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Boruto Episode 294 Release Date Speculation, Spoilers, Plot and More

Boruto Episode 294 Release Date Speculation, Spoilers, Plot and More

The release of Boruto episode 293 marks the end of the part one story and the beginning of an unforeseen, indefinite hiatus.

The conclusion of Part One was nothing short of spectacular, with breathtaking events that had fans on the edge of their seats.

From the shocking death of Boruto and his miraculous recovery to the appearance of new villains (Code, Eida, and Daemon), this has fueled fans’ eagerness to see how the story unfolds in Part Two.

Boruto Episode 294 (Part Two) Release Date Speculation

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official release date for episode 294 (part two of the story). We do know that the production is in the works, as confirmed by the announcement on their official website. We may see the release at the earliest in late 2023 or early 2024.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the original Naruto anime, a special project has also been announced, set to arrive in September 2023. This commemorative event will feature four unique episodes, where fans can anticipate the return of numerous classic characters from the series. The nostalgia-filled tribute promises to be a thrilling experience for longtime followers and new fans alike.

Back to episode 294, fans have been buzzing with all sorts of speculations, each offering different release dates for the much-awaited comeback. Some forecast a six-month delay; others predict a year. However, until we receive an official statement from the Boruto team, we can only keep guessing.

Several factors make it difficult to predict the return date of the series. For starters, this is the first-ever break the series has taken in a remarkable six-year run, leaving us without any past patterns to draw predictions.

Additionally, the small gap between the anime and the source material also plays a role in determining the release time of Part Two. Irrespective of these factors, the majority of fans are willing to wait patiently, so long as they can expect high-quality content without fillers when the series finally resumes.

Boruto Episode 294 Plot Speculation (Spoilers Ahead!)

Below are some exciting elements that fans can look forward to in Episode 294 of the Boruto series and Part Two in general. While some are speculations, others are outright spoilers.

1. The Time Skip Is Near, But Still Far Out

Time-skip Boruto

The thrilling conclusion of Episode 293 left fans on the edge of their seats as Boruto and Kawaki engaged in a profound conversation at the Hokage Rock, delving into their distinct interpretations of “everything.”

Their differing vows added to the suspense, with Kawaki determined to protect Naruto at all costs, even if it means facing off against his own brother, Boruto, while Boruto remains resolute in proving Momoshiki wrong.

Following this impactful moment, the subsequent scene shifts to a flashforward, teasing the onset of their intense battle during the prologue time skip.

Despite this glimpse into the future, it’s essential to recognize that Episode 294 will not immediately launch into the time skip battle. The story must first navigate through the compelling omnipotence arc, presenting further character development and plot intricacies before eventually reaching the anticipated time skip.

However, it is crucial to consider the possibility of fillers in Part Two, as experienced in Part One, which might elongate the narrative.

Thus, fans should keep their expectations in check and avoid anticipating a time skip right at the start of Episode 294.

2. Eida Betrays Code and Deflect to Konoha

Eida and Daemon Deflect to Konoha

Strangely, Kara keeps losing prominent members of the organization to Konoha. First, it was their brilliant scientist, Amado. Now it’s their two strongest allies, Eida and Daemon.

In the first part of the series, Eida is Code’s ally. However, they had a falling out, which significantly altered the course of events in the series, causing her to defect to Konoha.

It should be noted that Eida is not the most reliable ally since she joined the village to further her interests and get closer to Kawaki, not because she cares about the greater good.

Regardless of her motivation for deflecting, Konoha benefits from her decision to remain in the village as they’re indirectly protected from a surprise attack by code while also receiving firsthand information from her using her senrigan.

3. Kawaki Is Keen on Eliminating Boruto

Kawaki keen on eliminating boruto

In the final moments of episode 293, Kawaki’s ominous words to Boruto serve as a stark reminder that, as long as Momoshiki is in his body, he perceives Boruto as a dangerous threat to Naruto and the village.

Kawaki’s deep attachment and love for Naruto have led him to an almost obsessive devotion, and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect and defend him.

Driven by this intense love for Naruto, Kawaki embarks on a relentless rampage, aiming to eliminate Boruto, leading to a climactic showdown that forces Boruto to flee the village.

This pivotal event sets the stage for the prologue time skip, where we catch a glimpse of the dramatic and high-stakes battles that lie ahead.

In conclusion, part two of the Boruto series promises an exciting and captivating journey filled with numerous surprises and compelling storylines. As the narrative continues to unfold, viewers can look forward to deeper character development, intense action sequences, unexpected plot twists, and the exploration of new arcs.

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