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How to Complete the ‘Pirate’s Wife’ Quest in Stardew Valley

How to Complete the ‘Pirate’s Wife’ Quest in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, a serene landscape teeming with surprises, holds more mysteries than just growing parsnips and catching fish. Enter the Pirate’s Wife Quest – a tale that intertwines romance, intrigue, and a hint of the high seas. Ready to embark on a voyage of discovery? Grab your compass and let’s set sail into this guide!

Step One: Repairing the Ginger Island Boat

Character next to repaired Ginger Island Ship in Stardew Valley
The Repaired Ship

The Pirate’s Wife Quest, with its tantalizing pull of distant shores and undiscovered stories, is reserved for those who have displayed commitment and dedication to Stardew Valley. Specifically, you can only embark on this nautical journey after the completion of the Community Center. This ensures players are sufficiently familiar with the mechanics of the game and are ready for a more complicated adventure.

Location of the Boat

Players are undoubtedly familiar with Willy’s Fish Shop at the Beach, a mainstay for anyone looking to reel in aquatic treasures. However, what many might not immediately recognize is the door situated behind Willy’s counter. Venturing through this door unveils a small port area, wherein lies the ship in question, noticeably dilapidated and awaiting repairs.

Materials Needed to Fix the Boat

200 Hardwood

Hardwood Stardew Valley

Hardwood is primarily collected from large stumps and logs scattered across the Valley. While your farm occasionally offers stumps and logs as you progress, the most consistent source is the Secret Woods.

Located in the northwest of Cindersap Forest, this secluded area contains multiple stumps that replenish daily, offering up to 12 hardwood pieces per visit. An upgraded axe is crucial, not only for breaking these stumps but also for initially accessing the Secret Woods by breaking a large log blocking the entrance.

5 Battery Packs

Battery_Pack Stardew Valley

Battery packs are the byproduct of lightning strikes captured by lightning rods. To optimize your chances, craft multiple lightning rods using 1 iron bar, 1 refined quartz, and 5 bat wings for each. Disperse these across your farm. Especially during stormy weather, as forecasted by the TV’s weather report, these rods spring into action, transforming lightning bolts into battery packs by the following day.

5 Iridium Bars

Iridium Bar Stardew Valley

Crafting an Iridium Bar requires smelting 5 Iridium Ore with a piece of Coal; the smelting process isn’t too hard, but finding Iridium Ore can be a challenge.

Dive deep into the Skull Cavern, and you might find Purple Slimes guarding this precious metal. Slaying them, or their formidable counterparts, the Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brutes, can occasionally yield an Iridium Bar.

If spelunking isn’t your preferred method, check the Traveling Cart’s wares: sometimes, they’ll have an Iridium Bar priced between 3,000-5,000g. Seasonal festivities also play a role; Clint might gift you this shimmering treasure during the Feast of the Winter Star.

For those with a penchant for luck, the Statue Of Endless Fortune stands as a beacon of hope, boasting a 25% chance to grant an Iridium Bar daily—unless it’s someone’s birthday in the Valley.

Fixing the Boat

Upon collecting the necessary materials, approach the boat at Willy’s Fish Shop and hand them over. Overnight, Robin expertly restores the vessel. Come morning, with the ship revamped, Willy is set to sail you to Ginger Island.

Step Two: Sail to Ginger Island

Character on Dock of Ginger Island Stardew Valley
The Dock of Ginger Island

Sailing to Ginger Island and Interacting with the prompts is necessary to unlock the area where the Pirate’s Wife resides.

Upon reaching Ginger Island, players will land on a dock. After they head on to the beach it becomes evident that several pathways are inaccessible, blocked off by large turtles. At first, the game will only let you go to the Eastern side of the beach, where you will encounter Leo, a distinct character with ties to the island’s lore.

His abode holds the key to further exploration: inside, a chatty parrot awaits. This bird, one of many dotted around the island, provides a gateway to the next part of the journey. Offer it a Golden Walnut (which you will collect outside Leo’s hut) and a second parrot will appear near the turtle blocking off the Western path.

Step Three: Collect 10 Golden Walnuts

Parrot demanding Walnuts to access the Western Path on Ginger Island Stardew Valley
Parrot at the Western Path

The Purpose of the Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnut Stardew Valley
Golden Walnut

The parrot next to the Western path will demand 10 Golden Walnuts which are the coveted currency of Ginger Island. Scattered across the island, these shimmering nuts can be found in various nooks and crannies. Players might stumble upon them by simply tilling the soil, breaking open rocks, or defeating the diverse array of monsters that inhabit the island.

Additionally, the island’s unique puzzles, hidden chests, and even fishing spots can yield these valuable treasures. As adventurers explore deeper into the island’s jungles, caves, and beaches, they’ll continually discover ingenious and unexpected ways these walnuts are tucked away, turning the quest into an engaging treasure hunt that reveals the many secrets of Ginger Island.

The Location of 10 Walnuts

While the Walnuts are located everywhere around the island, the easiest 10 to find are all in or around Leo’s hut on the East Side.

Walnuts 1, 2 and 3

Character with Banana interacting with the Gorilla in Ginger Island Stardew Valley
Gorilla Receiving a Banana

Besides Leo’s house, you will see a little shrine with Banana symbols on it. Grab a banana and place it on the shrine by interacting with it. A gorilla will then come out and trade the banana for three walnuts.

Walnut 4

Walnut falling from Leo's treehouse in Stardew Valley
Walnut Falling from Leo’s Tree

Inside Leo’s treehouse, to the right corner, is a tree. Once you hit the tree with an axe, a golden walnut will fall out.

Walnut 5

Walnut hidden at the bottom of the bird shrine in Stardew Valley
Hidden Walnut

Upon exiting Leo’s treehouse, You will see a path leading further East. Follow it through some bushes and you will find the ‘Hidden Bird Shrine.’ At the bottom of the Shrine, a walnut hides in the leaves.

Walnuts 6,7,8,9 and 10.

Adding Gems to the Bird Shrine in the Bird shrine puzzle stardew valley

You can get all the remaining walnuts by completing the ‘Bird Shrine Puzzle.’ Each pedestal at this location features an image corresponding to a region of the island. When interacting with the shrine, it reads:

“When dark clouds cry, begin your quest to seek the fabled gem-birds four. Each day, one north, south, east, or west. Arrange their gifts upon my door.”

– Stardew Valley

To put the quote simply: On rainy days, a Gem Bird appears in a random region (north, south, east, or west) of the island. When approached, the Gem Bird flies away, dropping a gemstone. Collect it and place it on the matching bird statue at the shrine.

While players are welcome to try to spot the birds, they are often in inaccessible areas. The best way is to travel back to Stardew Valley and simply grab the gems from the mines. You’ll need Aquamarine, topaz, emerald, and amethyst.

After gathering these four gems and placing them on the shrine, players will receive the final five walnuts. Interact with the parrot to hand over the walnuts, and it will drive the turtle away, leaving you to explore the Western side of the Island.

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Step Four: Trigger the Quest

Character with the Pirate's Wife in Stardew valley
Interacting with the Pirate’s Wife

When you first enter the Western side, you’ll find a broken-down farmhouse. Travel West of this to the remote left edge of the map. Nestled there is a quaint, rustic hut, where you’ll find a woman named Birdie deeply engrossed in fishing. When approached, Birdie unfurls her heart-wrenching tale: she made the island her refuge after the grim discovery of her husband’s shipwreck.

Bound by memories and hope, Birdie is on a poignant quest to locate a cherished locket that her husband once wore. As a testament to her trust and perhaps in the hope that you might aid her, she hands over a significant item to you — a War Memento.

Step Five: Give Kent the War Memento

Giving Kent War Memento in Stardew Valley

Kent resides in 1 Willow Lane, the blue house in the Southern part of Pelican Town. He lives with his family — Jodi, Sam, and Vincent. Below is his daily schedule.

7:00 AMLeaves home, and stands under the tree between the sewer entrance and the bridge to the beach.
10:30 AMReturns home to stand in his living room.
2:00 PMLeaves home, and stands under a tree just north of his house.
5:00 PMReturns home, stands in the entryway.
7:00 PMHeads to the kitchen.
9:00 PMLeaves home, and stands under the tree in front of his house.
11:00 PMReturns home to sleep.
Kent’s Regular Schedule

When you approach Kent with the War Memento in your inventory, an event triggers. Moved by the gesture and in gratitude for bringing him a piece of his past, Kent offers you Tomato Salt in return — a unique seasoning he acquired during his time away.

Step Six: Give Gus the Tomato Salt

Giving Gus Tomato Salt Stardew Valley

Gus is the cheerful owner and chef of the Stardrop Saloon, which is located in the center of Pelican Town, just off the town square. Gus is usually found at his Saloon, below is his daily Schedule.

8:00 AMIn his room, sitting on the couch.
12:00 PMCleans glasses behind the bar.
4:30 PMQuits cleaning glasses and tends the bar.
12:00 AMGoes to his bedroom to sleep.
Gus’ Regular Schedule

Approach Gus with the Tomato Salt in your inventory. When you offer him this unique seasoning, a special dialogue triggers. Being passionate about culinary arts, Gus is thrilled to receive an ingredient he hasn’t worked with before. In gratitude, he’ll provide you with a rose.

Step Seven: Give Sandy the Rose

Giving Sandy a Rose in Stardew Valley

Sandy is the lively owner of the Oasis shop, located in the Calico Desert. To reach her, players must take the bus from the bus stop near Pelican Town. Sandy’s schedule is quite consistent. She stands behind the counter at the Oasis from 9:00 AM to 11:50 PM every day.

When you bring the Desert Rose to Sandy, her face will light up with delight. Hand it over, and she’ll share a tidbit about her fondness for such unique flowers. In appreciation for your thoughtful gesture, she will gift you the Advanced TV Remote.

Step Eight: Give George the Remote

Giving George the Remote Stardew Valley

George is a retired carpenter living in the Northern part of Pelican Town. He resides with his wife, Evelyn, and his grandson, Alex. You can find his home just above the Mayor’s residence.

Due to his age and limited mobility, George stays indoors. Most days, he can be found in his living room watching TV or reading the newspaper. This makes him easily accessible for the exchange.

Approach George with the Advanced TV Remote in hand. Given his fondness for television, he’s sure to appreciate a more sophisticated remote. As you hand it to him, he will express gratitude and surprise at your thoughtful gift. In return for this kindness, George gives you the Arctic Shard.

Step Nine: Give The Wizard the Arctic Shard

Giving Wizard the Shard in Stardew Valley

The Wizard, also known as Rasmodius, resides in the Wizard’s Tower, which is located in the south-western corner of the Cindersap Forest, just below the Farm.

Like Sandy and George, The Wizard’s schedule is very static. He spends his time inside the Wizard’s Tower, which is accessible from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The mystical aura of his abode makes it a unique place to visit, with magical experiments and brewing potions often underway.

When you present the Arctic Shard to the Wizard, he’ll show great interest in its cold energy, explaining its potential value in arcane rituals or as an ingredient for powerful elixirs. Grateful for such a rare and powerful artifact, Rasmodius will reward you with the Wriggling Worm.

Step Ten: Give Willy the Wriggling Worm

Giving Willy the wriggling Worm Stardew Valley

Go back to Willy’s Fish Shop, situated on the Beach’s southern docks in Pelican Town.

Willy has a simple routine. He typically spends his time at the Fish Shop. It’s open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but occasionally, you might find him fishing on the docks outside his shop, especially in the early morning or late evening. The only exception to this is Fridays from 5:00 pm to 11:20 pm when he’s at the Stardrop Saloon.

Present the Wiggling Worm to Willy, and he will be captivated by its movements, deeming it a perfect bait for a unique kind of fish he’s been after. As a token of gratitude for such a splendid find, Willy will hand you the Pirate’s Locket. This is the final step in the trading Game.

Step Eleven: Give the Pirate’s Locket to Birdie

Giving birdie the pirate's locket in Stardew Valley

Journey back to Ginger Island, where Birdie will be waiting outside her fishing hut.

As you approach Birdie with the Pirate’s Locket, her eyes light up, revealing a mixture of nostalgia and relief. Handing it to her, she’ll take a moment to admire the locket, her fingers tracing its delicate engravings.

Birdie then shares a heartwarming tale, explaining that the locket was a cherished gift from her husband, a keepsake that held immense sentimental value, representing their enduring love and the adventures they shared. Deeply moved by your efforts and the return of this precious memento, Birdie feels compelled to reward you.

The Pirate’s Wife’s Rewards

Birdie gives the players two rewards for the locket, making the quest well worth the time.

5 Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnut Stardew Valley
Golden Walnut

Whether it’s unlocking new areas, gaining the loyalty of local parrots to help with tasks, or making other special purchases, these Golden Walnuts are invaluable. Birdie’s gift of five is a generous boost, helping you make significant progress in uncovering other parts of the island.

The Recipe to Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust Stardew Valley
Fairy Dust

However, the most significant reward is the coveted Fairy Dust Recipe. This enchanting recipe allows players to craft Fairy Dust with a diamond and a rose. When applied, Fairy Dust has the ability to instantly speed up machines and appliances.

Whether it’s the furnace busy smelting ores, the preserves jar turning fruit into jam, the keg fermenting your favorite juices and wines, or even the cheese press working on fresh milk, Fairy Dust ensures immediate results.

The loom, mayonnaise machine, oil maker, and many more can all benefit from this swift acceleration. While its application on casks offers a unique tiered quality upgrade system, the real charm of Fairy Dust lies in its ability to drastically enhance the overall farm productivity, turning waiting hours into mere moments.

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