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Disney Characters that Start with E

Disney Characters that Start with E

There are so many Disney characters in the cannon that it is not difficult to find examples for every letter of the alphabet.

Who are some of the most popular Disney characters beginning with E?

Some of the most popular Disney characters with names that start with E include the Snow Queen Elsa, Eeyore, Elastigirl, Edna Mode, Queen Elinor, Prince Eric, the rat Emile, Esmerelda, and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Read on for a complete list of Disney characters with names starting with E.


Ector (The Sword in the Stone)

Sir Ector is one of the Knights of Uther Pendragon.

He adopts young Arthur, not knowing his identity, and raises him to be the squire of his own son Sir Kay.

He does not show Arthur much love, something that he regrets when he learns that the boy is the rightful king.

Ed (The Lion King)

Ed is one of the hyenas of the Shenzi clan that make an alliance with Scar to take over the Pride Lands.

The hyenas’ happiness at being allowed into the Pride Lands under Scar was short-lived due to famine.

Scar is eventually killed by the hyenas.

Edgar (The Aristocats)

Edgar Balthazar is the butler of Madam Bonfamille, the owner of Duchess and her kittens.

He conspires to have the cats removed from the family home when he learns that his mistress plans to leave them everything in her will.

When the cats manage to return successfully, he tries to send them to Timbuktu but finds himself being shipped off instead.

Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

Edna Mode is a diminutive half-German and half-Japanese fashion designer who specializes in making attractive but useful outfits for superheroes.

In The Incredibles, she comes out of a 15-year retirement to make new suits for everyone in the Parr family.

Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh)

Eeyore is one of the toys of Christopher Robinson that lives in the Hundred Acre Woods.

The dinkey is known for being pessimistic and gloomy.

The others often spend time and energy trying to cheer Eeyore up.

He is also often the voice of common sense in the woods.

Eidilleg (The Black Cauldron)

King Eidelleg is the king of the Fair Folk, and while he prefers to keep humans out of his kingdom, he treats them well when they arrive.

He tells Taran and his friends where he can find the black cauldron and sends Doli to escort them on their quest through the lands.

Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron)

Princess Eilonwy is kidnapped by the Horned King in the hope that her magic bauble will help him find the black cauldron.

She manages to escape and teams up with Taran to find and destroy the cauldron.

While the two are antagonistic towards one another, they develop a close connection.

Einstein (Oliver and Company)

Einstein is a Great Dane and a member of Fagan’s gang of dogs.

He is affectionate and protective of the other smaller dogs, especially Tito, but he is not a fighter.

Einstein is very loyal to Fagin. He also volunteers to help the young cat Oliver when he gets into trouble.

Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Elastigirl is the secret identity of Helen Parr, the matriarch of the Parr family.

She was a breakout female superhero in her early days when she fell in love and married Bob Parr.

When superheroes are outlawed, she becomes a traditional wife and mother.

She is horrified when she learns that Bob has put them all in danger by moonlighting as a superhero.

Elinor (Brave)

Queen Elinor of DunBroch is the mother of headstrong Merida.

Elinor wants Merida to marry a Lord to secure the future of the kingdom, but Merida refuses.

This sets into motion events that turn Elinor into a bear.

Elinor and Merida must repair their relationship if they are to restore Elinor to her human form.

Ellie (Up)

Ellie was an adventurous young woman who fell for Carl Frederickson and became his wife.

She sacrificed her dream to travel to South America to build a life with Carl.

When she died, Carl became determined to fulfill her dream, but she encouraged him not to mourn her forever, but rather to find new happiness in the people around him.

Ellie Mae (The Rescuers)

Ellie Mae is the leader of the Swamp Folk, who are long-time enemies of Madame Medusa.

When Bernard and Miss Bianca encounter them while looking for Penny, they agree to help.

Ellie Mae ends up taking on Madam Medusa with her signature rolling pin.

Elsa (Frozen)

Elsa is the oldest daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of Arendelle, but she was born with magical power over cold and ice which caused her to be locked away, and her sister Anna was made queen in her place.

Known as the Snow Queen, she triggered a curse that sent the kingdom into eternal winter.

Only Anna and Elsa together are able to save Arendelle.

Enrique Rivera (Coco)

Enrique Rivera is the husband of Luisa and the father of Miguel.

He initially wanted his son to grow up to join him in the shoemaking business.

While Enrique agrees with his mother’s ban on music, he is upset when she destroys Miguel’s musical instrument and eventually changes his tune on music.

Emile (Ratatouille)

Emile is Remy’s supportive older brother who is the only one who knows of Remy’s passion and talent for cooking.

Older Emile prefers to scoff down his food without savoring the taste.

It is Emile who tries to save Remy when the rat colony is destroyed, who eventually finds Remy and brings him home, and then supports Remy in his restaurant dreams.

Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric is a dashing and kind young man with a passion for sailing.

Ariel falls in love with him immediately when she saves him from drowning.

Eric also falls for her but can only recognize her by the sound of her voice.

The two try to find one another, but their path is made difficult by the sea witch Ursula.

Ernesto De La Cruz (Coco)

Ernesto was a successful Mexican singer, but he died an untimely death that left him in the Land of the Dead.

Miguel seeks out Ernesto there, thinking that he is his long-lost great-great-grandfather.

But he learns that Ernesto actually betrayed his real great-great-grandfather Hector to steal his music.

Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Esmerelda is a beautiful Romani Gypsy woman who believes in treating all people fairly.

She tries to step in and help the hunchback Quasimodo when he is mistreated.

But this brings her to the attention of the zealot clergyman Claude Frollo who is determined to drive the gypsies from France.

Eudora (The Princess and the Frog)

Eudora is the widowed mother of Tiana. She works tirelessly to ensure that her daughter has a better life than she has.

She is considered the finest seamstress in all of New Orleans and has a powerful friend in the head of the La Bouff family.

Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)

Going through life using the name Flynn Rider, it is only later revealed that he is Eugene Fitzherbert and of royal blood.

Before this, he is a thief, con artist, and charmer looking to scam his way through life.

He first meets Rapunzel as a potential target but bites off much more than he can chew.      


EVE is one of the robots looking for signs of self-sustaining plant life on earth when she meets WALL-E.

She finds that WALL-E has collected a plant and takes it as evidence of life on earth.

This puts both EVE and WALL-E in danger as not everyone is determined to restore life on earth.

Evelyn Deavor (The Incredibles 2)

Along with her brother Winston, Evelyn is the boss of DavTech.

The pair lost their parents to burglars when they were young, and Evelyn blamed supers.

She developed a hatred for supers, while her brother Winston became a hero-lover.

Evelyn becomes a super villain to ensure that superheroes become illegal.

She uses a masked puppet called Screenslaver as her alter ego.

Evil Queen (Snow White)

The beautiful Evil Queen becomes Snow White’s stepmother but begins to worry when her young stepdaughter grows to surpass her in beauty.

She becomes determined to do away with Snow White as her rival.

She hires a huntsman to kill Snow White, and when that fails, she sets out herself with a poison apple.

Evinrude (The Rescuers)

Evinrude is a dragonfly who everyone says has the fastest boat in the Devil’s Bayou.

The dragonfly transports Bernard and Miss Bianca and then helps round up the local animals to help defeat Madam Medusa.