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15 Characters Who Died in Attack on Titan: Ranked by Saddest Death

15 Characters Who Died in Attack on Titan: Ranked by Saddest Death

Attack on Titan is an all-time favorite and one of the most loved Shonen series in the Anime World, with 86 episodes and 139 manga chapters.

The popular anime is well-known for its unique plot and gruesome death scenes. However, only some deaths have impacted fans so much that they are still sad over it.

This article will share the characters with the saddest deaths in the AOT universe.

15. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe, the 14th Commander of the Survey Corps, dies in chapter 132 of the Attack on Titan Manga.

During the Rumbling, Hange acted as a sacrifice to allow the Survey Corps to escape.

The heat from the Colossal Titans marching burned them to a crisp, resulting in their death.

Hange’s death was heartbreaking for fans as she was one of the series’ most loved characters.

As Hange reunited with the former soldiers from their squad in the afterlife, the scene became tear-jerking for fans.

Additionally, most fans were prepared for her death, but it still broke their hearts knowing they won’t be able to see her eccentric personality in the show anymore.

However, Hange will be remembered for her big sacrifice for her fellow soldiers.

14. Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church

Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church

Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church, members of the Scout Regiment, died in the 5th OVA episode of the AOT anime.

In the episode, an abnormal Titan attacks Isabel and Furlan, brutally killing both of them.

Isabel and Furlan’s death deeply impacted both Levi and the AOT fans.

Both of them were pretty close with Levi, and his reaction upon witnessing their death crushed fans. Levi looked destroyed and heartbroken.

What’s more, the two characters didn’t get much screen time but still managed to have such a lasting impact on fans.

13. Faye Yeager

Faye Yeager

Faye Yeager, the sister of Grisha Yeager, dies in Chapter 86 of the Attack on Titan Manga.

The poor girl was forcefully taken away by Marleyan Soldiers, who fed her to the dogs.

Faye’s death was extremely tragic and traumatizing, making fans all over the world cry.

She made an innocent mistake, and for that, she had to face terrible consequences.

Just the thought of a child or even a human being treated in this way is enough to cause anyone unimaginable pain.

Moreover, the tragic end, combined with Grisha’s pain-filled reaction, made her death all the more unbearable.

12. Porco Galliard

Porco Galliard

Porco Galliard, a Marleyan Warrior and the previous wielder of Jaw Titan takes his last breath in episode 19 of season 4 of the AOT anime.

In the episode, Porco is badly injured by Eren to the point that he is unable to heal himself.

Afterward, Falco turns into a Titan, who eats Porco, ultimately killing him and becoming the next Jaw Titan.

Porco is one of the very few Warriors that is incredibly admired by fans, thereby making his death sad.

He could’ve easily survived, but he decided to sacrifice himself after seeing his brother’s memory.

Moreover, Porco smiled as he was dying, realizing that he was sacrificing himself for a man like Reiner, whom he despised.

What’s more, most fans believe that he died an honorable yet painful death.

11. Carla Yeager

Carla Yeager, the mother of Eren Yeager, dies in the very first episode of the Attack on Titan series.

During Wall Maria’s invasion, the Smiling Titan enters the Shiganshina District and eats Carla, resulting in her death.

Carla Yeager’s death was traumatic and sad for many AOT fans due to its impact on Eren and how it occurred.

Eren is only ten years old when he witnesses his mother’s death.

Moreover, Carla’s death is unimaginably terrifying and gruesome, not just for a child like Eren, but also for all the AOT fans.

She could have survived, but she chose to die so that Eren and Mikasa could be safe, making her death very sad and tragic.

10. Petra Ral

Petra Ral of the Survey Corps takes her last breath in episode 21 of season 1 of the anime. She dies in the fight against Annie Leonhart, the female Titan.

Petra witnessed her entire squad getting wiped out, which froze her in place, giving enough time for Annie to kill her.

Her death was extremely painful for fans due to her father’s reaction when the Scouts returned from their mission.

Her father was extremely proud of her daughter but very concerned for her safety as well. He was unaware of her death, making fans feel torn for him.

Moreover, Petra’s death also served as an eye-opener for Eren, who knew that he had to get stronger in order to stand a chance against Titans such as Annie.

9. Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis

The Head instructor of the Training Corps, Keith Shadis, dies in episode 27 of Season 4 of the anime.

Keith died blowing up the last remaining ship that the Yeagerists could use to eliminate the resistance.

The man sacrificed his own life for the greater good and finally managed to become a hero.

Keith is always shown as a powerless man who’s always a bystander in the AOT Universe.

However, in the end, he managed to take action and became a Hero, making fans cry over his death.

Moreover, he always desired to do something great, and he accomplished his goal as well, but he would not live to celebrate it, making his death incredibly sad.

8. Mike Zacharias

Mike Zacharias

The squad leader of the major division in Survey Corps, Mike Zacharias, takes his last breath in episode 1 of season 2 of the anime.

Beast Titan makes his first appearance in the episode, and Mike sends the other Scouts to inform Erwin of the situation.

Zeke takes away Mike’s gear, leaving him amongst the hoard of Titans who eat him, resulting in his death.

Mike’s death is one of the most horrifying scenes in the AOT Universe. The way he is eaten limb by limb and in a brutal manner just tears the hearts of many fans.

Moreover, many fans believe that Mike’s character was too good to meet such a terrifying end.

Despite how he died, Mike stood his ground till the end like the honorable man he was, making his death even more painful.

7. Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz, the very first wielder of the powers of the Titan, dies before the actual timeline of the anime.

The Founder of the Titan powers dies by sacrificing herself and preventing the assassination of King Fritz.

Ymir did not get much screen time in the anime, but her death was still very painful for fans due to her tragic life.

King Fritz always treated Ymir like a slave and a tool despite her caring for him deeply.

As she dies, king Fritz makes her children eat her body to obtain the powers due to his selfishness.

Moreover, she could not find peace even in the afterlife as she worked tirelessly for the coming generation that obtained her powers.

6. Marco Bott

Marco Bott

Marco Bolt, a trainee of the 104th batch of Training Corps, is killed in episode 13 of season 1 of the anime.  

He dies at the hands of a Titan who bites down half of his body as Marco cannot escape without his gear.

Marco died because Reiner and Annie had removed his equipment to kill him for overhearing their conversation.

Marco’s death hit hard for most fans as he was very kind and innocent at heart.

As he’s about to die, Marco was begging Reiner to talk it out with him for overhearing their conversation.

However, they held no remorse for their actions, which made fans feel sad for Marco.

5. Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman, the former member of the Military Police Brigade, dies in episode 10 of season 3.

At that time, Rod Reiss had transformed into a Titan, and the heat released from it, combined with the cavern collapsing, badly wounded Kenny.

Even though Kenny manages to escape safely, he ultimately succumbs to his injuries and dies later on.

His death is incredibly painful due to his final moments and his relationship with Levi.

Kenny was the only remaining relative of Levi, and as soon as he found out about this, Kenny dies.

Moreover, Kenny was the one who raised Levi, and the thought that Levi had lost everyone close to him in his life was too heart-wrenching for many fans.

4. Hannes


Hannes, from the Garrison, takes his last breath in episode 12 of season 2.

In the episode, Hannes tries to take down the Smiling Titan, who is about to eat Eren.

However, Hannes tries to save him, but instead get’s brutally eaten by the Titan, right in front of Eren.

His death was extremely heartbreaking for fans as Hannes died in a similar way to Carla Yeager and by the same Titan.

Eren’s reaction to his death further added to the sentiment, as he, yet again witnessed a death as gruesome his mother’s.

Moreover, how Hannes dies is extremely traumatizing for many fans as well.

3. Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith, the former Commander of the Survey Corps, dies in episode 4 of season 3, part 2 of the anime.

During the fight with the Beast Titan, Erwin is badly injured as the beast Titan throws boulders toward his team.

Ultimately, the grave injuries he received resulted in his death.

The former Commander’s death impacted fans because of his amazing character throughout the anime.

Most believe that Erwin’s character had so much realism to it that everyone developed a close affinity with him.

What’s more, fans feel more heartbroken over the fact that Erwin will not be able to witness his dream coming true. 

2. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus

The young Survey Corps soldier, Sasha Braus, dies in episode 8, season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime.

After the raid of Liberio, Sasha is shot dead by the warrior candidate, Gabby Braun.

After witnessing the death of her fellow candidates, Gabby tries to get into the aircraft to take revenge and kills Sasha.

Sasha’s death was incredibly sad for fans as she is one of the favorite characters in the series.

She was the only character in the show that offered comfort to fans from the overall depressing plot.

What’s more, seeing the reaction of Jean, Connie, and even Eren made her death extremely hard to bear for fans.

1. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

The series’s main protagonist, Eren Yeager’s death, was unimaginably sad, and it occurs in chapter 139 of the AOT manga.

During the rumbling, Mikasa cuts off Eren’s head, putting a permanent stop to all the chaos he is causing.

Eren’s character was vulnerable and very tragic, making his death unimaginably sad for fans. He had lived a traumatic life, witnessing the deaths of his family at a very young age.

Although Eren ultimately reached his goal, he became a Villain instead of a Hero in the end.

Eren purposely acted as a Villain for the freedom of the people of Paradis, sacrificing himself so that they could have what he never had.

It is terribly heart-wrenching for fans as Eren will always be viewed as Villain who spread chaos, while he was much more than that.

Additionally, seeing Armin and Mikasa’s reaction to losing their beloved friend is too heartbreaking for fans.

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