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19 Best Minecraft Village Seeds 1.19 (2022)

19 Best Minecraft Village Seeds 1.19 (2022)

Each new world that you generate in Minecraft is massive and contains tons of areas for you to explore.

Additionally, there are multiple dimensions in the game, and some interactions are exclusive to a certain dimension or even the Under/Overworld!

However, not everyone wants to continuously fight, explore, and barely stay alive in Minecraft’s unforgiving survival world!

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax in a nice, friendly Village.

That’s where we come in! Here, we’ve compiled 19 of the best Village seeds present in Minecraft. (All of these are accurate for the latest Minecraft version 1.19)

You can use these seeds to experience some of the best and most beautiful Village structures available in the game. 

Top 19 Minecraft Village Seeds

If you don’t know how to use seeds, check this post out!

19. Double Village at Spawn (Java Edition)

Double Village at Spawn

Here’s a seed that contains 2 Taiga Villages for you to explore right as you start. 

You’ll spawn in a minor jungle biome with the Villages located opposite one another on the east and west sides of the map.

The west side will have a small-sized village uncovered by trees in the jungle.

It has a few Villagers and chests you can access. It also has an ice plains biome behind it!

On the other hand, the Village on the east side is semi-situated on land, with half of it generating in the jungle biome and the other half in an ocean.

This one is relatively greater in size than the other Village and has more possibilities for you.

Although both the Villages aren’t massive in size, the fact that they both generate so close to one another and that you spawn right between them more than covers for this!

Spawn BiomeJungle
Taiga Village (West)-125, 75, 100
Taiga Village (East)-7, 68, 97

18. Swamp-Ridden Village (Java & Bedrock)

Swamp-Ridden Village

We’ve seen Villages surrounded by mountains, Oceans, and different biomes. Today, we bring to you a Plains Village, completely surrounded on all fours by a Swamp biome!

That’s right, a Plains Village that is covered by the old Swamp biome.

You’ll be spawned in the middle of this area with a medium-sized ordinary Plains Village. It has a decent amount of Villagers, and an Iron Golem, roaming about.

The Village itself isn’t too exceptional – there are chests, places to set up camp, and Villagers to trade with.

Right below the Village, however, you’ll find a massive Dripstone Cave filled with tons of areas to explore and minerals to find.

The Village also works as a perfect safe haven for when you’re exploring the treacherous swamp biome and need a quick area of safety to restock before you head on out again!

Spawn BiomePlains & Swamp
Plains Village0, 67, 0
Dripstone Cave0, 5, 0

17. Mansion Taiga Village (Java Edition)

Mansion Taiga Village

This next seed features a Woodlands Mansion connected to a Taiga Village!

The Village is semi-situated on land, with half of it on top of a lake. Inside the Village, you’ll find 2 Blacksmith Villagers, each having treasure chests containing a bit of loot. 

Additionally, the Woodlands Mansion generated next to the Village contains several area rooms featuring chests.

These also contain a generous amount of loot to help you get off to the perfect start.

The Village area is uncovered in a massive jungle biome which is perfect for early game exploration once you’ve set up your foundations in the Taiga Village.

Spawn BiomeJungle
Taiga Village0, 70, 0
Woodlands Mansion60, 70, 47

16. Desert Village With Mangrove Swamp (Bedrock Edition)

Desert Village With Mangrove Swamp

This seed will spawn you in the new Mangrove Swamp biome, filled with Frogs!

As you make your way a few blocks into the area, you’ll come across an amazing Desert Village with some excellent features.

First off, the Desert Village is situated right next to the Mangrove Swamp and cornered on the opposite end with a Badlands biome.

It’ll also have a small lukewarm ocean biome on one side, on the far end of which you’ll find a Desert Temple!

The treasure room of this Desert Temple contains some extraordinary loot, including a ton of diamonds!

Ever since the new ore distribution system was implemented, locating Diamonds has become increasingly difficult.

Considering that, finding Diamonds like this in the early game is super useful!

You’ll also come across a Ruined Portal situated right next to the Village close to the Badlands biome, making this Minecraft 1.19 Village seed even more exceptional!

Spawn BiomeMangrove Swamp
Desert Village364, 68, -437
Desert Temple370, 81, -440
Ruined Portal380, 75, -449

15. Village Of The Dead (Java & Bedrock)

Abandoned Village

The name might sound cheesy – but it’s perfectly fitting! You’ll be spawned in a plains biome right next to a medium-sized Village.

This, however, is no ordinary Village. Upon further inspection, you’ll quickly realize that this is an abandoned, Zombie Village! 

You better bring your A-game to the table if you’re looking to use this seed because you’ll have to fight Zombie Villagers as soon as you start!

Finding a Zombie Village right at spawn is fairly rare, so you should definitely check this one out.

The Village itself is entirely covered by large mountains, making for a spectacular view from afar.

A rather small distance away, you’ll find another Plains Village, this time – an ordinary one. 

We’d like to believe that the remaining Villagers from the Zombie Village ran away and set up camp here – but that’s just us. Feel free to leave your theories in the comments below!

Lastly, you can also find a Ruined Portal relatively close to the Village, which makes for a great early-game Nether exploring aid.

Spawn BiomePlains
Abandoned (Zombie) Village1, 100, 1
Plains Village0, 100, -130
Ruined Portal175, 73, -290

14. Double Plains Village (Java Edition)

Double Plains Village

Here’s another double Village seed, but this time, they’re Plains Villages and even closer!

You’ll spawn right next to one of the Villages, with the other one located exactly opposite this. Both of them are Plains Villages, and they’re only a mere 40 blocks away from one another.

That’s the closest we’ve seen two Villages generate from one another ever! Both of the villages are medium-sized with a good amount of chests you can loot.

Both of them contain Farmer Villagers, and one also contains a Blacksmith Villager! 

One Village is bordered by a jungle biome, whereas the other is situated on a lake. Both of these are separated by a few blocks of water and some plain blocks.

This seed is perfect if you want to survive & thrive without being too aggressive of a player. If that sounds like you, be sure to check this one out!

Spawn BiomePlains
First Plains Village-85, 62, 710
Second Plains Village-96, 47, 698

13. Mangrove Desert Village (Java Edition)

Mangrove Desert Village

Another great seed to start you off, this one spawns you off directly at a Desert Village that contains a Desert Temple within it!

The area itself features a ton of windswept terrain all around. You’ll also find a small-sized Mangrove Swamp next to the Village. 

This is perfect if you want to get a taste of the new biome without being too hardcore since its small size makes it difficult for you to get lost and lose track of direction within.

Although the Desert Village itself is pretty standard and doesn’t contain any over-the-top loot, the fact that it contains a Desert Temple within makes up for this.

You can explore this Desert Temple to loot the treasure contained within, which is actually quite generous considering how effortless it is to find the structure here!

Spawn BiomeMixed
Desert Village50, 67, 22
Desert TempleSame as Above
Mangrove Swamp76, 59, 14

12. Windswept Village, Mangrove, and Temple (Java & Bedrock)

Windswept Village, Mangrove, and Temple

This seed is very similar to the previous one, but it contains all of those items in pretty much the same exact place! 

You’ll be spawned next to a large mountain area. The entire area will be a part of windswept terrain.

On the top of this area, you’ll find a Desert Temple, Village, and Mangrove biome combined!

There’s an area with a Mangrove biome, which leads directly down to the Village hosting the Desert Temple!

Experiencing all 3 of these things in such an extremely small area is truly special.

If you’re looking for a Village seed absolutely packed with content right from the start, give this one a try!

Spawn BiomeMixed
Desert Village-372, 129, -301
Desert TempleSame as Above
Mangrove BiomeSame as Above

11. Cliffside Village (Bedrock Edition)

Cliffside Village

This is the first cliffside Village featured on this list, and boy does it deliver.

The Village itself is located a few blocks away from your spawn location and is truly a rare sight to see! It generated right on the edge of a huge cliff, just struggling to hold on!

It’s a small-sized Village with multiple Villager residents. The Village proves to be a beautiful vantage point that also allows you to view a bamboo mountain far off in the distance.

Additionally, you’ll also find a Badlands biome situated near this Village.

But that’s not all – there’s also another village nearby! You can find the exact coordinates in the table below, but this is an extremely beautiful plains Village surrounded on all fours by lush trees. 

This one is medium in size and contains a good amount of Villagers and some Farmer Villagers!

This is a great seed if you want to experience a peaceful life with some gorgeous views all around.

Spawn BiomeMixed
Cliffside Village860, 67, -820
Plains Village747, 69, -387

10. Abandoned Village & High-Tier Loot (Bedrock Edition)

Abandoned Village & High-Tier Loot

This is another Abandoned Village seed for Minecraft 1.19 that’ll have you up and running in no time!

You’ll be spawned right next to a completely abandoned Village with tons of Zombie Villagers sprawling around.

Be on the lookout, as dealing with these mobs without any gear can be pretty difficult!

Lucky for you, there’s a Mineshaft right next to this Village with chests featuring some high-level loot that’s sure to get you ready to fight the undead Villagers.

You’ll also find a Ruined Portal on the Badlands hill right next to the entrance of the Village and a massive hollow Dripstone Cave at its back.

Spawn BiomePlains
Abandoned (Zombie) Village330, 68, 250
Ruined PortalSame as Above
Dripstone Cave331, 78, 254

9. Village Within Mangrove Swamp (Java Edition)

Village Within Mangrove Swamp

This Minecraft 1.19 Village seed will have you experiencing a Plains Village situated within the new Mangrove Swamp biome!

The Village is situated in a small clearing that’s completely surrounded by the new biome and actually extends a bit into the swamp. 

The Plains Village is decently sized with multiple chests and a Blacksmith Villager, which is great to set you up with an early supply of Iron.

The Mangrove Swamp, on the other hand, is absolutely enormous and spans in all directions.

This is a great area to venture into once you’ve made up a decent safe haven in the Village.

You’ll also find a Ruined Portal in this seed right next to the Plains Village, which acts as a cool feature for an extra bit of loot and if you plan on exploring the Nether early on.

Spawn BiomePlains & Mangrove Swamp
Plains Village3, 70, 9
Ruined Portal35, 68, 254

8. Three Villages at Spawn (Java Edition)

Three Villages at Spawn

We’ve covered seeds showcasing 2 Villages at spawn; the only thing that can top that off is 3 Villages at spawn!

This seed will spawn you in a mountainous area, with three Villages forming a triangular pattern around you. Two of these are Plains Villages, whereas the third is Savannah Village.

The first Plains Village generates partially at the end of the spawn mountain and partially on a small water body.

This one also hosts a Blacksmith Villager, so you can find Gold and Iron Ingots from here in the early game.

The Savannah Village is decently sized and hosts a couple of Farmer Villages. It also has a hollow cave at its end, which is a great place to start exploring for minerals.

The second Plains Village is bordered on one side by some small hills, and on the other – the ocean! This one also has a couple of Farmer Villagers inhabiting it – so that’s always handy.

Overall, the seed has great flexibility and tons of possibilities for you to check out because of the number of Villages it hosts right at the start. You can find the coordinates of each Village below:

Spawn BiomeMixed
Plains Village (First)0, 102, -100
Savannah Village100, 85, 50
Plains Village (Second)-100, 78, 100

7. Island Village & Nether Fortress at Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Island Village

This seed is packed with a ton of content right at spawn. Once the world is generated, you’ll quickly find a large Island Village nearby. 

The Village itself is quite large and has tons of chests containing huge amounts of Iron Ingots that you can collect right away. There’s also a good amount of Apples in them so that’s a bonus!

If you dig right below this village, you’ll find a perfect End Portal right at your spawn location!

With this, although it would be a pretty bad idea, you can fight the Ender Dragon right at the start of your playthrough!

But that’s not all, you can make a Nether Portal in the area where you find the End Portal. 

Once you travel to the Nether using this, move a few blocks away from where you spawn, and you’ll come across a huge Nether Fortress!

Spawn BiomeSwamp & Plains
Island Village606, 78, -275
End Portal629, 34, -257
Nether Fortress-73, 63, 45

6. Snowy Village With Igloo (Java Edition)

Snowy Village With Igloo

Here’s another seed absolutely packed with action.

You’ll start off next to a snowy Village with a frozen surrounding. Right nearby is an Ice Spikes biome which provides an amazing atmospheric touch to the area.

The Village spawns at the edge of a hill, has multiple Villagers, and also an Iron golem! But the real star here is an igloo snuck away at the edge of this Village.

As expected, the Igloo contains a basement area with a chest and a little dungeon-like setting you can explore.

If you dig directly beneath the Village, you’ll also find a mob spawner with 2 chests just sitting there! This is perfect for early game mob and experience farming. 

Spawn BiomeMixed
Village0, 112, -8
Igloo-7, 90, 0
Mob Spawner7, 18, 34

5. Coastal Village & Desert Temple (Bedrock Edition)

Coastal Village & Desert Temple

This is the only Minecraft 1.19 seed we’ve come across that features a Desert Temple connected to a Village at spawn!

After world generation, you’ll be spawned next to a coastal Village with a massive Desert Temple connected to its end. 

The Village itself is decent-sized and provides a good opportunity for you to make a base. The Desert Temple, on the other hand, ensures that you get off to a good start with the impressive loot it hosts.

If you dig into the ground in the area where the Village is, you’ll come across 2 Skeleton Mob Spawners, making this Village a perfect place to farm a ton of early-game experience and mob loot!

To top it all off, the Village also contains a Ruined Portal right next to it!

Spawn BiomeMixed
Coastal Village-260, 73, -305
Desert Temple63, 110, -345
Ruined Portal-264, 70, -308
Skeleton Mob Spawner305, -5, 22

4. Ocean Village With Exposed Lush Cave (Java & Bedrock)

Ocean Village

This seed spawns you close to a sparse jungle. Right next to you will be an ocean biome with a Village perched on top of it.

You heard that – Village, on top of an Ocean biome. That’s the first time we ever saw this happen!

The Village itself is medium in size and floats on top of the water. 

This makes for a very nice place to set up camp, whereas the jungle on the opposite end is perfect for exploration and early game item-building.

There’s also a huge exposed Lush Caves biome on an island near this Village that you can go and conquer.

The whole area seems completely abandoned, so it’d make for a perfect spot to set up a hidden base!

Spawn BiomeJungle & Ocean
Ocean Village110, 63, -283
Exposed Lush Caves-488, 89, -392

3. Mountainside Meadow Village (Bedrock Edition)

Mountainside Meadow Village

Get ready for one of the most action-packed Minecraft 1.19 Village seeds out there!

Your spawn area will be located next to a Meadow Village located on a mountainside.

Apart from being exceptionally beautiful and scenic, this Meadows Village contains a Blacksmith Villager for you to trade with!

The Village area also contains a good number of naturally generated Bee Hives for you to profit from. 

The area towards the Village is configured as a deep plains valley surrounded by tall jagged mountains. This will help you have a massive amount of building area along with the Village itself.

Directly below this Village, under the ground, you’ll find the Deep Dark biome leading to an Ancient City. 

A Stronghold located right next to the Ancient City acts as the cherry on top of this seed!

Spawn BiomeMountains & Plains
Meadow Village0, 102, -100
Ancient City-190, -20, 430
Stronghold-212, 4, 540

2. Meadow Village & All Biomes (Java & Bedrock)

Meadow Village

This seed contains a relatively large Meadow Village very close to your spawn! The Village is packed with flowers, which makes for a very beautiful scene throughout the area.

This, along with the fact that the seed contains almost all biomes in Minecraft within a 1,000 block distance from the world center, makes it a perfectly diversified survival world for you!

Once you spawn in, you’ll quickly realize the massive changes in the scenery around you.

After entering the Meadow Village, you can go to any vantage point to see the changing biomes across the horizon.

Additionally, this world contains massive mountain ranges filled with lush meadows and mobs just waiting to be explored!

The spawn location also contains a Ruined Portal, which makes this seed optimal for venturing into the Nether during the early game.

Your Nether spawn location will also contain a Nether Fortress nearby, so that’s an added benefit!

Spawn BiomeMixed
Ruined Portal353, 63, 158
Nether Fortress122, 74, 115
Meadow Village635, 121, 598

1. Mountain Village & Ancient City Near Spawn (Java & Bedrock)

Mountain Village & Ancient City Near Spawn

The best Minecraft Village seed is this Mountain Village featuring an Ancient City!

Once you spawn in this world, you’ll find tons of different biomes right around you, which are perfect for early game exploration.

The showstopper for this seed, however, isn’t its large biome variety. It’s actually the mountainside Village located right near spawn!

The small-sized Village is perched on the corner of a huge cliff.

This makes for an ideal space to set up your base where you can trade with the Villagers and make sets of early-game equipment. 

Right behind this Village is a massive hollow cave that leads directly down to one of the biggest Lush Caves we’ve ever seen.

This Lush Cave, on the other hand, also has a deep dark secret – the Deep Dark biome! (Excuse the pun)

You can use this to venture into the Ancient City nearby, and if you’re daring enough, fight the Warden!

Spawn BiomeMixed
Mountain Village-910, 142, 849
Lush Cave-1109, 9, 1025
Ancient CitySame as above

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