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20 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts For Function and Form

20 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts For Function and Form

Starting a new Stardew Valley farm layout can be incredibly daunting. What layout should you use? What can you do with all of that space?

Luckily, the Stardew community is always happy to share their ideas, from farms optimized for crops or ranching to farms optimized for aesthetics or storytelling.

Here are 20 of the best Stardew Valley farm layouts, from community favorites to unique setups across the entire game.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains farms that have spoilers for late-game Stardew Valley, including Ginger Island and 100% completion rewards.

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1. Kyper’s Max Production Farm

Screenshot from the YouTube video.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: A wide variety of resources

Youtuber Kyper shows off a gorgeous, well-optimized Standard farm that he’s been building for ten in-game years.

He proudly says that he has no mods for the game and that this run is 100% completed.

Kyper’s extensive tour of his Year-10 farm.

Kyper’s farm features three Deluxe Barns, three Deluxe Coops, and three storage silos.

He has lots of pigs, goats, chickens, and dinosaurs, seeming to focus on these as his main resource producers.

In terms of crops, Kyper has several large crop plots around the farm, fenced in and set up with Iridium sprinklers at regular intervals and Junimo huts to automate resource collection.

His greenhouse is optimized (in a very similar way to our recommended layout) with all kinds of fruit-bearing trees and Rare Fruits.

Additionally, he’s constructed a slime hutch and several large sheds, all filled with kegs for wine production, forges, displays, and ample material storage.

2. Sapphic Farmer’s Full-Map Farm

Screenshot from the YouTube video.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: Multi-player, aesthetics, and usage of the entire Stardew map

Sapphic Farmer on YouTube has a beautiful Standard farm that rocks a rustic, open aesthetic.

Her farm is laid out in wooden paths with several guest farmhouses so that her friends can join her whenever they like.

Sapphic Farmer’s full tour of their farm in the latest update of the game.

She has several sheds uniquely designed to match what they produce, including wine, tea, refined mining products, artisan goods, and more.

Her crops are separated into smaller lots dotted with fish ponds, bee hives, and Junimo huts.

Her Deluxe Barn and Coop rest in a fenced-in area full of pigs, goats, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, and even ostriches.

She also has a fully finished farm on Ginger Island, complete with island crops and a beautifully-decorated beach house.

Uniquely, she has filled the quarry with production materials – namely kegs to produce wine and ale.

3. SharkyGames’s Efficient and Aesthetic Farm

Screenshot from the YouTube video.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: Planners and profit focus

SharkyGames was asked by his community to give tips about how to build an efficient and beautiful farm.

He recommends using the Stardew Valley planner website to pre-build your farm so that you can see the best farm layouts for you.

In this video, he creates a farm that has two Deluxe Barns (which he fills with pigs to produce truffle oil), three sheds, a Delux Coop, and several crop plots, all connected by stone paths.

He dedicates a large section of the farm to Ancient Fruit production as the main source of income.

He’s also dedicated areas to smithing, beehives, a tree farm, and battery production.

He recommends separating out areas for earnings and resource production, especially creating a tree farm for wood sources and tapping.

He also says that you should keep as much grass as possible for animal feeding.

4. StardewValleyTanner’s Year 20 Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: Long-haul players

Reddit user StardewValleyTanner has the top upvoted farm layout of all time on the Farms of Stardew Valley subreddit.

This beautiful setup includes rings of trees surrounding a central mushroom grove, a tapping farm, a heart-shaped trough area in the animal yard, and many storage sheds containing a wide variety of resources.

It took Tanner quite a long time to build up this setup – 20 in-game years!

Many fellow Redditers applaud them for their use of obelisks in interesting places and the symmetry of the central circle.

5. Hawkster78’s Retirement Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: multiplayer, aesthetics

Reddit user Hawkster78’s farm is a beautiful patchwork of dedicated areas connected by wooden walkways.

The centerpiece is the Golden Clock, framed by two heart-shaped paddocks of trees surrounding a bee farm above and the small lake below.

There are functional areas for farming in the bottom right and animal raising, but there is also a large chess board and a decorative walk to Grandpa’s shrine.

They also have cabins built in the bottom left for “city slickers from Zuzu City” – an imaginative reason for adding them in-game!

6. Scy_lla’s Junimo Sanctuary

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Beach
  • Best for: Junimo lovers

This adorable farm takes full advantage of the 1.5 Update’s Beach farm map to create a safe haven for our little forest friends, the Junimos!

Scy_lla uses some minor modding to create a peaceful forest retreat full of fruit trees and Junimo huts connected with winding wooden paths.

Lining the edges are lovely cherry blossom trees.

The comments under their post praise the beauty of the farm and claim that “this must be where the fairies come from!” We couldn’t agree more.

7. plantmagicdust’s Micro Farm

A Stardew Valley frm layout consisting of the top-right corner of a Four-Corner's farm decked out with wooden walkways and crops.
Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Four Corners
  • Best for: micromanagers, those overwhelmed by large farms

Reddit user plantmagicdust designed a comfortable micro-farm using only one of the titular Four Corners.

Without mods, they’ve created two fair-sized crop plots, an orchard for their fruit trees, bee farms, and a section for kegs.

They’ve also created a spacious area for their farm animals and keep a fish pond nearby.

The comments applaud this user for their creative use of space and express their excitement for the possibility of a mini-farm map to be introduced sometime in the future.

8. RequestMe69’s Summer Dream Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Hilltop
  • Best for: nighttime foragers, monster hunters

This user created a “mystical” farm full of high-efficiency areas, including a wheat farm, organized crop plots, four siloes, and three sheds filled with artisan machines and other tools.

Their farm is dotted with streetlamps and stone paths, weaving their way through grass and trees of all kinds for a slightly ethereal effect.

They recommend a trick for cheap lighting:

The mines has the “torches” often times lighting up the path. These can be removed with your pickaxe & other tools (for free/no materials) and then hidden behind other structures for a soft-lighting look 💕👍🏻

– Reddit user RequestMe69.

9. Fadith’s Crop-Friendly Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Four Corners
  • Best for: crop growth and fishing resources

Fadith’s farm is practical and well-organized, with a mild twist.

They take full advantage of the Four Corners map to create dedicated quadrants for ranching, crops, beekeeping, and fishing.

What’s interesting about their map is the sheer number of fish ponds – there are even some rarer fish on display in red, purple, and green ponds!

Additionally, they have sections for smithing and gem work, as well as a display for all of the Rarecrows.

10. HowToStopTime_’s IRL-Inspired Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: those who want a more “realistic” experience

This farm layout, according to the creator, was inspired by the organization of real-life gardens into crop rows with paths between them.

It includes small areas for racing among a massive, sprawling layout of crops of all kinds, intermixed with trees for all seasons.

There is also a beekeeping section, fish pond, and sheds for other resources.

11. LifeByLacy’s Optimized Year-5 Farm

Screenshot from the YouTube video.
  • Farm type: Standard
  • Best for: efficiency farmers

Lacey’s farm is beautiful and well-organized.

It features large plots designed to prompt Giant Crop spawning and sections for preserving, beekeeping, smelting, and other resources.

She also keeps ample crab pots on the pond at the bottom and a separate area for grass to keep the animals fed.

Her video offers tips and advice to players for keeping farms well organized and running smoothly.

For instance, she recommends planting trees as close as possible to create tapping and forestry farms that take up as little room as possible.

12. Lichatton’s 1,000-hour farm

Screenshot from the YouTube video.
  • Farm type: Standard
  • Best for: dedicated players and completionists

Those who play single files on Stardew Valley for quite a long time will appreciate the effort that Lichitton has put into her massive, completely unmodded farm.

Waligug takes a tour of Lichatton’s farm.

Using the advantages of multiplayer multi-item collection and more than 1,000 hours of playtime often while streaming, she has set up a fully-optimized and well-decorated farm.

It features:

  • A large fish pond area with different fish
  • Many, many animals in multiple coops and barns
  • Unique multiplayer cabins featuring full aquariums and a menagerie of hat displays
  • A massive crop field surrounded by Junimo huts.
  • A tea shed
  • Much more

13. dangerous-stain-builds’s Lazy Rancher Farm

Via Tumblr.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: farmers who do not want to farm

This Tumblr user created a farm set up specifically for those Stardew players who don’t want to spend much time on their farm in the late game.

It features a whopping eight barns and five coops, as well as four silos and several self-watering crop plots.

Interestingly, they don’t take advantage of Junimo huts for auto collection – perhaps they mean to add those in the future.

They also have a beautiful fruit tree orchard and a shed for other resource production.

14. YoshiActual’s Fish Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: serious fishermen

Reddit user YoshiActual’s farm is unique, to say the least. It features more than 60 fish ponds!

While that doesn’t leave room for anything else, it does mean that there are enough ponds for every type of fish in the game, “and then some!”

Apparently, the blank space on the map is an incorrectly-rendered storage shed, which houses, you guessed it, even more fishmongering equipment.

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15. Gamoonian’s Ginger Island Bee Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Ginger Island Farmland
  • Best for: late game players, bee lovers

Though not as extensive as the base farm maps, the Ginger Island farmland clearly has some room to play.

This interesting setup takes advantage of the added farm space accessible once players unlock Ginger Island.

Reddit user Gamoonian has put the ample free space to use as both a massive crop field and an impressive apiary featuring five distinct sections of bee hives producing different kinds of honey.

16. Emil_2125’s Ginger Island Crop Farm

Via Reddit.
  • Farm Type: Ginger Island Farmland
  • Best for: late game players, crop optimization

Another beautiful use of the Ginger Island farmland, Reddit user emil_2125 has put together a fully-optimized crop farm, including four unique plots and crops growing along the riverbank.

The farm also includes ample fruit trees, a tapping orchard, and a battery-production station, which makes excellent use of the frequent rain and storms on the island.

They also have a Statue of Perfection producing Prismatic Shards, which is a stroke of genius.

17. Bloodless’s Simple Vineyard Farm

Via the Stardew Valley forums.
  • Farm Type: Ginger Island Farmland
  • Best for: wine makers and fruit tree harvesters

This Ginger Island farm, created by a Stardew Valley forums user going by the username Bloodless, focuses on fruit and wine production, which suits the island vibe quite well.

It features many small crop plots interspersed between fruit trees, with one long row of kegs at the bottom of the farmland, producing a huge amount of wine guaranteed to turn a tidy profit.

As a bonus, the interior of Bloodless’s beach house looks just as productive.

Via the Stardew Valley forums.

18. Flowrs’s Simple Fall Farm

Via the Steam Community.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: a variety of resources

Steam user Flowrs created the most upvoted farm layout on the Steam Community tab for Stardew Valley.

This farm features a massive forest for wood collection, several small crop plots for different crops, an apiary with its own self-sufficient flower garden, and a deluxe barn and deluxe coop with two silos each and ample grass.

It also features a keg and preserve jar station as well as a crystallarium area and shed for additional resources.

This farm is perfect for a well-rounded, resource-rich layout that takes advantage of every inch of usable space without feeling crowded.

19. Heraizen’s Full Farm Tour

Via the Steam Community.
  • Farm Type: Standard
  • Best for: full-use optimizers

Steam user Heraizen was kind enough to share their entire farm, inside and out.

They’ve optimized their main farmland for crop growth and animal products, including a mill for flour production and an apiary.

Beyond that, their greenhouse is fully optimized with Ancient Fruit and fruit trees, and their basement is full of casks, kegs, and preserve jars.

They also have some aesthetically designed guest cabins and a beautiful, fully-upgraded farmhouse.

20. Sweaty’s Little Big Farm

Via the Steam Community.
  • Farm Type: Forest
  • Best for: space maximizers

Steam user sweaty put together a clean, well-organized Forest farm that has space for everything.

Their farm has a large central crop section with smaller plots for individual crop types, sections for a deluxe barn and deluxe coop with a silo and ample feeding grass, and an apiary featuring a Junimo hut.

This farm also features an inconspicuous section for obelisks beside the greenhouse and three fish ponds, as well as a slime hutch and several sheds for additional resources, all connected with clean brick roads.

There’s also a Golden Clock near the farmhouse, keeping the whole space clean and tidy.

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Bonus: My Farm!

Image created by the author.
  • Farm Type: Forest
  • Best for: farmers who don’t know how to plan.

While it isn’t an exact replica of my layout, this is as close as a first-time Stardew Planner user could get.

This is my personal farm in Year 6. I’ve been running this particular game for several real-life years; it’s not particularly well optimized or aesthetically laid out, but to me, it feels like home.

I focused largely on animal rearing and crops for the first few years, then switched to artisan goods, and most recently added a slime hutch at last!

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