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Does Naruto Die in Boruto? (Speculation and Theories)

Does Naruto Die in Boruto? (Speculation and Theories)

In the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Kawaki declared during his fight with Boruto, saying, “He will send him (Boruto) where he sent the Seventh Hokage.”

Later in the series, Naruto loses his most notable feature, the Nine-tails fox (Kurama), in his fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Do these events foretell the demise of Naruto in the Boruto series?!

Naruto is yet to die in Boruto. However, he has been dramatically weakened since Kurama’s death. Despite the intriguing time skip prologue, we have no idea what happens to him later. However, there are speculations that he might die in the future.

Due to the time skip prologue, some fans believe Kawaki will kill him, while others believe he will be trapped in another dimension.

Regardless of how he dies, here are some theories that justify his death.

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4 Interesting Theories About Naruto’s Death

1. Naruto Isn’t the Protagonist

One thing that is always true in every book, movie, TV show, and other medium is that the protagonist doesn’t die. (At least, not until the conclusion of the story.)

Despite the suspense that prevails throughout Naruto Shippuden, Naruto does not die because he is the story’s protagonist. However, he is no longer the main character; instead, Boruto is.

As a result, Naruto’s survival is no longer guaranteed by the plot armor. However, his demise can help enrich the story’s narrative in certain aspects.

2. Naruto is Mortal and Nerfed

Naruto is considered a god-tier character who is extremely powerful, yet he is not indestructible.

Plus, he no longer has the power of the nine tails. Thus you can pretty much guess his power level. Now that Naruto is in a weaker state, he’ll be even more vulnerable in the future.

3. Kishimoto Loves to Play with Emotions

We all know what Kishimoto is capable of, so his decision to kill Naruto later in the series should be no surprise.

Kishimoto understands that killing Naruto will invoke a strong emotional response from the audience and cause a significant plot shift in the storyline. It’s only natural for him to wreak havoc on our feelings.

4. Hidden Leaf (Konoha) has Been Demolished

In the series’ time skip prologue, we find the village entirely decimated, to the point where even the great Hokage stone faces have vanished. We know that this wouldn’t have happened if Naruto had been present.

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Does Naruto Die Against Ishhiki?

Naruto vs Isshiki

Naruto barely made it out alive against Ishhiki if he hadn’t acquired a new mode called “Baryon mode,” which sadly resulted in the death of Kurama (The Nine-Tailed Fox).

The baryon mode is Naruto’s greatest technique, rivaling the power of the six-path sage and Otsutsuki’s. It possesses the power to increase the user’s strength, reflex, and speed and drain the enemy’s life force per hit.

Ultimately, the Baryon Mode is a two-edged sword. The immense power comes at a very high cost. If overused, it consumes the life force of Kurama (The Nine-Tailed Fox) and wipes it from existence entirely.

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Does Naruto Die Against Code?

According to Amado, Naruto can’t take on the likes of Code in battle and expect to win given his current state (No Kurama), which makes sense. Code is yet to attack Konoha, so we don’t know how this battle will unfold. However, although the odds aren’t in his favor, we’re all rooting for Naruto to come through.

It has been confirmed that Code, the last Kara surviving member, is even stronger than Jigen and has the power of an Otsutsuki owing to his white karma seal. Code has vowed to avenge Isshiki Otsutuski’s death by destroying Sasuke and Naruto and has begun mobilizing in the shadows to prepare for that particular moment.

How can Naruto ever hope to fight against Code now that he no longer has Kurama by his side, and more importantly, can he?

Will something happen in the future that grants Naruto the advantage he needs to fight Code and his white Karma seal? Or will his death be one of the first triggers for Boruto’s prophecy of losing everything? All we can do is hope for the best from Kishimoto.

What Happens After Naruto Loses Kurama?

Naruto losses Kurama

Naruto is still considered a god-tier character who is extremely powerful, even after losing the power of the nine-tailed fox.

He’s still very active, as he still has access to the sage mode, the six paths chakra, and the chakra to other tailed beasts. Let’s not forget the lava and magnet release Kekkei Genkai, to mention a few.

While it may take some time for Naruto to adapt to fighting without Kurama, he will eventually get the hang of it, as we’ve seen him never give up despite the odds.

It’s also unlikely that he’ll get another massive power-up, so we should expect him to be innovative with the abilities he already possesses to stand out.

With Kurama out of the picture, Naruto still possesses enough chakra, skills, and experience to survive battles, which is what we believe will happen in the future.

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What Episode Does Kurama Die?

Kurama death

Kurama, the Nine-tailed Fox, died in episode #218 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, titled “Partner,” and adapting chapter 55 of the manga. Kurama died due to the setback of the newly unlocked mode – Baryon Mode. This episode features one of Naruto’s most tragic moments where he lost his best friend, Kurama.

While Naruto believes he has died, Kurama assures him that his time hasn’t come yet. However, this is not the case with the Kyuubi. In the face of Kurama’s implication, Naruto is shocked and devastated. His fears are confirmed when Kurama tells him about the lie.

“The Baryon mode’s price is my life. Not yours, Naruto.”

“Just so you know, I never once lied to you. At no time did I ever say that you would die. If I’d told you at the get-go that power came in exchange for my life, you would’ve hesitated.”

Kurama had a point for lying. If Naruto had known that his partner might die, he would’ve never used the Baryon mode, and in turn, everyone, including Boruto, Sasuke, Kawaki, and Kurama, might have died.

A heartbreaking montage of Kurama’s greatest moments throughout the franchise concludes Boruto Episode 218. The tragic separation of the iconic duo after spending their entire life together leaves Naruto and the fandom sad and lonely. Kurama will forever live in our hearts!

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Does Kurama Come Back to Life?

Sadly, there’s no sign of Kurama’s resurrection in the series. Of course, it’s too soon to rule out the possibility, but the odds are little to none.

Generally, when a Biju (Tailed beast) is extracted, the Jinchuuriki (Host) usually dies as well; however, in the instance of Naruto, Kurama’s Chakra simply vanished, allowing Naruto to survive the ordeal.

According to Kurama himself (nine-tailed fox), the Baryon Mode feeds on the life-force chakra. So, for Kurama to return, a part of his chakra must still be present. If that were true, Naruto would have felt his chakra by now, which he hasn’t.

Kurama’s death was a painful moment for Naruto and the audience, and we all wished he might return somehow. Nevertheless, the series is still ongoing, so anything is possible. Maybe Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto will find a way to bring back Kurama, who knows.

The Aftermath of Naruto Death

If Naruto eventually dies, we can expect a major change in the overall plot. Plus, the death and nerfing of major older characters would pave the way for the younger generation to become more powerful!

And we can also expect the younger generation to be much stronger the older since we’re in the era of ninja scientific tools. Now imagine combining a character’s true strength and the scientific tools. INSANE!

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Wednesday 28th of December 2022

I hope they do not die but you can’t deny the possibility. I don’t understand how Naruto would be taken out so easily without kurama since he still has sage mode and so6p mode too. And Sasuke is the same he still is very powerful in his current state. But the possibility for the death of Naruto at the end of Boruto is a 50/50


Wednesday 7th of September 2022

I believe naruto wouldn’t die. My reason for this is that naruto and sasuke will continuously get reincarnated as the new ashura and Indra successors.