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Does Sasuke Love Sakura? 3 Ways Sasuke Shows His Love

Does Sasuke Love Sakura? 3 Ways Sasuke Shows His Love

When it comes to the best couples in the world of Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno stand tall, but we are not certain if the two are in love.

Fans mainly ask this question because Sasuke appears to be distant.

However, as he grew up, his character evolved, and he became more considerate towards the people who were close to him, including Sakura.

Sasuke loves and adores Sakura. However, as a kid, Sasuke was too focused on defeating his enemies (mainly Itachi) that he forgets Sakura even exists.

Sasuke came to love Sakura in adulthood and became more open with her later on in the series.

Does Sasuke Confess to Sakura?

Sasuke hasn’t ever confessed his love for Sakura. He is an emotionally wounded and psychologically scarred character. He puts on a cold exterior and hates being vulnerable.

Later in the series, he finally comes to his senses and realizes his feelings for Sakura. He even apologizes for all the things he had done and the pain he put Sakura through in the past.

He may not have said it clearly, but his words had a hidden message: I love you, Sakura.

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Does Sakura Ever Kiss Sasuke?

Sakura and Sasuke almost kissing

Sakura and Sasuke never kiss, neither in the anime or manga. This is particularly because of Sasuke’s personality and the slow development of their relationship.

There is one scene in the anime where the two almost kiss each other, but it was just an illusion. Sakura was only daydreaming about Sasuke.

The two even appear in Boruto and have a child, but fans still don’t get to see a kissing scene.

There is a narrative where the two kiss. It happens in Naruto Retsuden’s novel (released in 2019), chapter five, page 262. Here’s what happened:

Naruto falls ill due to a rare disease, and Sakura and Sasuke roll him around on a motorcycle to find the cure.

Suddenly, Sakura removes her hands from the bike, stands up, turns to Sasuke, seizes the collar of his clothes, and pulls him towards herself. After that, she gives him a kiss.

Why is Sakura in Love with Sasuke?

Sakura had a crush on Sasuke ever since she was a little girl. When they started working together on team 7, Sakura starts seeing Sasuke for who he truly is and begins to understand his pain.

She then becomes obsessed with him. Some even say her love for Sasuke is her drive.

What Episode Does Sakura tell Sasuke She is Pregnant?

There isn’t an episode where Sakura tells Sasuke that she is pregnant.

However, according to the words of someone in the Naruto Gaiden mini-series, Sakura later joined Sasuke on his journey; they got married, became pregnant, gave birth at one of Orochimaru’s hideouts, and returned to Konoha before Sasuke was forced to leave.

These events likely occurred after Hinata and Naruto’s wedding, making Boruto and Sarada agemates.

Will Sasuke and Sakura Have Another Child?

Sasuke was always so eager to restore his clan, but he didn’t really do a good job. He had one kid and then decided to call it a day. It is still uncertain whether the couple will have another child.

3 Ways Sasuke Shows He Loves Sakura

Though Sasuke wasn’t an affectionate or expressive person, he did care for Sakura.

Even when Naruto and he weren’t friends, he had a soft spot for her. And here is proof:

1. The Beloved Poke: Original Naruto Anime, Episode: 109

Before leaving the village to pursue his journey of redemption, Sakura comes to see him off.

Sasuke explains to Sakura why he must leave, and out of emotion, she asks if she could come (with tears in her eyes).

Sasuke refuses her offer but taps her forehead and gives her hope that he will return.

2. Sasuke Prevents Sakura from Falling Due to Exhaustion: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Episode 52

While Sasuke is stranded in a different dimension (during the Fourth Great Ninja War), Sakura and Obito search for him. When they eventually find him, they are both extremely tired.

Sasuke rushes to the portal to get out, but Sakura is too weak to keep combining her chakra with Obito, and because of that, she loses control and falls.

Sasuke immediately catches her. Instead of finding a place for her to sit, he holds on to her.

3. Sasuke Sticking by Her Side When She Fainted: Original Naruto Anime, Episode 4

During the bell training session, Sakura couldn’t steal the bell from Kakashi. However, Sasuke got his hands near it but couldn’t steal it. When Sasuke loses to Kakashi, Sakura comes near him and faints.

Sasuke sticks by her side until she wakes up. He even realizes that his ninja journey is in danger as he is running out of time, yet he stays with her.

Sasuke may not be expressive about his love for Sakura, but he cares about her deeply.

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