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Cormac McLaggen Character Analysis: Patronizing Personality

Cormac McLaggen Character Analysis: Patronizing Personality

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Cormac McLaggen was a young wizard who attended Hogwarts and was a member of Gryffindor House. He had a brief stint on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, but he proved too controlling to be a valuable member of the team. Horace Slughorn also invited him to be part of the Slug Club since his family was “big in the Ministry”.

About Cormac McLaggen

Blood StatusPure Blood or Half Blood
OccupationStudent Keeper
Zodiac SignAquarius (speculative)

Cormac McLaggen Early Life

Cormac McLaggen was born into a well-known wizarding family that had made a name for itself within the Ministry of Magic.

He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was in Gryffindor House, in the year above Harry Potter.

McLaggen the Quidditch Player

While McLaggen was always a Quidditch enthusiast, he lost the opportunity to try out for the position of Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team in his sixth year, after the graduation of Oliver Wood, because he had eaten some poisonous Doxy eggs on a bet. Instead, the position went to Ron Weasley.

He did try out in his seventh year and was made a reserve behind Ron. McLaggen narrowly missed out because Ron saved one more goal than him in tryouts. He never knew that Hermione Granger had used a Confundus Charm on him to help Ron get the position. McLaggen angrily demanded that Harry give him another chance, but Harry refused, also relieved that he did not have to kick his friend off the team.

McLaggen did get an opportunity to play in one game when Ron was in the hospital wing recovering from being poisoned.

In the week leading up to the match, he was a nightmare in training sessions, assuming that he knew better than everyone else on the pitch and trying to give everyone bossy advice and insulting their skills. He was also constantly trying to give Harry advice on game strategy.

The match itself was a disaster. McLaggen spent more time telling the rest of the team what to do than defending the rings, letting several goals get through. At one point he wrestled the Beater’s bat from Jimmy Peakes’ hand and attempted to show him how to use it to hit a Bludger, only to knock Harry off his broomstick and crack his skull open.

This resulted in Gryffindor’s worst loss ever as Harry was sent to the Hospital Wing, letting Hufflepuff catch the snitch. They lost 320-60. Cormac was not allowed to play on the team again.

McLaggen and the Slug Club

In his seventh year, Professor Horace Slughorn also invited McLaggen to be part of the Slug Club, thanks to his family’s connection in the Ministry.

Horace Slughorn: “Now, you, Cormac, I happen to know you see a lot of your Uncle Tiberius, because he has a rather splendid picture of the two of you hunting nogtails in, I think, Norfolk?

McLaggen: “Oh, yeah, that was fun, that was. We went with Bertie Higgs and Rufus Scrimgeour; this was before he became Minister, obviously —

Horace Slughorn and Cormac McLaggen speaking about Cormac’s family connections, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

McLaggen attended Slughorn’s Christmas party with Hermione, who agreed to go with him as she thought it would annoy Ron, who was dating Lavendar Brown at the time. McLaggen ended up driving her crazy by talking about himself excessively and being too pushy on the romantic front. She managed to avoid him most of the night.

Cormac Repeating his Final Year

For an unknown reason, Cormac McLaggen was forced to repeat his final year at Hogwarts, so he returned to the school when it was under Death Eater control. When Death Eaters entered the Hogwarts Express to monitor students, he foolishly stood up to them stating that his father would hear of their actions, but they just ignored him.

Cormac joined Neville in the revived Dumbledore’s Army to stand up to the Carrows, the two Death Eater teachers who had joined the Hogwarts staff under Headmaster Snape. He also found in the Battle of Hogwarts and survived.

Cormac McLaggen Personality Type & Traits

Cormac McLaggen comes across as highly arrogant, assuming that he knows better than everyone else. We see this in his disastrous Quidditch career. He was also very focused on himself, as we see when he spends the entire Christmas party with Hermione talking about himself. Cormac also displays unquestionable self-entitlement when he points to his family connections as a reason to be respected.

Cormac McLaggen Zodiac Sign & Birthday

We do not know Cromac McLaggen’s birthday but he must have been born in 1978/79. His personality suggests that his zodiac sign may be Aquarius. People born under this sign tend to be naturally intelligent and talented, but they also tend to be aware of just how good they are. This can result in overconfidence, and the tendency to look down on others in some circumstances.