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11 Best Minecraft Prison Servers in 2022

11 Best Minecraft Prison Servers in 2022

The Minecraft Prison game mode has been around for a while now, and it’s fitting that it has solidified its place as a must-have experience for all players.

Prison is a custom game mode in which individuals are placed on a prison-themed map. There’s no wilderness at all, and the entire gameplay is limited to the map itself.

In Prison, players must mine blocks in designated zones, collect resources, and sell these to earn money. This money, in turn, can be used to upgrade your rank. 

You start at the lowest rank and must work your way to the top, which is the “Free” status.

Additionally, you can mine more valuable resources from high-level mines unlocked by upgrading your rank, and the cycle repeats.

Although the specific experience can vary based on the server and community, the core gameplay of a Prison remains the same.

There are countless Prison servers out there, and to save you the trouble of finding the good ones, here’s a list of the 11 best Minecraft Prison servers you can play in 2022! 

Best Minecraft Prison Servers

11. LemonCloud

Server Address:

LemonCloud Minecraft Prison Server

LemonCloud is a server that every Minecraft veteran is familiar with. It’s highly renowned for its fun takes on different ways of gameplay.

It features various playable game modes – to which Prison is no exception. 

LemonCloud has a great Prison system that stays true to the actual premise of the game mode.

You’re spawned inside “Mine A” and must work your way to “Mine Z” (alphabetically).

At that point, you can either choose prestige to show off your skills to the entire server or use your points to buy items from its custom shop!

The server also has several unique enchantments and upgrades you can use to make your Prison mode more enjoyable.

Overall, a great server to test out your Prison skills!

10. Minecraft Central

Server Address:

Minecraft Central Minecraft Prison Server

The Minecraft Central server has been running since 2013 and regularly hosts 1000+ active players!

The server has a very well-designed Prison mode that leaves you yearning for more.

It offers all the features that are central to having a good prison experience. Something significant to this server is their daily treasure chest.

The server has a recurring daily rewards system you can redeem to gain several upgrades. This ensures a daily play mindset!

If you’re looking for a hardcore Prison server with a lot of grinding, Minecraft Central is for you!

9. Purple Prison

Server Address:

Purple Prison Minecraft Prison Server

Purple Prison is a highly addictive server, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It starts like every other simple Prison experience but quickly deviates from that path. The server has a massive 26 mines for you to progress through!

It also has some handy features, such as allowing you to merge multiple plots and custom rank upgrades!

You can also buy plots with your hard-earned Prison money and build anything you want!

That’s a pretty nice twist on the typical Prison experience.

8. UniverseMC

Server Address:

UniverseMC is a relatively small but equally beautiful server with a very well-made Prison mode!

The server takes a unique perspective on the average Prison experience by introducing its “Cells” system. 

Players can use these cells to build and farm, allowing them to increase their rank in the process.

Another cool feature of UniverseMC is its “Lucky Blocks.” These are randomly generated in mines and can potentially contain keys, ranks, and extra money!

The server also has custom crates that can be opened using keys. These can contain rare upgrades and ranks for you to progress in the Prison faster!

7. FadeCloud 

Server Address:

Fade Cloud Minecraft Prison Server

Aside from having an incredibly active community of 500+ players, FadeCloud offers some brilliant features in its Prison mode.

Firstly, every single player on the server receives their own private mine! Usually, there are specific mines where multiple players go to collect resources.

This can become pretty hectic, pretty quick. With FadeCloud, however, you won’t have to face this problem.

Additionally, each mine in the server has its own custom theme! These themes include Nether, Space, Fantasy, City, Plains, Desert, and Winter environments.

Grinding in the same mine with the same setting can be pretty dull!

These different themes ensure you get a new, fresh feeling every time you unlock/enter a new mine.

6. OPBlocks

Server Address:

OPBlocks Minecraft Prison Server

OPBlocks is generally regarded as a fantastic Minecraft server, and the same goes for its Prison mode.

Along with the typical Prison features, OPBlocks offers a unique custom shop known as “The Candy Shop.”

Players can use this shop to produce candy automatically. You can consume this candy to receive amazing mining boosts to progress faster in Prison!

Furthermore, the server has several custom upgrades, making your mining experience much more leisurely.

You can also upgrade the candies mentioned before to improve their effects!

OPBlocks has a Prison system that genuinely rewards hard work and effort put in by its players.

If that’s a fitting description for you, be sure to give it a try!

5. Advancius Network

Server Address:

Advancius Minecraft Prison Server

Advancius is a server with a rigorous non-p2w (Pay-to-Win) attitude towards Prison.

The server rewards its players for grinding and hard work rather than offering purchases to skip ranks or buy boosters.

As such, this server provides an equal opportunity for growth to all its players, which is incredibly encouraging if you’re just starting out. 

Advancius’s Prison is the textbook definition of a classic Prison server. It has all the offerings necessary to ensure a good Prison experience for you. 

The server has varying types of crates you can open, an entire section dedicated to plots, a custom shop, and multiple mines that can be explored. 

If you’re tired of the constant grind on Prison servers and would instead just relax and enjoy a classic Prison experience, Advancius is the place to go! 

4. OPLegends

Server Address:

OPLegends Minecraft Prison Server

OPLegends is a Prison server with a massive community of over 500 active players!

It has a ton of customizations you can try out. The server boasts extremely fast-paced gameplay, allowing you to rank up and progress in no time!

When you spawn, you’re granted a Diamond Pickaxe with incredibly overpowered levels of enchantments, including Fortune and Efficiency 300! 

OPLegends’s Prison also features a Prestige system which you can use to unlock custom crates and bonuses such as perks and boosters. 

Additionally, the server offers custom weapons and enchantments such as Orb Greed that you can obtain.

All in all, the server has an excellent Prison mode filled with numerous customizations.

3. AkumaMC

Server Address:

Akuma MC Minecraft Prison Server

This server is one of a kind. 

The AkumaMC server contains the highest number of modded enchantments available out there. 

There’s Jackhammer, Speed, Key Finder, Fortune, Merchant, Prestige, and that’s hardly the tip of the iceberg!

The server promotes and rewards hard work by locking these enchantments until a player reaches a specific high level.

Along with this, it features all the typical Prison offerings like shops, custom items, and a multitude of mines.

AkumaMC also has a “Robot” system that allows you to earn resources passively.

This is similar to Wild Prison’s auto-miner, which enables you to make progress even when you’re idle!

As an added bonus, you can earn real money by being an active player on the server and having a top Prestige level. That’s a pretty handy feature! 

2. Wild Prison

Server Address:

Wild Prison Minecraft Prison Server

Wild Prison is another Minecraft server offering a solid Prison mode experience.

The server hosts 200+ active players and has some really decent offerings. 

Free ranks, custom enchantments, payouts, gangs, and pets are just some of the things you’ll come across while playing here. 

Something that remains unique to this server is the use of an auto-miner.

You can use this auto-miner in a designated area to keep mining and collecting resources, even when you’re AFK!

Wild Prison also has private mines; however, you must either purchase these with real money or unlock them naturally by having a high enough ranking or receiving one from a crate.

1. MCPrison

Server Address:

MCPrison Minecraft Prison Server

MCPrison is a behemoth in terms of its active players.

The server has more than 5000+ daily players! (And no, we didn’t accidentally add any zeros!)

This server is the face of the Prison mode, having been at the top for the past five years!

Of course, there’s a reason why it’s regarded as the best Prison server in Minecraft.

The server offers a personal mine to each player. Additionally, there are tons of amazing quality-of-life features that make this Prison system so enjoyable. 

One example is their quarrying machine, which automatically upgrades your pickaxe’s enchantments when you spend time in the mine.

Additionally, the server features incredible custom upgrades for your pickaxe, such as Acid Rain, Tornado, Laser, Lightning, and Explosion, which let you perform abilities to mine faster!

MCPrison also has custom enchantments and free ranks to make your Prison experience much more enjoyable!

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