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15 Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds 1.20 (2023)

15 Best Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds 1.20 (2023)

Each new Minecraft world that you generate hosts a plethora of adventure-packed content to try out.

Considering the size of an average Minecraft world, experiencing specific structures, biomes, and mobs can become somewhat unrealistic. But that’s where seeds come in!

Seeds can be used to generate a specific Minecraft world, enabling you to have an experience where you dictate the type of journey you want to take!

Now, put on your jackets and get ready for some snow because, in this post, we’ll be covering some of the best snow biome seeds you can try out in the latest (1.20) version of Minecraft.

Top 15 Minecraft Snow Biome Seeds

We’ve mentioned the game edition required for each seed in front of it.

Some seeds may work with both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game; however, the location of key areas and structures can vary.

If you don’t know how to use seeds, check out this post!

15. Peaceful Snowy Plains (Bedrock Edition)

Snowy Plains With A Pool of Lava
Spawn LocationSnowy Plains
Underground Caves System-4, 90, -56
Ice Spikes Area144, 108, -190
3rd & 4th Allays10, 67, -27

Coming up first is a simple Snowy Plains biome featuring a peaceful, slow gameplay style. You’ll spawn in a rather desolate area with nothing but a few Polar Bear mobs walking around here and there. 

You can find a massive underground cave system just a few blocks away from the spawn location. This is perfect for collecting some ores early on and kickstarting your survival journey. A readily explorable Ice Spikes area also generates just a walking distance away from these caves!

Although you won’t find a lot of structures near your spawn with this seed, it still serves as an excellent one to explore a humongous snowy biome at your spawn location. Safe to say, this one is better suited for an easy-going and relaxing Minecraft playthrough!

14. Pillagers & Allays At Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Pillager Outpost in a Frozen Lake With Imprisoned Allays at the Back
Spawn LocationFrozen Lake
Pillager Outpost-6, 83, -7
1st & 2nd Allays13, 67, -10
3rd & 4th Allays10, 67, -27
5th & 6th Allays-19, 63, -18
Iron Golems-19, 63, -25

A humongous frozen lake with a Pillager Outpost generating right next to your spawn location is undoubtedly rare. Now pair this with 6 imprisoned Allays and 2 Iron Golems right at your spawn location, and you get this seed!

Aside from these eye-opening features at the start, the seed features a considerably large snow and ice biome. A frozen lake stretches for several thousand blocks around you, and numerous small to mid-sized snow mountains run along the frozen lake. 

Overall, you’ll find a mix of the snowy environment experience and gameplay opportunities.

Be warned though, this seed can be really unforgiving. Battling Pillagers as soon as you spawn and with no items on hand can be exceptionally challenging. This might be better suited for all the Minecraft veterans out there!

13. Snow Village at Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Snowy Taiga Village
Spawn LocationSnowy Plains
Village0, 64, 0

This is a Minecraft 1.20 seed that gets you up and going right from the spawn. Once the world generates, you’ll be placed right next to a Village in a snow biome. 

A Village is always a sight for sore eyes in Minecraft. Finding one at spawn, on the other hand, is an absolute blessing!

The Village itself features a good amount of buildings and is on the brink of being medium-sized.

Another excellent feature about this seed is that the Village generates right at the edge of an Ice Spikes biomes, which is great to skate and explore once you’ve put up your foundations in the Village.

Overall, a fantastic seed for some beautiful views and fun gameplay.

12. Snow Mountains With Village (Bedrock Edition)

Ice Peaks With Village
Spawn LocationMixed
Plains Village64, 35, 128
Exposed Cave256, 47, -117

This next seed offers a massive amount of snow for you to venture through! You’ll be spawned in a valley filled with seemingly never-ending lush green trees.

This is surrounded on both sides by massive stone cliff mountains covered to the top with snow. 

Both of them extend far and wide to opposite ends, forming an Island of sorts for you to walk around in. Both of them also feature sections of frozen land.

On a small Island at the far end of one of these mountains, you’ll find a medium-sized Plains village.

A part of this is actually generated on an ocean surface below the rest of the Village, which makes for a great sight to see!

We’d recommend setting up your base for some early-game material here before this next part.

Once you return to the snowy biome and head in the right direction, you’ll come across a massive exposed cave on the surface of one of the mountains.

The cave leads directly down to the new Deep Dark biome and eventually to an Ancient City. 

This feature makes the seed perfect for fighting the warden and exploring a snow biome right at spawn!

11. Snowy Plains (Java Edition)

Snowy Plains
Spawn LocationSnow Mountains
Plains Village-247, 294
Pillager Outpost-394, 227
Woodland Mansion-298, 253

This Minecraft 1.20 seed spawns you off in a snow biome mixed with Plains and Mountains. The snow area itself is pretty large, which enables you to have great room for exploration and building.

Your surrounding area will host tons of trees as well, which does wonders for your early game. 

Once you’re done with the scenery, you’ll find three structures, all located within an almost straight line near your spawn!

You can first find a Pillager Outpost located on the outskirts of a massive snow-capped Mountain. 

Nearby, there’s also a Woodland Mansion generated next to a small Meadow biome. This contains chests with valuable loot that you can raid to get a headstart in your new survival world.

Lastly, the seed features a Plains Village that generates impartially on a snow cliff. Half of this is suspended on the cliff, with the other half set on the bottom of a Plains biome. 

The Village fits in perfectly with the surrounding snow biome to paint a picturesque view at dawn!

10. Ice Spikes & Snowy Village (Java Edition)

Ice Spikes With Snow Village
Spawn LocationSnowy Plains
Mixed Snowy Village-4, 66, 8

Here’s a perfectly balanced seed to experiment with. You’ll be spawned on a flat snow biome with ice-capped mountains and cliffs far off in the distance.

Right near spawn, you’ll find a mixed Village – which is a very scarce sight to see!

This medium-sized Village contains a mix of wooden, stony, and ice buildings generated together.

You’ll also find a Blacksmith Villager within, which will surely help you get off to a great start.

Once you’ve settled into this Village, you can move on to exploring the rest of the map.

The south and northern sides of this Village contain frozen biomes featuring some stunning Ice Spikes. 

The snow itself extends even further beyond these regions, which makes this an enormous snow biome for you to explore!

9. Snowy Mountain With Triple Villages (Bedrock Edition)

Taiga Village With Snow Mountains
Spawn LocationForest Valley
First Plains Village0, 104, -97
Second Plains Village-103, 78, 99
Savannah Village97, 85, 56

This next Minecraft 1.20 seed features three villages, all situated near a snow-decorated mountain at spawn.

After world generation, you’ll load into a valley filled with trees on all fours.

You’ll notice a medium-sized mountain running along the length of the valley right next to you.

This entire mountain features a deep-running fresh snow biome. If you stand on top of this snow-filled mountain, you’ll be surrounded by three villages situated on its far ends.

These form somewhat of a triangular pattern with you at their center. 

The first one is a Plains Village that starts right as the snow from the mountain ends, which makes it seem as if the area is meant to lead you towards it! 

It generates on top of an Ocean surface which is amazing to view atop the snowy hill. The Village also features a Blacksmith Villager – helping you with early game trade.

The second Village is located midway through the spawn snowy mountain and features another Plains Village.

This time, it generates partially on a water body, with the other half perched hillside.

The third is a Savannah Village that generates slightly away from the end of the snow-packed mountain.

This one also hosts a couple of Farmer Villagers, so that’s an added bonus!

8. Multiple Snow Peaks

Multiple Snow Peaks
Spawn LocationCoastline Mountain
Plains Village813, 94, 876
Ancient City856, -32, 928
End PortalSame as Above

With this seed, you’ll start off near a coastline showcasing enormous overarching mountains at the front. 

There are three mountains in total – all of them fully snow-capped, hosting multiple hills extending beyond the horizon.

A deep valley runs between these mountains, providing a safe passageway between each snow biome. 

At the foot of the spawn mountain, you’ll find a medium-sized Plains Village situated right before the start of the valley.

This Village hosts a couple of Farmer Villagers, which will help you prepare for this next section.

On the backside of this Village, at the edge of the mountain, there’s an exposed, hollow cave.

Follow this cave to eventually find an Abandoned Mineshaft running through the top of the exposed cave.

This area further leads to a Deep Dark biome and an Ancient City.

Lastly, this Ancient City also contains a Stronghold with an End Portal!

7. Snow Mountain Mansion

Snow Peaks With Taiga Forest
Spawn LocationPlains Village
Plains Village0, 109, 6
Ruined Portal13, 112, 62
Woodland Mansion97, 120, 57

Get ready to explore a Woodland Mansion right as you spawn. This seed spawns you in a Plains Village, extending up to a snow-capped mountain. This mountain stretches across the horizon and joins into another mountain.

This essentially means that you’ll have multiple mountains worth of snow biomes to uncover right as the world generates.

The Village you initially spawn in is medium-large in size and hosts a considerable amount of Villager mobs. There are multiple buildings here as well.

At the edge of this Village, you’ll notice a Woodland Mansion connected to the snowy mountain. 

Before you venture into this, however, check out the Ruined Portal that generates right next to its entrance!

It’s very rare to see two structures such as these generate as close as they did in this seed – so consider yourself lucky!

6. Double Snow Villages (Java & Bedrock)

Double Snow Village
Spawn LocationFrozen Lake
First Taiga Village0, 63, 4
Second Taiga Village-147, 58, 0

This Minecraft 1.20 seed features two Taiga Villages right at your spawn location!

You start off on a frozen lake with a snow forest on all sides. The terrain here is either entirely frozen or completely filled with snow.

Right in front of you will be two snow-covered Taiga Villages located opposite one another.

One of the Taiga Village is situated on top of a frozen lake and bordered by an Ice Spikes biome. This is wonderful for a bit of skating fun when exploring the area!

The other Village generates next to a snowy Taiga Forest.

It also contains a Blacksmith Villager, which is one of the best possible Villagers for early game trade and, of course, stealing loot!

Both of these Villages are medium-sized and are separated by only a few blocks of snow, making this seed amazing for a solid start in a survival world.

5. Cherry Blossom Valley (Java)

Cherry Trees With Snow-Capped Mountain in the Back
Spawn LocationPlains
Underground Caves System33, 74, 14
Cherry Blossom Trees175, 152, 43
Village118, 119, 28

One of the most beautiful snow biome seeds around, this one spawns you right in front of a vast, snow-capped mountain! Just a few steps away from your spawn location, you can find an extensive river system connecting several underground caves.

On top of this deep underground cave system sits a massive mountain range that spans several hundred meters. However, this isn’t the main attraction of the seed! 

The snow-capped mountains in this region feature several of the newly added Cherry / Cherry Blossom Trees! This makes the seed an excellent pick if you want to experience the freshly added Minecraft version 1.20 Trails and Tales content right off the bat.

Lastly, you can also find a Village just a short walk from your spawn location! This Village is situated in a beautiful valley between a colossal mountain range and a forest of Cherry Trees. You won’t find a more beautiful view to start your new base!

4. Snow Valley With Double Caves (Java & Bedrock)

Snow Valley
Spawn LocationSnow Mountian Range
Dripstone Cave (With Ancient City)424, 106, -803
Plains Village (With Ruined Portal)871, 117, -394

Here’s another jam-packed snow biome seed for you to check out. The seed spawns you off on the top of a snowy mountain range with plenty of trees and beautiful views around. 

Between the mountain range runs a valley containing a massive Taiga Forest. 

Right near spawn, at the end of this forest, you’ll find an exposed Dripstone Cave that leads directly down to the Deep Dark biome and, eventually, an Ancient City.

At the edge of your spawn mountain, right over its cliff, there’s also a Meadow biome containing a Plains Village! 

This Village, sharing its boundaries with the snowy mountains, is quite large in size and contains a great amount of Villager buildings. There’s also a Ruined Portal within!

There’s a hollow gap in the center of one of the mountains that border this Village which is actually the entrance to another Dripstone Cave!

3. Igloo Village at Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Igloo Village
Spawn LocationSnow Plains
Mob Spawner3, 17, 32
Igloo-7, 97, 3
Plains Village0, 103, -8

This seed spawns you off in a considerably large snow biome with a mix of mountains and plains in your surroundings.

Nearby the spawn area, you’ll find a medium-sized Plains Village with a decent amount of buildings, Villagers, and even an Iron Golem!

To the north of this Village, you’ll find an Ice Spikes biome and a frozen lake that further extends this snowy environment. 

You can also find a small Igloo Tucked away hillside in the area of the Village. This contains a hidden underground chamber with some valuable loot ready for collection!

Lastly, if you dig below the Village at the right coordinates, you’ll come across a room containing a Mob Spawner as well as multiple chests filled with items – making this an especially useful seed for early-game mob farming.

2. Snowy Peaks With Ancient Cities (Bedrock Edition)

Ice & Snowy Peaks
Spawn LocationForest Valley
Lush Cave-234, 92, 118
First Ancient City165, -20, -215
Abandoned Mineshaft-693, -36, -300
Second Ancient City-228, 60, 273
Third Ancient City133, -21, 140
Fourth Ancient City-700, -24, -269
Fifth Ancient City-666, -15, 53

This is the most content-packed Minecraft 1.20 seed we’ve come across so far – and for a good reason.

The seed spawns you off in a small valley filled with trees situated between two massive snow-capped mountains. 

These mountains are completely filled with snow and are enormous – extending to both ends of the map, where they eventually merge into an Ocean biome.

Located right near spawn at the side of one of these mountains is a massive exposed cave that leads directly down to a Lush Cave biome. 

Once you’re done exploring this Lush Cave, you can venture even deeper inside to come across the new Deep Dark biome, which, ultimately, leads to an Ancient City. 

If that wasn’t enough, this Ancient City also has an Abandoned Mineshaft running above it, which makes for an extremely cool addition to the scenery.

Right outside this area will be a frozen lake and another ice-capped mountain for you to check out.

Lastly, the Ancient City mentioned above isn’t the only one you’ll be seeing in this world. In fact, this seed contains a stunning 5 Ancient Cities, all near your spawn area! 

You can find the coordinates for each Ancient City below.

1. Snow Village & Outpost (Bedrock Edition)

Snow Village
Spawn LocationSnowy Plains
Village230, 58, 312
Pillager OutpostSame as Above 
Underwater IglooSame as Above

Our best Minecraft 1.20 snow biome seed is this one containing a Snow Village as well as an Outpost near the spawn area.

You’ll be loaded into a fully frozen terrain featuring snow as far as the eye can see! 

Along with that, the entire terrain at the spawn area is Windswept, making its generation patterns irregular and a sight to behold.

Once you’re done admiring the gorgeous view, you can move on a few blocks away from the spawn to find yourself in a small Plains village sitting at the edge of a plateau. 

This is partially generated on a small hill while the rest of it is perched next to a frozen lake. 

The actual spectacle here, however, is a Pillager Outpost that generates right next to the Village – almost as if it were a part of the structure itself! 

The Village is fantastic to set up an early game base, whereas the Outpost provides an excellent opportunity for you to raid and collect loot from its chest. 

But there’s still more to experience in this seed! If you look closely enough, you can find an underwater Igloo underneath the frozen lake next to this Village. 

The Igloo contains an underground room with some chests that you can check out.

5 Best Snow Biome Seeds in Minecraft 1.20

We think this would make for a perfect secret lair for your new survival world. Plan to do something else with it? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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Tuesday 24th of October 2023

Number 13 has a Taiga village at -324, 69, -171 (at least in Java edition) as well as a village at spawn :)

Mir Rafay

Friday 5th of January 2024

Thank you for pointing it out! :)