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Errol Character Analysis: Ancient Owl

Errol Character Analysis: Ancient Owl

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Erroll was a very old great grey owl that belonged to the Weasley family. By 1992 his eyesight was so bad that he would often hit objects while flying. There was no guarantee that post would arrive.

Errol Biography

Errol was a very old owl that had been with the Weasley family since sometimes before 1984. He was already delivering wizarding post for them when Charlie Weasley started at Hogwarts.

As a small child, Charlie used to make Errol fly around in a Dragon mask since the boy already loved Dragons.

By the time Ron Weasley was at Hogwarts, Errol was already a very old bird.

When Ron did not hear from Harry Potter during the summer between their first and second years, Ron assumed that Errol had been unsuccessful in delivering his letters. But in reality, the house-elf Dobby had been intercepting Harry’s post to discourage him from returning to Hogwarts.

The same summer, when Ron sent a letter to Hermione Granger, she told Ron in her reply to consider using another owl. She worried that the next delivery might be what finished Errol off.

When Ron and Harry did return to Hogwarts in their second year, they did so by stealing Arthur Weasley’s enchanted flying car. It was Errol who delivered the howler that Molly Weasley sent to her son Ron in the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

The following year, it was Errol who delivered Harry’s birthday present and the news that the Weasley family had won some money and used it on a family trip to Egypt to visit their son Charlie.

The trip proved too much for Errol, who had to be carried into the house by Harry’s owl Hedwig and a Hogwarts owl that was delivering Harry’s book list.

Errol is last mentioned in August 1994. After this, the Weasleys’ letters were delivered by a barn owl called Fawkes. This suggests that Errol either died or retired from his delivery duties.