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Draco Malfoy Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart Meaning

Draco Malfoy Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart Meaning

When creating Harry’s school nemesis Draco Malfoy, J.K. Rowling gave him the birthday 5 June 1980, making him an impressionable and eager to please Gemini. This explains why Draco was so eager to follow in the footsteps of his primary role models, his father, Professor Snape, and eventually Lord Voldemort.

While Draco is established as Harry’s childhood nemesis, the two are far from opposites, and Draco is not a villain. He is presented more as a victim of a combination his upbringing and low self-esteem.

Let’s see how well Draco’s character aligns with his astrological chart.

Draco Malfoy’s Sun Sign – Gemini

Gemini Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Your sun sign reflects your principal traits that form the basis of your personality. While Draco might not seem like an obvious Gemini, he reflects many of its most important traits.

Geminis tend to see themselves through the eyes of others, using others as a mirror. This is why they are often easy to manipulate and eager to please.

We see these characteristics in Draco with the adult dark wizards that surround him.

Geminis also tend to be naturally charismatic and whip smart, both characteristics that we can associate with Draco. The other members of Slytherin choose to follow Draco, at least partially, as a result of his charisma.

He is also portrayed as intelligent but unfocussed. He does well in his classes, but never excels because he doesn’t apply himself.

Draco’s need to bully and boss others is a classic sign of low self-esteem. These are common coping mechanisms.

Those born under Gemini can be prone to this as they have a tendency to always compare themselves to others.

Fun fact – Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco in the movies, is an analytical and organized Virgo.

Draco Malfoy’s Moon Sign – Pisces

J.K. Rowling never tells us Draco’s exact time of birth, so it is difficult to determine other elements of his natal chart, such as his moon sign and his ascendant sign.

However, since he is the son of dark wizards, it might be reasonable to assume that he was born during the witching hour, so between 3am and 4am. That makes his moon sign Pisces.

Your moon sign reflects how you think, your inner world, and your emotional tendencies. It can have an even stronger influence on your personality if you were born at night, like we are supposing Draco was.

The Moon in Pisces can explain why Draco is so sensitive. Many Pisces Moons are highly observant of even the smallest details of interaction.

It is easy for them to take even small things personally. This also allows them to understand other people. They can either use this to be a great friend, or to manipulate, as we see Draco doing several times in the books.

Draco Malfoy’s Ascendant Sign – Taurus

Your ascendant sign reveals how you relate to other people and where you view your place in the world. According to our calculations, Draco is an ascendant in Taurus.

Many people who are ascendant in Taurus are keenly aware of social orders, and their place within them. They take comfort in these hierarchies, as it helps them understand the world and interpret it logically.

But this could also explain why Draco is concerned with social status and issues such as “pure bloodedness”.

Draco Malfoy’s Personal Planets

The placement of Mercury, Venus, and Mars reveals further insights into their personality, which is why they are called personal plants.

The placement of the more distant planets are considered generational, as the long time that they take to transit the signs means that they affect entire generations.

Mercury in Cancer

The position of Mercury reflects logic and communication. With Mercury in Cancer, Draco has good instincts and intuition.

This could explain why he was able to smuggle death eaters into Hogwarts where scores of others had failed. But this also explains his tendency to always interpret things on an emotional and personal level.

Venus in Cancer

Venus reflects your approach to love and romance. The presence of Venus in Cancer suggests a deep need to be loved, almost to the point of obsession.

It is not hard for Venus in Cancer to fall into the trap of trying to make others love them. This could explain why Draco tries so hard to impress his father. He is just desperate for his love and approval.

Mars in Virgo

Mars represents how we manage conflict. Placement in Virgo suggests someone who holds a grudge and doesn’t often let things go.

We see this in the animosity that Malfoy maintains for Harry and his Friends throughout the books. It can also manifest in competitive behavior and the desire to prove that you are better.

Draco Malfoy certainly takes this approach when he joins the Slytherin Quidditch teams as the counterpart to Harry’s Gryffindor seeker.


What does Draco’s natal chart mean for his relationships with many of the other characters that appear in the books, in particular, Harry himself and Professor Snape?

Harry Potter is a Leo, which explains his natural charisma and leadership, as well as his courage and tendency to take risks and hope for the best.

Geminis like Draco often find themselves drawn to Leos as one of the people that they would like to impress. Perhaps this adds fuel to the animosity Draco feels towards Harry, because it is mixed with a grudging respect.

But in other ways Draco and Harry aren’t that different. They are both Moon in Pisces, Taurus Ascendant, and Mercury in Cancer. This means that the two have a keen ability to understand one another.

In other circumstances, they could have been close friends.

Lucius Malfoy is a Taurus, a sign that tends to be preoccupied with social order and status. This explains many of the values that Lucius chose to teach his son, such as the importance of pure blood and aligning yourself with the most powerful magical forces.

Severus Snape is a Capricorn, a sign that is organized and disciplined. This explains why Professor Snape found Malfoy frustrating while wanting to help him.

Capricorns find the inconsistency of Geminis hard to understand and probably thought that he was wasting his potential.

Draco’s Horoscope

What do you think of Draco’s horoscope, does it accurately reflect his character? Do you think that J.K. Rowling had it in mind when she was creating her sympathetic school bully, or do you think that the stars simply aligned?

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