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11 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

11 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

As a world teeming with possibilities, Minecraft offers players numerous ways to interact with its expansive, blocky universe.

One popular gameplay mode that has caught the imagination of thousands of players is the Prison mode.

In this unique environment, players begin as prison inmates with the objective to work their way up the ranks, mining and crafting, to eventually earn their freedom. This engaging, progressive game mode can be experienced in various prison servers, each providing its own unique take on the classic Prison mode.

This article will guide you through the best Minecraft Prison servers in 2023, highlighting their features and what makes each one stand out in the world of Minecraft gameplay.

LemonCloud –

LemonCloud Minecraft Prison Server

LemonCloud is a popular choice among Minecraft players, especially those fond of the prison game mode. This server successfully amalgamates traditional prison server mechanics with unique features, making it a standout choice.

In LemonCloud, players start as basic prisoners and work their way up the ranks by mining and selling resources. The balance in the progression system allows both beginners and experienced players to find joy in their journey. A vast, carefully designed prison environment allows players to explore and make their strategies on the go.

LemonCloud’s community stands out for its active participation and continuous support to newcomers. In addition, the administrative team is responsive and works diligently to maintain a fair and balanced server environment. The server also offers different game modes, such as Survival, Skyblock, and Creative, providing a diversified Minecraft experience.

Minecraft Central –

Minecraft Central Minecraft Prison Server

Another behemoth in the Minecraft server landscape, Minecraft Central, is a bustling hub of activities with Prison being one of the major attractions. This server offers a well-balanced, robust prison mode, which features a captivating balance between grinding and PvP elements.

Players can participate in a range of activities, including trading with others, joining or creating a gang, and battling other players in the PvP arena. The server also offers frequent updates and events to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Purple Prison –

Purple Prison Minecraft Prison Server

Purple Prison is widely regarded as one of the top Minecraft prison servers. The server provides a feature-rich environment that encompasses traditional prison server gameplay and an array of unique elements to keep the players intrigued.

Purple Prison has a vast prison environment filled with secret Easter eggs and rewards that keep players engaged. PvP enthusiasts will also find the server engaging as it provides ample opportunity for player battles.

One defining feature of Purple Prison is its vibrant community that includes popular YouTubers. The server is known for its regular updates and community events, contributing to a lively and exciting server environment.

UniverseMC –

UniverseMC differentiates itself by merging prison gameplay with elements akin to factions gameplay. This amalgamation creates a unique experience where players form teams and compete for server dominance.

The server is famous for its competitive PvP environment and a well-defined ranking system. UniverseMC keeps its gameplay fresh with seasonal events and new, custom plugins. This constant refresh ensures players encounter new challenges and experiences each time they log in.

FadeCloud –

Fade Cloud Minecraft Prison Server

FadeCloud is a server that caters to a wide variety of Minecraft players. However, its Prison mode remains one of the most popular among its player base. This mode combines traditional prison gameplay with RPG elements, resulting in an experience that stands out.

Players can enjoy a sophisticated ranking system and an intricate economy system in FadeCloud. Along with mining and trading, RPG elements like custom mobs and enchantments add a unique flavor to the server. Players also have the opportunity to form alliances and rivalries, adding a layer of social interaction to the gameplay.

OPBlocks –

OPBlocks Minecraft Prison Server

OPBlocks, short for Overpowered Blocks, provides a unique and “sweet” experience to the players. This server is known for its candy-themed prison mode, a delightful variation on the classic prison game mode.

Instead of mining traditional Minecraft blocks, players mine an assortment of candy, which serves as both a resource and currency within the server. This unique theme, coupled with a variety of custom features like candy-based progression and enchantments, adds a fun and vibrant twist to the prison server experience.

Advancius Network –

Advancius Minecraft Prison Server

Advancius is a server that promotes fairness and hard work, straying from the Pay-to-Win (P2W) approach seen in some other servers. In Advancius, you can’t simply buy your way to victory or higher ranks. Advancement here is purely merit-based, coming from your effort and dedication to the game. This approach creates a level playing field for all players, making it a particularly friendly environment if you’re just starting out.

The Prison mode in Advancius offers a quintessential Prison server experience, replete with all necessary features. There are a variety of loot boxes you can open, a dedicated area for personal plots, a custom shop for trades, and a range of mines ripe for exploration. These elements ensure you have a complete, classic Prison experience on the server.

So, if you’ve had your fill of constant grinding on other Prison servers and are now looking for a more relaxed, yet engaging experience, Advancius is a great choice. It allows you to enjoy the classic Prison mode in a fair environment where your progress reflects your effort.

OPLegends –

OPLegends Minecraft Prison Server

OPLegends is a bustling Prison server that boasts a vibrant community of over 500 active players. This server stands out with its myriad of customization options and rapid gameplay, allowing you to quickly ascend the ranks and make progress.

Upon joining, you’re equipped with a Diamond Pickaxe that comes with powerful enchantments, including Fortune and Efficiency at level 300. This immediately sets the tone for the fast-paced, high-octane experience that OPLegends offers.

The server also features a Prestige system, providing the opportunity to unlock custom crates and earn special bonuses like perks and boosters. There’s an array of custom weapons and enchantments available, including unique ones like Orb Greed.

All in all, OPLegends offers a comprehensive Prison experience, made even more exciting with its extensive customization options and dynamic gameplay.

AkumaMC –

Akuma MC Minecraft Prison Server

AkumaMC is truly a unique server in the Minecraft universe. It stands out with an impressive array of modded enchantments, more than any other server out there. These enchantments range from Jackhammer and Speed to Key Finder, Fortune, Merchant, and Prestige, with many more that scratch just the surface of what’s available.

AkumaMC has an innovative system to reward dedication and hard work. These enchantments aren’t readily available; players need to reach a certain high level to unlock them. This encourages players to invest time and effort, adding a layer of progression and achievement to the game.

The server doesn’t just stop at enchantments. It features all the typical Prison mode amenities like shops for trading, custom items for a unique gameplay experience, and a plethora of mines to explore and exploit. These features ensure a well-rounded and enjoyable Prison experience.

Another fascinating feature of AkumaMC is its “Robot” system. Similar to Wild Prison’s auto-miner, the Robot system allows you to passively earn resources. This way, your progress in the game doesn’t halt, even when you’re not actively playing. An additional perk of playing on AkumaMC is the chance to earn real money by maintaining high activity levels and achieving top Prestige levels on the server. This feature adds an exciting, real-world reward aspect to your gaming experience.

Wild Prison –

Wild Prison Minecraft Prison Server

Wild Prison stands out as another engaging Minecraft server with a robust Prison mode experience. With over 200 active players, it boasts a range of impressive features. From free ranks and custom enchantments to payouts, gangs, and pets, there’s plenty to discover and enjoy as you navigate the server.

What sets Wild Prison apart is its unique auto-miner feature. This allows you to continuously mine and collect resources within a specified area, even when you’re not actively playing. This ensures your progression continues uninterrupted, even when you’re away from the keyboard.

Private mines are another notable feature of Wild Prison, adding an element of exclusivity and challenge. These mines are not readily available, however. Players can acquire them either through real-world purchases or by achieving a high enough in-game rank or through crate rewards. This adds an extra level of achievement and reward to the gaming experience.

MCPrison –

MCPrison Minecraft Prison Server

MCPrison stands tall among Minecraft servers, especially in terms of its active player base. The server hosts over 5000 daily players – a figure that’s not exaggerated by any means. Over the past five years, MCPrison has remained at the pinnacle of Prison mode servers, its popularity a testament to its quality and engaging gameplay.

MCPrison’s success and popularity are not without reason. It provides each player with a personal mine and comes loaded with a myriad of quality-of-life features that make the Prison mode thoroughly enjoyable. A notable example is the quarrying machine, an ingenious feature that automatically upgrades your pickaxe’s enchantments the more you mine.

Another unique aspect of MCPrison is its range of incredible custom upgrades for your pickaxe. With enhancements like Acid Rain, Tornado, Laser, Lightning, and Explosion, players can unlock abilities that enable them to mine at a much faster pace. This adds a fun and exciting dynamic to the mining process.

In addition to these features, MCPrison offers custom enchantments and free ranks, adding yet another layer of enjoyment to the Prison experience. All these elements combined make MCPrison not only a prominent figure in the Minecraft Prison server world but also a genuinely entertaining and engaging platform for players.