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Bob Odgen Character Analysis: Silent Death Eater

Bob Odgen Character Analysis: Silent Death Eater

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Bob Ogden was a wizard who worked for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. In 1925 he visited the Gaunt family in the course of his duties and discovered the squalor of their home and their contempt for the Statute of Secrecy. He was one of the few people to have seen both of Lord Voldemort’s parents, making his memories extremely valuable.

About Bob Ogden

BornEarly 20th century
Blood StatusPure-Blood or Half-Blood
OccupationDepartment of Magical Law Enforcement
Zodiac SignCancer (speculative)

Young Bob Ogden

The wizard Bob Ogden was probably born near the start of the 20th century, probably into a wizarding family as he later showed that he was not familiar with muggle dress.

He presumably attended Hogwarts as a young wizard, and then went on to work at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Arriving at the Home of the Gaunts

In the 1920s he was called to the house of the Gaunts. He was responding to Morfin Gaunt performing magic in front of a muggle the previous evening, cursing the muggle with painful hives.

Upon arrival, he met Morfin, who spoke to him in parseltongue, which Ogden could not understand. Morfin threatened him with a knife and then threw a charm at Odgen that caused puss to erupt from his nose. The seemingly insane wizard then pushed Ogden, so that he collided with the very muggle who had been cursed by Morfin the previous day, Tom Riddle Snr, and his female friend.

Ogden regained his senses and returned to the home of the Gaunts, which was little more than a hovel. This time he encountered Morfin’s father, Marvolo. While Ogden was polite and courteous, he was clearly unwelcome. Eventually, he was allowed to enter the home to discuss the incidents of the previous night. Inside he saw the third Gaunt, Marvolo’s daughter Merope.

Conflict with the Gaunts

Marvolo complained that he did not like unwelcome visitors. When Ogden protested that he had sent an owl, Marvolo claimed that he had no use for owls. Ogden went on to inform Marvolo of the crimes of which Morfin was accused. Marvolo seems unconcerned about wizarding law and suggested that the muggle had it coming.

When Ogden tried to move the conversation forward by pulling out a summons to a hearing, Marvolo flew into a rage. He started to explain how he was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin and that he did not recognize the authority of anyone to summon him anywhere. Marvolo even pointed out some of the heirlooms that he had in his possession.

When Ogden could see that he was not getting anywhere with a polite discussion, he rose to leave. He informed Marvolo that his son would be expected to attend a hearing at the Ministry.

In response to this, all three Gaunts started to speak parseltongue. Unknown to Ogden, Morfin was explaining that he had cursed the muggle because he saw that his sister Merope had a crush on him. It angered Marvolo that his daughter would be interested in a muggle, so he flew into a rage and started choking her.

Concerned for her safety, Ogden performed a Revulsion Jinx to stop Marvolo. In response, Morfin started firing jinxes at Ogden, driving him from the house. As he left, he ran into Tom Riddle Snr again, who laughed at the strange appearance of the wizard.

Ogden apparated away and returned with reinforcements from the Ministry to take both Morfin and Marvolo into custody. Both men were eventually sent to Azkaban for short sentences.

Ogden’s Memory

Bob Ogden died of natural causes sometime before September 1996. Before this time, Albus Dumbledore tracked him down to retrieve his memory. Unknown to Ogden, during this encounter he met both of Lord Voldemort’s parents, the witch Merope and the muggle Tom Riddle. Harry Potter later viewed the memory in Dumbledore’s pensive.

This meant that Ogden’s memory played an important role in figuring out who Lord Voldemort was, what motivated him, and where he may have acquired and hidden some of his Horcruxes.

Bob Ogden Personality Type & Traits

Bob Ogden comes across as steadfast and brave. He was threatened several times in the Gaunt home but held his ground. He even stepped in to support Merope when he thought that she was in trouble. When he was eventually forced to flee, he returned swiftly to resolve the situation.

Bib Ogden Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We do not know when Bob Odgen was born, but he must have been born before 1905 to have been a Ministry functionary in 1925. His personality suggests that his zodiac sign may be Cancer. People born under this sign are brave and compassionate and are likely to help a stranger in need.