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30 Best Spiderman Cake Design Ideas for Birthdays and Events

30 Best Spiderman Cake Design Ideas for Birthdays and Events

Spiderman is among the most popular characters in comics, movies, and TV, especially among younger audiences. This makes Spidey the perfect theme for your next birthday cake.

Make a simple Spidey cake, mirror red Spidey with black Venom, or match up Spidey with his friends from the Spiderverse or the Avengers. There’s lots of scope to exercise your creativity.

We’ve gathered 30 of the best Spiderman cake designs to give you some inspiration.

1. Hanging Spiderman Layered Cake

This layered Spiderman cake has a bit of everything. The lowest layer recreates the Spidey mask, and the second layer gives a New York city backdrop for the webbed hero.

A final layer creates a building for an edible Spiderman to hang upside down from in true Spidey style. A few edible spiders are spotted around the cake.

2. Spidey in New York Cake

This layered Spiderman cake lets you explore lots of different themes. The lowest layer features scenes from the comic books printed onto edible icing.

The next layer creates a brick wall for Spidey to perch on as he sends his edible webs around the cake. The top layer shows the New York skyline with a full moon on top.

3. Layered Spidey Suit

Source: @rara.artes

This three-layered cake recreates the Spidey outfit in the red, blue, and black comic book. The cleanness of the royal icing makes it look professional.

The V that extends over the top two layers makes it feel like the cake is opening up to the spider symbol and mask above.

4. Edible Spidey Topper Cake

This classic layered Spidey cake combines two common themes, the Spiderman mask and New York skyline in icing.

The edible Spiderman on top holding the number for the birthday boy or girl makes a nice addition.

5. Spidey Portrait Cake

This cake pops with a realistic Spiderman portrait in marzipan on the side. The side of the cake is also decorated with bricks to represent the buildings that Spidey swings from and some sugary web.

Sweet balls top the cake in thematic blue and red with a wall holding the magic number for the birthday boy or girl.

6. Simple Spiderman Cake

Source: @swcakes23

This Spiderman cake is incredibly simple but will make a birthday boy or girl very happy when they see it.

The dramatic red and black coloring of Spiderman’s mask lends itself to an icing theme, with two spider-shaped eyes looking out over the party.

7. Web Icing Spiderman Cake

This cake is easy to make but looks delicious with its thick black icing that recreates Spidey’s web. A little edible Spiderman mask sits in the center of the web.

If you look closely, you can see black icing is also used on the side of the cake to create the New York skyline as though it is a starry night.

8. Emerging Spiderman Cake

Spiderman looks like he is crawling out of the top of this cake to join the party. The top icing looks like it is peeling away around the head and hands.

The cake itself is iced in classic red with black lines to represent Spidey’s web and the design of his spider suit.

9. Spiderman Mask and Hands Cake

This cake starts with a classic Spiderman cake with red icing and black details to deliver the spider symbol and web.

It sits on a blue plate that is a nod to the red and blue colors of the Spidey suit in the comics.

Spidey looks like he is popping out of the top, with a Spiderman head and mask occupying the top of the cake. This doesn’t leave much room for a candle, which sits at the side.

10. Spidey Bust Topper Cake

This cake features an edible Spiderman bust on top. His hands hang off the side, and little webs spray out as a nice detail.

In a design that is a bit different from what you see everywhere, the cake is in Spiderman blue with delicate white web details.

There are realistic-looking bricks around the outside of the cake, representing the buildings that Spidey swings from.

11. Spiderman Bust Cake

This Spiderman bust cake is a work of art that looks almost too good to eat. But we’re sure hungry guests will get over it and tuck in.

Impress guests by working the icing like thin clay. They’ll think that Spidey himself has shown up for the party.

12. Marzipal Spidey Cake

This cake is all about the friendly local Spiderman topper in marzipan who has come to join the party. Kids, in particular, will love this touch.

The cake is iced with red royal icing with black web marks that look like the pen strokes of the designers that draw the Spidey comics.

13. Floating Spiderman Cake

What stands out about this cake is the floating Spiderman toy seemingly impossibly suspended from the cake by a sugary, edible web. This is easy to achieve but looks spectacular.

The power layers use classic Spidey symbols. The bottom layer is spiderman red with black web and spider details, while the second layer uses Spidey blue.

14. Number Spiderman Cake

Source: @flavorsguru

Kids tend to love cakes in the shape of the number of their age. They have been counting down the days!

You can make a number cake and still deliver a Spiderman theme. This one uses classic red and black Spidey icing on top, while the side uses Spidey blue to make the New York skyline.

An edible Spidey on top finishes the cake.

15. Spiderman and his Amazing Friends Cake

In Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse we got to imagine many “what if” versions of Spiderman, which has brought us some of our favorite Spiderman characters.

This cake features an edible Spiderman alongside two of the best alternative reality Spideys, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales.

16. Spiderverse Cake

Source: @cakeshopkg

The Spiderverse has shown us that the multiverse is full of alternative versions of Spiderman, including Gwen Stacy Spidey and Miles Morales Spidey.

This cake recreates the dark theme of the Spiderverse with edible toppers of some of the best versions of Spidey from the multiverse.

17. Gwen Stacy Spidey Cake

The introduction of Gwen Stacy as a spider hero in the Spiderverse gave many young girls their own spider-powered idol to look up to.

This cake is dedicated to that character, with an edible Gwen Stacy topper on a layered cake in the pastel colors associated with the character.

18. Spidey and Venom Mirror Cake

Source: @slodkarkurka

Venom is one of the most popular Spiderman spin-off characters, with the symbiote absorbing Spidey’s powers and expressing them in a new way.

This half-Venom half-Spidey cake will appeal to fans and looks striking with the black and red contrast and the signature Venom tongue.

19. Flat Spidey and Venom Cake

Venom is almost as popular as Spiderman, and the two make a great combined cake theme.

The red and black contrast is striking, and Venom’s signature tongue is an impressive design feature.

The cake itself is easy to shape. This cake works or fails based on the detail of the icing decoration.

20. Layered Spidey and Venom Cake

Does your birthday boy or girl love both Spiderman and Venom? Bring them together in an impressive layered cake like this one.

The traditional red and black Spiderman icing is covered by thick black Venom icing with tentacles. Dark black chocolate explodes from the top around a half-Spidey and half-Venom mask.

21. Carnage Cake

Source: @ta.yaki

Do something different by skipping over Spiderman and Venom and heading straight for Carnage.

He uses the red and black color scheme of Spidey but with the demonic face of Venom.

The cake is simple with red icing decorated with black teeth. The topper makes the cake special, which is both realistic and edible!

22. Venom Bust Cake

Is your Spiderman fan also a lover of Venom? Impress them with this Venom bust cake.

The bust sits on top of a simple cake, and thick tentacle black icing streams down the side of the cake and supports a portrait head.

Getting the mouth just right will make this cake stand out.

23. Venom and Carnage Cake

Fans of the Spiderman Symbiotes will go mad for this cake that uses both a Venom and a Carnage layer.

The red and black contrast looks cool, and the Venom tongue and Carnage teeth which stand out from the side portraits will impress.

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24. Spidey Base Avengers Cake

Spiderman is an integral part of the Avengers, so make a cake that features Spidey alongside his Marvel buddies.

The largest layer features the Spiderman mask, but a Captain America Layer follows this, and an edible Hulk fist punches out the side. A sweet Thor’s Hammer also sits at the side.

25. Spiderman and the Avengers Cake

Add more interest to your cake design by placing Spiderman alongside his fellow Avengers.

This cake starts with a red Iron Man layer with an Iron Man mask. Next is a grey Spiderman layer with a Spidey mask. A hulk fist tops off the central cake.

Other Avengers symbols are popped around, including Thor’s Hammer and Cap’s Shield.

26. Spidey and Avenging Friends Cake

If your birthday boy or girl loves Spidey, they are probably also fans of the Avengers. Why not decorate your core Spidey mask cake with some Avengers-themed edibles?

This cake features Thor’s Hammer, Hulk’s fist, Captain America’s Shield, and Iron Man’s mask.

27. Spidey and Hulk Cake

This cake partners Spidey with one of his favorite Avenging buddies, the Hulk! The cake looks impressive with a sweet Hulk fist projecting out of the top.

The main cake is decorated in bricks-and-mortar style to look like New York. An edible Spidey crawls out of the front of the cake.

28. Avengers Cake

Source: @cakecentral

So, you made a Spiderman cake last year, now what? Make an Avengers cake that features Spiderman alongside his buddies.

This is a simple white cake with black cracks caused by Thor’s edible Hammer on top of the cake.

Symbols for the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Captain America, and, of course, Spiderman also feature.

29. Spiderman and Batman Cake

Sacrilege mixing Marvel and DC! Not at all. True fans will know that Spiderman and Batman have faced off in the comics.

Bring the pair together in this half-Spidey half-Batman layered cake using royal icing to create distinctive decorations on each side.

30. Mini Spiderman Cake

Source: @thecakefairy

Cakes don’t have to be large and with lots of layers to impress. This mini Spiderman cake will have someone feeling very special.

It is a simple square cake decorated with bricks. An edible Spiderman covers the top of the cake entirely, and large surgery lettering finishes off this special sweet treat.