break from studying!

Today, learn 20 of the best seeds Minecraft Pocket Edition has to offer, which you can access wherever and whenever you like!

Top 20 Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

This is a collection of Pocket Edition seeds. It is possible for them to work upon Java or Bedrock, but the location of structures and other features can vary significantly.

If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

20. Circular Ice Cap Biome between Flatlands

Circular Ice Cap Biome

This seed may not include many structures around, but it is still very unique.

It includes a small Ice Caps Snowy biome on spawn. What’s so special about this, you may ask?

This Ice Caps biome has a neat circular shape and is only surrounded by hundreds of blocks of Flatlands.

A peculiar location for a snowy biome like that to exist.

After the Caves and Cliffs update, Flatlands has become quite uncommon, so this seed is perfect for all builders out there!

Spawn BiomeFlatlands and Snowy Biome
Ice CapsOn Spawn

19. Village and Woodland Mansion Fusion

Village and Woodland Mansion

Now this seed may come off a bit strange, but that’s what gives it the value that it has.

You spawn right on top of a Woodland Mansion that doesn’t just house Vindicators, Evokers, and Alloys.

It also inhabits a whole village – buildings included! That’s right, on the base of the Mansion you’ll find a Village that is merged with the Mansion itself! 

You can also find buildings around the Mansion and inside it as well. It seems that the Illagers and Villagers in this seed got along pretty well! (Not really)

This seed will give you a huge head start for the Minecraft adventure that awaits you as this Village and Woodland Mansion Fusion has immense resources waiting for you.

That’s not the only thing special about this Pocket Edition seed as well, because if you dig beneath the Mansion and Village, you can also eventually come across an Ancient City.

Is anyone up for a Warden Boss Fight?

Spawn BiomeJungle + Birch Forest
Mansion + Village On Spawn

18. Mangrove Survival Island

Mangrove Survival Island

The Mangrove Swamp Biome was one of the two new biomes added to Minecraft in the 1.19 Update, and fans are absolutely loving them.

Thin, braided roots submerged in the water holding the trees upright are your typical Mangroves and this seed, as you can guess, is about a Mangrove Biome. A pretty unique one, for that matter.

This Minecraft 1.19 seed spawns you on a Sandy Mangrove Swamp Island, which is definitely a rare sight.

If you love Survival Islands and want to explore this new biome, this seed is perfect for you.

Head towards the mainland, and you’ll find another enormous Mangrove Swamp, which shows how truly large this new biome can be.

Players can also find a Coral Reef Desert Village surrounded by water and Mangroves and also a Pillager Outpost in the swamp.

Spawn BiomeMangrove Swamp Island
Coral Reef Desert Village-1521, 71, -301
Mangrove Swamp Pillager Outpost747, 63, -1970

17. Pillager Outpost & Zombie Spawner 

Snowy Pillager Outpost

Villages are one of the most common yet most resourceful structures in a Minecraft World.

This seed definitely includes many villages, but one of the Villages it contains is quite special and dangerous in particular.

This Village, situated on a mountainside, is quite unique as you can find a Pillager Outpost right on top of one of the houses!

And if you think that your problems end here, you’re absolutely wrong.

There is also an exposed Zombie Spawner right beneath the Pillager Outpost itself! This is great if you’re looking for a method of early-game mob farming.

And if that’s just not enough, you can also find a Stronghold right beneath the Village as well.

You’ll be able to effectively convert this Pillager Outpost and Zombie Spawner structure into an XP farm base quite easily, which would definitely be helpful for your Minecraft Journey.

Spawn BiomeMiddle of a Lake + Dark Oak and Birch Forest
Danger Village1437, 90, -872
Stronghold1442, 45, -846

16. Double Giant Mushroom Islands

Giant Mushroom Island

Now this seed is greatly divergent.

You’ll spawn in a Sparse Bamboo Jungle. This contains Flatlands, an Ocean, an well as a beautifully structured hill.

If you climb this hill, you’ll come across a mix of a huge Desert and Badlands biome. West of this deserted biome, you can find a Savannah.

In the direction of the Savannah, there exists a Pillager Outpost. There’s also a coast near this outpost that contains a Village for you to explore!

If you move a few hundred blocks from the direction of the Coastal Village straight towards the Ocean, a gigantic Mushroom Island will appear. 

This Mushroom Island has a very unique and irregular shape, formed like a box, and on two edges of this box, there’s a small Island terrain.

Additionally, hostile mobs sparsely spawn on Mushroom Islands, so you can use the Islands to set up camps and houses!

Spawn BiomeSparse Jungle + Sandy Lake
Pillager Outpost456, 74, 200
Coastal Village800, 73, 70
Mushroom Island 11360, 72, 218
Mushroom Island 22681, 71, -318

15. Multiple Biome Spawn

Multiple Biomes at Spawn

Minecraft Worlds are greatly known for their diversity, being made out of many unique and brilliant biomes.

This Pocket Edition seed allows you access to many of these Biomes directly from spawn, all short distances from each other.

On spawn, you can find yourself surrounded by multiple Forests with all wood types, snowy biomes, mountains, deserts, plains, jungles, and badlands with many Ancient Cities underneath the land.

All of these biomes include a vast amount of structures laid out for you to find and explore, including Temples, Outposts, Villages, Ancient Cities, Igloos, and Exposed Caves.

Of course, we’ll be including the coordinates of some of the best structures you can find in this diverse seed!

Spawn BiomeSnowy, Spruce Forested Stone Mountain
Mangrove Swamp Desert Village-925, 86, 215
Huge Exposed Cave118, 66, 245
Ancient City-162, -44, -19

14. Mountain Craters & Island Village

Mountain Craters

This Minecraft 1.19 seed is absolutely majestic.

Right next to spawn, you’ll witness towering stony cliffs forming craters and many valleys that are just itching to be explored.

A couple of blocks away from the spawn point lies a beautiful Village inside a crater between the stony peaks.

What makes this Village so mesmerizing is that it’s next to a pretty lake at the bottom of the crater.

On the other side of the cliffs, you can also find another equally magnificent Village. This Village lies on a small Island next to the coast, which gives it a truly appealing look.

Spawn BiomeStone Cliffs
Lake Village111, 63, -357
Island Village-222, 70, 120

13. Ice Spikes Village & Ruined Fortress 

Ice Spikes Biome

This is an ideal seed for players who would want to access both The End and The Nether without walking long distances.

Travel a few hundred blocks from spawn, and you’ll come across a Village situated between a couple of Ice Caps.

This location for the Village is both beautiful and extremely resourceful.

There is a Ruined Nether Portal right next to it, which, if fixed, spawns you right next to a Nether Fortress, providing for a very ideal Nether Spawn.

But that’s not the only portal you can access, as right below the Village discussed earlier is a Stronghold you can use to access The End too!

Spawn BiomeSpruce Forest
Ice Caps Village686, 100, 839
Ruined Nether Portal684, 66, 887
Stronghold674, -26, 850

12. Desert Village & Pillager Outpost

Desert Village With Farmers

Players who love exploring Desert Biomes are in for a treat.

This Minecraft 1.19 seed includes a multi-featured Desert Biome that will surely blow your mind.

This hosts a Desert Village that isn’t just inhabited by Villagers but also Pillagers! 

This is due to a Pillager Outpost standing tall right in the middle of the Desert Village.

That’s not all, within a few blocks you can also find a Dungeon near the Desert Village. This is an especially useful site to set up as an XP farm. 

Lastly, if you look towards the horizon, facing the river, there’s also a Woodland Mansion just waiting for you to explore it.

Spawn BiomeSpruce Forest
Desert Village + Pillager Outpost730, 87, 1896
Zombie Spawner Dungeon758, 65, 1886
Woodland Mansion465, 69, 1865

11. Shipwreck, Pillager Outpost & Desert Temple

Pillager Outpost (Topview)

Everybody loves a good structure near spawn. What if we told you there’s a seed out there that spawns you next to a structure mashup full of resources?

This seed spawns you in a Birch and Oak Forest next to a sandy coastline and some Mangroves.

Travel a few blocks towards the Desert mainland, and you’ll find four different structures!

You can find yourself next to a Mangrove section, a small Desert Village, a Shipwreck, a towering Pillager Outpost, and a Desert Temple, all ready for you to make use of.

You won’t even need to find the coordinates of all four structures because they’re literally right next to each other!

Spawn BiomeMangroves + Birch and Oak Forest + Sandy Coastline
Multiple Structure Fusion202, 88, 174

10. Double Ancient City Spawn

Double Ancient City Spawn (Overworld)

Yes, you read it right, this seed spawns you straight into an Ancient City.

For players who love challenging spawn points, this seed is perfect as you spawn right into the dark atmosphere of an Ancient City.

Ancient Cities have numerous chests with amazing loot contained within them that would definitely get your game to a good.

Of course, you’ll have to deal with the Warden and the plethora of other hostile mobs in the cave with you!

Once you’re done looting the Ancient City, you can find a direct but really high opening out of the cave right above you.

Or, for the daredevils out there, you could raid the second Ancient City linked next to the first one by a hole in the cave!

Spawn BiomeAncient City Cave
Second Ancient City Entrance-122, -41, 42

9. Desert Village in Mangrove Swamp With Piglin Bastian

Mangrove Desert Village

If you are a speedrunner or you just want a good headstart to your Minecraft World, this seed is ideal for you.

You’ll spawn right next to a Desert Village that is half submerged in a Mangrove Swamp Biome and half next to a Coast.

This Desert Village also includes a really efficient Nether Portal build location. 

If you build a Nether Portal in the Village and walk through it, you’ll find yourself right next to a Piglin Bastian. There’s also a Nether Fortress extremely close to this structure!

If you explore enough, you’ll also find a Stronghold featuring an End Portal located right underneath the Desert Village.

Its layout suggests that the portal is just lying in wait for someone to activate it and beat the Ender Dragon!

Spawn BiomeMangrove Swamp + Coastal Desert Village
Mangrove Swamp Desert VillageOn Spawn
StrongholdUnderneath Spawn

8. Mega Exposed Cave

Mega Exposed Cave

This Minecraft 1.19 seed has one of, if not the best, exposed Caves that we have ever seen.

The size of this Cave is Colossal! It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you got lost while exploring this, so be extra careful!

Within this massive cave system, there are tons of waterfalls that can safely lead you underground.

Many pointy and tall stone spikes are also present that seem like they’re holding the layers of the Cave upright like columns.

This Exposed Cave has many structures in plain sight to be explored, including a hanging Mineshaft and an Ancient City deep down.

Spawn BiomeGreen Mountainside
Mega Exposed Cave218, 130, 812

7. Double Exposed Mineshaft + Ancient City in Lush Cave

Exposed Mineshaft (Overworld)

We have another beautiful Cave seed for all the Cave Explorers out there!

This seed has a massive and stunning lush cave just a small distance away from the spawn point. This Cave isn’t just perfect for its view but also for what it stores. 

Head deep down in the cave, and you’ll find two exposed Mineshafts hanging in the middle, which you’ll find to be extremely useful for exploring this area.

Be cautious, though, as one wrong step from the Mineshafts will lead you to a massive drop and possibly, death! 

Surviving the fall won’t do much good either, as you’ll find yourself in an Ancient City with the Warden ready to seek you out.

Spawn BiomeSavannah Flatlands
Lush Double Mineshaft and Ancient City Cave-637, -26, -623

6. Woodland Mansion With Mountainside Pillager Outpost 

Woodland Mansion With Mountainside Pillager Outpost 

This Minecraft 1.19 seed spawns you near a Woodland Mansion on the side of a snowy mountain.

On this snowy mountain lies a towering Pillager Outpost, right next to an exposed mountain cave. This cave, coincidentally, also leads you straight down to an Ancient City. 

We recommend you gear up before heading down this path because hostile mobs such as Illagers, Pillagers, Cave Mobs, and The Warden are just some of the ones you’ll have to fight!

You can also find an extremely large Mangrove Swamp Biome just a short distance away from the Mansion located in this seed which has a handful of structures awaiting you.

This Mangrove Swamp also contains a Village with another Pillager Outpost. 

Other structures, such as a few Temples, including a Desert Temple floating on water and one more Woodland Mansion between Windswept Desert Hills, are also featured in this Pocket Edition seed!

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest
Mansion + Pillager Outpost + Mountain Cave487, 167, -731
Ancient City541, -38, -607
Mangrove Pillager Outpost Village1917, 78, -996
Desert Temple2365, 64, -1242
Windswept Terrain + Woodland Mansion2932, 93, -1228

5. Double Ancient City & Mountainside Village

Mountain Containing Ancient City

This seed has some unique geography which makes it amazing.

You can find a Village inside a crater made of tall, snowy cliffs, which provide an exemplary look. 

You can find a cave in this Village that leads you down a deep, dark area that eventually leads to not one but two different Ancient Cities. 

There’s also another Village nearby, on the side of a snowy hill with streams running down around it.

A distance away from this Village, you can find some of the most perfectly shaped Pointed Peaks.

The shape of these mountains is quite unique, making this seed totally worth it.

Spawn BiomeSwamp
Crater Village-1268, 121, 738
Hillside Village-1522, 126, 263
Pointy Peaks-1714, 129, 404

4. Triple Blacksmith Village With Stronghold

Triple Blacksmith Village

This seed is just an ideal hotspot for resources and loot.

You spawn next to a Village with three Blacksmith houses that hold valuable loot, perfect for starters, including some diamonds as well.

This should help prepare you for what lies beneath this Village and Spawn.

You can find two interlinked Ancient Cities that hold good loot, and one of them even holds a Ruined Nether Portal!

Fixing this Ruined Nether Portal will create a gateway, leading you right next to a Piglin Bastian and a Nether Fortress.

This isn’t the only portal the Ancient Cities contain, as you can also find a Stronghold in the surroundings.

Spawn BiomeSnowy Forested Hills
Ruined Nether Portal194, -45, 648
Stronghold Entrance91, -33, 649

3. Woodland Mansion & Pillager Outpost Fusion

Woodland Mansion & Pillager Outpost Fusion

If you’re looking for a perfect blend between resources, structures, and an ideal start – this one is for you.

Right at the start, you’ll find a Pillager Outpost merged into the corner of a Woodland Mansion, creating a masterpiece of a Villainous crossover. Talk about a wicked structure fusion!

This combination of structures is located on a really pretty Meadow Hill next to the Ocean and is surrounded by many mountains and forests, which also gives the seed an exemplary look.

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest
Pillager Outpost + Woodland Mansion Fusion Structure1600, 122, -750

2. River Valley and Coastal Jungle Mansion

River Valley and Coastal Jungle Mansion

With this one, you’ll have both diversity and beauty in a single seed!

On spawn, you’ll be embraced with a spectacular view that is guaranteed to hype you up to start exploring from the get-go.

Close to your spawn location, a majestic valley awaits with a river flowing through snowy mountains.

You’ll find tons of Birch and Oak trees scattered around this area which are great for an early game boost. 

Travel over the cliffs in view, and you’ll find a Mansion on the coast, providing an exemplary view, with a Jungle covering it like a mantel on 3 sides.

After going through the first Woodland Mansion, travel a good distance from its location toward the ocean, and you’ll find another Mansion waiting for you, submerged in the water.

Being a structure half deep in the ocean makes it truly spectacular, but that’s not the strange part.

On one side of the Mansion lies a tremendously deep Ocean Hole all ready for exploration.

If you explore the Ocean Hole and its surroundings with full attention, you may find a lot of treasure chests, there’s also one inside the Woodland Mansion itself!

Spawn BiomeBirch River Valley
Coastal Mansion-510, 134, 449
Ocean Mansion 3111, 124,1615
Treasure Chest in Ocean Hole3079, -65, 1608

1. Farlands Mansions and Structures

Farlands Mansions and Structures

Our best Minecraft 1.19 Pocket Edition seed is this one containing a Mansion and other structures in some Farlands.

The Farlands existing far away in Minecraft always were an out-of-this-world sight, but after the 1.19 update, things have become much more chaotic.

Traveling millions of blocks from spawn, you’ll eventually find yourself amidst the towering, deformed walls of the Farlands.

There’s a good diversity of structures in these Farlands, but we’ll only be noting a few of them down.

Firstly, you can find flat eroded walls reaching up to max heights that drop you into giant lava pits hundreds of blocks down.

There’s a huge Pillager Outpost that you can find in the Farlands here that stretches 150+ blocks on the edge of a Lava Hole.

There’s also a Woodland Mansion immersed in a Jungle between two towering walls that include massive eroded holes giving it a downright awe-striking look.

Another Mansion is featured in these Farlands that’s right next to a floating Pillager Outpost.

Look below from this point, and you’ll also witness an Ancient City floating on a giant pool of Lava.

Feel free to risk your 10 hearts to explore other structures in these majestic Farlands, as they have much more to offer!

Spawn BiomeBirch and Oak Forest + Sparse Jungle
Farland Mansion 1-57425, 426, -3013810
Farland Mansion 2 + Ancient City + Outpost-3850963, 24, -2180575
Tall Pillager Outpost-6457181, 198, 4211096

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