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7 Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers in 2022

7 Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers in 2022

Skyblock is arguably one of the most popular game modes in Minecraft. It takes the essential survival experience to a whole other dimension!

There are many variations of Skyblock now, but the original one featured a dirt island high up in the sky for you to work with!

Regardless of modern customizations, the premise of the game mode remains the same.

Skyblock is an extension of simple survival, which spawns you on a piece of land high up in the sky.

You have minimal resources to work with and must use these to expand your land and thrive!

The game mode remains as in-demand in the Minecraft community as it did when it first came out as a custom map almost a decade ago.

There are countless Skyblock maps out there for you to try out.

To make your search for the best Skyblock maps easier, here’s a list of 7 of our top picks of Minecraft Skyblock servers you can play in 2022!

Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers 

7. Complex Gaming

Server Address:

Complex Gaming Minecraft Skyblock Server

Complex Gaming is a vast server renowned for its various game modes. It has Pixelmon, Factions, Survival and Creative, and so much more!

The server is famous for remaining true to the vanilla experience in almost all its offered game modes, and the same goes for Skyblock!

Its Skyblock is a simple and easy-to-adapt experience that you can jump in and enjoy at anytime!

However, with its massive player base, the competition can sometimes get tough!

Additionally, Complex Gaming hosts one of the most active communities of the game, having a staggering 1000+ players at all times!

Safe to say, you’ll find many like-minded players to pair up with here!

6. MineSuperior

Server Address:

MineSuperior Minecraft Skyblock Server

This server is almost as old as the Skyblock server on this list.

It features two Skyblock servers for you to try out – Empire and Infinity. Both of them offer their own set of challenges and custom island upgrades you can explore!

In the gameplay itself, MineSuperior offers a Skyblock that remains true to the original version.

It doesn’t include any over-the-top features to give you a massively customized experience – and that’s not always bad.

Sometimes, it’s better to stay simple! That doesn’t mean that the server lacks in its offerings. It contains all the features required for a stable and fun Skyblock experience.

Additionally, the server has a massive community of 400+ active players at all times.

Rest assured, you won’t have a shortage of people to play with any time soon!

5. Mineville

Server Address:

Mineville Minecraft Skyblock Server

The Mineville server does a fantastic job at giving you the feeling of a personalized experience.

It has some of the best quality of life features offered in Skyblock servers.

Now, this doesn’t affect your Skyblock experience directly – but hear us out – you can get married, get a job, and even hug people! (That’s pretty realistic if you ask us)

Name a better feeling than finally being able to hug the person you’re playing Skyblock with; we’ll wait!

These things give the server a more unique and personal feel than an average one.

For the Skyblock experience itself, the server offers all the essentials for an enjoyable journey.

There are ranks, player levels, custom enchantments, a custom economy, openable crates, and the list goes on!

If you’re tired of the robotic vibe that most servers project nowadays, Mineville will be a very welcome attraction. Give it a shot!

4. Minefun

Server Address:

Minefun Minecraft Skyblock Server

Minefun is a server that makes your mining fun! (ahem, excuse the pun)

But in all seriousness, this is another server that deviates from the typical Skyblock experience by introducing some tweaks in its take on the mode.

One such example is that you can potentially increase your Skyblock island’s points each time you place a block down.

The same goes for when you purchase one from the shop.

Additionally, the server offers features like warping and player leveling, which gives you access to extra benefits and perks to ensure a fun survival experience.

These perks include money boosters and island expansions to make the Skyblock experience more worthwhile.

The shop system of the server also features coin flips and auctioning – for when your bank account goes embarrassingly low! (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there)

Overall, Minefun has a great Skyblock mode which delivers the sucker punch by offering numerous exciting features in addition to the general experience.

3. Datblock

Server Address:

Datblock Minecraft Skyblock Server

The Datblock server is one of the most enjoyable servers on this list and Minecraft.

The server is famous for having an extremely friendly community of over 200 active players who are always ready to help you out!

In the case of Skyblock gameplay, the server offers a pretty basic experience. Although, there is one thing that’s highly unique to Datblock – the setup of its shop.

You can buy and sell items anytime, but there’s a catch.

Datblock’s shop system works on the economic principles of supply and demand.

For instance, if a player was to sell a huge quantity of diamonds to the shop, the price offered for diamonds will suddenly drop and vice versa!

This is a scarce concept not seen on other servers.

This shop system alone makes your experience quite different from other servers as you’ll have to strategize about when you want to buy or sell a particular item you hold.

As such, Datblock provides a unique take on the average Skyblock experience and is an excellent server if you’re looking to mix things up!

2. Hypixel

Server Address:

Hypixel Minecraft Skyblock Server

Arguably one of the best Minecraft servers of all time, Hypixel takes the number 2 spot on this list.

If we’re talking numbers alone, Hypixel happens to be the most significant Minecraft Skyblock server out there – and for good reason.

The server has an amazing Skyblock survival mode for its players.

As an added bonus, it also regularly hosts fun events and custom tournaments.

It also has different sets of challenges and quests that you complete to earn rewards that help you in expanding your Skyblock base. That’s pretty neat if you ask us!

Hypixel Skyblock rewards its players for exploration rather than remaining static on your island and repeating the same block-building tasks.

If you want a break from the traditional Skyblock experience and want your game mode to be filled with adventure, Hypixel is the place to go!

1. Skyblock

Server Address:

Skyblock Minecraft Skyblock Server

Do you want to spice up your Skyblock survival experience? What better place to go than the server that’s literally named after the game mode!

This server has been running since 2012. Now that’s old!

Additionally, the Skyblock server almost always has more than 100 players online for you to play against.

It features three different Skyblock servers – Skyblock Survival, Skyblock Economy, and Skywars – for you to try out.

Fun fact, their Skyblock Survival server was the first-ever Skyblock server to exist!

Something unique to this server is that their survival Skyblock has a grass block-based economy.

As if working with limited resources on a floating dirt block in the sky wasn’t hard enough already!

These guys have been working on the Skyblock game mode for a while now, and they’ve been doing it exceptionally well. 

The server is practically a must-try for any Skyblock fans.

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