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How to Complete The Goblin Problem Quest in Stardew Valley

How to Complete The Goblin Problem Quest in Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley landscape is dotted with more than crops and livestock; hidden tales and challenges beckon the curious. Among them, the Goblin Problem quest is a standout—a curious tale where a goblin guards the Witch’s Hut, awaiting a particular delicacy.

If you’re pondering over the goblin’s appetite and the key to this mystery, you’ve landed on the right page. Dive in as we elucidate the steps to satisfy this picky guardian and advance your Valley adventures.

What is the Goblin Quest?

Wizard Backstory Stardew Valley
The Wizard Explaining the Lore Behind the Quest

The Goblin Quest poses two distinct challenges. In the first phase, “The Dark Talisman,” players venture into the sewer to secure a specific artifact. Once they accomplish this, they immediately take on the “The Goblin Problem.” Here, players must appease a goblin to retrieve the Wizard’s coveted Magic Ink.

Behind this quest lies a powerful narrative that has shaped the Valley’s magic and lore. Once bound by love, the mighty Wizard and the enigmatic Witch saw their union unravel into a web of conflict and intrigue. Now, as you embark on the Goblin Quest, you’re not just chasing items and solving puzzles—you’re stepping into an age-old drama between Stardew Valley’s most mystical inhabitants.

How to Trigger the Goblin Quest

At trigger site of the goblin problem quest Stardew Valley
Triggering The Witch’s Appearance at The Site of the Quest

Before diving into the Goblin Problem quest, ensure you’ve either completed the Community Center or Joja Mart bundle. Once that’s settled, head to the Railroad area to continue your adventure. Simply entering the area will trigger the cutscene.

The Wizard, with a tone of regret and longing, confides in you about his tumultuous past with his ex-wife, the enigmatic Witch. Driven by desperation and a need to reclaim what was once his, he implores you to seek out the Dark Talisman.

How to Get to The Railroad Area

Route with Arrows from Stardew Valley Farm to Railroad Area
Map from Farm to Railroad Area
  1. Exit your Farm: Start by exiting your farm from the North. This is usually where your farmhouse is located.
  2. Reach the Carpenter’s Shop: Head along the east path until you reach the Carpenter’s Shop, which is Robin’s house.
  3. Go North: Walk north from the Carpenter’s Shop. Before the earthquake event, this path would have been blocked by large boulders, but post-earthquake, the way is clear.
  4. Enter the Railroad Area: Continue north through the previously blocked path, and you will reach the Railroad area.

Why is the Cutscene not Triggering?

Player stressed Stardew Valley

Sometimes, despite completing the community centre and entering the railroad area, players don’t trigger the cutscene. This is usually due to two reasons – not having a relationship with the wizard and not having access to the sewers.

Fostering a Relationship with The Wizard

Living in his distant tower, the Wizard is easy to overlook when you’re in the hustle of farm life. Yet, befriending him is vital. Players are advised to regularly visit the Wizard, gifting him items he appreciates, like Solar Essence or Purple Mushrooms, to earn at least two hearts of friendship and ensure the cutscene triggers.

Unlocking the Sewers

Because part of the quest takes place in the sewers, the cutscene won’t trigger unless you have access to this area. To unlock the sewer, focus on donating artifacts and minerals to the Museum. Once you’ve contributed 60 items, Gunther will reward you with the Rusty Key, granting you entrance to Krobus’s domain and paving the way for the quest ahead.

How to Complete the ‘Dark Talisman’ Part of the Quest

The Dark Talisman is hidden in a chest in the Mutant Bug Lair. Navigating this area is a dangerous pursuit, yet it’s necessary to unlock the Goblin Problem.

Step One: Go to the Sewers and Interact with Krobus

Speaking to Krobus in the sewer Stardew Valley
Character Interacting with Krobus

Dive into the first critical step of the Dark Talisman quest by heading straight to the town’s underbelly: the sewer. Within this damp, eerie labyrinth awaits Krobus, Stardew Valley’s enigmatic shadow figure. As you engage with him, he’ll reveal the existence of a concealed, ominous passageway towards the West side of the sewers. Enter this pathway to access the Mutant Bug Lair.

Step Two: Find the Chest

Player getting Dark Talisman from quest Stardew Valley
Grabbing the Dark Talisman from the Chest

Before even setting foot in the Mutant Bug Lair, players should be mentally and physically geared up for encounters with the resident adversaries: the Mutant Grubs and Mutant Flies. These foes, while not the most formidable in Stardew Valley, can be quite bothersome in numbers.

Given the nature of the adversaries you’ll be facing, it’s recommended to arm yourself adequately. Weapons, such as a sword or slingshot, can prove invaluable. Also, having a stock of healing items, like pumpkin pie or maple bars, can make the difference between a successful expedition and an untimely retreat.

With the threats in mind and well-prepared for combat, players should focus on navigation. The key to locating the chest holding the Dark Talisman is consistency. Simply head north through the lair. While the winding paths and relentless foes might tempt diversions, a northern trajectory will eventually lead players straight to their desired prize: the chest containing the Dark Talisman.

Step Three: Bring the Talisman to The Railway Area

Gaining access to the witch's hut Stardew Valley
Gaining Access to the Witch’s Hut

Upon securing the Dark Talisman and returning to the railroad area, players will witness a rather mystical event. The previously impenetrable green structure, which stood as a barrier blocking the cave entrance, will come alive once you interact with it. It gracefully takes flight, disappearing and clearing the path ahead. This grants adventurers unrestricted access to the cave and the secrets it holds within.

How to Complete the ‘Goblin Problem’ Part of the Quest

Once you’ve entered the witch’s lair, only one challenge remains – getting past the Goblin.

Step Four: Interact with The Goblin

Player Interacting with the Goblin Stardew Valley
Speaking with the Goblin

The Goblin will tell the player that he can’t let them pass, or he will lose his job. It’s evident that simple persuasion won’t work, and a different approach will be necessary to gain access to the hut and continue their quest for the Wizard’s Magic Ink.

Step Five: Head to The Library

Excerpt from Goblins by M Jasper Stardew Valley
Excerpt from Goblins by M. Jasper

Your next clue on bypassing the Henchman awaits in the town’s library, amidst its collection of lost books. While many of these tomes offer delightful anecdotes or frivolous tales, some hold critical information for quests.

For your current mission, it’s the book titled ‘Goblins’ by M. Jasper that becomes invaluable. Though reading the entire book isn’t obligatory to progress in the quest, skimming its contents reveals a fascinating tidbit: goblins have an irresistible fondness for Void Mayonnaise. This discovery offers a potential solution for winning over the stubborn goblin guarding the Witch’s Hut.

Step Six: Get Void Mayonnaise

Buying a Void Egg from Krobus Stardew Valley
Option to Buy a Void Egg at Krobus’ Shop

Void Mayonnaise, with its dark, mysterious appearance and equally intriguing origins, is a unique product in Stardew Valley. Crafting this unusual condiment requires specific steps:

1. Acquire a Void Egg:

  • The primary ingredient for Void Mayonnaise is a Void Egg. There are several ways to obtain one:
    • Occasionally, a witch will fly over your coop at night and leave a Void Egg inside.
    • Players can purchase a Void Egg from Krobus, the shadow figure residing in the sewers, for 5,000g.

2. Utilize the Mayonnaise Machine:

  • Once you have a Void Egg in hand, place it into the Mayonnaise Machine, much like you would with a regular egg. After a few hours, the machine will produce Void Mayonnaise.

3. Alternative Method: Fishing

  • Interestingly, Void Mayonnaise can also be directly fished from the Witch’s Swamp. There’s a 25% chance of hooking one, but only if you don’t already possess a Void Mayonnaise in your inventory. Crucially, this fishing opportunity is exclusive to the period when the Henchman stands guard at the Witch’s Hut.

Step Seven: Getting The Magic Ink

Player grabbing Ink from the Witch's Hut Stardew Valley
Grabbing the Magic Ink

Once you have the Void Mayonnaise, return to the goblin outside the Witch’s Hut and offer it to him. In exchange for this delicacy, he’ll move aside, allowing you entry.

Inside the hut, you’ll easily locate the Magic Ink. It’s an essential item for the Wizard and the primary objective of your quest. Collect the ink, completing the main task of the “Goblin Problem” quest. With this done, you can return to the Wizard and advance further in your Stardew Valley adventures.

Step Eight: Returning The Ink to The Wizard

Returning Ink to the Wizard Stardew Valley
Returning Ink to the Wizard and Unlocking Magical Items

With the Magic Ink safely secured, your next destination is the Wizard’s Tower. Located in the western region of Cindersap Forest, the tower is the home and sanctuary of the enigmatic Wizard.

Upon arrival, interact with the Wizard and present him the Magic Ink. He will express his gratitude for your efforts and offer a special reward, marking the successful conclusion of the “Goblin Problem” quest.

The Wizard’s Rewards

The Wizard’s reward reveals another facet of his capabilities. Much like Robin’s Carpenter Shop, which offers structural enhancements for your farm, the Wizard offers a selection of unique magical structures. These aren’t just your typical farm buildings; they harness mystical energies and provide functionalities beyond the realm of the ordinary.

Gold Clock

Gold_Clock Stardew Valley

For a princely sum of 10,000,000g, the Gold Clock stands as an epitome of luxury and utility. Once constructed, it ensures that your farm’s fences never decay and that no unwanted debris ever litters your pristine lands. It’s a one-time investment for lasting peace of mind.

Junimo Hut

Junimo_Hut Stardew Valley

For 20,000g, 200x Stone, 9x Starfruit, and 100x Fiber, the Junimo Hut is a farmer’s best friend. This enchanting structure beckons Junimos, who diligently harvest ready crops in the nearby vicinity, easing your farming chores and infusing your farm with a touch of magic.

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Earth Obelisk

Earth_Obelisk Stardew Valley

The Earth Obelisk, priced at 5,000g and requiring 10x Iridium Bar and 10x Earth Crystal, serves as a handy teleportation tool. With this structure in place, you can instantly warp to the Mountains, ensuring quick access to its resources and adventures.

Desert Obelisk

Desert_Obelisk Stardew Valley

Venture to the arid expanses of Calico Desert at a moment’s notice with the Desert Obelisk. For 1,000,000g, 20x Iridium Bar, 10x Coconut, and 10x Cactus Fruit, this obelisk offers unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need for long treks or waiting for Pam’s bus.

Water Obelisk

Water_Obelisk Stardew Valley

Dreaming of quick beach getaways? The Water Obelisk, costing 500,000g, 5x Iridium Bar, 10x Clam, and 10x Coral, makes it a reality. Erect this structure and enjoy instant warping to the Beach, facilitating fishing, foraging, or simply enjoying the sea breeze.

Island Obelisk

Island_Obelisk Stardew Valley

Exploring the mysteries of Ginger Island becomes a breeze with the Island Obelisk. At the cost of 1,000,000g, 10x Iridium Bar, 10x Dragon Tooth, and 10x Banana, this magical structure offers immediate transportation to the tropical haven, ensuring you never miss out on its unique offerings.

Unlocking The Dark Shrines

Upon successful completion of the Goblin Quest, not only do you gain access to an array of magical structures at the Wizard’s Tower, but the Witch’s Hut also reveals its own secrets – the Dark Shrines. These are mystical altars that offer unique and, at times, irreversible actions that can drastically change your Stardew Valley experience:

Dark Shrine of Memory

Dark_Shrine_of_Memory Stardew Valley

The pain of past relationships can be hard to bear. This shrine, for a payment of 30,000g, offers solace to those with heartbreak by erasing the memory of an ex-spouse. This powerful magic ensures that it feels as if the two of you had never crossed paths.

Dark Shrine of Selfishness

Dark_Shrine_of_Selfishness Stardew Valley

A drastic decision lies at this shrine. For the price of a single Prismatic Shard, players can opt to turn their children into doves, making them disappear from the valley forever. This irreversible act comes with its own set of consequences and eerie events in the aftermath.

Dark Shrine of Night Terrors

Dark_Shrine_of_Night_Terrors Stardew Valley

If you’re seeking thrill and challenge on your farm, this shrine has you covered. By offering a Strange Bun, the protective magi-seal on your farm is lifted, allowing monsters to spawn and roam freely. For those who change their mind or wish to switch between a peaceful and challenging farm, an additional Strange Bun can be given to toggle the magi-seal on or off.

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