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ConcernedApe Announces First Ever Stardew Valley Concert

ConcernedApe Announces First Ever Stardew Valley Concert

In a surprising move that’s got the gaming community buzzing, ConcernedApe, the creator of the popular game Stardew Valley, has announced a live concert inspired by the game’s iconic soundtrack. Stardew Valley, known for its engaging gameplay and memorable melodies, is now set to captivate audiences in a whole new medium. For fans and newcomers alike, this concert promises to be an exciting exploration of the game’s musical landscape. Get ready because Pelican Town is about to go live!

What Can We Expect from the Stardew Valley Concert?

Tweet from ConcernedApe

The event will feature a selection of the game’s iconic music, rendered in the rich, vibrant acoustics of a chamber orchestra, proving that the Stardew Valley experience is one that transcends not just genres of entertainment but continents as well.

This isn’t a mere recital of the game’s soundtrack; it’s an homage to the universal appeal of its rural world, underscored by melodies that have underscored thousands of players’ adventures. The concert will transport its international audiences from their seats to the lush, pixelated landscapes of Pelican Town, all through the power of live music.

What makes this concert a must-see event is its promise of familiarity wrapped in novelty. Fans will recognize the rhythms and melodies that have accompanied them through hours of gameplay, but this time, they’ll be part of a communal experience—shared with audiences worldwide, connected by their love for the game’s music and atmosphere.

What are the Concert Dates and Locations?

United States Concerts

  1. Los Angeles, CA – February 17
    • The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage
    • Showtimes: 4pm, 8pm
  2. Boston, MA – February 23
    • Berklee Performance Center
    • Showtime: 8pm
  3. Philadelphia, PA – February 24
    • Perelman Theatre
    • Showtimes: 5pm, 8pm
  4. New York, NY – February 29
    • The Town Hall
    • Showtime: 8pm
  5. Seattle, WA – March 2
    • Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall
    • Showtimes: 4pm, 8pm
  6. Chicago, IL – March 9
    • The Vic
    • Showtime: 8pm
  7. St. Louis, MO – March 10
    • The Sheldon
    • Showtime: 8pm

Canadian Concerts

  1. Toronto, CA – March 15
    • George Weston Recital Hall
    • Showtime: 7:30pm
  2. Montreal, CA – March 17
    • Cinquième Salle
    • Showtimes: 3pm, 7pm

Australian Concerts

  1. Melbourne, AU – April 5
    • Elisabeth Murdoch Hall
    • Showtime: 8pm
  2. Sydney, AU – April 20
    • Verbrugghen Hall
    • Showtimes: 5pm, 8pm

United Kingdom Concert

  1. London, UK – April 29
    • Cadogan Hall
    • Showtime: 7:30pm

For Stardew Valley fans in Asia, rest assured while dates aren’t confirmed, the orchestra will be coming to Seoul and Thailand.

When Can you Buy Tickets?

Residents of the US, Canada, and the UK, tickets will be available on Friday, October 13th, starting at 10am according to each city’s local time.

For those in Melbourne, the tickets release on the same day, October 13th, but please note the slightly later time of 11am. Sydney, your opportunity arrives a week later, on Friday, October 20th, precisely at 11am.

Audiences in Seoul and Bangkok should keep an eye out for upcoming announcements, as specific dates for these locations are yet to be confirmed but are expected shortly.

To Purchase a Ticket from the Official Website: Click Here

What Songs Should You Expect?

flower dance Stardew Valley
Dancing to music at the Flower Dance

While the full setlist for the upcoming Stardew Valley concert remains under wraps, anticipation is building over what musical selections will make the cut. With a treasure trove of over 100 tracks in the game’s original soundtrack, the possibilities are vast and tantalizing.

One certainty is the inclusion of the “Stardew Valley Overture,” featured in a teaser on the concert’s website. This piece is fundamental to the game’s identity, greeting players as they embark on their rural adventure, making it a natural choice for the live concert.

Moreover, the event’s title, “Festival of the Seasons,” gives us a substantial clue about the concert’s structure. It’s reasonable to anticipate a musical journey through the game’s seasonal changes, with at least one track from each season likely to be featured to encapsulate the distinct atmosphere of spring, summer, fall, and winter in Stardew Valley.

List of Seasonal Tracks

From the spring’s soundtrack, we might hear the expansive optimism of “It’s A Big World Outside,” or the lively melodies of “The Valley Comes Alive” and “Wild Horseradish Jam.”

Summer could bring the vibrant rhythms of “Nature’s Crescendo,” the warm hues of “The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky,” or the upbeat vibes of “Tropicala.”

As the in-game year progresses, fall may be represented in the concert by tunes like the earthy “The Smell Of Mushroom,” the eerie “Ghost Synth,” or the haunting “Raven’s Descent.”

Finally, winter’s stark yet beautiful landscape might be evoked with pieces such as the crystalline “Nocturne Of Ice,” the serene “The Wind Can Be Still,” or the mysterious “Ancient.”

While the exact tracks remain a delightful mystery, these speculations will surely whet the appetite of fans. One thing’s for certain: attendees can expect an auditory feast that encapsulates the charm, whimsy, and emotional depth of life in Stardew Valley.

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