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How to Catch and Use a Walleye in Stardew Valley

How to Catch and Use a Walleye in Stardew Valley

Among the plethora of fish that players can catch in Stardew Valley, the Walleye stands out as one of the most temperamental. Whether you’re an experienced angler in the valley or just starting out, this guide will delve deep into the art of catching the Walleye, ensuring that you not only snag one but also make the most out of its various uses.

What is a Walleye?

Walleye Stardew Valley

The Walleye is a unique freshwater fish with particular conditions. With its distinct olive-green hue, this fish is more than just a sight to behold; it’s a testament to a player’s fishing prowess. Found in various freshwater locations during the Fall, the Walleye is known to be a bit elusive, often coming out a tad later than other fish.

Step 1: Wait for the Right Conditions

Season: Fall

The best season to catch a walleye is Fall. As the temperature drops and nature prepares for winter, the Walleye begins to roam the waterways more frequently. This seasonal restriction emphasizes the cyclic nature of the game, ensuring that players pay attention to the calendar and plan their fishing expeditions accordingly.

Weather: Rainy

In Stardew Valley, if you’re aiming to catch a Walleye, you’ll need to wait for a rainy day. The Walleye is specific in its preference for rain, and it simply won’t appear on clear days. This condition means that players must be strategic, planning their fishing endeavors based on the TV Weather Report.

Time: Night

It’s important to note that this fish isn’t an early riser. Unlike some aquatic species that might bite at dawn, the Walleye is known for making its appearance later in the day, specifically from 12 pm-2 am. While you can fish for it in the afternoon, the odds of catching one increase during the night as it is primarily a night fish.

Step 2: Go to Cindersap Forest Pond

Cindersnap Forest Dock in Stardew Valley
Cindersnap Forest Pond Dock

Where to Find Walleyes

Walleye Locations in Stardew Valley

The Walleye’s natural habitat is in freshwater environments. The secluded forest pond, tucked away amidst the trees in the Cindersap Forest, is the best place to find a walleye. This tranquil pod gives the player an impressive 32% chance of hooking a walleye, provided they visit on a rainy Fall night.

While Cindersap is a favorite among players, other areas to catch a walleye include:

Rivers: The rivers flowing through Pelican Town are good spots to catch a Walleye. The movement of the water and the serene environment create the perfect conditions for this fish to thrive.

Lakes: Apart from rivers, the lakes scattered around the valley also house the Walleye. Whether it’s the expansive body of water near the mines or other smaller lakes, there’s a good chance of encountering a Walleye with the right conditions.

How to Get to Cindersap Forest Pond

Those new to the game might not be familiar with the Cindersap Forest Pond as it’s such an isolated body of water. However, getting to the pond from your farm is very simple.

Step One

Step 1 Cindersnap Forest Stardew Valley

Starting from your farmhouse, head South until you reach the pond towards the bottom of your farm.

Step Two

Step 2 Cindersnap Forest Stardew Valley

From the pond, head South. This will lead you off your farm and into Cindersap Forest.

Step Three

Step 3 Cindersnap Forest Stardew Valley

After walking a few paces, you’ll come across a signpost. Turn left here and continue walking.

Step Four

Step 4 Cindersnap Forest Stardew Valley

Stop before you get to the Wizard’s House. This little clearing might be familiar to those who have visited the travelling merchant as this is her parking spot. From here, walk south, and you’ll come across Cindersap Pond.

Step Three: Go Fishing

Fishing at Cindersnap pond dock in stardew valley
Fishing on Cindersap Dock

Provided you’ve waited for the right conditions and found a suitable body of fresh water, all that is left is casting your rod. While a walleye can be a hassle to find, once it bites, it’s quite easy to reel in and does not present much of a struggle. However, for those wanting a little help, here are some ways to make the process even easier.

1. Level Up Your Fishing Skill

Higher fishing levels make it easier to catch fish during the mini-game, as the higher the level, the bigger your fishing bar size. Leveling up is very straightforward. It just requires consistent, frequent fishing.

2. Use Bait

Bait Stardew Valley

Bait is helpful because it decreases the time it takes for fish to bite. You can craft bait after obtaining the first fishing rod upgrade (Fiberglass Rod) using bug meat, which is dropped by many cave insects. Bait is also available for purchase at Willy’s Fish Shop for 5g a piece.

3. Use a Tackle

Spinner tackle stardew valley
Spinner Tackle

Only the Iridium Rod allows you to use tackle. You can purchase one From Willy’s Fish Shop for 7,500g after reaching a level 6 fishing skill. Attach by right-clicking the rod while holding the tackle.

  • Spinner: Increases the bite rate. Crafted using 2 iron bars or can be purchased from Willy’s Fish Shop for 500g.
  • Trap Bobber: Makes the “escaping” fish bar decrease slower by 33%. Crafted using 1 copper bar and 10 sap, or can be bought from Willy’s Fish Shop for 500g.
  • Barbed Hook: Makes your catch more secure, causing the “fishing bar” to cling to your catch. Crafted using 1 copper bar, 1 iron bar and 1 gold bar, or can be bought from Willy’s Fish Shop for 1,000g.

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4. Eat Fish Boosting Food

Fish taco stardew valley
Fish Taco

Fish boosting food will make your fishing bar bigger which makes Walleyes easier to catch.

  • Dish O’ The Sea: Adds +3 to fishing level. Made in the kitchen from sardine (or any fish) and hash browns.
  • Fish Taco: Adds +2 to fishing level. It is made from tuna, tortilla, red cabbage, and mayonnaise.

What to do with a Walleye

In Stardew Valley, every fish has its unique place and purpose, and the Walleye is no exception. Once you catch one, there’s a variety of things you can do.

Complete the Night Fishing Bundle

Fish vault in Community center stardew valley
The Fish Tank in the Community Center

The Walleye is a crucial component of the Night Fishing Bundle. Completing this bundle is a step toward repairing the fish tank and revitalizing the Community Center, a central and rewarding task in the game.

By catching and contributing a Walleye to this bundle, players not only inch closer to restoring the center but also unlock the reward for the night fishing bundle – a small glow ring. This emits a glow that helps players navigate their way around town when it’s dark.

Sell it

In the bustling economy of Stardew Valley, the Walleye holds its own as a profitable catch for players looking to boost their income. While its primary recognition might be its contribution to the Night Fishing Bundle, selling Walleyes can be a lucrative endeavor. Their value varies depending on factors like size and fishing skill, but they consistently fetch a decent price when sold.

Silver 131g
Price Chart for Walleyes

Invest in a Fish Pond

Fish pond Stardew Valley
Walleye Fish Pond

In Stardew Valley, the Fish Pond is more than just an aesthetic addition to one’s farm; it offers players the unique opportunity to make aged roe.

After gathering 200 stones, five seaweed, five algae and 5,000g, players can go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop and build a fish pond. Once you place a walleye in the pond, it will slowly produce roe. This roe can then be turned into aged roe through a preserves jar. While it takes a little while to set up this process, aged roe is more lucrative, you get 164g at a base level and up to 229g with the Artisan profession.

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Other Ways to Get a Walleye

If you need the walleye for the night fishing bundle but can’t wait for a rainy Fall day, there are two other ways to get one.

From the Garbage Can

Walleye from bin in Stardew Valley

While this may not be the most sanitary method, Walleyes can randomly be found in Garbage Cans during Fall and Winter. So, it never hurts to check the garbage during these cooler seasons. Just make sure you don’t do it in front of any villagers because it may negatively impact their opinion of you.

From the Traveling Merchant

Walleye from Traveling Merchant in Stardew Valley

The Traveling Merchant, a mysterious vendor with a cart full of varied and occasionally rare items, might have what you’re looking for. This merchant sets up shop in Cindersap Forest, south of the farm, and offers an ever-changing inventory on Fridays and Sundays. While the assortment of goods is random, there’s a chance that a Walleye might be among the items for sale from 315-1,000g.

Advanced Exceptions to the Walleye’s Conditions

There are exceptions to the conditions under which a walleye can be caught. However, these often involve the use of these advanced materials.

New players might find themselves at a crossroads, tempted by the allure of these exceptions. But, it’s worth noting that acquiring and effectively using these materials can be challenging for those still familiarizing themselves with the game’s mechanics. Thus, for newcomers, the recommended route remains the traditional approach above.

The Rain Totem

Rain Totem Stardew Valley
Rain Totem

One of the game’s ingenious exceptions to the standard Walleye-catching conditions lies in the crafting of the Rain Totem. This magical item has the unique ability to summon rain the day after it’s used. Should a player use this, they will have the opportunity to catch the walleye in Winter. However, this exception only works in Winter. Walleyes don’t like warmer weather and a rain totem isn’t enough to get them to come out in Summer or Spring.

To craft a Rain Totem, players must first reach Level 9 in Foraging. Once there, they must gather a combination of 1 Hardwood, 1 Truffle Oil, and 5 Pine Tar.

Magic Bait

Magic Bait Stardew Valley
Magic Bait

Deep within Stardew Valley’s array of crafting options lies the Magic Bait, a marvel for any dedicated angler. This special bait defies the conventional fishing rules, enabling players to catch almost any fish, regardless of season, weather, or time of day. With Magic Bait on the line, the Walleye’s traditional requirements become less rigid. This means you could still reel one in on a clear Summer day.

The catch? Magic bait is exceptionally hard to get and is reserved for advanced players. This is because one would have had to unlock Ginger Island and Qi’s Walnut Room on the island, where they can then buy the recipe for Magic Bait.

To craft this exceptional item, players first need to 1 Radioactive Ore and 5 Bug Meat. While the Bug Meat is relatively common, the Radioactive Ore is much rarer, typically found deep within the mines or from panning. Once crafted, the Magic Bait can be attached to an Iridium Rod, setting players up for a fishing experience without many of the typical constraints.

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