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14 Best Minecraft Shaders 1.19 (July 2022)

14 Best Minecraft Shaders 1.19 (July 2022)

Minecraft might not have photo-realistic graphics or cutting-edge technology used for realism, but it’s still visually beautiful, considering its style of creation. 

Watching the stunning golden in-game sun setting over the horizon with a couple of cliffs in the background is truly a moment of peace and tranquillity.

If you’ve been playing the game for some time now, you might have noticed that Mojang hasn’t changed the graphic setting too much.

Don’t get us wrong, there have been massive improvements over the past decade – but it’s still not the best.

If you, like us, are a bit tired of the same bland textures and lighting of the average vanilla game, try Shaders!

Shaders or Shader Packs are graphic modifications to the base game, adding incredible quality and details to the ordinary Minecraft experience.

They can affect lighting, surrounding details, shadows, anti-aliasing, overall graphics, and even in-game performance!

Some shaders can completely overhaul the existing graphic setting of the game – providing you with an absolutely fresh, out-of-the-box feel.

They’re perfect if you want to add a new touch to your vanilla game. 

Of course, Shaders that add more refined attention to detail will require heavier output from your machine and thus, can affect the game’s performance if you don’t have a high-end system.

But don’t worry about that; we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of our current 14 best Shaders for Minecraft 1.19.

They include Shaders Packs that’ll work on all low, medium, and high-end machines, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

If you’re unaware on how to install Shaders, this guide will help you through the process!

Find detailed analysis and download links for each Shader beneath the table below.

AstraLexIncreases overall graphics quality and lighting. Also introduces HDR.
Builder’s QOLSlight improvement in graphics and a notable difference in lighting.
TeaDynamic ecosystem and slightly better graphics than the vanilla game.
ArcanePrimarily increases shadows, reflections, and lighting.
SunflawerA moderate increase in graphics, mainly affecting ambiance.
ComplementaryImprovements to sky, sun, moon, environment, and water quality.
OceanoGraphics moderately increased and improvements to existing features.
ContinuumVastly improved lighting. Slight increase in shadows and reflections.
BSLIncreases lighting, shadows, and reflections quality.
Sildur’sVisual upgrade and improvements to bloom, ambient occlusion, and lighting.
YoFPSProvides a blend between performance and increased quality.
Chocapic13’sSignificant improvement to world graphics and volumetric lighting.
MakeUp Ultra FastGives a balance between increased texture detail and game performance.
Super Duper VanillaSignificant increase in world graphic quality. Notable overhauls to sun, moon, water, and the sky. Increased reflections, shadows, and lighting quality.

We’ll now cover each of these Shaders in more detail!

14. AstraLex Shaders

AstraLex Shaders

Download Link: AstraLex Shaders

This Shader Pack was made to provide a vastly improved visual experience to Minecraft – and boy does it deliver.

Astralex has some of the most impressive visual upgrades offered by any Shaders out there.

Along with a graphical overhaul, the lighting quality sees a massive upgrade both inside and outdoors.

God rays for the sun and moon glow are also a part of this Shader, giving a unique and more immersive feel to your playthrough.

The sky quality is drastically increased, and clouds appear much sharper.

Colors in environments seem quite solid and vibrant. Waterbodies also look stunning with the newer pattern and rework this Shader brings.

The huge graphical upgrades that come with this pack can also be fine-tuned to your liking through the Shaders menu. 

Lastly, the Shader can also use HDR and motion blur to give the game a more cinematic touch!

All these upgrades come at a cost, though. The Astralex Shader Pack will work best on mid to high-end systems, and running it on a lower-end machine won’t be ideal.

13. Builder’s QOL Shaders

Builder’s QOL Shaders

Download Link: Builder’s QOL Shaders

Builder’s QOL is a very lightweight Shader Pack that’ll bring improvements to your overall playthrough without affecting the performance of your system. 

If your machine is strong enough to play the base version of the game, this Shader will work like a charm. 

The Shader has slight improvements in almost all parts of the game. This includes shadow quality, reflections, details, and improvements to lighting.

You’ll also see a visible difference between the sun, moon, and water from the base game.

The Shader does an excellent job of portraying a beautiful transition scene each time the in-game time or weather changes.

It’s not the most visually appealing Shader Pack out there in terms of graphical improvement, but taking into account its flexibility and no stringent hardware requirements – it’s more than welcome.

12. Tea Shaders

Tea Shaders

Download Link: Tea Shaders

You can think of this pack as an upgraded version of the base game. It essentially includes everything base Minecraft has to offer and then some!

It’s a vanilla-themed Shader, so it builds upon the things offered in the base game rather than revamping them completely.

It features a fluttering dynamic of plants in the ecosystem, making them move in their positions.

A wave pattern is also introduced in waterbodies – making them look more genuine. The water also becomes darker and visibly more transparent.

You’ll see a noticeable difference in the overall lighting quality, especially when the horizon shifts from one environment to another.

Since the Tea Shaders Pack features many little detailed upgrades rather than massive changes, it doesn’t require strict hardware support.

Give it a try if you’re looking for a balanced Shader Pack!

11. Arcane Shaders

Arcane Shaders

Download Link: Arcane Shaders

Arcane Shader is a lightweight pack that’ll work on all systems, so if you don’t have the firepower – go for this one.

It features very prominent and sharp shadows. It has beautiful reflections and some breath-taking god rays from the sun.

The Shader Pack also has outstanding lighting quality. With this Shader activated, you’ll notice every intricate detail whenever you go anywhere near a water body.

Overall, you’ll get a decent upgrade in your graphics while maintaining respectable performance throughout your Minecraft journey.

10. Sunflawer Shaders

Sunflawer Shaders

Download Link: Sunflawer Shaders

The Sunflawer Shader pack (And yes, we spelt that correctly!) has a bit of everything in it.

It’ll work on most systems but will give its best output on medium to high-end machines.

In the case of features, it gives moderate improvements to the overall graphic quality. More specifically, it mainly affects the lighting and ambiance of the game.

It has a more realistic feeling to it in comparison to other Shaders.

It deviates from the bright green color of the environment that traditional shaders offer and goes for a darker approach.

Bright spots appear quite sharp, and dark spots can be pretty dim, which only adds to the realism this Shader offers.

Additionally, there are improvements to the lighting system of the sun and its rays.

The sky also has a significant improvement, and the clouds appear more realistic and darker than most other Shader Packs.

The only con this one has is that water bodies look a little flunky, but that’s a subjective thing – maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t!

9. Complementary Shaders

Complementary Shaders

Download Link: Complementary Shaders

The Complementary Shaders pack adds several fantastic new features to your experience. More precisely, however, there’s a realistic-looking sun and much sharper colors.

The sky is overhauled to include better-looking and more vibrant clouds.

These, like many other things, can be enabled or disabled according to your preferences – making this Shader Pack quite versatile. 

The water quality also gets significant improvement which makes it seem much more natural.

The Complementary Shaders Pack should be able to work on your system if it can run the base game well since it does not have any massive hardware requirements!

8. Oceano Shaders

Oceano Shaders

Download Link: Oceano Shaders

This is another Shader that is less resource-intensive and will work for everyone out there!

It has moderate improvements in graphics with some amazing quality of life features which places it on this list.

Firstly, you have a beautiful glowing sun and changes to the sky system – making clouds look foggier and denser than usual. 

The shadow quality, in particular, is noticeable in this Shader as the edges are much smoother, which gives a finer tone of detail to the overall environment.

The water is also crystal blue; however, the reflections aren’t worked upon. The Lighting quality also has a slight upgrade.

Lastly, you can choose to customize some settings depending upon what you like. For example, you can adjust a setting that changes the way the tree leaves and grass flicker!

7. Continuum Shaders

Continuum Shaders

Download Link: Continuum Shaders

Continuum has to be the brightest Shader Pack we’ve seen in Minecraft 1.19.

It has incredibly bright lighting settings – especially in the mornings.

Like many other light sources, the sun rays are adjusted to give off white light rather than the standard golden color.

This makes for some very natural and beautiful mornings and, surprisingly, does not look out of place at all in the evenings. 

It has slight improvements in reflections and shadow quality as well. Another thing to consider is the performance of the Shader Pack at night.

You might feel the nights get darker than usual with Continuum activated, and while that’s true, if you use a light source such as a Torch while exploring – your environments will change drastically.

Night exploration with a light source is terrific with this Shader pack and can even make enemies look amazing enough to not want to combat them!

This Shader Pack will give the best performance starting from mid-end systems but will be playable on low-end ones as well.

We believe moving past this one con is worth it for all the other unique features it offers – so give it a try!

6. BSL Shaders

BSL Shaders

Download Link: BSL Shaders

This Shader Pack will primarily affect your in-game lighting quality. More specifically, it has a massive upgrade on white light. 

It deviates from the usual yellow-colored hue in the survival world and gives a more generic white-light feeling, especially in the morning time.

It also features a slight improvement in shadow quality and reflections. 

Clouds in the sky are volumetric, which gives a hint of realism to your world, and the water is crystal blue, allowing you to clearly see everything underwater.

The Shader doesn’t have the best performance, however, so it can cause some frequent lag and might not work correctly if your system isn’t up to the mark.

5. Sildur’s Shaders

Sildur’s Shaders

Download Link: Sildur’s Shaders

This one is a bit less demanding on the hardware side while still being stunning in its visual capacity.

The Sildur’s Shaders primarily affect the lighting quality of your game, adding and improving upon features such as the bloom, reflections, and ambient occlusion. 

There’s a visible improvement in the water and sky quality. It’s also a highly customizable Shader Pack, so you can adjust its settings according to what you like. 

This one will work on all systems since it’s pretty lightweight and does a fantastic job replicating the feel of some of the heavy-duty Shaders out there. 

4. YoFPS Shaders

YoFPS Shaders

Download Link: YoFPS Shaders

As the name suggests, this Shader has a considerable focus on FPS. If you’re unaware, FPS means Frames Per Second and dictates how smooth of a gameplay experience you’ll have.

This Shader Pack focuses on giving the best possible performance without compromising upon quality!

As such, it’ll work on all systems and does not have stringent hardware requirements.

The Shader itself doesn’t overhaul the vanilla game completely but instead builds upon it.

You’ll see several improvements to the base game, such as better shades, improvements in lighting, environment quality, shadows, and reflections.

Things such as the sky, water, sun, and the moon also have noticeable upgrades, and the indoor lighting quality is also slightly better. 

The graphical quality upgrades that come with the Shader are also customizable, allowing you to select the trade-off between quality and performance yourself.

The YoFPS Shaders remain more faithful to the vanilla version of the game than these other Shaders Packs – and that suits it very well!

3. Chocapic13’s Shaders

Chocapic13’s Shaders

Download Link: Chocapic13’s Shaders

This is a pack of Shaders with different versions, such as V6,7,8, and 9. 

Each features its own set of characteristics and trade-offs between quality and performance.

This gives you enough flexibility to choose between better graphics and a higher frame rate according to how powerful your system is!

In general, the Shader Pack is absolutely stunning with its attention to detail.

Inside environments look brilliant, and the fog, in particular, has a massive upgrade!

World graphics are significantly improved as well, and the clouds are volumetric – giving the sky a beautiful, realistic touch.

It’s also highly customizable, enabling you to change the settings of the Shader according to your liking. 

This one is perfect if you like to set the game’s environment to your will rather than having to follow the details that were inherent in the Shader pack. 

2. MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders

MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders

Download Link: MakeUp Ultra Fast Shaders

This Shader Pack is a massive improvement over the base lighting and texture quality of the game.

It primarily affects the texture details and lighting quality – especially the shadows.

You’ll see very noticeable differences in the Overworld as well as the Nether when you have this turned on. 

Particularly in the Nether, the visual beauty of the glowing orange Lava is highly enhanced and paints a much brighter and scarier picture of the dimension.

The best part about this Shader is that it works exceptionally well on medium and high-end machines. If you’ve got a less powerful system, though – don’t panic!

The Shader runs on lower-end computers as well. You might notice a bit of lag every now and then, but it’s temporary, and the game is still very playable.

1. Super Duper Vanilla Shaders

Super Duper Vanilla Shaders

Download Link: Super Duper Vanilla Shaders

This Shader pack is based upon the promotional video Mojang released for its collaboration with Nvidia – showcasing radical improvements to overall graphics quality.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be a project for the RTX series of graphics cards, and the Minecraft player base never received the graphical upgrade pack it wildly anticipated.

On that front, the Super Duper Vanilla Shaders is a savior that builds on everything that was once promised to us!

It features massive improvements in the overall world graphic quality. The sun gets an overhaul and has a very realistic feel to it. Even its rays look absolutely stunning!

The Shader has gorgeous colors and has to be one of the most vibrant ones we’ve seen to date. Everything looks very sharp and detailed.

The water quality also has a significant improvement and has a darker blue color to it as compared to most other Shaders out there.

Lastly, the sky system looks much better even though the shape and textures of the clouds are somewhat similar to the vanilla version of the game.

Due to its higher emphasis on graphics, this Shader is most suitable for mid to high-end systems and might not give a smooth experience on lower-end ones.

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Extra Shader:

If your system just doesn’t have the power to work these Shaders, here’s one that is bound to work if you can support the base version of the game:

Waving Plants Shaders

Waving Plants Shaders

Download Link: Waving Plants Shaders

This is the most lightweight Shader Pack we could find and will work on every system out there. 

It doesn’t feature any graphical or lighting improvements of sorts. It does, however, feature changes in the environmental factors. 

The primary purpose of this one is to make all trees, plants, flowers, and grass flutter about in the wind to give off a more natural and realistic feel.

Due to the slight and definite improvement offered by this Shader, it’s effortless to run.

You’ll probably not even notice any difference in performance from the vanilla version of the game.

Although it doesn’t have any over-the-top features, it’s still a nice Shader Pack to have if you want to enhance your gameplay experience but don’t have the hardware for more intensive packs.

(Note that currently, this Shader only supports up to version 1.17 of the game).

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