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35 Best Minecraft Seeds 1.20

35 Best Minecraft Seeds 1.20

With the new Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update came massive improvements to current features and some fantastic new content – just as Mojang promised! But Minecraft has a vast world and exploring it all is essentially impossible (Trust us, we’ve tried!).

As such, you might not be able to find all the exciting new things the update 1.20 brings by simply exploring.

Luckily, we’ve compiled 35 of the best Minecraft seeds to exist. The seeds on our list feature a little bit of everything – including structures, weird spawns, mobs, and fascinating biomes!

Best Minecraft 1.20 Seeds

These seeds will work on the game’s Java and Bedrock versions – so let’s get started!

35. Kingdom of Ice

An ice spikes and snow biome

Ice and snowy biomes can often be rare in a Minecraft world – especially at earlier stages. 

With this first seed, however, you can find a humongous snow forest at your starting point. Starting between a mix of different biomes, the snowy plains will soon overtake the surrounding region as you venture through the world.

The snow region here is composed of several hundred blocks. Beyond that, an Ice Spikes biome overtakes the snow and stretches across the horizon. You’ll also find several frozen lakes that are perfect for ice skating!

Overall, it is a fun seed filled with many adventurous possibilities. 

Spawn LocationMixed
Ice Spikes Biome-163, 103, 651

34. Mountain Within Mountains (Java & Bedrock)

34th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

This Seed will spawn you on top of a Stony Peak Mountain, surrounded on all fours by more stony peak mountains.

The spawn location makes a fantastic place to set up a castle-themed base. The surrounding mountains will act as a natural protective layer for this purpose.

Additionally, a Plains Village generates right next to your spawn location, which is fantastic for an early-game boost in your survival journey. It’s also ideally located for some beautiful views of the horizon.

Just a short walk from here, among the mountains, lies a Pillager Outpost with treacherous residents – prepare well before you face them!

Lastly, you can also find a large, fully-exposed Dripstone Cave near your spawn area, which contains some valuable minerals to loot.

Spawn LocationStony Peak Mountains
Plains Village80, 150, 22
Pillager Outpost82, 224, 282
Exposed Dripstone Cave315, 130, 210

33. Windswept Fortress

A Windswept island with the ocean at its front

An eerie-looking spawn paired with peculiar generational patterns – you can’t go wrong with this one!

Stranded on a windswept island, you’ll have to navigate an increasingly broken region. With chunks of blocks arbitrarily floating about and out-of-this-world generation mechanics – you’re sure to get a scare when roaming around at night!

You won’t find many structures on this island except for a singular Ruined Portal, for which the coordinates are mentioned below. 

Nevertheless, even with the vacant structures, the overall scenery and spooky vibes, come nightfall, are more than worth it.

Spawn LocationMixed
Ruined Portal 63, 65, 144

32. Avoid Wardens and the Deep Dark (Java & Bedrock)

32nd Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

We realize that not everyone wants to fight the Warden or come across Ancient Cities in their playthroughs.

This Seed will spawn you far away from both of those. To be precise, the closest Ancient City is 1,500 blocks away, and the Deep Dark biome is 4800+ blocks far.

The Seed also contains huge caves filled with precious minerals, so you won’t be missing out on any significant loot – for the most part.

Give this a shot if you want all the reward and none of the risk!


31. Village Hidden in the Cherries

Handful Cherry Trees with a Savanna Village in the background

A seemingly ordinary spawn, this seed proves its worth quickly with one glance behind you.

By doing so, you’ll spot a few Cherry Trees perched in the corner, hiding behind a small clearing. This area contains a decently-sized Cherry Grove biome with a view of the surrounding region!

Right before the Cherry Trees, a Savanna Village spawns in the middle of nowhere. The circumstances here are perfect for living a passive, peaceful life with nothing but beautiful views and friendly mobs at your behest. 

Spawn LocationPlains
Cherry Grove50, 100, -136
Savanna Village115, 94, -131

30. A Relaxing Horizon (Java)

30th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

This particular Seed doesn’t feature any Ancient City, Allays, or relentless mobs for you to fight. Quite the opposite!

Upon using this, you’ll find yourself spawned in a world filled with beautiful scenes in all directions.

Right next to spawn is a beautiful blue lake, and smack dab on its edge is a Village located on a mountain slope!

If this wasn’t picturesque enough, the whole area is a valley surrounded by mountains on either side.

But that’s not all! On further exploration, you’ll find another Village on a small island next to the coast at spawn. This area also contains a massive mountain crater inhabited by a forest!

Safe to say, this is probably one of the most mesmerizing Minecraft Seeds out there. Try it out if you want to kick back and enjoy the view!

Savannah Village-178, 91, -150

29. New Biome at Spawn (Java)

29th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

The Mangrove Swamp is one of the newly added biomes to Minecraft. If you haven’t been able to come across one in your standard playthroughs, this Seed’s for you!

But before you run off to the Swamp, check this out.

Along with the humongous Mangrove Swamp, this Seed features 5 structures all combined together and an additional one nearby.

Once spawning, you’ll come across a Shipwreck, Ruined Portal, an Outpost, Desert Temple, and a Village that all share borders! It also has an Ocean Ruin just a few steps away.

The chances of seeing that in a newly generated world are next to none.

Once you’re done exploring these, you’ll also have the massive Mangrove Swamp to adventure in!

AreaMangrove Swamp

28. An Assortment of Cliffs (Java)

28th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

This Seed is another picturesque one, having one-of-a-kind scenery. You won’t find any Allays, portals, or treasure chests brimming with goodies.

What you will see, however, are enormous cliffs all around you!

These cliffs contain some stunning mountains and beautiful valleys having massive forests.

The area is also perfect if you want to start with a cliff base. You’ll have all the space you’ll ever need to work with and plenty of resources to get started.

A great Seed if you want to make a heartwarming base for yourself!


27. Ancient City, Mountains, and a Village (Java & Bedrock)

27th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

This next Seed has a little bit of everything.

Upon entering the world, you’ll see snowy mountains, frozen lakes, and a waterfall flowing out of a particular mountain. Sign us up!

Additionally, after exploring, you’ll come across a decent-sized village in the area.

The mountains nearby also contain Goats, which are very rare at spawn, so you’ll also have an effective method of farming Goat Horns. There’s also a Dripstone Cave nearby!

Lastly, this Seed is valuable because behind the mountain you spawn in is a massive exposed cave. Following this will lead you directly to an Ancient City!

Talk about being packed!

Village-177, 73, 140

26. Frozen Sands

Massive hybrid biome mountains

Ice, mountains, and snow-covered sands. If that intrigues you – give this seed a try.

The spawn area is mesmerizing, featuring a mix of several different biomes. You’ll be bombarded on all fours by humongous mountains, frozen lakes, snow-capped trees, and snowy sand!

Honestly, that last one is a first for us too! One of the mountains in front of your spawn location contains sand covered on the top with snow. Granted, this has no practical applications – it’s still incredibly cool.

Besides that, there are plenty of fun activities here, such as ice-skating or befriending some wholesome Goats and Polar Bears!

Spawn LocationMixed

25. Spawn Inside an Ancient City (Java & Bedrock)

25th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

Do you know what’s better than spawning above an Ancient City? Spawning directly inside it.

Do you know what’s even better than that? Spawning inside 2 Ancient Cities!

That’s right; this Seed will put you directly inside an Ancient City bordered by another one!

You’ll start off next to a Dripstone Cave and the Ancient City itself.

The area contains treasure chests with some of the highest-level loot you can obtain in the game – which would be an amazing start to your survival journey.

However, everything comes at a price, and surviving in not 1 but 2 Ancient Cities that too in the start is extremely difficult.

As such, this Seed is only recommended for the most courageous players out there!

AreaDeep Dark

24. Start Next to a Mangrove Swamp (Java & Bedrock)

24th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

As the heading suggests, this Seed will spawn you at the edge of a Mangrove Swamp. This would be attractive to all the players looking to explore this brand-new biome – but wait!

The Seed spawns you at the edge of the biome – allowing you to enter it at your own will. An ocean also borders the spawn location!

While this alone makes this Seed worthwhile to try out, if you head towards the west, you’ll find a mysterious-looking mountain.

At the foot of this, you’ll find a Village contained within the Mangrove Swamp! That’s right, an NPC Village within the new biome; what more could you need?

How about a Stronghold? If you dig directly down in this Village, lo and behold, a Stronghold!

This Stronghold contains treasure chests filled with Ender Pearls.

A Mangrove Swamp, the Ocean, a Village, and a Stronghold – all at the spawn.


23. Outpost and Ancient Cities (Java & Bedrock)

23rd Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

Within 200 blocks of where you’ll spawn is an Outpost. The structure is pretty big, so you’ll notice it from afar.

Be careful and gear up before taking it on, as this can be a challenging task.

Once you’ve conquered the Outpost, you can claim its chest and free the Allay and Iron Golem trapped next to it!

There’s also a Village you can find in the Taiga Forest nearby.

Lastly, although not at spawn, if you move over to the -1268, 100, and 2833 coordinates and go underground, you’ll find two dormant Ancient Cities generated next to one another – just waiting for you to move in!

Pillager Outpost134, 88, 71
Village190, 70, 321

22. Wonderous Portal

Ruined Portal within a Taiga Village

What’s better than spawning next to a Ruined Portal? Spawning on top of it!

That’s right, this wild Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns you directly on top of a Ruined Portal. Seeds that start you off on a structure are rare but not unseen. However, considering the tiny size of a Ruined Portal – the spawn mechanisms here are off the charts!

Aside from giving you a kickstart to your new journey, this portal also generates in the middle of a mid-sized Taiga Village. This lets you set up a base and trade with the Villagers.

Overall, you’ll have a pretty good spawn experience with this one!

Spawn LocationTaiga Forest
Ruined Portal & VillageAt Spawn

21. Survive & Relax (Java & Bedrock)

21st Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

This Seed is for the adventurous souls looking for mesmerizing scenery rather than hardcore challenges.

You won’t find any Ancient Cities, Villages, or overkill Structures here – just beautiful meadows and mountains.

Most of the region comprises small plateaus, plains, and lakes. The Savanna region also does well to bring out the natural beauty in the environment.

In your spawn area, there’s a small Savanna Village, which is a perfect place to set up a base for your new and humble beginnings. An Iron Golem also resides here, waiting for you to make friends with!

Overall, this one is a fantastic seed if you’re looking for a peaceful and adventurous Minecraft life.

Spawn LocationMountains & Plains
Village191, 75, -165

20. Forest World

Massive Mushroom Forest with a snowy biome in the back

This Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed is fantastic for all the lumberjack players!

From the start, you’ll find a world filled to the brim with Jungles and Forests. You can easily find almost every tree variant at your spawn location, including Mushroom Trees! The overworld here is truly breathtaking. 

It features vast, lush green valleys and forests. The environment also contains countless mountains and plateaus featuring even more trees! Additionally, your spawn location has a snow biome, with many such regions spread across the area.

There are countless exploration possibilities in this seed. Additionally, you can follow the coordinates below to find an exposed cave containing both Lush and Dripstone Caves!

Spawn LocationSnow Mountain
Lush Cave & Dripstone Cave-393, 96, 61

19. Stronghold Overlapping Ancient City (Java & Bedrock)

19th Best Minecraft Version 1.19 Seed

Here, you’ll spawn to a stunning Overworld with enormous snowy mountains and deep valleys filled with forests, bordered by the coastline on one end.

Once you’re done taking in the view, head down to the coordinates below to find a massive Plains Village. We recommend setting up a base here before exploring any further.

This region contains tons of invaluable resources scattered around several underground caves. These cave systems are all exposed and are situated next to the Plains Village and the Spawn Mountain.

A massive snowy mountain stretches across the region, an excellent addition to scenic beauty and exploration.

Spawn LocationMountains & Ocean
Plains Village850, 98, 872

18. Mountain Outpost

Pillager Outpost on a mountain

Experience beauty and danger with this one as you explore a vibrant Minecraft overworld!

The spawn area here consists of lush green valleys filled with trees, passive mobs, and meadows. Following the coordinates below, you can find a colossal mountain range towering over the region.

A Pillager Outpost hides atop the mountain range, blending itself among the stones. Be careful venturing here as the Pillagers patrolling the area are well equipped. You’ll be rewarded for all your efforts with a treasure chest placed inside the structure.

Once you’re done fighting, feel free to explore the region – there are two snow biome mountains worth exploring nearby!

Spawn LocationForests
Pillager Outpost260, 190, 212

17. Three Mangrove Swamps (Java)

17th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

If, for some reason, your thirst for exploring Mangrove Swamps isn’t quenched by a singular one – hear us out.

A Savanna Village connected to a Mangrove Swamp. Opposite that, another Mangrove Swamp, next to which – you guessed it – one last Mangrove Swamp!

If you use this Seed for your world generation, you’ll never run out of Mud, Mangrove Logs, and of course, Fish.

The Village here also serves as an excellent addition to help you with your trading needs.

If we’re being fair, even one of these biomes is more than enough to net you all the terrain-specific resources you’ll ever need.

Regardless, being able to see three sets of the newly added biome altogether is worth it!

AreaMangrove Swamp
Savanna Village124, 68, -282

16. Middle Of The Earth (Bedrock)

16th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

This Seed truly is in the middle of the Earth since it’s located at the center of 6 merging biomes! Not only that but there’s also a Village located right here – pretty picturesque if you ask us.

To make the Seed more impressive, one of these biomes is a humongous Mangrove Swamp and this one, in particular, is probably one of the best examples of these biomes.

It’s packed with Mud, Tropical Fish, and – if you venture deep into the Swamp – a hugely overgrown Village!

That’s 6 biomes and 2 Villages, all within your spawn range!


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15. Peculiar Mansion

Plains Village on top of a Woodland Mansion

With this one, you can experience two fine structures at your spawn location. You’ll find a Woodland Mansion and a Plains Village a few blocks from where you start. These, however, are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill structures. 

The unique feature here is that the generation patterns of these structures overlap with one another – causing some ‘interesting’ sights. Basically, the Plains Village spawns partially on top of the Woodland Mansion!

This unique blend of generation causes peculiar interactions between the passive Villagers and not-so-passive mobs within the Mansion. Nevertheless, this hybrid spawning is definitely not something to pass on!

Spawn LocationPlains
Woodland Mansion-7, 123, 37
Village-8, 122, 42

14. Abandoned Cherry Village

Abandoned Village with a Cherry Grove biome

Combining two distinct features, this seed tends to stand out due to its peculiar circumstances.

Firstly, it spawns you inside an abandoned Village. Here, you’ll find several Villager houses laced with cobwebs! There’s also a lonely house here that once belonged to a Blacksmith Villager. The only welcoming for you are some passive mobs roaming nearby.

The seed is even more unique because this abandoned Village is surrounded by the newly added Cherry Grove biome! The Cherry Trees here give an oddly wholesome look to the otherwise unpleasant environment. 

Be sure to try out the eeriness of this Minecraft world in your next playthrough! 

Spawn LocationPlains
Abandoned Village42, 96, 65

13. Ideal Location for Base-Building (Java & Bedrock)

13th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

Containing a beautiful lake in the middle and surrounded by a mixture of Meadow Hills biome, this is possibly one of the best building locations you can get your hands on.

The Seed contains a valley surrounded by medium-sized hills acting as a dome, effectively covering you from the rest of the world.

You’ll also notice Waterfalls and Lavafalls flowing out of the surrounding hills.

With colossal land to work in and a ton of resources at your disposal, let your creative powers out as you build the perfect survival base for yourself.


12. Mesa Mountain and the Deep Dark (Java)

12th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

This next Seed will spawn you right next to a giant Mesa Mountain. Now that in itself is pretty exciting since this happens to be one of Minecraft’s most wonderful biomes, but there’s more.

The mountain contains a large waterfall at its side leading directly down to a hollow underground cave.

Upon exploration, you’ll realize that this cave is massive! But there’s still more!

When you’re adventuring down there, you’ll come across Minecraft’s newest added biome – the Deep Dark.

Something unique about this Seed is that the Deep Dark biome contained within has a considerable distance between itself and an Ancient City hosting the Warden.

This allows you to have ample room to explore the new treacherous biome and get a feel of it without worrying about alerting the dreadful Warden.

Happy exploring!

AreaMesa Mountain

11. Effectively Explore an Ancient City (Java & Bedrock)

11th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

You can experience scenic beauty and breathtaking structures with this Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed.

You start off on a massive snow-capped mountain range. This extends across the region and features several lively mobs and beautiful views. Opposite this mountain is another snowy hills region featuring multiple smaller mountains.

A lush green valley filled with various tree types is packed between these two mountain ranges. It also features a handful of Mushroom Trees within! These wondrous scenes of nature extend for several hundred blocks all around.

Once you’re done exploring and taking in the view, head to the coordinates below and you can find a Woodland Mansion sitting dormant between the trees. Remember to gear up before entering this since it contains treacherous mobs!

Spawn LocationMountains
Woodland Mansion326, 145, 145

10. Merging Biomes (Bedrock)

10th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

This Seed places you directly on top of a tall tree in a massive jungle. Now you might be wondering what that has to do with version 1.20 of the game, and the answer is – nothing.

However, once you take a few steps away from this ordinary jungle, you’ll see the land transition into – the new Mangrove Swamp!

That’s right! This Seed has a clear line splitting a Jungle biome and a Mangrove Swamp biome which is pretty cool to look at.

This is also incredibly convenient for drawing comparisons with the version 1.20 new content as you can directly view the two biomes with one another!


9. Largest Mangrove Swamp in The Game (Java & Bedrock)

9th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

This Seed offers two main things that place it on this list. It contains the smallest and largest biome we’ve ever come across!

Firstly, it offers a Badlands biome of approximately 20 blocks in total – not very useful, but quite an exciting sight to see. On the other hand, the Mangrove Swamp you’ll see as soon as you spawn in this Seed has to be the largest one of its kind in the entire game!

This biome spans more than – get ready – a whopping 4,000 blocks in length! If you’re an explorer, go ahead and challenge yourself to traverse this Swamp from one end to the other, we dare you.

You can also find a Desert Village next to the Mangrove Swamp at your spawn location. This is among the rarest variants of Villages, so it’s a pretty unique sight to see at your start!

AreaMangrove Swamp
Desert Village218, 75, 200

8. Bamboo Islands

Bamboo Island with a Shipwreck structure next to it

Get ready to sail the seven seas with this next one as you move from island to island, discovering new lands!

Starting off on a small bamboo island, you’ll quickly understand the unique dynamics of this Minecraft world. The overworld here is a vast Ocean biome featuring several different islands of all shapes and sizes!

Each of these islands has unique elements such as exotic fish, practical structures, varieties of trees, valuable loot, and some exceptional sights. You won’t have much time for base-building here, though, since you’ll always be on the move to the next big island. 

For structures, you can find a Shipwreck containing valuable resources right next to your spawn island. A nearby island also includes an exposed underground cave with a massive Lush Cave system. Coordinates for both of these have been mentioned in the table below. 

To conclude, if you enjoy the pirate’s life, try this one!

Spawn LocationBamboo Forest
Shipwreck3, 68, -172
Lush Cave-325, 36, -345 

7. Mangrove Survival Island (Java & Bedrock)

7th Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

This is the only Seed found yet for version 1.20 that spawns you directly on a Mangrove Island!

Do you think you could possibly survive in this setting with nothing but Mud, Fish, and the Swamp to wander in? This Seed provides a unique challenge to players allowing them to explore new strategies and methods of gameplay to ensure survival on the Island.

If surviving exclusively on the limited resources within the Island becomes too difficult, you can always swim inland and return once you’re up for the challenge again!

AreaMangrove Island

6. Triple Cherry Grove

Huge Cherry Grove biome

Experience the new wonders of the Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update with this seed!

In this world, you can find 3 of the stunning, new Cherry Grove biomes – right at the start. To be precise, you start off directly inside a Dripstone Cave. The scenery, however, will take a massive change as you move towards the overworld.

Right above your spawn, there lies the first Cherry Grove biome. This one is massive and contains hundreds of new Cherry Trees! Opposite this, you’ll find the second Cherry Grove. This is even larger than the first one and can seem never-ending at first sight!

The second biome runs at the foot of a humongous ice-capped mountain – another attractive feature to explore. Finally, the last Cherry Grove biome can be found parallel to the snowy mountain; however, this one only contains a handful of Cherry Trees.

Overall, it’s a perfect seed if you want to witness the additions in the new Minecraft version. 

Spawn LocationUnderground Cave
Dripstone Cave3, 45, 23
First Cherry Grove30, 134, 47
Second Cherry Grove177, 136, 190
Third Cherry Grove460, 112, -99

5. A Packed Start

A small Plains Village and some meadows

A perfect survival seed to get you up and running with loot right from the start.

This one starts you off on a small, peaceful island with endless meadows. Right next to the spawn area, you can find a small Plains Village harboring several helpful Villagers and an Iron Golem! This is a fantastic spot to set up an early game base.

A Ruined Portal also generates near your spawn area on the northern side of the Village. There’s a treasure chest filled with valuable loot to get you started. 

The region also contains some valuable elements that are seldom seen at spawn. These include Horse mobs and a small patch of land featuring snow! You can find the exact coordinates for this in the table below. 

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountains
Ruined Portal132, 89, 234
Plains Village131, 77, 140
Snow-90, 93, 165

4. Humble Beginnings 

Savanna Village spawning partially between two areas

An extremely enjoyable seed, this one has a pretty ordinary starting point with some forests and a few mountains around.

However, this region has much more to offer! Firstly, there’s a small mountain near your spawn, which features a snow biome! As great as this is, it’s also practical since it features the exceptionally rare Goat mob.

Additionally, a large Mushroom Tree valley is running at the foot of this mountain. This is also a relatively rare occurrence! Once you’re done exploring these, head over to the coordinates of the exposed cave mentioned below.

This cave is absolutely massive and features a ton of valuable things. Firstly, a large Lush Cave biome is at one end of the cave. Towards the middle, you can find an abandoned Mineshaft providing safe passage from dangerous mobs throughout the cave.

Lastly, a Dripstone Cave is situated at the other end of this cave – a helpful feature of the area. Returning to the overworld, take a short walk to the coordinates below, and you’ll find a Savanna Village generating partially between two mountains! 

Spawn LocationMixed
Snowy Mountain (With Goats)-100, 142, -175
Mushroom Forest72, 104, -196
Exposed Cave (With Lush Cave Biome)67, 80, 19
Mineshaft25, -10, 55
Dripstone Cave48, 15, 162
Savanna Village720, 117, -5

3. Massive Badlands

3rd Best Minecraft 1.19 Seed

As you might’ve guessed, this Seed will place you in some of the most enormous Badlands Mountains you’ll ever witness!

But that’s not the featured item here. These mountains contain massive exposed caves featuring invaluable resources for a quick start to your new world! We’ve outlined the coordinates to one such cave below, but there are many more in the region.

Once you’re done exploring the vast Desert and Badlands area, head over to the beachside, and you’ll spot a Desert Village. This Village contains a unique Camel mob and several Villagers to trade with! 

Right next to this area, a massive Mangrove Swamp runs along the length of a Lukewarm Ocean biome. The swamp partially generates inside the ocean biome – a rare sight to see. 

Lastly, there’s a Shipwreck structure sitting not too far away from the shore; be sure to look!

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountains
Exposed Dripstone Cave446, 80, -112
Desert Village550, 80, -342
Mangrove Swamp763, 89, -650
Shipwreck895, 66, -719

2. Underground Utopia

Lush Cave biome in an underground exposed cave system

This Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed contains an impressive underworld – that too, right next to your starting location.

You’ll spawn next to a massive hole in the ground. This leads directly to a humongous underground exposed cave. You can find a gigantic Lush Cave system, tons of aggressive mobs, valuable resources, and Minerals here. 

Be careful; this cave is infested with angry mobs such as Spiders, Slimes, Zombies, and Bats. Upon venturing deeper into the area, you’ll come across a Mineshaft system that stretches along the length of the area. Try tiptoeing your way through the cave using this!

You can quickly gather up tons of resources if you loot this cave well. However, this can be a tricky expedition due to the plethora of dangerous mobs around. Be cautious and well-prepared before you go exploring underground. 

The overworld here also contains some fantastic features. For example, you can find an Ice Spikes biome near your spawn area featuring Polar Bear mobs!

Spawn LocationTaiga Forest
Ice Spikes 96, 63, -188
Lush Cave -20, 41, -8
Mineshaft System9, -10, -1

1. Pirate’s Cove

Maximum height Windswept mountain

Our absolute favorite, this Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales seed has some of the most out-of-this-world features. 

You won’t find many structures here because those are a common feature of most seeds. What you will see, however, is a massive Windswept Island. This island contains a maximum-size mountain at its center, which looks surreal. 

There are also several other mountains and chunks of blocks generated in an erratic manner all around. One such mountain generates in the sky, magically floating in the air! Other than exceptional vantage points such as these, you can also find a Coastal Village on the island.

The Village is a mid-sized one and contains several Villagers and their mobs. Half of the structure is generated on land, with the other half being in the Ocean. A Shipwreck also spawns on the opposite end of this Village.

Finally, the icing on top of this seed is provided by, quite literally, ice! A snowy biome generates on the other end of your spawn island – providing a ton of new exploration possibilities.

Overall, the seed will provide a fantastic survival experience with insane sights, adventurous landscapes, and structures. 

Spawn LocationSnowy Mountains
Coastal Village-400, 69, 660
Shipwreck-210, 63, 669

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